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Nicolas Pappas 4721 Park Jacaranda Calabasas, CA. 91302 818 . 451. 8000

Nicolas Pappas 818 451 8000



4721 Park Jacaranda. Calabasas, CA. 91302


To obtain a summer internship in the field of architecture [education]

California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo, CA.

- GPA 3.73

Pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture

fall 2007- present

- Scudellate, Switzerland

summer 2010

- Pasadena, CA.

2005- 2006

- Los Angeles, CA.

winter 2011

- San Francisco, CA.

fall 2010

American Institute of Architecture Students ( AIAS ) - Treasurer College Based Fees Steering Committe ( CBF ) - Vice President


Studio Ticino

Design studio and architecture tour

Art Center College of Design

Environmental, interior, industrial, and transportation design


SPaCe Architects

Design, material specification and construction documentation for an 8,500 sq ft Beverly Hills residence

IwamotoScott Architecture

Design development and construction documentation for a large scale digital fabrication project




Permanent Installation in Kennedy Library

spring 2010

President’s Honor List three years in a row


Dean’s Honor List ten quarters in a row


Selected to participate in the Best of Third Year Show

winter 2010

Thomas Maple Scholarship awarded to AIAS chapter

summer 2010

Design work displayed in the Architecture Department Lobby [skills]

Adobe Creative Suite Rhino 3D AutoCAD SketchUp Grasshopper Digital fabrication

Wood working Metal working Glass working Drafting Sketching Painting

winter 2009 & 2010

[project] Re-Ligare Institute

[location] New York City, NY

[term] spring 2010

Re-Ligare Institute The Re-Ligare Institute serves as an escape from chaotic city life, where one can go to reconnect their mind and body. Programmatic spaces dealing with the mind and body are seperated by a vertical void, which creates a series of atrium spaces throughout the project. Its connection to New York’s Highline pulls the limited green space of the city vertically up through all levels of the highrise, reintroducing nature into the dense urban fabric.

[studio] Fowler

[project] Body Translations

[location] Locarno, Switzerland

Body Translations On a site containing a rivellino designed by Leonardo Da’Vinci, I drew inspiration from Da’Vinci’s studies of the human body. The various anatomical systems were translated into a series of interventions on the site. The muscular system was conceived as the literal and conceptual connective tissue of the project through a modulated installation which connects all elements into a cohesive whole.

[term] summer 2010

[studio] DiSanto

[project] Swarm

[location] New York City, NY

Swarm Inspired by the site of New York’s Highline as a system of motion and transportation,I began to study the behavior of swarms as patterns governing motion. My project translates swarm intelligence into architectural space, where mind & body become one, unified through interaction and communication between separate particles informing one another to reach a mutually desired goal.

[term] winter 2010

[studio] Fowler

[project] Marina Branch Library

[location] San Francisco, CA

Marina Branch Library A new branch library for the Marina District of San Francisco serves the community as a place to make discoveries. The organization, orientation, and materiality all encourage the discovery of knowledge through and experiential journey. Responding to the environment and the programmatic needs of the client were heavily influential in the development of the design. Skewing the axis off of the city grid helped to take better advantage of the green space surrounding the site, while orienting the view and natural light toward true north. An external screen assists in environental control of the building while reinforcing the concept of discovery and defining the street prescence of the facade. An inviting entrace plaza is created to provide the community with a safe public space.

[term] fall 2010

[studio] Miller

[project] HO:ME Community Center

[location] San Luis Obispo, CA

HO:ME Community Center This project explores the potential of shipping containers as building modules in the design of a community center for the city of San Luis Obispo. The site and programatic requirements were derived from working closely with the Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo [HASLO]. The concept of a community quilt drove the design and inspired the patchwork cladding system. Environmental consciousness and budet were critical factors to the client and informed many design decisions througout the process.

[term] winter 2010

[studio] Fowler

[project] SWARMbrella

[location] Kennedy Library, Cal Poly

SWARMbrella This permanent installation was designed for the atrium of the Kennedy Library at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The installation explores the idea of a kinetic skin through the repetitive use of a single module, made entirely out of umbrellas. The concept of a swarm drove the design as each module acts independently, but influences the movement of its neighbors. The module was first developed then applied as a flexible skin.

[term] spring 2010

[studio] Fowler

[project] SWARMbrella: returns

[location] Chicago, IL

[term] winter 2011

[studio] independent

left: elevation view above: plan view below left: assembly diagram below right: perspective rendering

SWARMbrella: returns A reworking of the SWARMbrella module for an entry into the Street Furniture Competition 2011 put on by Architecture for Humanity Chicago. The same concept was used with the addition of a hanging garden element to contribute to the revitalization of a blighted urban space. Ease of construction and deconstruction, durability, and the use of readily available materials all contributed to the design considerations. If chosen, the design is to be built at a site anticipating a future neighborhood garden.