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Report Description Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as drones are the most exciting topic in discussion today. This new technology is believed to revolutionize man industries by enabling faster delivery, reach, and monitoring (GPS). The U.S. military are already using drones as GPS or surveillance system to track their troop’s movements and weapon facilities to launch attacks on the terrorist organizations. With increasing research and development activities pertaining to the drones, the governments and regulatory authorities in various countries are endeavoring to commercialize this new technology. Currently available drones are classified based on the purpose as camera, toy and racing drones. Drones can be used in food delivery, product delivery, traffic monitoring, rescue operations, army activities, delivery of goods within a selected area and many such activities. Multiple Applications in Healthcare Drones hold the potential to transform the delivery of healthcare services. Drones can be the most helpful devices in emergency situations. Applications include dropping of emergency equipment and medicines, conducting search and rescue operations, responding to natural disasters, collection of blood and tissue samples, and reaching out to remote locations for medical help. Drones are already operating in some countries like the U.S., Haiti, and some parts of Europe. Browse Report: Ambulance Drone Furthermore, drones also possess a potential use in ambulance services. Ambulance drone design developed by Argodesign, Texas (U.S.) in 2015 provides a speed up emergency support in rural areas and provides quick treatment for major traffic accidents. Moreover, the drone is equipped with the instruments essential for quick treatment at the site of traffic accidents. Sized of a compact car, the ambulance drone does not need a pilot on location to depart. And due to its small size it can land safely on a street. The vehicle can fit one patient in it and is steered via GPS and controlled remotely. Get FREE Table of Content: Alec Momont, a Dutch student at the Technical University of Delft developed a prototype compact drone that has a small storage space in it. The drone was developed to provide essential supplies to the people on spot, the advanced life support. The first drone contained an automated external defibrillator. This small ambulance drone is not affected by the current road infrastructures and can fly at a speed of 60 miles per hour. It can get a defibrillator to a patient within 12 sq. km. zone within a minute. The drone tracks the emergency mobile calls and uses the GPS to navigate to the patient site. The price of this drone is quoted to be Euro 15,000. However, there are certain things such as steering mechanism and legal issues which needs to be cleared off before it’s commercialized. A Number of Regulatory Hurdles Surfacing the Medical Ambulance Drones There are many legal and infrastructure issues that need to be tackled before getting excited to use the drones. Clearance from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), regulatory authorities, medical authorities and defining the flight levels are essential to prevent any hindrances during the operations. There needs to extensive number of tests yet to be conducted to provide complete assurance of the safe and efficient operations of all related processes of ambulance drone. Moreover, risks that need to

be considered include the loss or damage to any component while in transit, avoidance of collisions between drones. It is believed that ambulance drone will become operational by 2020. A push up to this new technology will enable for a faster and cheaper method of healthcare emergency service delivery during emergency situations.

About Us COMPANY OVERVIEW Coherent Market Insights is a global market intelligence and consulting organization focused on assisting our plethora of clients achieve transformational growth by helping them make critical business decisions. We are headquartered in India, having office at global financial capital in the U.S. Our client base includes players from across all business verticals in over 150 countries worldwide. We are uniquely positioned to help businesses around the globe deliver practical and lasting results through various recommendations about operational improvements, technologies, emerging market trends and new working methods. We offer both customized and syndicated market research reports that help our clients create visionary growth plans to provide traction to their business. We meticulously study emerging trends across various industries at both the global and regional levels to identify new opportunities for our clientele. Our global team of over 100 research analysts and freelance consultants provide market intelligence from the very molecular country level and also provide a global perspective of the market. Our team is of the most vital cog in our robust machinery that gives us the ability to deliver independent insight relying on our cognitive defusion training module.This allows for an objective and unbiased assessment of the market. We pride ourselves in my constantly striving to update our extremely in-depth understanding of the market by closely monitoring and analyzing markets, trends, and emerging best practices, across allfathomable industries under the sun. This enables us to equip our valued clientele with key decisive inputs to capitalize on lucrative growth opportunities in the market and to follow firmly position themselves on a high growth path in the future.

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as drones are the most exciting topic in discussion today. This new technology is believed to rev...

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