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==== ==== To learn how to succeed in search engine optimization you can click on the link below for further information: ==== ==== How do Search Engines Work? In July 2008, Google reported that it had knowledge of over 1 trillion web pages! And that was in 2008! So how do search engines process this gigantic amount of information and extract the web pages your looking for in just seconds? Understanding this process for you is important if you want to optimize your website to rank highly on the search engines for your keywords. That is, if you want to be good at SEO! Before a search engine can return your website in a list of results, it must know of your website. To do this they have introduced robots also known as spiders or crawlers. And no, these arent robots that sit at a computer manually visiting random websites. Rather these are pieces of computer code, better known as software, that automatically browse the billions of pages on the internet. These spiders start their search at the most trusted and dependable websites. Google after all wants to bring relevant, informative and trustworthy results to its customers, otherwise they would move somewhere else! By starting at these websites, these spiders follow the links on those pages to other pages and from those to other pages and so onAll the while they collect information from each page, like the type of content available there, metadata, amount of links etc, and store this information in massive data servers the search engine providers have built to store all this information and be able to retrieve it at a later time. When these spiders visit websites however, they dont see a website like you or me. If we experienced the websites similar to how these spiders did, the web would be a very boring place indeed! They see websites as nothing but a page of code or HTML Hypertext Mark-up Language. This means that they cant interpret images and find it difficult to understand some forms of dynamically delivered content like flash sites or complex JavaScript. You can for yourself see how spiders see webpages by right-clicking on any webpage and selecting View Page Source or something similar. The most important thing the search engines spiders look for on a HTML page is the content of the website which you can see scattered among other apparent gibberish when you select View Page Source. The search engines want to add this information to their large databases in case they match a search query later on. The search engine might also read other information like metatags, page titles and would also follow hyper-links to find other websites to crawl. With this in mind, you can understand that it is difficult for search engines to read images, Flash, JavaScript or AJAX powered content, audio files or videos. Therefore, simple text based content is best to ensure your website content is found by search engine crawlers.

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To learn how to succeed in search engine optimization you can click on the link below for further information: ==== ====

How Do Search Engines Work - Part 1  

Search Engine Optimzation! Why it is important and How it works!

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