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annual report 2010-2011

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The Hospital for Sick Children engages the community in program development and evaluation. Clinical practice is evidence-based, and results in knowledge transfer and peer-reviewed publications and presenations.

There is strong leadership support for patient safety and quality. Accrediation Canada Report, October 2010

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building for the future


SickKids at a glance






family-centred care


research and learning


achievements 2010-2011

The complete SickKids annual report 2010-2011 is posted online at

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



letter from the leaders Dear Friends of SickKids, Constance Sugiyama Chair, Board of Trustees Mary Jo Haddad President and CEO

SickKids is a community of builders. We help our young patients and their families build and rebuild their health and their lives. Our world-renowned scientists build evidence to support new models of care and treatment protocols to benefit children in Canada and around the world. We build connections to our communities through our commitment to engagement, family-centred care, service excellence and philanthropy – critical pillars of SickKids’ success. And we continue to build and enhance the capability of our people, our infrastructure and our technology, and indeed the health-care system at large. Our commitment to building the leadership capability of our people is unwavering. SickKids relies on the strong foundation of our people, who create the vibrant environment that is so necessary to provide high-quality care, research and education. Our staff and volunteers are deeply committed to SickKids – we know this because our annual staff engagement survey continues to show scores that are higher than those of peer organizations. SickKids is a place where people want to be. Our physical infrastructure is undergoing a stunning transformation. Construction of our new Research & Learning Tower hit grade this year, and we look forward to the day when our scientists and researchers will reap the benefits of a shared investigative environment. We are also in the early stages of planning for our new Ambulatory Care Centre, which will enhance the patient experience by gathering all of our ambulatory clinics together, close to important diagnostic and treatment services.



The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011

SickKids is a community of builders. We help our young patients and their families build and rebuild their health and their lives.

Recognizing the important role that information management and technology (IMT) will play in enabling and supporting the SickKids strategic plan, we renewed our IMT strategic plan in 2010. Bold and far-ranging in scope, the plan will guide us as we grow our technological infrastructure to enhance high-quality patient care, and give our staff the tools to achieve high performance and enhance collaboration with our regional and international partners. In the thoughtful tradition of our founders, who saw the potential for a great hospital in a leaky house on Avenue Street, we continue to refurbish where we can and build where we must. The Cancer Centre and the Emergency Department are excellent examples of recent building projects that have enhanced the care we are able to provide to our patients and families.

Building for the future requires us to be innovative and responsive to the changes happening within the health-care system and our society as a whole. By being adaptable and flexible and keeping in mind our vision for healthier children and a better world, we will continue to build a system that provides the best care possible for the children and their families whom we so proudly serve. Please enjoy this report of our progress and performance. We look forward to continued collaboration and engagement with our partners in care, education and research and with the broader community at large. Constance Sugiyama Chair, Board of Trustees

Mary Jo Haddad President and CEO

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Infrastructure is a critical enabler to our success. Our award-winning solutions have addressed major challenges in health-care delivery.

Peter Sawras Director, Facilities Planning Jim Garner Executive Vice President, Corporate Services Daniela Crivianu-Gaita Vice President and Chief Information Officer

building for the future Welcome to the 2010-2011 Annual Report for The Hospital for Sick Children. In addition to the world-class care that we continue to provide at SickKids, this year we laid the groundwork for one of the most transformational developments in the 135-year history of our organization – a 21-storey beacon of research and learning excellence on the corner of Bay and Elm Streets. With completion of The Research & Learning Tower in 2013, our scientists and their teams will consolidate their work on one campus, with facilities to support the leading-edge discoveries that characterize research and learning at SickKids. Our staff are key to our success and we are proud to include just a few of the many heroes at SickKids in this report. They all demonstrate SickKids values of excellence, collaboration, integrity and innovation, and they inspire their colleagues to do a great job for children, families and co-workers – all in the spirit of building for the future. Please note, to save resources, both natural and fiscal, SickKids no longer prints its annual report. The report has been designed as an interactive experience that links readers to various pages on the SickKids website. For the full report, please see Read more about a great year at SickKids and let us know your thoughts at

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Leadership is nurtured and valued at SickKids. Meaningful collaboration and clarity of purpose have led to exceptional staff engagement and world-class results.

Wayne Arnold Manager, Research IT Munira Nanji Senior Manager, Clinical Program Anita Tancredi Medical Interpreter

SickKids at a glance Building for the


The future for SickKids includes The Research & Learning Tower, currently under construction, and an ambulatory building for which funding is being sought. The plan is to consolidate all

SickKids fosters and integrates the aspirations of a world-renowned paediatric hospital, a leading-edge research institute and an innovative learning institute. “Healthier Children. A Better World.� is the vision that unites the 9,600 people at SickKids whether they are doctors, nurses, scientists, trainees, support staff or volunteers. Innovation, integrity, excellence and collaboration are the values that guide the organization, where everyone is working towards the same strategic objectives.

ambulatory clinics and some diagnostic and interventional services under one roof, with

Providing high-quality patient care and treatment informed by world-leading research.

limited renovation of select areas of existing buildings. This will address such problems

Enabling a community of passionate and dedicated people to provide the best possible care.

as insufficient space and overcrowding and functional

Treating patients, families and each other with respect and understanding.

obsolescence. Also, it will expand diagnostic and

This is SickKids.

treatment spaces, and free up space for departments currently housed in leased space off campus. Demolition of outdated buildings will make room for further growth space.

