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Nationality: Indian DOB: October 7, 1992 From: New Delhi

Siddharth Mathur / +919999484277

Objective: Seeking a position as a Paid Junior Architect/ Intern in an architectural firm of repute for a period of 6 months from January 2014 to June 2014

educational background 2010 - 2014 School of Planning & Architecture, I.P. Estate, New Delhi-02 Bachelor of Architecture ( Year 4, present) 2003 - 2010 Salwan Public School , Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi - 60 Class 10 (2008) : 88% Class 12 (2010) : 82% skills Autodesk AutoCad | Google Sketchup | V-Ray | AutoDesk Revit | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign | MS Office Hand Drafting And Modelling languages English | speak fluently and can read/write with high proficiency Hindi | native language French | basic knowledge interests avid chess player and enthusiast | travelling | reading | writing | architectural conservation References upon request.

exhibitions | activities | workshops October 2011 | Represented SPA, New Delhi in the Annual NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) Convention, Ahmedabad January 2012 | Exhibition of Student work based on the visit to Jaisalmer'12 June 2013 | Workshop on 'Go Vertical' in Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) Erfurt, Germany through a Student Exchange Program of SPA, New Delhi. subjects studied theory of design theory of settlements theory of structures building construction building management building sciences and services history of architecture architectural design publications December 2013 | Dissertation : Modern Additions to Historic Indian Buildings : A study of scope and relevance in the Indian Context (Ongoing)

architecture is


Larsen & Toubro Mid-Rise Office 6-7

Cultural Centre 8-9

Centre for Handicrafts-from-waste 10-11

Residence Design 12-13

Sculptor: Residence & Studio 14-15

Canteen Redesign 16

Exchange Program: Germany 17

Statement of Purpose




Larsen & Toubro Mid-Rise Office year place objective

2013 barakhamba road, new delhi to design a mid-rise building on a vacant plot in the centre of barakhamba road for a client of our choice

The central idea was to build something that changed the way one percieves a construction company, use of vivid colors, creation of levels among office floor plates and provide buffers every few floors


Section | Conceptual Sketches | North Elevation

Breaking away from the idea of a conventional office building The first floor of the building is at +9000 mm, with nothing built on the ground floor other than the core. This creates a ground level that is open, allows for L&T exhibitions to happen and transforms into a public space on the crowded Barakhamba Road. All floor plates are different from one another, with the building consisting of four towers of different heights. The structure is punctured in the centre; the atrium serves to create a visual connection between people at different towers/ floor levels. The building has two skins. Vertical fins on East/West and Jali wall on the South facade with a inner e-glass wall, to cut off the sun, hence saving energy. Massive cores help shade the towers.


Cultural Centre Competition Entry Hoop Cup'12 With Humayun Imran year place objective

2012 banks of the river Yamuna (near the old iron bridge) to design ( in groups of two) a cultural centre on a site of our own choosing that responds to a historical context

The approach was to create something that responds to the river flowing next to the flood plain, not to inhibit it's tendencies and allowing people to enjoy the river's moods


Section | Conceptual Sketches | Situation | Plan Responding to the Yamuna

The site sprawls over the Yamuna Floodplain, and is built at a certain height from it. The buildings and walls on the site respond to the textures of the rivers floodplain beneath, which in itself is a reflection of the mood of the river. The structure has a number of voids on it to ensure connection of the floodplain beneath with the people. Creating an inverting pyramid biome to reflect on the greatest virtue of a river: It's ability to give and sustain life. The Cultural Centre caters to the density located within the Old City of Delhi ( Shahjahanabad) and serves as a spillout/ buffer zone for the population. It sits with the Old Iron Bridge in it's backdrop, which in itself served as the Gateway to Delhi many decades earlier.

10 Samsara: Centre for Handicrafts-out-of-waste Design Intervention year place objective

2012 McLeodganj, himachal pradesh to identify a weakness in the existing pattern of how things happen at mcleodganj and to intervene through a design finding a suitable solution

The intervention was to build a handicrafts ( made from recycled waste) centre on the upper level of the massive parking structure at the entrance of the city.


