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Sid Creative is founded in 2011 summer by Taiwanese designer, Taylor Shih. Sid is my nickname during college times, and I expect myself be creative all the time, so it comes to the name “Sid Creatives�.

SUTAIRU Hair Wax Installation Art Audio Book American Eagle Fashion Editorial BOSS In Motion

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SUTAIRU is a new revolution of hair wax. We no longer differentiates the serious of hair wax by different hair condition, but differentiates by the particular needs of each consumer. SUTAIRU seperate it to three kinds of flavors, grassland, oceanic and wasteland. Each kind of SUTAIRU has set their aim in different characteristic. If you can’t find an appropriate hair wax in the market, try SUTAIRU! You can style your hair by yourself. Wasteland: durable + controlable Glassland: Fluffy + changeable Oceanic: Moist + brightness

Passive smoke is a multi-media installtion, which strongly condemn the second-hand smokers. Statistics from WHO shows that people who havn’t smoking but get the second-hand smoke will have 30% to 50% higher to get cancer than smokers. The main concept to make this installation isn’t criticize the smokers, but invoke them to respect others who haven’t smoke in a open area. I use flask to indicate the lung of each mankind and the gas mask shows that the participants are also become the person who affraid of passive smoke. In this case, I wish the participants can get a strong impact when viewing this installtion.

I DON’T WANT TO BE SANTA CLAUS is an audio book written for 4 to 12 year-old child. This is a fiction story rewrite according to the story that writer heard during his childhood. The Santa Claus in this book change to be a evil theif long time ago, and we give a justified reason why Santa Claus turn to be a kind grandpa we familiar nowadays. The main concept of this children book is not to frightened little boy and little girl, we expect that every child would have a capability to earn the truth and fact; instead, learn knowledge from what elders tell them. You will also get a CD records with the book when you buy it. What are you waiting for? Share the real story with your families.

This is the new packaging we redo for an US brand, American Eagle. We use lots of cardboard to be the new packaging to put the boots inside, which is strong enough to support the weight of the boots. Also, we remake the guarantee card, using golden metal, which can be echo to the yellow shoebox and handbag. The special part of our packaging is using eco-materials, paper for handbag and cardboard for the whole shoebox. A clever way to tie the shoebox is using a belt, which can also offer a hold place for consumer. Our main target consumers is between 15 to 35 years old, so the typeface and the whole feeling we select is glam grunge.

“BOYZ” is a fashion photography unit I publish in 2010 on a Japanese magazine, Neighborhood. The concept of these photos is to salute the great Cuba leader, Ernesto Che Guevara. The photography are all based on the movie “The Motorcycle Diaries”, not only did I commit to remake the same scene to the places show on the moive, but also add modern element into my photos. The most important element I want to remake is sovereignty and insurgency, and this two also become the header of “BOYZ”. Check it more on the “BOYZ” website:

BOSS in motion is a film making project that combine perfume, advertisement and poetry. The poetry I choose is “The Eagle” written by a Taiwanese poet, Yang Mu. I use the atmosphere of the poetry to create a new advertisment. Besides, the perfume I choose is the “in motion” series of BOSS perfume. The reason I choose this series is they all sphere shape and have a movable and powerful image. There have two totally different and strong contrast part in this film: orange stands for the position of a boss; and gray part interpret a athlete status. The reason I combine and insert one to another extreme type is also the consume target I want to focus on. +886-921-764-822


Hi! My name is Taylor Shih. I was born in 1989, in Taichung, Taiwan.I started the design carrier since 2007 in Chang Gung University media+v...

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