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Hospital activity


















Patient Days

















Day Surgery
















Inpatient Activity Avg # of Patients a day

Avg Length of Stay (days) Operating Room Cases

Total Operating Room Cases Ambulatory Activity Emergency Clinics






Total Ambulatory Activity






Staff, trainees, volunteers on March 31, 2011 Non-Research Staff (excluding Fellows & Students) Management & Support


Health-Care Professionals




Total Non-Research Staff


Active & Associate Physicians


Research Staff (excluding Fellows & Students)


Residents, Fellows & Students Research Fellows & Students


Non-Research Fellows & Students


Medical Affairs Residents & Fellows


Total Residents, Fellows & Students


Volunteers Women’s Auxiliary Other

215 1,162

Total Volunteers






The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011

Key financial overview

Fiscal Years Ended March 31 (in thousands of dollars)


















Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses before investment income (loss)






Investment income (loss)






Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses























Statement of Operations

Balance Sheet


SickKids shows steady growth in revenue and research funding, matching the continually increased activity in patient care, research and learning. Revenue (excluding investment income) ($ millions)

Investment Income/(Loss) ($ millions)




586 617












09/10 10/11

34 6

External Research Awards (millions) 06/07










The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



2010-2011 SickKids’ Sources of Operational Funding ($640.8 million)

Patient & Other 8%

Commercial Services 2%

SickKids Foundation 9%

Research Grants 14%

Ministry of Health 67%

2010-2011 SickKids’ Sources of Capital Funding ($93.2 million)

Research Grants 33%

Long Term Debt (Supported by SickKids Foundation) 36%

SickKids Foundation 2% Depreciation 27%

Ministry of Health 2%

2010-2011 SickKids’ Sources of Research Funding ($167.8 million)

Total Infrastructure Grants 13%

Total Personnel Awards 6% Indirect Cost Recovery 5% Industry Sponsored Research & Commercialization 5% SickKids Foundation 21%



The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011

Research Operating Grants 42%

Trust Fund & Investment Income 5% Commercial Services 3%

SickKids International

SickKids International collaborates with national and global partners to improve the health of children worldwide through the advancement of child health education, and clinical and research initiatives. Our purpose is to provide a single point of coordination for key programs, policies, and external relations relevant to international health. 2010-2011 highlights: • Marked the first anniversary of its partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar. • Celebrated with partners from Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital the successful move of 12 chronically ventilated patients to renovated paediatric quarters in Doha, Qatar.

• Welcomed 250 attendees to the fifth annual Global Child Health Day. The event focused on challenges in the realm of paediatric care, the strategies to address them, and how Canada can work towards becoming a recognized leader in the context of global child health. • With the the hospital’s RN Council, celebrated the importance of nursing by hosting the second annual “Breakfast with SickKids Nurses Engaged in International Work.” The event welcomed over 75 attendees and was sponsored jointly by the International Nursing Interest Group and the Pediatric Nurses Interest Group. • Coordinated visits for 29 international Herbie Fund patients from Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Trinidad, El Salvador, Kosovo, Bolivia, Guyana and Peru.

• Hosted 28 international learners from Australia, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Norway, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and Syria who discovered new methods, theories and techniques through observation and practice at SickKids. • Completed the first year of three for the CIDA grant to train paediatric nurses in Ghana. • Co-sponsored the Global Congress on Sickle Cell Disease (Accra, Ghana), the first and largest conference of its kind. • Completed a needs assessment and hosted a planning meeting for the Caribbean-SickKids Paediatric Oncology Initiative. • Facilitated 25 teaching and training sessions in Ethiopia through the No Boundaries Team to increase institutional capacity in the surgical care of children through knowledge and skills transfer.

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Corporate Ventures

SickKids Corporate Ventures is our gateway to unique and extraordinary intellectual capital. Our primary focus is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology developed by SickKids physicians, scientists and professionals into products and programs that result in social and economic benefit. SickKids Corporate Ventures reported the following results in 2010-2011: 35 invention disclosures 34 patent applications 183 patents issued 2 spin-out companies 99 active licenses $3.8 million in licensing revenue

Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) Survey Results 2010 AUTM is an international group whose core purpose is to support and advance academic technology transfer globally. The rankings below include Canadian organizations only.

