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Although dyslexic people tend to process information in similar ways, no two dyslexics experience exactly the same combination of difficulties. The following methods have proven to help overcome some of the most common dyslexic difficulties. 1. Use a ruler when reading. This will prevent you losing your place when reading longer paragraphs. 2. Use a coloured overlay for reading. This is especially helpful if you struggle to read black text on a white background. It can also help to stabilise the text for those who experience movement of the text when reading. Experiment with different colours to find the most suitable. 3. Change your background screen colour. This has the same effect when reading from a screen as the coloured overlays has on white paper. 4. Choose larger, clearer font styles. Arial or Myriad Pro 14pt is the easiest to read. Many dyslexic people struggle to read elaborate fonts such as script. 5. Take notes while reading. If you find it difficult to focus on, understand and remember what you read, try taking brief notes as you go. Aim to summarise each paragraph using a single sentence. 6. Use a spell check function when word processing. For college and university students, it is important to produce written assignments as accurately and clearly as possible. A spell check can help you cut down on mistakes. 7. For handwritten tasks, use a larger pen. There are a variety of reasonably-priced, purposelydesigned writing tools for people who find it difficult to control a regular pen or pencil. 8. Create mind maps to help you plan. A common symptom of dyslexia can be difficulty in planning and organising. A mind map can be used to organise ideas or plan activities by providing a visual representation of the component parts. This makes it easier to organise them into a workable sequence. 9. Record verbal information and instructions. Many dyslexic students benefit from the use of a Dictaphone or other portable recording device during lessons, lectures and meetings. This allows them to go over it again later to aid memory. 10.Experiment! One of the benefits of being dyslexic is that you tend to have a creative flair that allows you to find solutions to problems that would baffle the non-dyslexic mind. Use this creativity to discover new ways of overcoming any difficulties you experience. Understanding your specific

strengths and weakness can allow you to explore a range of strategies to help you reach your goals.

EMMA HAMILTON (MA) I am an English and Communication lecturer with a fascination for the dyslexic mind. Although many students find my subjects particularly challenging, they often prove to be the most intelligent, creative and innovative learners. Do you think you may be dyslexic? Would you like to find out? Click on the following links for a FREE dyslexia checklist.

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==== ==== Adult Dyslexia! Beat It Now! Click Below to Find Out More! ==== ====

10 Easy Methods for Overcoming Adult Dyslexia  

Dyslexia can be difficult to deal with...This article helps you to deal with it

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