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We Provide Fire Contractor & Fire Equipment Maintenance Company with well experienced engineers and technicians specialized in Fire Safety services & Engineering including design, installation, testing, Fire Contractor & Fire Equipment Maintenance and commissioning of fire safety systems for industrial and commercial facilities. We offer "One Stop Shop" that provides comprehensive reliable and cost effective solutions specifically engineered to meet internationally recognized fire safety standards and meets client's requirements in the Kingdom.

Safety Innovations Company will continue to be a customer oriented company that provides a full line of quality fire detection and suppression products and

services with cost effective solutions for protecting life, property and the environment. Safety & Beyond The kingdom in both government and private sectors are investing vast amount of capital in constructing housing, industries, energy, education, and transportation that requires effective specialized fire installation & safety firm that provides the fire safety services that meets internationally recognized fire safety standards to support these projects and in the meantime provide the required expertise to evaluate the existing fire systems to ensure its effective reliability operability to protect live and assets.

We carry out both total Fire Safety Projects on Turnkey basis and in the meantime conduct high quality Testing & Inspection for existing facilities and commission new projects to all types of occupancies and infrastructures industries, We have conducted several projects for occupancies such as Hotels, major industrial warehouses, Malls, show rooms etc.

Quality Services We are committed to provide highest Fire Safety quality services that confirm to International and exceed local standard requirements that provide the required protection and satisfaction for our clients. We use products that have proven to be the best worldwide and confirm to well-known standards within the industry. Our Qualitative services like; Fire installation Fire contractor Civil defense Fire equipment maintenance

Quality Assurance Policy In Safety Innovation Company we are committed to high quality through our internal Quality Assurance policy which includes: 

Strive and spare no efforts to search and commit to best reliable suppliers worldwide

Adherence to all rules, regulation and compliance with Safety, Health and Environmental requirements. We provide a range of technical services to support which is given below; Fire installation Fire system maintenance Inspection ‫اعمال الصيانة‬ Fire contractor

Fire equipment maintenance ‫صيانة انظمة الطفاء‬ Civil defense Fire alarm ‫الدفاع المدني‬

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Safety Innovations Company  

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Safety Innovations Company  

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