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Education should be a joyful experience of self-development and an inspiring introduction to the wonders of our world.

open minds

Sidcot is a school which encourages children to make a difference in the world. Choosing a school is one of the most difficult tasks you will undertake and all schools will tell you similar things. Where Sidcot shines is how our values of truth, respect, openness and tolerance influence the ethos of the school and the children who experience education here.

boys aged 3-18 years, from nearly 30 different countries, two thirds of which are day pupils. Boarding has a key role in Sidcot life that enriches the friendly, family orientated atmosphere and provides opportunities for our students to engage with each other and the facilities, beyond the normal confines of the school day.

Sidcot excels in building children’s self-esteem by encouraging all their abilities and not just focusing on academic excellence. We believe that, by enabling children to be adventurous in thought and free from negative peer pressure, they will develop self-assurance and reach their full potential as rounded individuals. We challenge our students to think with greater depth to reach a better understanding of themselves and the world they live in.

The learning ethos at Sidcot originates from our Quaker heritage of over 300 years of education: the school has always been forward looking and has promoted experimentation, original thinking and the nurturing of individual talent. This ethos is just as relevant today as it has been throughout the school’s history.

Originally established in 1699 to teach boys of Quaker families, Sidcot opened to girls in 1808 and is one of the oldest coeducational boarding schools in the UK. Today we have a vibrant community of over 520 girls and

As a non-selective school, we are very proud that we achieve some of the strongest results in the South West, ranking consistently with some of the best selective schools in the area for both GCSE and A Level results. Introduction of the International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2007 added a dynamic study option for our Sixth Form that supports our ambition of

delivering exciting, progressive education. Acquiring the advantage of an internationally respected qualification is even more important for young people today in an increasingly competitive, global environment. Our students choose a wide range of occupations and most go on to study at University; but crucially, we expect them to leave us as confident individuals with open minds and hearts, able to make a difference on whichever path they choose. Yours in Friendship, John Walmsley

The two qualities which are most important for children today are hope and imagination: hope to believe that they can change the world‌ and imagination to find ways to do so. Quaker Faith and Practice (23-85)


open ethos

Quaker values are at the heart of Sidcot. We aim to create a community that sees the good in everyone, where each person is encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and to respect one another. A special characteristic of the school is the support that our students give to each other; this especially enables new pupils to settle quickly. Quakers believe in living life adventurously and letting their lives speak. We promote these values by inspiring students to challenge ideas and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of our world. We support them in taking action and making things happen, rather than just talking.

Our students are given the freedom to succeed and the support to grow as individuals with their talents recognised in all their shapes and sizes. We respect all members of our community equally. This results in open, friendly and courteous relationships between staff and pupils. The multi-cultural and inclusive nature of the school embraces children from a variety of backgrounds and countries, making teaching very interesting and providing life-enhancing experiences for our pupils. An important event in our week occurs when we all gather for silent reflection during our Meeting for Worship. This meeting contributes

to the calm and friendly atmosphere that our students and staff find so supportive and reassuring. “The School has many strengths and is outstanding in several important areas. The Quaker ethos pervades the school, supports all that affects pupils’ life and work and makes for reflective young people. Pupils are exceptionally well known and cared for. Relationships between pupils and staff are remarkable for the respect and consideration given to others. Pupils are at ease and confident without being arrogant�. Independent Schools Inspectorate (Feb 2007)

Whilst respecting the experiences of others, do not be afraid to say what you have found and what you value. Quaker Advices & Queries


open spaces

Established in 160 acres of beautiful countryside in the rolling Mendip Hills, Sidcot’s secure campus also benefits from being close to the cities of Bristol and Bath. We have excellent transport links and run a private bus each day to and from Bristol. London is only 2 hours away and Bristol International airport is less than 15 minutes door to door by car. The learning environment is further enhanced by our rural position. In this inspirational setting, children can concentrate on their studies during the week, yet have access to the cities for educational opportunities and weekends. There is a relaxed and happy atmosphere which

is reinforced by our peaceful surroundings. The school actively promotes environmental awareness and encourages students to consider environmental issues in all aspects of school life. We have a variety of activities that engage our students with the environment through, for example, the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, community work, our recycling scheme, gardening clubs and initiatives we are developing with a local business, Yeo Valley Organic dairy farms.

