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According to Glasgow City Council over 3 million tourists visit Glasgow every year at the moment.

The majority of visitors will visit Glasgow between 2011 and 2014 to; •  Build it •  Organise it •  Reconnoitre it •  Various sources suggest the numbers attending before the games will be in excess of twice the visitor numbers during 2014

In 2014 the numbers from Manchester and Melbourne indicate that Glasgow will generate: •  1 million visitors •  In Melbourne 4072 athletes took part •  There were 2027 Officials at the Melbourne games •  815,000 web hits per day •  An estimated 5000 journalists attended

The average  upli9  in  visitor  numbers  beyond  the     games  according  Manchester  and  Melbourne  is     around  15  percent  per  annum  or  450,000     visitors  a  year  for  Glasgow  

Just a  few  Notes   Between now and the beginning of 2014 there will be an estimated additional two million visitors associated with the games. How much of that business can we attract?

Big Questions What is  the  best  way  to  aEract  worldwide     visitors  to  your  business?   What  is  going  to  be  involved?   How  long  will  it  take?   How  much  will  it  cost?   What  can  I  expect  in  return?  

Sources •  Australian  Commonwealth  Games  AssociaNon   •  Microso9   •  Glasgow  City  Council   •  Manchester  Commonwealth  Games  website  

Tim Sandford 2014 Presentation  

Tim Sandford 2014 Presentation

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