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A place where you live determines the quality of life and the level of health (Report of the WHO, September 2011)

80% of cancers are due to the fact that a person sleeps in the geopathic zone. V.P. Kaznacheev Doctor of Medicine

How many times we went to bed healthy but woke up worn out, exhausted and sick? Remember the times when just at night, you felt something began to hurt you, to trouble you? We all know cases when without an apparent reason (no smoking nor drinking) a person gets ill with diabetes or cancer. There are cases when doctors are unable to make an accurate diagnosisn and the treatment with usual methods is very often less effective. . This is because for the last 20-30 years a harmful effect on us of unseen environmental factors has increased : electromagnetic radiation, geopathic zones, "dead" water and food. Geopathic zones - the heritage of our planet, Earth. However, lately their harmful effects have increased because of electromagnetic smog. The human organism becomes less resistant to any harmful environmental effects, because we do not have enough energy (because of the scarcity of our own energy). We are losing our valuable energy when interacting with people who are sick, and because of other factors.

What is geopathic zones?

GPZ are the sources of biological burdens of health located in the land: • groundwater, aquifers, ore veins; • crack of the crust, tectonic faults; • underground cavities; • high voltage cables and lines underground located in the land ; • power net of Hartman (cross the planet in 2 - 2.5 meters) and Curry (intersects the planet in 4 meters) "Whatever the physical causes of GPZ and key players in these fields, radiation, chemical compounds is, all researchers have come together to a single opinion - these areas are special geological and geophysical anomalies that have an increased risk to human health and the one common biological feature

as a long human presence in the area of their actions leads to severe systemic diseases - cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, depression and other illnesses." __________________________ Geopathic zones and human health. (health aspects), Treasurers, VP, AP Dubrov, MeizerovEE, AA Fade

ev, VV Vetchinov 2004 - 2007 Death danger of geopathic zones It is proved that it is enough to sleep in the geopathic zone of at least four years to "get" serious chronic illness,

and more diabetes and oncology. Omsk Research oncology clinic showed that in all cases, the patients slept in the oncology place of the GPZ at least 4 years.

"All the efforts of doctors may be useless if the patients in the course of treatment and after return to to their work places and beds located in the area of the ​ geophysical anomalies." From the transcript of the Omsk Oncology Clinic

Three hours spent in GPZ provoke serious disturbances in the body, comparable to to the radiation influence (effect). The fact is that each bed inevitably stays in one or even several GPZ. The problems arise in the part of body which falls in the GPZ. GPZ are of varying strength, but all of them weaken our organism. Instead of having a rest at night, we lose our energy. GPZ are so dangerous because: • they are invisible, you just feel their consequences; • They move because Earth's crust is constantly cracking • they are omnipresent.

By submitting an apartment inherited, and we pass the GPZ, hence the pattern of inherited diseases. GEOZONE by SIBVERS is a reliable, proven protection against GPZ. ТМ GEOZONE completely negates (changes the nature of exposure to the opposite), the harmful effects of geopathic zones. The basic operating element of the product is the composition of the crystals, and natural compounds. The crystals are the basis of the composition. The crystals produce frequencies that can invert the harmful effects of the GPZ. The crystals obtained this property during the growth. The composition is our know-how. GEOZONE is not only a neutralizer of the harmful gas processing plant, but it also nourishes the human biofield with energy. Such a conclusion was made by scientists on the research results of GEOZONE. GEOZONE has been extensively studied by Russian Academy of Sciences. Biological studies were carried out the Institute of Medicine and Human Ecology in 2009. Conclusion on the results of tests on . Scientists have found that GEOZONE really protects from the action of the GPZ. The scientists were astonished by the results of the research carried out in the children's arearated resort "Snowdrop" (Irkutsk).

The test proved GEOZONE to improve the condition of the human organism." The items of SIBVERS such as AQUATON and GEOZONE improve the condition of the main regulatory systems of the man’s organism as a whole in the 92-95%". Academy of Natural Sciences, chief physician of the regional Children's Sanatorium "Snowdrop" B.V.Gorodisky.

Price for 1 piece is $ 45. • Shelf life of at least 5 years. • Just to put it under the mattress in two places of the bed. • To protect a bed should be two things. • GEOZONE is included in the main set "SIBVERS." More help for those who suffer from insomnia, even in a protected place of the GPZ - Special GEOZONE-S (GEOZONE "Sweet Dream")

Scientific and commercial association "SibVerS" (Russia, Angarsk) PRESENTS A highly RAMS and RANS tested development of of Irkutsk and Angarsk scientists "It is recommended to neutralize the harmful effects of geopathic and techno-genetic factors" The most convenient PROTECTION from geopathic zones ТМ

GEOZONE The Eurasian Patent Organization Patent application number 201100555/26

Put GEOZONE-S in a pillow case and you are guaranteed a good night's sleep on the eve of important events. Контактное лицо: Телефон

Before using SIBVERS

In 20 minutes after using SIBVERS

The best neutralizer of geopathic stress zones  

GEOZONE is a small item with SibVerS (TM) unique combination of high energy materials inside. It is approved to invert a harmful influence o...

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