There is inspiration to be found all around us, in the natural world, in the sciences and arts, in our work and in our friendships, in our sorrows as well as our joys. Quaker Advices & Queries


open doors

Sidcot has some outstanding facilities to inspire our students. The latest development is a brand new Creative Arts Centre that bridges the traditional arts with modern technology. Professional, state of the art facilities for art, music and drama include: studios for painting, sculpture, photography and a digital media suite; a music school with a dedicated performance hall, practice rooms, recording studio and music technology suite; and a drama department providing a studio for performances that can become a theatre for film. To meet other interests, there is a Sports Centre with a superb 25m indoor heated pool (said to be

the best in the West!), multi gym, sports hall and squash court. A wide range of traditional and unusual sports are on offer including: football, rugby, cricket, netball, tennis, athletics, fencing, scuba diving and even underwater hockey. We also have a Riding Centre with livery, and outdoor floodlit arena for riding lessons. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is important to Sidcot and students have access to these facilities as part of the curriculum, in the evenings and at weekends. An important part of the day is the after school and weekend activities programme. There are over 60 extra-curricular activities to choose from throughout the

year and we encourage every student to take part. Activities cover a range of interests including academic, creative and sporting pursuits. To support academic study, there is a purpose built Sixth Form centre, a large library for whole school use, impressive science laboratories, several networked computer suites and WiFi throughout the campus.

Live adventurously. Quaker Advices & Queries


open house

Boarding is an integral feature of school life at Sidcot and contributes to the inclusive family atmosphere. Students may board from age 11 and nearly half of our senior school students do.

access to a washing machine and driers. Rooms for younger boarders have 3-4 beds, most rooms have 2-3 beds and in the Upper Sixth we provide single rooms where possible.

Boarders live in one of five houses which are located on the school site. Each house is single sex, although visitors are welcome in the common rooms.

The Houseparent, who is usually a member of the teaching staff, is responsible for the care of all pupils in the house. There is close liaison with parents who are always welcome to visit. The Deputy Houseparents, Matrons and Assistants help with the running of the Houses, the welfare of the students and form an extended family for boarders. There is a Health Centre with qualified medical staff, ready to help any pupil with medical or pastoral matters.

The aim of each boarding house community is to create a friendly, homely atmosphere in a comfortable environment. Each house has a well equipped kitchen for pupils’ use, and common rooms in which to relax. Clothing is laundered twice a week and students have

When prompted to speak, wait patiently to know that the time is right, but do not let a sense of your own unworthiness hold you back. Quaker Advices & Queries

learning to make a difference from ages 3-18 and beyond

open arms

Sidcot Junior School offers a stimulating and happy learning environment for children from 3 years old in our Nursery, (either on a full or part-time basis), through to 11 years old into Year 6. The self-contained Junior School is a stunning, environmentallyfriendly building that is full of light and space; with specially designed outdoor play areas and field. Our close proximity to the Senior School enables our Junior children to benefit from the fantastic facilities available, such as: the library, arts centre, sports centre, computer rooms and refectory. Rosie Craig, our Junior Head, has a teaching philosophy,

which complements that of the Senior School in developing learning programmes that suit the needs of individuals. We build children’s self-esteem by identifying their abilities early on, then creating tailored approaches to provide a solid foundation for the next stage in their education. Small classes and a caring ethos are vital ingredients in maintaining enthusiasm for learning, nurturing creative talents and encouraging the optimum development of every child. Whilst the National Curriculum forms the basis of the education programme, we teach way beyond its confines. We do not test with SATs, as we believe

that this constrains teaching. What we do provide is a creative and inspirational learning experience for our children. There are subject specialists in each area and emphasis is given to literacy, numeracy, science and technology as well as music, art, drama and sport. Appropriate homework activities consolidate learning in all areas.