1 1 6 6 3 3

National rankings in licensing revenue show SickKids as First among research hospitals in licensing revenue

1 6

National rankings in license and option agreements show SickKids as



Third in licenses and options executed

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011


Sixth among academic institutions in licensing revenue

SickKids Foundation

Established in 1972, SickKids Foundation is the primary fundraising organization for The Hospital for Sick Children. Philanthropy is a critical source of funding for SickKids and in recent years, donations have accounted for about 10 per cent of overall funding support. For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2011, the Foundation made an investment of $57.9 million in research, learning and care at SickKids – the largest ever. Next to government, SickKids Foundation is the largest funder of child health research, learning and care in Canada.

Fiscal years ended March 31, 2011 (millions of dollars)











Total Grants & Charitable Activity






Fundraising & Administrating Expenses






Total Assets






Total Endowments






Assets Gross Fundraising Program Revenue and Net Lottery Revenue

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



We guide and maintain the financial health of SickKids so other staff can focus on research and patient health.

Denise Arsenault Vice President, Finance, and CFO Susan Malench Finance Director, Research Operations Sandra Bradshaw Director of Finance, Patient Care

finances Building for the


SickKids has developed its own enterprise project management system, known as iProject. The system addresses the stewardship

Staff members who play a role in the administration of funds at SickKids ensure that proper processes and procedures are followed in financial transactions, in everything from the purchase of office equipment, to accounting for government grants and monies received from private donors through the SickKids Foundation. We are committed to operational efficiency, transparency and accountability.

of public funds and confirms SickKids’ commitment to acountability and transparency.

Supporting evidence-based decisions to enhance our financial health.

iProject provides all staff with a ready-to-use roadmap to

Conducting business under the principles of fiscal prudence and accountability.

manage projects; promotes increased efficiency; supports

Acting with integrity and good judgment when allocating resources.

improved and consistent reporting; registers all projects

This is SickKids.

and tracks larger ones (including completion and success rates); enables timely identification of projects requiring intervention at a senior

See our full annual report online at and link to Audited Financial Statements and Financial Overview

level; and tracks resource allocation (human resources and financial resources) within and among different areas of the organization.

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



At SickKids, performance is about people and outcomes. Measuring, monitoring and managing performance is fundamental to SickKids’ success.

Rick Wray Director, Quality and Risk Management Irene Blais Director, Decision Support Jeff Mainland Vice President, Strategy, Performance & Communications

performance Building for the


The Emergency Department at SickKids is a top performer. More than 57,000 patients sought the help of the department in 2010-2011, and by the end of December figures showed that more than 90 per cent of people who were

Achieving high performance is an organization-wide priority at SickKids. This is accomplished through empowered people, a commitment to world-class quality care, research and learning, and fiscal responsibility. Everyone who works at SickKids is encouraged to find innovative solutions to everyday challenges. This spirit of engagement and creativity nurtures an environment that focuses on the needs of our patients and their families. The results are evident to those who monitor our performance, including Accreditation Canada which surveyed SickKids in 2010 and gave us a perfect score across 91 governance standards.

surveyed were satisfied with the service they received. An impressive 38.7 per cent ranked their satisfaction level as “excellent,” a 45 per

Developing innovative solutions to improve health outcomes and the patient care experience for children and families, and providing staff with the tools and equipment to do their jobs successfully.

cent increase over last year. The other positive responses ranked satisfaction with the

Understanding the only way to improve is by constant measuring, monitoring, benchmarking and stretch goal-setting.

Emergency Department as “good” or “very good.” The stellar results are attributed

Embracing the transparency and accountability that is our duty and responsibility as a publicly funded organization.

to the department’s focus on keeping families informed

This is SickKids.

throughout their visit and to managing the experience from their point of view.

See our full annual report online at and link to SickKids Scorecard, Patient Safety Indicators and Quality Improvement Plan

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



SickKids is a leader in inter-professional practice and the delivery of family-centred care.

Margaret Keatings Chief, Interprofessional Practice and Chief Nurse Executive Karima Karmali Director, Family Care Portfolio Dr. Upton Allen Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases

familycentred care Building for the


By the end of childhood, an estimated 40 per cent of Canadian children are dealing with obesity, asthma, injury, behavioural problems

As an innovator in child health, SickKids has made great strides in developing a philosophy of child and family-centred care whereby the child and family are at the very core of everything we do. Over the last several years, efforts have continued to focus on advancing child and family-centred care within the context of our interprofessional practice model.

or learning difficulties, which can affect them for the rest of their lives. In a project known as TARGetKids!, researchers will identify which childhood conditions are associated

We have created the new portfolio of “Excellence and Innovation in Child and Family Centred Care.” This will bring discrete family-centred care efforts and experts together and integrate a family-centred approach into research, education, and practice. At the same time, SickKids will be recognized worldwide as a leader and innovator in child and family-centred care.

with the most common adult diseases – heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancer – and how such diseases can

Implementing innovative practices and processes to ensure patient safety, equitable access and timely care.

be prevented at an early age. The project is a collaboration among several research

Enhancing health outcomes by building strong relationships with patients and families based on understanding and respect.

institutes and community clinics. About 3,500 children took part this year; more will

Providing comfort and care to support physical, social, emotional, learning and developmental needs.

be added in coming years.

