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Article Body: Have you ever read the book Facundo: Or, civilization and barbarism? You might have, its a good read. Its about Argentinas internal conflict immediately following its independence from Spain. Should rule and authority come from a strongly centralized state or should there be regional autonomy allowing for local customs and values to dictate? Its that age old tale, weve all heard a thousand times. Anyways, for me, I loved the part that talked about the gauchos and the skills they possessed and relied on to live in the harsh conditions that they did. Like the trackers that could follow a trail that had been blown over for weeks from winds and stepped upon, through dirt, rock and stream. I love those guys. From where Im standing, unfortunately those days are long gone. The contemporary gaucho just doesnt have the same need for the unfathomable survival skills as his predecessor. But all is not lost. Today we have internet advertising tools. And if naturally slow and heavily medicated, one can marvel at the skills of internet advertising tracking programs. Thats right, with the right advertising tools you can see where your visitors are coming from, which keywords theyre using and every other imagined useful bit of data. This is going to allow you to make better decisions when considering what direction you should go with your internet advertising. Take this data and put it into another internet advertising tool called a graph builder and you can quickly make comparative analyses of past advertising techniques and those that youre currently using. Did the last change you make help, hurt or maintain? The information is there for you to make a quick and informed call. The spirit of Facundo lives on today with all the great internet advertising tools available. So, whether you got your chaps in Argentina or at the Smitten Kitten, put them on and get tracking.

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