Concept | Elevation | Situation | Plans Intervening for Mcleodganj

The plan is open and symmetrical, with public space in the centre, shielded by glass roofs, to keep the snow out and trap heat. Shops are loacted on the ground, with access from all sides and workshops on the first floor. The intervention handles waste and converts it into local handicraft, provides locals with employment oppurtunities and serves as a gateway and buffer zone for people entering the town. Locally available materails ( Stones ) used in construction.


Residence Design Musician year place objective

2011 pandara road, new delhi to build a residence for a famous musician on a 2100 sq. metres plot on pandara road

There was an attempt at the realization of the inside - outside concept in the building, with the greens flowing through it's centre.


Concept | Plan | Situation The Outside Inside Residence

The central area of the house is the Drawing room on the ground floor, flanked by other semi private spaces on the sides. On the First floor, the central area is the Family sitting, with bedrooms on the sides. The house is aligned at a specific angle to the rectangular site to prevent direct sunlight in the summers. The Riyas Room ( for practice of the musician) is alongside the house, a separate entity. Greens are allowed to enter, forming a continuous chain through the centre of the house. This allows for every room to have access to greens and the open from all but one side. Located at the entrance to the house is a water body, with 'floating' planks to walk on as you enter. Every space on the ground floor has it's own greens, and the servant quarters are located on the edge of the site, away from the main residence building.


Sculptor: Residence and Studio year place objective

2011 manali, himachal pradesh to design a studio apartment for a artist of choice in the hills

The idea was to break away from conventional construction systems in the hills, yet building with vernacular objectives and trying to create a new modernist building that is both functional and sculptural in nature


Situation | Roof Plan

A 'modern' building with vernacular ideals The building has three spaces, one for exhibition purposes ( open, with curtain walls), working area on the ground floor and a living quarter on the first. A massive Slope to cope with ice dominates the building, doing away with existing roofing systems to create something functional in approach. The building originates from a column down the slope on which a majority of the structure rests. The structure is peculiar in shape and sculptural in design, formed by creating it's 'form from function.'


Canteen Redesign (with harman bumrah) year place objective

2011 school of planning & architecture canteen, new delhi to redesign the existing canteen of SPA in groups of two with one of following themes: air, water, earth and fire

With our water theme, we went on to design a whirlpool flooring, a trench lounge, an underfloor aquarium and a wave-and-hanger spillout.


Joint Workshop on 'Go Vertical' in Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) Erfurt, Germany through a Student Exchange Program of SPA, New Delhi. ( June 2013) Following a visit from German students in January'13, a ten students of SPA attended the second part of the combined workshop in Erfurt, Germany for a week long exercise. We had discussions on ideas of building up, presented our Office designs ( barakhamba road) to each other and eventually participated in a group exercise on 'Go Vertical' in groups with the German friends. This trip was followed by a visit to a few other cities of Germany, France and Italy to explore the culture and architecture.


'Turbulence' Acrylic on Canvas ( 3ft by 2ft)

19 Statement of Purpose

Architecture has been intriguing me ever since I heard the word. Earlier, the intrigue originated because of the complexity of the word itself. Today, the intrigue remains, however it's origins have changed. My three and a half years of architectural education have broadened my mind, opening my thoughts to understanding and appreciating the value not only of architecture specifically, but also life and how to experience it in general. I will always maintain that the kind of education an architect recieves not only prepares him for challenges of building, but also for living.

Now that I have a firm understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of architecture and design, I feel that I am prepared to begin the next step of my professional development, which is the pursuit of a job as an intern/ Junior Architecture at an Architectural firm of repute. I feel that it is important to build upon my previous training and education in a stimulating atmosphere full of diverse viewpoints and ideas. Your firm is ideal for meeting my educational goals and I am confident that it will prepare me for any challenges I may face in the future. Siddharth | Mathur

Thank you. +919999484277 |

Siddharth Mathur Portfolio 2013  
Siddharth Mathur Portfolio 2013