This is SickKids.

See our full annual report online at and link to Visiting SickKids and Programs and Services

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Clinical Care in Good Hands

For over 135 years, excellence in clinical care has been at the heart of SickKids. We provide care to more than 275,000 patients each year. For some, it is as simple as a quick trip to Emergency. For others, SickKids is almost home and will be for many years. No matter how our patients and their families come into contact with us, we strive to ensure that each experience is positive, respectful and effective. We believe the best health outcomes are achieved when healthcare professionals work together with patients and their families. This forms the basis for our practice of family-centred care. Family-centred care involves everyone at SickKids, ranging from bedside treatment to care throughout the hospital, in clinics, in play rooms, in committees and in the community. It is carried out by our inter-professional teams, in close collaboration with patients and their families.

Marilyn Monk, Executive Vice President, Clinical (centre), with Karen Kinnear, Executive Director, Labatt Family Heart Centre & Critical Care Services (right), and Wanda Schoonheyt, Executive Director, Paediatric Programs & Transplantation. Missing from the photo is a fourth member of the clinical leadership team, Judy Van Clieaf, Executive Director, Cancer Care & Specialized Programs.

With volumes in emergency, ambulatory and inpatient departments rising and the need for tertiary and quaternary care increasing, SickKids is creating an integrated clinical structure to strategically plan and allocate resources across programs. This structure will enable SickKids to continue to deliver the world-class quality care that it is so well known for.

Child and Family-Centred Care Accomplishments Development of Interprofessional Practice (IPP) Model & Framework

Introduction of Family Legal Health program

Family Communication Boards in all patient care settings.

Diversity and Cultural Competence Initiatives

Family representation on key hospital committees

Extensive involvement of the Children’s Council in development of important hospital initiatives

Family participation in patient care rounds

Re-design of the Family-Centred Care Advisory Council

Inter-professional Practice and Child and Family-Centred Care educational initiatives

Interprofessional Practice Symposiums

Introduction of Team Capacity Building Program (funded Health Force Ontario)

Knowledge translation activities



The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011

Quality and Safety – Our Top Priorities

Each and every day, staff strive to ensure that quality and patient safety are top priorities at SickKids.

tools of continuous improvement; encouraging accountability and transparency; and systems thinking.

In 2010-2011 we released our ninth Annual Blueprint for Patient Safety. The guiding principles that have underpinned each of the SickKids Blueprints include: the important role played by leadership in creating and supporting a culture of safety; ensuring our care is evidence-based; fostering interprofessional practice and teamwork; applying

Other dimensions of quality, such as access, efficiency, effectiveness and equity are equally important as we advance our strategic objective to lead in world-class quality and service. Some of our key quality and safety achievements in 2010-11 are included below. For a full overview of our performance, visit

Key Achievements 2010-2011: Key Performance Indicator Emergency Department Patient Satisfactiona Surgical Out-of-Window Wait Timesb Safe Surgery Checklist Compliance (%)c MRI Wait Times - weeksd Overage Ambulatory Visitse Medication Reconciliationf

April 2010 March 2011 84.9 % 91.4 % (Q3 YTD) 31.8 % 21.5 % 75.3% 90.6% 11.58 8.8 5.5 % 5.2 % 78 % 82 %

% change 7.6 % - 32.4 % 16.9% - 24 % -6% 5%

a Emergency Department Patient Satisfaction - Percentage of Emergency Department survey responses with a score of 3 (good), 4 (very good), or 5 (excellent). b Surgical Out-of-Window Wait Times - The percentage of surgical cases completed outside of nationally accepted timelines. c Safe Surgery Checklist Compliance – to come. d MRI Wait Times – weeks - Appointment wait times in weeks for MRI patients requiring general anaesthesia. e Overage Ambulatory Visits - Percentage of ambulatory visits (clinics and daycare) for patients 18 years of age and older. f Medication Reconciliation - a formal process in which home medications and current medications are used to create a complete medication history for the patient and ultimately reconciled to admission, transfer, discharge medication orders.

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Scientists make important discoveries that improve the overall health outcomes of children. Quality educational opportunities prepare the next generation of leaders.

