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A LA CARTE Cafe ÂŤVstrechaÂť

Cold Appetizers Bread Open-faced Salmon Sandwich Open-faced Salmon Roe Sandwich Open-faced Cheese Sandwich Open-faced Half-Smoke Sausage Sandwich Cheese Open-faced Hot Sandwich Half-smoke Sausage and Cheese Open-faced Hot Sandwich Olives Egg with Mayonnaise Assorted Fish Platter (salmon, salted trout, smoked balyk) Homemade Mild-Cure Salmon Salted Trout Smoked Balyk Salted Herring with Onion, Cult Accompaniment to Vodka Assorted Meats Platter (tongue, pastirma, uncooked smoked sausage, smoked bacon) Uncooked Smoked Sausage (carvings) Half-smoke Sausage (carvings) Pastirma (carvings) Boiled Tongue (carvings) Vegetable Platter (cucumber, tomato, olive, bell pepper) Assorted Pickle Platter (homemade) -pickled cucumber -freshy-salted cucumber -pickled tomato -pickled pepper -pickled eggplant -mushroom onion salad -pickled garlic -tursha -pickled plums

-water-melon Mixed Cheese Platter (kinds of cheese with honey and walnuts) Herbs (mixed depends on the season)

Hot Appetizers Chicken Mushroom Julienne (chicken, mushroom, tomato, sauce, cheese) Tongue Julienne (beef tongue, tomato, sauceŃ , cheese) Mushroom Julienne (mushroom, tomato, sauce, cheese) Chicken Julienne (chicken, tomato, sauce, cheese) Mussel Julienne (mussels, tomato, sauce, cheese) Seafood Julienne (seafood, tomato, sauce, cheese) Boiled Shrimp with Lemon Baked Shrimp in Wine with Lemon (with soy sauce and garlic) Deep Fried Smoked Chicken Wings Deep Fried Polish Sausage Cheese Balls (deep fried cheese balls) Rocky Fried Cheese (fried cheese in cereals and sesame) Pan-Roasted Mussels (Mussels, cream sauce, cheese)

Warm salads A-la-ru (warm salad) (beef, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce, soy sauce) Warm Thai Salad (tongue, beef, white mushrooms, zucchini, tomato, bell pepper, cognac spirit) Kitaj Salad (fried beef, boiled tongue, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, homemade dressing) Perigorskij Salad (chicken liver, avocado pear, tomato, lettuce, egg, cognac spirit) Shrimp Rice Noodles (shrimp, rice noodles, bell pepper, tomato, carrot, soy sauce) Beef Rice Noodles (filets of beef, rice noodles, bell pepper, tomato, carrot, soy sauce)

Salads A salad could be dressed with any sauce by your wish: mayonnaise, sour cream, salad oil or olive oil. Vegetable Salad Caesar Salad (lettuce mix, white mushrooms, cherry tomato, garlic croutons, Caeser sauce, parmesan cheese) Rocket Four Cheese Salad (rocket salad, cheese: Gorgonzola, Pesto, Rambol cheese with herbs, Salzburg cheese grape, cheese creamy sauce) Shopskiy Salad (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, red onion, brynza, green parsley, olive oil)

