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Changes Is the Constant Thing in Man's Life I was waiting at the airport for my friends to arrive. We were planning for our first Kerala trip. We had not booked any hotels or resorts there as we were supposed to stay in our friend's house and later he would assist us in touring other parts of Kerala. I was the first one to reach airport and was waiting at the spot decided by all. It was more than 15 minutes and seriously to wait for others is always a boring task. I called up one of my friends but he disconnected the call. I thought he might be nearby so he disconnected the call. But after 5 minutes I was still there alone. Then I saw someone waiving my hand near the VIP lounge. It was my bunch of friends and I was amused seeing them there instead of the decided spot. I went there and was about to shout at them but controlled my aggression. One of my friends was talking to a person and by the look of the person I presumed him to a big corporate honcho. I was right as the person was Mr. Sudhir Moravekar, the owner of the firm Panoramic Universal Limited (PUL). I'm even the member of the investment scheme which his company runs, known as Pancard clubs investment scheme. I never know that my friends know him. It was later that he told that his wife is working with Panoramic Universal Ltd.and she introduced him. The best part was that after knowing that we were on Kerala expedition he asked to visit Alleppey and stay in his resort there. It was a kind gesture as no one would give an accommodation in one of the best resorts there for free. Though we felt awkward to stay for free we decided that we would be paying 50% of the bill. I was feeling bad as I was not introduced to him. He wouldn't have remembered but still I was upset coz I didn't have the opportunity. Mr. Sudhir Moravekar, a multi-millionaire has seen every face of life. Earlier he used to look for any odd type of works and now his company provides employment for more than 1000 people. For me it was not short of any miracle as it was nearly impossible for anyone to climb such a ladder and that too at short time. I researched about him more and found that the first business he did was in real estate. Now he has reached into such a position that he has hotels and resorts all across India. The official company blog says that they are even expanding and are planning to acquire many resorts and hotels under their brand. Hearing stories about great personality like Sudhir Moravekar, I think that those who are deprived of everything always get the chance to acquire everything. You take out any great personality you would see that they have all followed the path people like him.

Changes Is the Constant Thing in Mans life - Panoramic Group