Dr. Janet Rossant Chief of Research Dr. Colin Macarthur Associate Chief, Clinical Research Dr. Susan Tallett Chief of Education

research and learning Building for the


Simulation education is an important part of on-the-job training at SickKids. The Learning Institute’s Simulation Centre is equipped with sophisticated simulators that can be programmed to react to medication, including

SickKids is a teaching and research hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto. Physicians and scientists at SickKids hold appointments at U of T and contribute to the high academic standards that U of T is known for. Determined in their pursuit of new discoveries, our scientists are constantly finding new and better ways to improve child health, serving children in Canada and throughout the world. This emphasis on knowledge translation is supported by the SickKids Learning Institute whose members help to transform scientific results from the lab bench into practical application at the bedside.

the type of drug and the dose given. An instructor can reproduce various patient scenarios from basic

Combining innovative world-class scientific research and discovery to prevent disease, find cures and transform children’s health.

to life-threatening critical situations. The patient simulators are life-sized, computerized models with

Translating ideas into treatments and sharing knowledge to benefit all children, in an environment characterized by ongoing professional development and constant learning.

realistic anatomy and clinical functions – they can cry, blink and breathe, and have

Sustaining a rich and diverse environment where curiosity is valued, respected and rewarded.

audible heart sounds and a palpable pulse. Imitating

This is SickKids.

patient conditions, they allow hospital staff and trainees to practice medical interventions in a safe learning environment.

See our full annual report online at and link to Research Institute and Learning Institute

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Research Institute

The SickKids Research Institute is the largest child health research institute in Canada and a centre for excellence and innovation that places SickKids on the world stage of health-care expertise. Researchers from around the world are drawn to SickKids to help understand and prevent disease, find cures and transform children’s health.

for Canadian Institutes of Health Research grant funding. The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is Canada’s largest health research granting agency. In 2010-11, SickKids’ success rate in competing for CIHR funding was 28 per cent (37 of 133 grants submitted were funded) comparing favourably to the national success rate of 19 per cent.

Research grants: There were 2,285 funded research projects underway at SickKids in 2010-11, which is up 13.6 per cent from 2009-10. This represents $70.5 million in operating grant funding that our researchers have successfully competed for. Our scientists have succeeded in securing an additional $22.5 million in infrastructure grant funding in 2010-11.

A further 166 research projects funded through contracts with industry were also underway in 2010-11.

A key indicator of the excellence of SickKids researchers is how they compare to the national average when competing

In 2010-11 there were also 2,763 active clinical protocols – some of these clinical research projects have been funded through grants or industry and hence are a subset of the numbers above. Other active clinical protocols are smaller research investigations, which are not externally funded.

During 2010-2011 The Research Institute was home to 2,548 staff and trainees Scientists, Associate scientists, Emeritus scientists (all of whom spend more than 50 per cent of their time on research)


Project investigators (spend less than 50 per cent of their time on research)


Grant-funded staff


Operations and administrative staff




Research fellows


Graduate students


Research summer students



The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011

SickKids Research Institute funding


$ Funding


$ Funding

SickKids Foundation


March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation


Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Brain Tumor Society


Canada Foundation for Innovation


Abbott Laboratories Limited


Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation


Kidney Foundation of Canada


Genome Canada


University of Toronto


Commercial Services at SickKids


PrioNet Canada


National Institutes of Health


Revenue From Research Facilities At SickKids


Interest Income, Pooled Funds


Innogenetics NV


Canada Research Chairs Secretariat Federal Indirect Cost Program


Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Canada


Physicians' Services Incorporated Foundation


Canada Research Chairs Secretariat CRC Program


Susan G. Komen for the Cure


Ontario Institute for Cancer Research


Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Canadian Cancer Society


United States Department of Education


Heart & Stroke Foundation Ontario


Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation


J.P. Bickell Foundation


Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.


Cystic Fibrosis Canada


Ontario HIV Treatment Network


Multiple Sclerosis Scientific Research Foundation

Ontario Mental Health Foundation



MaRS Discovery District


Estate Bequest and Other Endowment Income


University Of Michigan


Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care


McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine


Luminex Molecular Diagnostics Inc.


Paediatric Consultants


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada


Baxter Healthcare Corporation


Bayer Inc.


Fondation Leducq




Boston Scientific


Wellcome Trust


J.R. Robertson Estate


Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States



British Columbia Research Institute for Children's & Women's Health Centre H.E. Sellers Foundation


University Health Network


Heart & Stroke Foundation Canada


Duchesnay Inc


BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.




Ottawa-Carleton District School Board


Myriad Genetics Inc.


Stem Cell Network


Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada


Ontario Student Oppurtunity Trust Fund


Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics, Inc.


