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From competences to work During the training course Networking, within the frame of the Youth in Action Program, action 3.1, and organized by Cazalla Intercultural, several tools were developed: Some pictures showing the core competences looked for employers, a transference of key competences into more concrete competences wanted by the labor market, activities and some tips and good practices working in this field with youngsters with fewer opportunities.


Problem solv ing

and analitic al skills

t n e m g a n Self ma



tion skills

eam t a in k r o w Ability to


Linguistic skil ls

ces n e t e p m o c l Digita


Youthpass competenc e s into employ e r s competenc es Looking at the competences wanted by employers, we realized that they can fit into the general key competencies. It would be a good practice if when we are filling up our youthpass we include this concrete competences of the labor market into the competences achieved during the project

Learning to learn

• Managing change • Stablishing focus • Managing performance • Technical expertise • Self confidence • Stress management • Flexibility

e h t p u g n li il f rete c n o c e r o m age u g n la Let’s be s r e y plo m e e h t e s u o youthpass t 5/7

• • • •

Attention to communication Oral communication Written communication Persuasive communication

Communication in foreign languages

• Analytical thinking • Forward thinking • Conceptual thinking • Strategic thinking

Digital competence

Communication in mother tongue

• Attention to communication • Oral communication • Written communication • Persuasive communication

Mathematical competence

• Diagnostic Information Gathering


• Providing motivational support • Empowering others • Developing others • Interpersonal awarness • Customer orientation

Iniciative and entrepreneurship

Social and civic compentence

• Fostering teamwork • Influencing others • Building collaborative relationships • Iniciative • Entrepreneurial orientation • Fostering innovation • Results orientation • Thoroughness • Decisiveness


Competencies dictionary  

Competencies wanted by laboral market and their relation with the key competencies of the Youthpass. Project Net.working. Youth in Action