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It began in 1983 when the Students’ Union decided to create a platform for showcasing the technical prowess of the student populace. They christened it ‘A Professional’s Oriented Gathering of Educational Experience’. It’s been 31 years since and today APOGEE is one of the largest technical fests in India which is wholly student organized and managed. Fast forward, Ides of March 2013, the inauguration ceremony was conducted for the on-going edition of this technical fest in the presence of the Director Prof G Raghurama, members of the CoStAA and the Chief Guest Dr Atul Gurtu, the particle physicist who led the Indian team in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment. With over 200 research papers and 8,000 published citations to his name, Dr Gurtu has worked with the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, for over 40 years. He has spent an aggregate of over 10 years at CERN over the Dr. Gurtu addresses the student gathering course of his professional career and was nominated by CERN to be the member of the Berkeley-based Particle Data Group Collaboration. Thanks to his efforts and active support, India is now poised to attain the honour of becoming an Associate Member of CERN. The ceremony featured the usual satirical write-ups of the CoStAAns, bringing in a humorous tinge to the event. Soon after the ceremonial lighting of the lamp and the welcome address by the SU President Uppalapati Lohi, Prof G Raghurama addressed the gathering, commending the students for managing a fest of this magnitude.

Prof. Raghurama at the Inauguration

As the chief guest, Dr. Atul Gurtu declared APOGEE 2013 open and emphasised the need to be innovative, while yet remaining simple minded. He advised that logjams can be prevented while undertaking any project through prioritizing and by seeking expert opinions.

The Art, Design & Publicity department unveiled their structure dedicated to the growth of open-source software like Android and LINUX. The structure featured a smartphone displaying a map of the campus along with other sculptures of the Android bot, the LINUX penguin, the pig featured in Angry Birds and Om-Nom, the character of the game ‘Cut the Rope’.

A performance of sand animation followed when Mr Kaushik Bose from Kolkata began using his fingertips to create intricate landscapes, symbols, figures and objects in a seemingly effortless manner that left the audience spellbound, initially. The act was organized by Jhankar and started with a delay due to a few glitches in the camera setup. Most of his works symbolized the emotional twists of life. However, by the end of it, some in the audience felt that the performance was arguably short and could have lasted longer. Finally, Nayan Goyal, the SU General Secretary, gave the vote of thanks and lauded the contribution of people involved in the organization of APOGEE. The tech fest might not be as pleasing as its cultural counterpart to the average BITSian, but these 5 days epitomize the true spirit of purpose for all of us in this college. APOGEE 2013.

We’ve had Google, we’ve had Facebook, we’ve had Whatsapp, and we’ve had Spotify. Want to catch a glimpse of, possibly, the next big idea? Then the Google Social Hackathon is the place to be. An event centred on creating a simple and effective app to solve real world problems, it is the ideal event for participants bent upon changing the world as we know it through their vision and coding skills. The Google Social Hackathon is the ideal launchpad for wannabe programmers looking to make it big in the programming world. This time round, there is an added element to the whole contest, wherein bounty or supplementary problems will be provided by various non-profit organizations which the contestants can offer to solve with the help of their apps. Designers of the top apps will be given cash prizes along with the chance to speak to representatives of Google. With participants from all over the country battling it out OVER 12 hours of non-stop coding, it promises to be a hard-fought, high quality contest and a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience for all.

Does reading Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie stimulate your grey cells? Do you long to unravel the mystery yourself before finishing the book? Does it bother you into thinking the murderer could have been someone else? Well then, Snoop Dogs and you are made for each other. Participants will be presented with a certain details about a murder through a presentation. This includes information about the murder scene, people present, and their descriptions. Call logs, alibi, testimonies and statements (possibly false) by characters add to the fun. Participants are free to interrogate the suspects and put together the mystery in the most convincing manner. Being an open ended murder mystery, there is no correct answer. The entries will be judged on the basis of logic and the number of loose ends tied. So don your best hats, practice the violin and get ready for the surprises in store.

Consider yourself to be ‘the’ authority when it comes to anything related to India? Well, this is the time to establish your status. Pitched against a coterie of similar thinking individuals, the India Quiz is one the larger quizzes this APOGEE. Held in the BITS auditorium, the quiz has consistently been one of the foremost quizzing competitions among the APOGEE junta. Open for all, it consists of prelims and a final round. So if you still think you can ace 5000 years of magnificent opulence, in a land which has given the world unparalleled riches, be there. 17th March. 12 P.M, Audi.

Quizzers all, of a sleepy town Unite in welcoming one of their own Against the backdrop of a massive fest: A great reunion, a greater test. Stupid mistakes, silly errors Set into motion a comedy of horrors, Of consequence varying to polar extremes, for People who see it as nothing short of war. Who will win? Who will lose? Think no more, for time will choose. Too great a deal, too much is at stake, Much heritage, much honour, much pride in its wake. Of Brain of BITS we speak, quizzers unite Themselves but divide for a massive fight.

Srishti is one of three events walking the red carpet for the Civil Engineering Association this APOGEE. The event is designed for you if your super power is an extravagant sense of perception and imagination that literally and figuratively goes out of this world. Srishti will put your drawing slash designing skills to the test and nag at your imagination and spatial sense. The testing media will be AutoCad 2010 and Google SketchUp. Your prowess in isometric and orthographic drawings will be run through an assembly line of preliminary tests comprising two rounds to be specific, in a highly competitive environment. Do not miss if projection of weirdly shaped solids onto weirder planes is your playground. The preliminary rounds are scheduled to happen in rooms 1105, 1106 and 1138 on March 16 at 1000 hours. The final round will happen thirty minutes later on the next day in room 1138.

Enter Sandman

That was mindblasting!

After drawing a female face for the 48th time


30 Minutes Later...

He draws 2 more to make it an even 50...


Rebreather - issue 2  

Newsletter printed by the AEP for APOGEE 2013

Rebreather - issue 2  

Newsletter printed by the AEP for APOGEE 2013