Solving Kids' Cancer






Grand Total


The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Personnel awards to senior scientific staff

Canada Research Chairs Tier I 2002-2015

Dr. David Bazett-Jones

Genetics & Genome Biology


Dr. Gabrielle Boulianne

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology


Dr. Mark Henkelman

Physiology & Experimental Medicine


Dr. Lynne Howell

Molecular Structure & Function


Dr. David Kaplan

Cell Biology


Dr. Amira Klip

Cell Biology


Dr. Freda Miller

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology


Dr. Michael Moran *

Molecular Structure & Function


Dr. Martin Post

Physiology & Experimental Medicine


Dr. Brian Robinson

Genetics & Genome Biology


Dr. Norman Rosenblum

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology


Dr. Daniela Rotin

Cell Biology


Dr. Michael Salter

Neurosciences & Mental Health


Dr. Philip Sherman

Cell Biology


Dr. Rosemary Tannock *

Neurosciences & Mental Health


Dr. William Trimble

Cell Biology


Dr. Shoshana Wodak

Molecular Structure & Function

* nominated by the McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine

Canada Research Chairs Tier II 2001-2010

Dr. Benjamin Alman

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology


Dr. Brian Ciruna

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology


Dr. Andrea Kassner *

Physiology & Experimental Medicine


Dr. Berge Minassian

Genetics & Genome Biology


Dr. Regis Pomes

Molecular Structure & Function


Dr. Lisa Robinson

Cell Biology


Dr. Simon Sharpe

Molecular Structure & Function

* nominated by the University of Toronto



The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011

Personnel awards to senior scientific staff

Canada Research Chairs Tier II 2002-2012

Dr. Brian Feldman

Child Health Evaluative Sciences


Dr. Meredith Irwin

Cell Biology


Dr. Andrew Paterson

Genetics & Genome Biology


Dr. Lu-Yang Wang

Neurosciences & Mental Health


Dr. Sheena Josselyn

Neurosciences & Mental Health


Dr. Paul Frankland

Neurosciences & Mental Health

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

New Investigator Award 2006-2011 Dr.Yigal Dror 2006-2011 Dr. John Parkinson 2007-2012 Dr. John Rubinstein 2009-2014 Dr. Padmaja Subbarao 2009-2014 Dr. Lillian Sung 2010-2015 Dr. Uri Tabori

Cell Biology Molecular Structure & Function Molecular Structure & Function Physiology & Experimental Medicine Child Health Evaluative Sciences Genetics & Genome Biology

Clinician Scientist Award 2010-2013

Dr. Michael Taylor

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

CIHR/Canadian Association of Gastroenterology/Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada

Transition Award 2008-2012 Dr. Aleixo Muise

Cell Biology

CIHR Institute of Gender and Health/Ontario Women’s Council

Mid-Career Award 2005-2010 Dr. Gail McVey

Child Health Evaluative Sciences

CIHR Rx&D Collaborative Research Program

GSK/CIHR Research Chair in Genetics & Genomics 2008-2013 Dr. Stephen Scherer

Genetics & Genome Biology

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Personnel Awards to Senior Scientific Staff

Heart & Stroke Foundation Ontario

Clinician Scientist Awards 2007-2010 Dr. Rand Askalan 2007-2010 Dr. Mary Ann Opavsky

Neurosciences & Mental Health Cell Biology

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

New Investigator Award 2009-2015 Dr. Brian Nieman

Physiology & Experimental Medicine

Investigator Award 2010-2016 Dr. Bret Pearson

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

Ontario Mental Health Foundation

New Investigator Award 2010-2013 Dr. Jennifer Crosbie

Neurosciences & Mental Health

Intermediate Research Fellowship 2009-2012 Dr. Isabela Granic

Child Health Evaluative Sciences

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Career Scientist Award 2005-2010 Dr. Christopher Parshuram 2009-2011 Dr. Jennifer Stinson

Child Health Evaluative Sciences Child Health Evaluative Sciences

The American Society of Nephrology

Norman Siegel Research Scholar 2009-2011 Dr. Christoph Licht

Cell Biology

The Arthritis Society

Investigator Award 2007-2012 Dr. Rae Yeung



The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011

Cell Biology

Learning Institute

Science produces new knowledge at an exponential rate. More and more, patients suffer complex conditions that require the expertise and management of multiple healthcare providers. Patients deserve, and caregivers want to provide, care based on today’s knowledge. We need to develop innovative ways of bringing new knowledge to practitioners and teams so that they may, in turn, provide the best care for sick children.

That is what is behind the Learning Institute’s very broad mandate. The Learning Institute embraces all educational endeavours, connects people and looks for ways to help them provide the best possible care for children.

Learning is a vast enterprise at SickKids. It includes the formal training of the next generation of child health providers and researchers – people who will develop new treatments that make lives better, healthier and longer. It also includes the professional development of clinical and administrative staff, and the education of patients and families.

The programs and services of the Learning Institute support the educational activities at SickKids. They include:

Across this rich and diverse community, the Learning Institute supports improvement and innovation in the way we learn together. By building an infrastructure to extend and share our learning resources, the Learning Institute will optimize learning and promote effective, efficient practice. We want to make sure that important new learning is applied in the care of children.

SickKids has a long history of education. The Learning Institute was introduced in 2007 to support and advance all educational endeavours for staff, trainees, patients and families.