Small classes and a caring ethos are vital ingredients in maintaining enthusiasm for learning, nurturing creative talents and encouraging the optimum development of every child.


Developing confidence, curiosity, excitement and independence are our main aims.

Our Nursery and Reception classes participate fully in Junior School life, with whole school activities and a dedicated curriculum and teaching staff. Developing confidence, curiosity, excitement and independence are our main aims. Sidcot Forest School is a unique educational experience that covers a majority of the Early Learning Goals and is an integral part of our Foundation Stage curriculum. It encourages and inspires individuals through small achievable tasks in a woodland environment. It is non-competitive, nurturing and supports children as they explore and discover their own potential.

This relaxed approach, where no-one can win or lose, allows them to grow in confidence and self-esteem. In Years 5 and 6, to support the transition to our Senior School, some lessons are taught by Senior School teachers using specialist facilities, for example, in Art and PE. This enables the children to familiarise themselves with Senior School life and to broaden their horizons. We cater for working parents by offering additional supervision of Junior children through a breakfast club, after school activities and holiday club. Older children can also do Prep (homework) followed

by their evening meal. Activities after school are varied according to the season, but typically include: dance, ballet, judo, gardening club, horse riding, computer club and tag rugby. Any children who require learning support, or who wish to have individual tuition in a specialist subject such as riding, swimming, music, dance or drama, can also benefit from Sidcot’s highly qualified staff. Charges for any additional one-to-one lessons are kept to a minimum.


Try to live simply, a simple lifestyle freely chosen is a source of strength. Quaker Advices & Queries

open eyes

During the GCSE programme, staff discuss carefully with each pupil how to select the most appropriate goals for their future development

At Sidcot, there is a deep-rooted conviction to provide a creative and stretching education that inspires children to want to learn; to achieve this, our curriculum is shaped to meet government requirements but without an examobsessed and prescriptive syllabus. Subjects are broad in KS3, Years 7, 8 and 9 (ages 11 to 13), so that by the time pupils come to choose their GCSE options, they have acquired a wide range of knowledge and can make informed decisions. To deliver a more dynamic and adventurous learning experience that enriches the current KS4 curriculum, we are looking at supplementing the core GCSE subjects with an option from

a range of Sidcot Assessed Courses (SACs). These specialist KS4 courses will encompass interesting subjects such as: Natural History, English Literature, Food Production, Art and Digital Media, Peace Studies and Sport. At present, in Years 10 and 11, students will typically take 9 GCSEs including English, English Literature, Mathematics and a suitable combination of the Sciences. These GCSEs are supported with non examined subjects such as Careers and Personal, Social and Health Education. During this time, staff discuss carefully with each pupil how to select the most appropriate goals for their future development.

“I feel more independent than my peers (at other schools); I think for myself and don’t feel the need to be ‘one of the crowd’. Senior Student


open eyes

One of the best ways to stimulate children’s imaginations and desire to learn is to take them out of the classroom and immerse them in the real world to experience field trips, gallery and museum visits, international exchanges, music tours, lectures and sports trips. We aim to enrich learning by increasing awareness, interest and sensitivity to local and international matters.

and helps pupils to develop confidence and a sense of responsibility. Students can enrol in Year 10 at Bronze level and move onto Silver and Gold awards as they progress into the Sixth Form. Completion of the awards gives pupils a sense of achievement, and, with a Gold Award being seen as an equivalent to an A Level, a valuable addition to their C.V. for University applications.

