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Volunteering with Relief India Trust The Relief India Trust encourages everybody to volunteer for the organization. There are many opportunities to give back to the community through volunteer work. Some can work in the health check-up camps, educational activities, and a number of other things. Volunteering is simple, and every bit of help makes a world of difference. Poverty is frequently a cycle and many who are born into it have a hard time achieving much. Some question if they will really make a change in the lives of those who are very poor because it is such a great challenge to overcome. However the Relief India Trust wants everyone to know their contribution will always be of immense value. Some have a stronger voice in their community. They have the power to advocate for those with very little money, and speak to government officials on their behalf to get them the care they need. Volunteers can help in requesting the support of those authorities, and making them aware of the needs which are not being met in many people’s lives. Volunteers can use their voice to contribute. They can request educators be hired in areas that lack teachers. They can request schools to be built, renovated, expanded, or given the proper educational tools. It only takes one strong voice to recognize a need in their community, and push to make a change; education is the key component in helping children to work their way out of poverty. Volunteers can also assist in weekend activities and monthly camps. They can help to organize events by coordinating with organization staff, and do something nice for the children. The activities can be related to education, experiential learning, life skills, health, and other important things. Those who wish to give their time will be welcomed by the regular organization staff. Anyone who is interested in joining in on these life-changing events only have to contact them. They can volunteer part time, over a long period of time. Keeping in contact with the children over a longer time allows the volunteers to build relationships with the children, and will help them to develop a deeper trust in their volunteers. The volunteers also serve as role models for good behavior and studying. Preteens and young teenagers are especially vulnerable to not wanting to participate in education, or not put in an effort to do well. Volunteers can serve as mentors simply by talking about their education and why it is so important. They have the ability to explain why it is necessary for the children to achieve as much as they can in school, and always ask for help if they need it. The Relief India Trust put a lot of confidence in its volunteers. They know that there are those who have the capacity to make a change in the lives of children and families living in poverty. The organization also appreciates the help of volunteers in running camps and doing activities with children. Without the help of their part-time volunteers, coordinating some of their most important programs would be difficult to do.

Volunteering with relief india trust