• AboutKidsHealth • Conference Management Service • Education Evaluation and Assessment Program • eLearning Program • Hospital Library and Archives • Interprofessional Certification and Education (ICE) • Interprofessional Education • Knowledge Translation • Research • Simulation Program • Staff Continuing Professional Development Fund

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Learning Institute

Highlights of the activities supported by the Learning Institute in 2010-2011 included: • 1.5 million visits to the patient and family education site In a typical month, visitors to the site come from more 180 different countries and 500 Canadian cities.

• SickKids is home to the largest, most comprehensive paediatric medical and surgical training program in Canada. During the 2010/2011 academic year, there were more than 800 residents and 425 fellows at SickKids.

• 24,550 visitors to the Reading Room. The Reading Room, a partnership with the Toronto District School Board, the Toronto Public Library and SickKids, supports curriculum for students from grade K to 12 and provides access to materials critical to success at school.

• Continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities, organized by the Learning Institute’s Conference Management Service, were delivered to more than 1,105 learners. Many other CPD opportunities were provided across the organization, for example, in Management and Leadership Development, Project Management, Information Technology, Quality and Risk Management, and Occupational Health and Safety.

• 14,207 visits to the AboutKidsHealth Family Resource Centre, which provides a range of information resources and services for patients and families.

• The Simulation Program supported over 2,700 participants through opportunities for individual skill acquisition and team training.

• 37,400 visits to the Hospital Library to access print and electronic resources. More than 80,000 PDF copies of journal articles were downloaded to support clinical, education and research activities.

• SickKids launched the inaugural offering of the Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate (KTPC™) accredited by the University of Toronto, Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development, in January 2011. Hosted by the Learning Institute, KTPC is a five-day professional development course and the only program of its kind in North America.

• Students and academic trainees from a number of disciplines ranging from medicine to nursing to laboratory medicine are eager to learn at SickKids. In 2010-2011 these programs saw the following attendance in student days: - Audiology - Child Life - Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine - Dietetics - General Radiology - Nursing - Occupational Therapy - Perfusion - Pharmacy - Physiotherapy - Respiratory Therapy - Speech Language Pathology - Social Work



175 days 978 days 1,609 days 850 days 424 days 10,666 days 354 days 70 days 1,642 days 350 days 812 days 75 days 1,586 days

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011

Research & Learning Tower

On May 4, 2010, SickKids began the largest construction project of its history. The groundbreaking of The Research & Learning Tower, scheduled to open in 2013, marked the beginning of a journey that will take SickKids to a new level – 21 storeys above ground. The $400-million project is financed by donations to SickKids Foundation’s Research & Learning Tower capital campaign and by Canada Foundation for Innovation. Before the building started going up, the construction crew had to drill into the ground where the earth is solid and lay a foundation that will support the height and heavy structure of the new building. To create this deep foundation, they installed cement caissons, resembling large underground columns. On July 23, 2010, the seventieth and final caisson was put in place. Imagine: Each caisson is 20 metres deep. If all the caissons were lined up in a row, the total distance would be 1.4 km. If this were a horizontal tunnel, it could run from the 555 University Ave. entrance of SickKids all the way to Union Station. From May 2010 through January 2011 the construction crew completed excavation, displacing approximately 39,000 cubic metres of dirt, enough to fill over 15 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Through to the week of March 15, the three underground parking levels were completed. By spring, construction reached ground level and continues upward – a sight to see for all those who walk, drive or cycle past the corner of Bay and Elm Streets. The Tower will continue to climb until it is 120 metres high.

Construction of The Research & Learning Tower at Bay and Elm Streets.

The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011



Research & Learning Tower

The interior of the Tower has been designed to encourage collaborative research among scientists working on related issues and located in one of seven “neighbourhoods.� Inspired by a cutting-edge research theme, each neighbourhood will occupy two to three floors that are characterized by open spaces that are conducive to interaction and collaboration.

The Tower will bring together researchers from different scientific disciplines and a variety of clinical perspectives, to accelerate discoveries and articulate new knowledge for the benefit of child health. The Tower, a gateway to the Toronto Discovery District, will physically connect SickKids science, discovery and learning activities to its clinical operations.

The neighbourhoods are:

The fundraising campaign cabinet for the Tower is chaired by Tim Hockey, Group Head, Canadian Banking and Insurance, and President and CEO, TD Canada Trust. Honorary Chairs are Arthur and Sonia Labatt. See membership of the cabinet on the campaign website at

Molecules, Therapies & Infectious Disease Cancer, Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Genetics & Genomics in Child Health Patients, Populations & Policy Organ Systems & Disease Brain & Behaviour and Clinical Research Centre The Tower will provide important new learning and teaching facilities for SickKids Learning Institute, including a 250-seat lecture theatre, flexible learning spaces and display areas. The Learning Concourse will include state-of-the-art web and teleconferencing technology.