Greek Salad (lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, olive, Feta, Greek dressing, herbs de Provence, garlic croutons) Greek Salad with Brynza (lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, olive, brynza, Greek dressing, herbs de Provence, garlic croutons) Pomodoro di Seignior (tomatoes stuffed with brynza, lettuce and white sauce) Tomato Cucumber Green Onion Salad (cucumber, tomato, onion, herbs, salad oil) Gracija Salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, herbs, olive oil) Spring in Italy Salad (avocado, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olives, soy sauce, olive oil, cream sauce) Mozzarella Salad (tomato, mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, Pesto, cream sauce, herbs de Provence) Buket Kavkaza (Aroma of Caucasus) Salad (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, olives, sour cream,herbs) Lukoshko Salad (fried mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, croutons, cedar nuts, olive oil) Vitamin Salad (stalk celery, apple, bell pepper, Chinese cabbage, balsamic vinegar olive oil cream sauce) Beetroot Salad with Damson (beet, damson, mayonnaise, walnut) Beetroot Salad with Cheese (beet, garlic white sauce, grated cheese) Beetroot Apple Bean Salad (beet, apple, bean, onion, salad oil) Beef Pikantnyj (Savory) Salad (beef,apple, cucumber, egg, potato, peas, mayonnaise) Kupecheskij (Merchant) Salad (beef,egg, fried carrot, peas, white sauce, herbs) Stroganov Salad (beef, cucumber, mushrooms, bell pepper,mayonnaise, herbs) Krestjanskij (Peasant) Salad (beef, potato, salt cucumber, fried mushrooms, mayonnaise) Thai Salad (beef, tomato, bell pepper, soy sauce, olive oil, bunching onion) Beef Served up with Sauce Tsahton (beef, Tsahton, walnut) Mushroom Salad (beef, red kidney beans, fried mushrooms, mayonnaise) Vostok (East) Salad (beef, tomato, pickled pepper, damson, soy sauce, olive oil) Ham Bacon Caesar Salad (lettuce mix, crispy bacon, quail egg, cherry tomato, garlic croutons, Caesar sauce, parmesan) Bacon Rocket Salad (rocket salad, crispy bacon, cherry tomato, sun-dried tomato, pepitas, pine nut, Greek dressing, blueberry sauce, lemon) Nezhenka (Coddle) Salad (ham, egg, mayonnaise) Salade Olivier (Russian Salad) (ham, egg, potato, carrot, pickled cucumber, peas, mayonnaise) Slavjanskij (Slavic) Cocktail (ham, cucumber, egg, mayonnaise, cheese) Russkij (Russian) Salad (beef, ham, tomato, cucumber, mayonnaise) Phillip Salad (ham, pastirma, uncooked smoked sausage, cucumber, potato, Korean Carrot Salad, cheese, mayonnaise) chicken Chicken Caesar Salad (Iceberg lettuce, roasted chicken breast, quail egg, cherry tomato, garlic croutons, Caesar sauce, parmesan)

Petrovich Salad (roasted chicken breast, cucumber, roasted egg, Greek sauce, bunching onion, cherry tomato) Kaleidoskop Salad (smoked chicken breast, broccoli, roasted bell pepper in olive oil, Cherry tomato, quail egg, brandy sauce) Juzhnyj Salad (roasted smoked chicken breast, roasted cheese in sesame and flakes, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olive oil) Gnezdo Gluharja Salad (chicken breast, mushroom, cucumber, cheese, egg, quail egg, potato straws) Mechta Vorob’ja Salad (chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, Korean Carrot salad, cherry tomato, quail egg) Arbuz Salad (chicken breast, cheese, cucumber, tomato, mayonnaise, olives) Venecija Salad (chicken breast, pineapple, mushroom, tomato, mayonnaise) Stolichnyj Salad (chicken breast, egg, pickled cucumber, potato, mayonnaise) Olimp Salad (smoked chicken breast, fried mushrooms, smoked cheese, corn, mayonnaise, herbs) Chudo Salad (chicken breast, cucumber, damson, egg, Greek sauce, walnut) Milan Salad (smoked chicken breast, avocado, cucumber, Fetaki, lettuce, pink sauce) Francuzskij Salad (chicken breast, tomato, egg, cheese, mayonnaise) Bombardir Salad (chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, croutons, salad oil, Chakhokbili) Belye Nochi Salad (chicken, corn, pineapple, mayonnaise. herbs) Tajna Bazara Salad (chicken, cucumber, ham, egg, mayonnaise, herbs) Kurinuj Raj Salad (chicken, cheese, egg, croutons, walnut, herbs, mayonnaise) Monastyrskij Salad (chicken, mushroom, egg, mayonnaise, herbs) Zolotoj Grebeshok Salad (chicken, mushroom, pickled cucumber, peas, fried carrot, mayonnaise) Seafood Salmon Caesar Salad (Iceberg lettuce dressed Caesar sauce, mild-cure salmon, garlic croutons, parmesan, cherry tomato) Shrimp Caesar Salad (Iceberg lettuce dressed Caesar sauce, shrimps, garlic croutons, parmesan, cherry tomato) Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad (Iceberg lettuce dressed Caesar sauce, grilled salmon, garlic croutons, parmesan, cherry tomato) Shrimp Rocket Salad (rocket salad, shrimp, cherry tomato, tomato, sun-dried tomato, pepitas, pine nut, Greek dressing, blueberry sauce, lemon) Lis’ja Shuba Salad (mild-cure salmon, salmon roe, avocado, boiled potato, boiled beet, carrot, quail egg, cherry tomato) Vstrecha Salad (shrimp, calamari, mild-cure salmon, Chinese cabbage, cherry tomato, quail egg, mayonnaise, herbs de Provence) Nash Sha-Le Salad» (shrimp, mild-cure salmon, Iceberg lettuce, tomato, Feta, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cream sauce) Neptun Salad (avocado, shrimp, calamari, tomato, lettuce, mozzarella, basil, olive oil) Zolotaja Rybka Salad (mild-cure salmon, potato, pickled cucumber, peas, carrot, egg, mayonnaise, spring onion) Krasnaja Rybka Salad (mild-cure salmon, pickled mushrooms, cucumber, egg, tomato, mayonnaise, spring onion) Shrimp Cocktail (shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, pineapple, mayonnaise, brandy sauce, grape, lemon, herbs) Pharaoh Salad (mild-cure salmon, potato, cucumber, olives, Feta, croutons, olive oil) Modern Salad (smoked chicken, shrimp, tomato, mustard sauce)

