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The Washington Reporter December 2011

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Volume: VII

Issue: 2

Top 10 Tips for Competitive Events 10. Talk to past winners and competitors from your school or your friends from other schools. 9. Ask your adviser if they have any suggestions on formatting for projects or practice tests you can take for written events. 8. Look through the Competitive Events Guideline to find out exactly what your competition is judged on. 7. Take practice tests online at, or on other testing websites that you are familiar with. 6. Have study or practice parties with your other friends in FBLA, so everyone can be prepared at once! Just don’t forget the soda! 5. Time your speeches and make sure they aren’t under or over. Then just practice, practice, practice! 4. Record your voice when you recite so you can notice where your voice places inflections on phrases.

CRG Idea! Rose Gram Every year during Valentine’s Day, organize the purchase and distribution of a thoughtful gift. Members can sell pink and red roses for $2.50 each or $12 for a dozen with a card, and with delivery on Valentine’s Day. It’s a great way to make money and also provides students with a convenient way to purchase something for their loved ones.

3. Take audio recording a step further—record yourself on video and check if your body motions and facial expressions convey the message you want to send. 2. Use the time it takes to get to conferences for some last minute studying! Look over vocab and review any formulas you may need to know. For speaking events, recite your speech once or twice in your head so you don’t forget it! 1. Dress for success! Plan your outfit the night before, and make sure it corresponds with the FBLA dress code. 1

The Washington Reporter

The Washington Reporter


Being Leaders at SBLC!

Upcoming Events

The State Business Leadership Conference will be here before we know it! Competitive events, workshops, tours, and just the amazing city of Seattle will all come together to create a wonderful and memorable SBLC. The keynote speaker this year will be Russ Peak, a famed mentalist and hypnotist who will deliver an inspiring message in a fascinating and unique way.

Winter Conferences! 

Staying at the gorgeous Westin hotel, you will be exposed to many areas of Seattle, most famously Pikes Place Market which is only a short walking distance away. Sample some chocolate noodles, grab a dozen donuts, or simply smell the flowers, but no matter what you want to do, you can find something to interest you at Pikes Place. To branch out a little further, go on one of the offered tours where you can see the Seattle Underground, the Art Institute, and many more!

Regional Community Service Events! 

While at State, the officer team challenges you to do new things, meet new people, strive to be the best you can be, and most of all . . . have fun! An SBLC would not be complete without fun. Dance the night away at the dance or catch a coffee with a friend before an event! Just enjoy the experience to the best of your ability.

Want to Submit an Article? If your chapter has hosted some sort of event this year and you want everyone to know about it, send your success story to your Public Relations Officer Chantelle La Marr at If you want to write an article to be used in your Chapter Annual Business Report, feel free to send that in. Or, if you just want recognition, send in a small 2-3 sentence overview of what occurred!

This year regions will be hosting regional community service events, so stay on the lookout for yours!

Locate a favored sports team near your chapter to attend a game. Find someone to volunteer to drive, either your adviser or chapter members. Experiencing the excitement of an athletic event together is a fantastic way to get to know and bond with your fellow chapter members. 

Tri City Americans on February 21

Everett Silvertips on March 9

Tacoma Rainiers on April 24

What is the BAA? The Business Achievement Awards is a national program that gives members another chance to be involved in FBLA at a different stage. There are four different levels— Future, Business, Level, and America. As the levels go up, the tasks become more difficult, but they are still attainable for all members.

Remember to check for the FBLA Dress code! You don’t want to be deducted points in a competition due to a simple dress code violation. Make sure your clothes all comply with the Dress Code before you walk into your competitive event! CRG IDEA!

Check with your adviser to find out when your regional winter conference is, and start preparing for your competitions now.

Sports Night

Each level is separated into three different categories based off of the main ideas of FBLA: service, education, and progress. Within each a certain amount of tasks must be completed, some are required and some are chosen from a list of activities. The activities have a wide range throughout the levels. They can be anything from online tests and interactive puzzles to reports and poster making. If students complete one level, they are awarded a pin to show their effort and completion. Their names are announced at the Washington State Conference and at the Regional meetings at the National Leadership Conference.

FBLA Recruitment Party

To attract new members it’s important to use ideas and products that promote interest. A pizza party is a great way to get members of your school to join FBLA. At the pizza party have beverages and organized games for everyone to play. Invite everyone you can possibly think of including members from the previous years. Allow everyone to chat and get to know each other. In this informational meeting give an overview of what FBLA has to offer and how each person can benefit from the program. Don’t forget to remind them how much dues are and when and where they need to be turned in.

To qualify for the BAAs, the tasks must be finished and submitted by the local chapter adviser by March 1. If everything is submitted on time, you will have a new credential that looks great on a resume and helps you become a stronger FBLA member.



The Washington Reporter

The Washington Reporter

October Member of the Month

Fall Conference Recap

Kenny Raymond was chosen as the Member of the Month for October! He currently serves as the President of Woodinville High School’s FBLA, and has worked on countless activities within his chapter to make this year an overall success. Giving presentations about FBLA, writing articles for the local paper, and getting to know the members one-on-one so they have a better and more memorable FBLA experience are just some of the things he has done this year. Leading a chapter of over 125 members is no easy task either, so managing to lead that many members while taking on extra chapter activities is a feat to be proud of.

Over October and November every region in Washington State held a fall conference for members to attend! All of these conferences were a blast, with amazing keynote speakers, awesome workshop presenters, and the chance to network with other members from across the region and swap ideas! Not only were people able to see and experience all these things, there were opportunities for fun as well. Some regions had a karaoke station and had door prize drawings! Some prizes given away ranged from DJ Hero to free McDonalds meals. For those of you, who were not able to attend the Fall Conferences, don’t fret because Winter Conferences will be here before you know it! To see snapshots of what you may have missed, check out the Conferences album on the WAFBLA Facebook page.

Kenny truly embodies what an FBLA member is, and he is grateful for the things this organization has given him. FBLA has given him, “Confidence, knowledge, friends, [and even] an internship!” He represents how many options are out there for FBLA members, if you put your mind to it. Great job Kenny! Keep up the hard work!

Chapter Resource Guide (CRG) Need a way to get new members, find new activities, or spice up your chapter? This year a Chapter Resource Guide has been created to assist with all of those things and more! Split into seven sections, it will give you all the information you need on how to run a first-class chapter. The first five sections are for membership recruitment, business development, fundraising, community service, and chapter events. Ideas, such as club fairs, ice cream socials, and presentations, give your chapter an edge to gain members, because they give members something to be interested in! At these events you are able to use 30-second prepared speeches about what FBLA is, and these can be found towards the end of the guide. Spread between the five sections are 58 different ways to increase participation in all aspects of chapter life. The last two sections are reserved for specific things about FBLA at a higher level. The first section covers projects like Member of the Month, Ready? Set. Recruit!, and Gold Seal. A lot of information about these different projects is included and gives everyone a chance to be more involved at the state and national levels. The Chapter Resource Guide really is a wonderful resource for new or established chapters because there are so many ideas to implement. Make sure to like us on Facebook! Search Washington State FBLA. Also, visit the state Web site for all information you need! 4

CRG IDEA! Business Tours Hold tours of local businesses to give members the opportunity to see the application of the business skills that they learn from FBLA. For convenience, choose a business that is already a contact, owned by an alumni, or has an established business tour program. Also, try to schedule the tour so that students do not have to miss any school.


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