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1 Identity Development

Visual Development Guide

Visual Development Guide

2 Visual Development Guide

Table of Contents

3 Identity Development

VISUAL RESEARCH 06 Overview 08 Logo History 10 New Concepts 12 Logo Research

FUTURE 16 Logo Design Process 18 First Round Sketches (Three Directions) 36 Second Round Refinement (One Direction) 42 Best Selection for Digital 50 Final Logo

4 Visual Development Guide

01 Visual Research

Overview Logo History New Concepts Logo Research

6 Visual Development Guide

Overview SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is a leading theme park and entertainment company providing experiences that matter and inspiring guests to protect animals and the wild wonders of our world. They are one of the world’s foremost zoological organizations and a global leader in animal husbandry, behavioral management, veterinary care and animal welfare. They also rescue and rehabilitate marine animals that are ill, injured, orphaned or abandoned, with the goal of returning them to the wild. The SeaWorld and Busch Gardens rescue teams have helped more than 35,000 animals in need over the last 50 years.

They own or license a portfolio of recognized brands including SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Sea Rescue. Over our more than 50-year history, they have built a diversified portfolio of 12 destination and regional theme parks that are grouped in key markets across the United States. Many of their parks showcase our one-of-a-kind zoological collection and all of our parks feature a diverse array of thrill and family rides, shows, educational demonstrations and/or other attractions with a broad demographic appeal which deliver memorable experiences and a strong value proposition for our guests. What the brand does? Providing more close interaction with marine animals. Why we do it? Helping people connect with animals and providing experiences to inspire people to protect them.

7 Identity Development

8 Visual Development Guide

Logo History SeaWorld has used five different logos during different periods. The logo has shifted form literacy shape like fish, dolphin and ocean wave to abstract shape. The typeface that has been chosen includes hand-script, sans serif and serif. It is very important to understand the brand of visual developing history before starting the redesign process.




9 Visual Resaearch

2014 (50th anniversary)

1998-1999 1999-Present

10 Visual Development Guide

New Concepts After research the SeaWorld brand and brainstorming for new ideas, I came up with three different new ideas of visual development for this brand. Based on the soul— Creating a conservation relationship between humans and marine animals, and mission statement—Through opportunities for people to protect marine animals and oceans, I determined three keywords: connection, sustainability and protection to develop the visual ideas.


Connect between humans and marine animals



Environment sustainable development.


Protect marine animals and oceans

11 Visual Research

CONNECTION Connect between human and marine animals SeaWorld prefers to provide a chance, which will let people more closely with marine animals in the future. SeaWorld will provide lots of forms that educate people how to protect marine animals and oceans when they interact with them.

SUSTAINABILITY Environment sustainable development. SeaWorld will organize some programs or events related to ocean protection. Humans get a lot from marine animals and oceans like entertainment, food and marine knowledge, with the development of the society, the marine environment is getting worse. So how to protect the marine environment is always the SeaWorld wants to do.

PROTECTION Protect marine animals and oceans. SeaWorld has always been committed to protecting oceans and marine animals. Deterioration of the marine environment and human activities have caused harm to marine animals, SeaWorld will help with marine animals and oceans in different ways.

12 Visual Development Guide

Logo Research Based on the previous step, I collected some logos that similar to my visual styles, such as shield shape with letter S, water wave with letter S and trident shape. This step can inspire me to develop my thoughts for visual style.

13 Visual Research

14 Visual Development Guide

15 Identity Development

02 Identity Development Logo Design Process First Round Sketches (Three Directions) Second Round Refinement (One Direction) Best Selection for Digital Final Logo

16 Visual Development Guide

Logo Design Process The three keywords are guiding identity development for the SeaWorld brand. For each concept, there are three directions for logo design, which are type, graphic and symbolic logos.


Generate sketches in three directions, and refine ten sketches for each direction.


Chose one direction to develop further logos, and select ten sketches to refines.


Develop the best visual ideas, then turn into computer to refine and try colors for the best.

17 Identity Development

35//Visual Strategy Guide

18 Visual Development Guide

Phase One: Connection

19 Identity Development

20 Visual Development Guide

21 Identity Development

22 Visual Development Guide

23 Identity Development

24 Visual Development Guide

Phase One: Sustainability

25 Identity Development

26 Visual Development Guide

27 Identity Development

28 Visual Development Guide

29 Identity Development

30 Visual Development Guide

Phase One: Protection

31 Identity Development

32 Visual Development Guide

33 Identity Development

34 Visual Development Guide

35 Identity Development

36 Visual Development Guide

Phase Two: Protection

37 Identity Development

38 Visual Development Guide

39 Identity Development

40 Visual Development Guide

41 Identity Development

42 Visual Development Guide

Phase Three:

43 Identity Development

44 Visual Development Guide

45 Identity Development

46 Visual Development Guide

47 Identity Development

48 Visual Development Guide

Digital Version

49 Identity Development

50 Visual Development Guide

Final Logo The final logo inspired by shield shape, letter S and ocean wave. The shield shape represents the concept of protection, letter S represents SeaWorld, and the ocean wave element connects to the marine.







51 Identity Development

X 2/1X

X 2/1X

52 Visual Development Guide

DESIGNER Yuxin (Sicilia) Fu CLASS Nature of Identity INSTRUCTOR Hunter Wimmer SCHOOL Academy of Art University



DISCLAIMER This book is non-commercial project for education purpose and is not intended to represent the SeaWorld brand.

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