Seafood Coctail (grilled seafood in soy sauce, lettuce, Korean Carrot salad, Pink sauce, lemon) Calamari Salad (calamari, cucumber, corn, egg, Greek sauce, lemon) Veselyj Prud Salad (sprats, potato, cheese, egg, mayonnaise, garlic, onion) Aphrodite Salad (calamari, Chinese cabbage, tomato, mayonnaise) Krabovyj Slad (crab stick, cucumber, corn, egg, mayonnaise) Tongue Viking Cocktail (beef tongue. cucumber, corn, egg ,mayonnaise) Europe Salad (beef tongue, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce, salad oil, sauce) Gastronome Salad (beef tongue, ham, smoked chicken, fried mushrooms, cucumber, sour cream) Ljubimyj Salad (beef tongue, smoked chicken, egg, cucumber, damson, mayonnaise, walnut) Texas Salad (beef tongue, smoked pork, smoked chicken, beef, fried mushrooms, lettuce, white sauce) Vostorg Salad (beef tongue, chicken, mushrooms, bell pepper, mayonnaise, herbs) Fantasia Salad (beef tongue, tomato, egg, peas, mayonnaise, herbs) Dilizhans Salad (beef tongue, fried carrot, fried potato, pickled cucumber, egg, Greek sauce) Lausanne Salad (beef tongue, ham, broccoli, tomato, sauce Tsahton, herbs)

Soup Meat Hodge Podge (soup) Meat Okroshka with Kefir (cold soup) Meat Okroshka with Kvass (cold soup) Gazpacho (tomato-based cold creamy soup) Served with garlic croutons Creamy White Mushroom Soup Served with garlic croutons Georgian Hodge Podge Laghman Beef Khashlama Borscht (beet-root soup) with Sour Cream White Mushrooms Noodle Soup Chicken Homemade Noodle Soup Poultry Stock with Egg and Croutons

Starchy foods Stuffed Pancakes with Cheese and Sour Cream Stuffed Pancakes with Curd, Raisins and Sour Cream Meat Stuffed Pancake with Sour Cream Crepes with Jam and Sour Cream Dumplings (pc)

Meat Dumpling with sour cream Meat Dumpling with mushroom in a pot Cheese Dumplings with sour cream Curd Dumplings with sour cream Potato Dumplings with sour cream Potato Mushroom Dumplings with sour cream

Oriental menu Laghman Pilaf Dumpling Kitaj Salad (beef, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, homemade dressing)

Egg dish Sunny Side up Eggs Picasso (with smoked meat, mushrooms and baked tomato) Scrambled Egg with Ham and Mushroom (eggs) Scrambled Egg with Ham (eggs) Scrambled Egg with Mushroom (eggs) Scrambled Egg with Cheese (eggs) Scrambled Egg (eggs) with tomato (on your request) Trimming Farm-Style Potatoes Complex Garnish (French fries, Korean pickled products) Ovoshhnaja Fantazija (eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper tomato) French fries Potato Mash with additional garnish Hawaii Mix Rice Vegetable Platter (cucumber, tomato) Spaghetti with Oil Spaghetti with Cheese and Oil Hot dish

