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Live for a Change with Relief India Trust The relief India trust believes that the world could have zero percent when it comes to starving children, exploited children, and denied for a better education. If that is what you believe in as well, then you can get yourself involved with the programs and activities that Trust is currently doing. We all want to make sure that all of the kids on our place are provided with good health care, education, nutrition, and clean water. We cannot bring it all to them, but we can unite ourselves with the Trust, and we will help each other improve the children’s lives in our own little ways. How? We will help children and even adults to become aware of the deadly diseases that may strike them in any way like HIV, AIDS, and others. We will introduce to them these deadly diseases so they are not too innocent when it comes to determining what it is. It may be tough especially if you tell the little kids about the stories of these deadly diseases but with the help of the supporters and other members of the group, we will be able to let them fully understand what they need to know. They may say it is a little thing, but then they will realize someday that we have taught them how to live and survive each day without having to worry about these diseases. Aside from the awareness programs that Trust provides to the children of India, they are also given the right nourishment. Those who are less fortunate especially those who live in ravaged areas are ensured that they are given therapeutic foods than can assist them in gaining back their life out of starvation. This is a rewarding and noble act that is always done by supporters, partners, and some public people who became donors of this program. There are a lot of children who are suffering from starvation, and you will see most of them on this type of program that the Trust provides. We feel happy and proud because we know that being on this program is not an easy task. There are some things in life that you have to give up when you want to engage most of your time with these people. You know that you may lose some things that you could have gotten if not because of this project. Giving enough food and drink to those who are needy can already compensate the things that you have lost. Remember that these people will carry out your kindness all throughout their lives, and that it will forever be appreciated. The Relief India Trust will not stop until it gives a hundred percent outcome of all the projects that they organize. They know that they may be lack of funds at times, but there are still some people who stand by them and help them with all these. Simple donations and support can be overwhelming at times. You really would not know where all the help came from.

Live for a change with relief india trust  
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