The Hospital for Sick Children Annual Report 2010-2011

For more information about the campaign, please visit the above link. Watch our webcam as the Tower continues to grow.

achievements achievements 2010-2011 2010-2011 Cultural competence


Karen Fleming uses new multilingual kiosk at SickKids.

Dr. Wendy Ungar and team: Financial barriers may increase emergency room visits for kids with asthma.

Cochlear implants


Ontario provides funding for more cochlear implants for the benefit of children.

He scores! SickKids wins! Stephen Harper gives patients air hockey table.


CafĂŠ scientifique

Garron Family gives transformational gift for cancer care, research and education.

SickKids hosts lively discussion about science, research and medicine.

Day 1 of The Tower


Construction of The Research & Learning Tower starts.

Mary Jo Haddad, President and CEO, receives Order of Canada.



SickKids shines in Canadian Institutes of Health Research competition.

Dr. Michael Dosch co-author of study on dietary changes that may prevent autoimmunity.



Chronically ventilated children moved to new site.

Dr. Gideon Koren, founder of Motherisk, celebrates program’s 25th anniversary.

achievements 2010-2011 Performance


SickKids is inducted into the Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame.

Dr. David Kaplan and colleagues find new twist on drug screening to treat common childhood cancer.



Dr. James Wright, Surgeon in Chief, is named head of national organization of surgeons.

SickKids innovations including system devised by Loreto Lecce and team are recognized at Ontario Health Innovation Expo.


Information technology

SickKids invites kids of all ages to a “Science Rendezvous.”

Daniela Crivianu-Gaita and her team win award for smartest IT application.

Clinical research


Dr. Padmaja Subbarao gives MPP Reza Moridi a tour of the Physiological Research Unit.

A new approach to schizophrenia could lead to new treatments.


Top nurse

Dr. Anna Taddio: Finding ways to minimize immunization pain in children.

Canada’s highest nursing honour goes to SickKids Trustee Gail Donner.


Making a difference

Dr. Paul Nathan among SickKids researchers receiving Early Researcher Award.

Constance Sugiyama, Chair of Board of Trustees, receives “World of Difference” award.


Stomach flu

Father creates a rhyme book for families in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Dr. Stephen Friedman and team find that use of anti-vomiting drug for stomach flu could save millions.


Killam Prize

Remembering Dr. Robert Salter.

Dr. Mark Henkelman receives 2010 Killam Prize in health sciences.

Genome consortium


Dr. David Malkin and team make giant strides in childhood disease research.

Rheumatology celebrates 25 years – Dr. Bonnie Cameron was one of program’s first students.

Medical complexities

Medical & Academic Affairs

Dr. Eyal Cohen and team focus on medical complexity and efficiencies in health-care delivery.

Dr. Stanley Zlotkin appointed Vice-President, Medical & Academic Affairs


Heart surgery

Autism research team, co-led by Dr. Stephen Scherer, receives more than $9 million.

Dr. Brian McCrindle and team examine procedures for congenital heart disease surgery.



Dr. Zdenka Pausova, co-principal investigator of study on abdominal obesity linked to mom’s smoking while pregnant.

Dr. Denis Daneman, Paediatrician-in-Chief, receives lifetime achievement award.

achievements 2010-2011 National advocacy

First Lady of Mexico

Mary Jo Haddad, President and CEO, serves as editor-in-chief of Healthcare Quarterly, addressing urgent issues in child health.

Licenciada Margarita Zavala visits SickKids.


Slippery DNA

SickKids and the University of Ghana train urgently needed paediatric nurses in Ghana.

Dr. Christopher E. Pearson and his team make discovery about mutations.

David Foster in town

We tweet

Transplant patients meet famous producer.

SickKids joins the world of Twitter.

Nursing Excellence Our nurses receive accolades.

How Are We Doing? SickKids is committed to continuous learning and quality improvement. We use various methods to understand a family’s experiences – what worked and what didn’t – and welcome comments that help us improve our performance.

“My family was impressed at the level of professionalism exhibited by all the staff and the tremendous standard of care my daughter received.” “Service, care, everything. Thank you.” “Nursing staff was incredibly efficient, competent and professional. We were extremely impressed with the quality of communications between the doctors and nurses and the interdisciplinary teams.” “Everything was done just right. Thank you very much for all your help. I cannot speak highly enough of SickKids Hospital. You made a very scary time in our lives a fantastic experience for my daughter and I.”

“The level of expertise and knowledge always impresses us. SickKids is a fantastic facility.” “Everything from the facility to explanations was completely geared to children. Outstanding. Thank you.” “I cannot say enough good things about the treatment and service SickKids provided our family. We are very fortunate to have a hospital like SickKids! Thank you. “The absolutely positive and heartfelt care and concern shown by everyone in the building – orderlies, transport, volunteers, nurses, support staff. It was overwhelming!”

building future for the

555 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)  

Annual Report 2010-2011

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