Sidcot promotes the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, with around 160 students participating annually. We believe that this non-competitive scheme is an excellent way of broadening our students’ education. It places great emphasis on self-motivation

We also hold a number of functions throughout the year to broaden our students’ experiences through engaging them in organising student events, being involved in School Council or through opportunities to show individual talent. These include a musical or

drama production each term, charity events, sports events, a summer festival with garden party, Summer Ball, the Dymond Speech Competition, Prize Giving Ceremony and formal dinners with the School Governors.

We aim to enrich learning by increasing awareness, interest and sensitivity to local and international matters.


Every stage of our lives offers fresh opportunities. Quaker Advices & Queries

open debate

Reflecting Sidcot’s aim of providing a stimulating and creative curriculum, we offer students the opportunity to follow either the International Baccalaureate Diploma or A Levels. We believe the ethos of the International Baccalaureate, with its broad curriculum and emphasis on study skills, community service and internationalism fits perfectly with our Quaker values. Students study 6 subjects (3 at a higher level). They choose one from each of the five following subject areas; English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Languages, as well as their sixth subject which may, for example, be an Arts subject or another Science or Humanities

subject. There are also 3 core elements integral to the IB; the study of the Theory of Knowledge, an Extended Essay and Creativity Action Service, where students participate in creative, physical and service activities in the local community. Exam results in the Sixth Form are excellent, our average points score per candidate has been equivalent to more than 3 grade A’s at A Level for the last 3 years running. Sidcot is a good all round school and has a particularly strong track record for exceptional results in Maths, the Sciences, Humanities and the Arts. In 2009, Sidcot won for the second time, the Good School’s Guide Award

for the best boy’s A Level results in Further Mathematics in the country. Sixth Form students have their own dedicated facilities at Sidcot, including a study centre, revision rooms, computer suite and common room. Students are supported at all stages in their Sixth Form study, particularly through the University application process and with careers advice.

“There’s a supportive comm atmosphere and students encouraged rather than for to do their best”. Sixth Form Day Student

We believe the ethos of the International Baccalaureate, with its broad curriculum and emphasis on study skills, community service and, internationalism fits perfectly with our Quaker values.


Welcome the diversity of culture, language and expressions of faith. Quaker Advices & Queries

national Students

open borders “The Six Form Foundation course is excellent for improving your English language, it is very busy but the teachers are really good at giving you extra help with your studies. I’m really enjoying my time here and looking forward to the Sixth Form”. German Student

Our international community is strongly established at Sidcot, meaning our staff are well accustomed to living and working with pupils from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Students tend to join us for GCSEs, A Levels or the IB. However we accept international students from Year 7 (age 11+). For fifteen year old students who require English Language support, we provide a one year Sixth Form Foundation course. This dynamic course allocates at least 50% of the timetable to English Language and the rest to studying from 3 to 5 GCSEs, depending on the ability of the student. The course enables students to work with the English

language in different contexts through cultural activities and trips. We highly recommend this course to students requiring a better understanding of the English language before embarking on their choice of Sixth Form education. Sidcot’s long-term experience with such a diverse international community means students settle quickly, feel happy, welcome and can concentrate on their studies instead of feeling homesick.

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We hope you want to discover more about this special place where young people thrive. We invite you to learn more and get a real feel for the school. You can do this by attending one of our informal mini Open Mornings or to our larger Open Morning that occurs each term. Please contact our Admissions team to arrange this.

Cheddar Wells

Our website, provides more detail about life at Sidcot and is a valuable resource for news, Independent School Inspectorate reports, information on Admissions, the school and our Open Morning dates. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sidcot School, Oakridge Lane, Winscombe, North Somerset BS25 1PD, UK +44 (0) 1934 843 102 TELEPHONE +44 (0) 1934 844 181 FAX EMAIL WEBSITE

Sidcot School, Oakridge Lane, Winscombe, North Somerset BS25 1PD, UK +44 (0) 1934 843102 TELEPHONE +44 (0) 1934 844 181 FAX EMAIL WEBSITE

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