Chopped meat Vstrecha Minced-meat Cutlet (chicken breast, pork) Vstrecha Minced-meat Cutlet with Cheese Pozharski Cutlet Chicken breast, cream, herbs grilled in bread crumbs Minced Steak with Egg Home-Style Minced-meat Cutlet Grilled Sausages (boiled) pc

Stuffed Pepper Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Liver dish Berlin-Style Liver (liver, fried apple, fried onion) Liver Chop (fried liver with onion) Liver Stroganoff (Liver strips fried in soar cream sauce) Czar-Style Liver(with mushroom, tomato, bell pepper with mayonnaise)

Jugged dish Meat Dumpling with Mushroom in a Pot Chanakhi (Beef Stew) (beef, potato, vegetables, herbs, garlic in a pot) Home-Style Hot-Pot (beef, potato, vegetable in a pot) Hot-Pot with Mushroom (beef, potato, mushrooms, vegetables, sour cream, cheese in a pot) Caucasus-Style Tongue (tongue strips with mushrooms and sauce in a pot)

Chicken Breast Dish Chicken Kiev (Kiev-Style Cutlet) Vereteno (chicken, mushroom, cheese crumbed in potato sticks) Chicken Breast with Broccoli in Cheese Creamy Sauce Koketka (cheese crusted chicken breast with kiwi) Chicken Chop in Creamy Orange Sauce (chicken breast, cream, orange) Vinogradnaja Loza (Grapevine) (chicken breast, ham, tomato, mayonnaise, cheese, olives) Cheese Crusted Chicken Chop Kurinyj Perepoloh (potato straws crusted chicken breast) Sesame Crusted Chicken (liaison crusted chicken breast with curry and sesame) Imperator Chicken (liaison crusted chicken breast with mushrooms and cheese) Prazdnichnoe Chicken Breast (chicken, tomato, mayonnase) Chicken Sausage (chicken breast with garlic) Minister-Style Schnitzel (chicken breast, cheese, cornflakes) Stolichnyj Schnitzel (breaded chicken breast) Chicken Spaghetti (chicken spaghetti in sauce) Spaghetti Carbonara (spaghetti, bacon, white mushrooms. parmesan, creamy sauce)

Pork dish(pork loin) Brizola (liaison crusted marinated pork) Pork Loin with dried apricot (pork loin, dried apricot, walnut) Adler-Style Pork Loin (pork loin, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, white wine) Steak in Wine (pork loin, caramelized onion, tomato, mustard, dry white wine) Pork Costolette on Toast (pork loin, soy sauce, mustard, dry white wine) Honey and Mustard Glazed Pork Neck with Cheese and Nuts (pork neck, honey, mustard, walnut, cheese)

Boyarsky-Style Pork (pork, French beans, cream sauce with bacon and white mushrooms) Thai-Style Pork (pork neck, pineapple, cheese, spices) Pan-fried Pork (pork, potato, tomato, sour cream, mayonnaise, cheese) Pan-fried Pork with Mushrooms (pork, potato, mushrooms. Sour cream. mayonnaise, cheese) French-Style Pork (oven-baked pork, mushrooms, tomato. mayonnaise, cheese) Austria-Style Pork Pork neck, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, tomato, Korean Carrot Salad, cheese Spicy Pork(roasted roll with pork loin and spicy mayonnaise) Pork Escalope (pork loin) Pork Schnitzel (pork loin) Pork Steak (marinated in soy sauce and onion) Spiced Pork Medallions (peppers)

Beef dish (filets of beef) Pilaf (beef, rice, carrot, spicies) Vitello (oven-baked breaded beef beef with cheese) Siberia-Style Beef (roasted beef in sauce with tomato, onion, raisin, red wine, cream, basilic and sprinkled with pine nuts) Beef Medallions in Cream Mushroom Sauce Delikatesnyj Koshelek (stuffed filets of beef with bacon and damson) Beef Steak (pan-fried beef marinated in soy sauce and onion) Sirloin of Beef (filets of beef) Beef Stew Chanakhi Beef (гbeef, potato, vegetables in a pot with herbs and garlic) Home-Style Hot-Pot (beef, potato, vegetables in a pot) Hot-Pot with Mushrooms (beef, potato, mushrooms, vegetables, sour cream, cheese in a pot)

