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Book Illustration “Bhramin’s Dream” is an age old story about a bhramin who build’s castlles in the air. Upon getting a pot full of grains, he get’s ecstatic and starts dreaming about luxuries that grain could yield. But these dreams were really far fetched...

Water Colour Illustration Water colour is one of the most beautiful mediums to get across emotions.

Digital Rendering In today’s fast paced world, digital art is one of the most preffered mediums. This is my own interpretation of the medium.

Posters and Hoarding I have worked on different poster concepts. I believe that posters should be simple and the concept should be communicated as much as the message.

Comic Book This comic book describes an event in my life.

Cartoon The Black and white cartoon helped me play with just two colours: white and black(no greys).

Sketching and Drawing Some samples of my sketches.

Different Medium of Illustration I like playing with different mediums.

Hanuman Illustration These illustrrations are an attempt to describe Lord hanuman’s life.

Interior Art I like exploring different mediums. Designing interiors is also one of them.

Sculptures I am an avid sculptor. I have experimented with scuptures in fiber glass, clay and a host of other materials.

Hindustan Times Campaign I had worked on a campaign for Hindustan Times.

Kingfisher Mineral Water Campaign I had worked on a campaign for Kingfisher Mineral Water. Emphasis was layed on showing presenting the product as a refrehing drink. All the work was done by hand and the medium chosen was Poster Colour.

Sree Leather Campaign I worked on a campaign with Sree Leathers. The ads produced were modernistic without losing the essence of the brand.

Common Wealth Campaign I had worked on a campaign for Common Wealth Games.

Provogue Campaign I had worked on a campaign for Provogue.

Photography I love nature and animals. I like to draw comparisons between shawdows(darkness) and sunlight. The photographs I take are more than a form of documentation.


Siddhant Kumar, Jr. Animator, IDC, IIT Bombay