Lamb dish English Shepherds Pie (roasted lamb mince with vegetables, baked in oven) Chanakhi Lamb (lamb, vegetables in a pot with herbs and garlic)

Tongue dish Caucasus-Style Tongue (tongue strips with mushrooms and sauce in a pot) Bulgarian-Style Tongue (pan-fried tongue, smoked meat, tomato, cheese) Pan-fried beef tongue Merchant-Style Tongue Fried boiled beef tongue in cream mushroom sauce

Fish dish Potato Straws Crusted Fish (potato straws crusted walleye) Potato Straws Crusted Salmon Breaded Salmon (bread straws crusted fish fillets served with butter rose) Fish Hot-Pot (salmon, walleye, potato, mushrooms, tomato, cheese, olives baked in oven in white sauce) Baked Walleye in Foil (with tomato and mayonnaise) Fried Fish (fish fillets) with Lemon Ask the bar chef about fish fillets Stanichnyj Walleye (baked walleye with white mushrooms and cheese Fish in Polish Sauce (fish fillets in egg and butter sauce) Boiled Fish (fish fillets) with Lemon Walleye Served on Bed of French Beans with Polish Sauce (fried walleye served on French beans with egg and butter sauce) Sochi-Style Fish in Pan (walleye, broccoli, tomato with cheese) Salmon Steak in Cream Salmon Roe Sauce е Salmon Steak in Shrimp Sauce Sesame-Crusted Salmon (sesame-crusted salmon steak in pan) Salmon A La King (oven-baked in foil with tomato in white sauce) Salmon Gratin (salmon, shrimp, cream sauce, lemon) Salmon Baked with Vegetables (baked salmon steak served on eggplant and zucchini bad with mayonnaise and sour cream sauce, sprinkle cheese) Lavash Warp Boyar Trout (stuffed trout with tomato, shrimps, cheese and herbs, wrapped in lavash and baked in oven) за гр. Fried Whole Trout за гр. Champs Elysees Trout (stuffed trout with mushrooms, baked with cheese) за гр. Mon Paris Trout (stuffed trout with herbs, cheese and vegetables) за гр.

Grilled Side Dish (per g.) Pork Shish Kebab Loin Chop (pork) Rack of Lamb Luleh Kebab (beef) Luleh Kebab (chicken) Chicken Wings Salmon Steak Grilled Trout Tiger Shrimps Grilled White Mushrooms Grilled Vegetables (eggplant, tomato, bell pepper) Grilled New Pototoes

Sauce Greek (sour cream, mayonnaise, cucumber, pickled cucumber, garlic, dill) Caesar Tsahton (sour cream, adjika sauce, garlic) Nuts Sauce (Walnut Tsahton) Pink Sauce (mayonnaise, red sauce, cognac) Georgian-Style sauce Ketchup White sauce (sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic) Sour Cream Mayonnaise Adjika Soy Sauce Mustard Vinegar

Hot and Cold Drink Oriental-Style Coffee Italian Espresso American Coffee Nescafe Instant Coffee with Sugar Instant Coffee with Cream and Sugar Hot Chocolate Choice of French Tea Tea with Lemon and Sugar Green Tea with Lemon and Sugar

Cold Drink Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite(glass bottle) , Coca-Cola Can , Coca-Cola (bottle) , Nestea Tea (glass bottle) , Bon Aqua (sparkling still water, in bottle) , Choice of Schweppes , Choice of Eliseevsky Lemonade (in bottle) , Narzan and Jermuk (sparkling mineral water) , Ledjanaja Zhemchuzhina (mineral water) б г , Gorjachy Kljuch (mineral water) , Borjomi (mineral water) ,

Sweet Course Ice Cream with Toppings (at choice) -chocolate, -kiwi, -strawberry, -cherry, -wild berry Ice Cream with grated chocolate Slonovaja Kostj (Ivory) ice cream with Baileys Salstena (Sweet Tooth) (ice cream with honey and nuts)

Victory (kiwi, banana, ice cream, cream, syrup, nuts) Isabel (orange, banana, kiwi, ice cream, syrup) Assorted Fresh Fruits (assorted seasonal fruits) Korkunov Chocolate Choice of Potato Chips

Enjoy your meal! Bon Appetit !!!

Меню Встреча (англ)  
Меню Встреча (англ)