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Transcribed by Dauphín Bronson III. Based on a true story.

CHAPTER I In The Beginning, I Was Created




My journey begins on 17 May, in the year 1980. To the naked eye, it was just another cool spring day in London. But deep beneath the surface, the planet was in turmoil. For in this universe, every action is balanced by an equal and opposite reaction. On this day, there would be a tremendous action, and the crust bulged with molten magma in preparation. It was only a few minutes past sundown, when I emerged from my mother’s womb. My birth was relatively quiet, and received no media attention, but sometimes people notice the effect before they notice the cause. A few hours later, and a few thousand miles away, the Earth trembled, and then suddenly burst, hurtling one hundred thousand tons of lava, ash, and rocks miles up in the air. The eruption of Mount St. Helens was not only a historical event, but a sign of things to come.

Just as there is a gap in the life of Jesus Christ in which he cannot be accounted for, so too is there a gap in my life. I have tried, but cannot remember anything that happened from my birth, up until the beginning of my training at age fifteen. For instance, a child’s thirteenth birthday is usually one of special significance: it marks the beginning of their teenage year. However, when I try to recall my own thirteenth birthday, it is as if I am attempting to peer through a thick fog during the pitch black of night. Instead of fretting over this, I have developed the hypothesis that nothing




important happened during those years, so my mind dumped the worthless memories to make room for the knowledge I would need.

My brother Valentijn initiated my training shortly after I reached the age of fifteen. It was a relief to finally have found a reason to use my Herculean strength. Valentijn took me to the gym owned by Chris Dolman, who won international titles in wrestling, judo and power lifting. There I began to learn what they called “freefighting”, which was the common name for mixed martial arts. In all honesty, it was one of the most unenjoyable experiences of my life. I hate losing, and I was getting beat up every single day. Despite my utterly amazing power, I could not defeat my opponents.

I was pretty terrible, but my brother kept pushing me along, and after about a year I was training with legends like Bas Rutten and Joop Kasteel. They immediately took notice of me because of my size. At only sixteen years old, I was six feet tall and weighed two hundred pounds, but it was all raw talent. There was nothing revolutionary about their methods, but they were certainly among the best, and I saw a rapid increase in my skills as a fighter. After four years of training with them, I was ready to begin my career as




a mixed martial arts fighter. I had reached a height of six feet and three inches, and had an eighty-one inch reach, giving me an advantage over most fighters in the light heavyweight division.

Over the next four years, which I refer to as ‘The Great Serenity’, I was a slightly above average fighter. I attained a record of sixteen wins and three losses with a mixture of knockouts and submissions. I was winning, but I was not dominating. Something was missing.




CHAPTER II Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before




After winning the 2H2H Light Heavyweight tournament in the fall of 2002, I was approached by people claiming to be representatives of the Chinese government, who informed me that their leaders were seeking a meeting with me. They would cover all of my travel









proposal. There was only one catch: no one could know what I was up to. I agreed, and we scheduled my visit for after my title defense against Aaron Brink at the next 2H2H event.

There was no way to know exactly what the Chinese had in store for me, but my suspicion was that they were looking to start a new mixed martial arts league. As a rising star in the Pride Fighting Championships (PRIDE), I would be the perfect candidate to grab media attention for their league.

My suspicions couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

As I stepped off the plane in Beijing in early 2003, I was greeted by Vice Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission Xi Jinping (习近平) and General Guo Boxiong (郭伯雄), who escorted me to our meeting with the newly elected President Hu Jintao (胡锦涛). During the thirty-minute limo ride, they began to




describe their state-of-the-art facilities and techniques they claimed were far beyond the capabilities of any other nation in the world. After apologising for my subpar command of the Mandarin language, I admitted that I was very intrigued by their facilities. Unbeknownst to me, the glistening facilities and staggering research budgets were just the tip of the iceberg.

When we finally reached our rendezvous with President Hu, I could





excitement emanating from


escorts. They had clearly been hiding something important from me. Taking a seat at the head of a long mahogany conference table, President Jintao began to describe to me a program that was much more than just a new lifting regimen: it was a revolutionary approach to the human body.

In exchange for enrolling into their program, President Hu promised that his team of scientists and engineers would help me win the Pride Championship Belt.

He said, “You’re gonna

knockout that punk Chuck Liddell in the first round son, word is bond.” Uncomfortable with making such an important decision with too much haste, I implied that I needed some time to think about it. Before I could finish my sentence, President Hu cut me off, saying “Look, I know that becoming the-greatest-fighter-that-




has-graced-this-planet-since-Bruce-Lee might not be that much of an incentive, but I didn’t get a chance to tell you about the female division of the program that we will be running within the same facility…,” and that was all that it took.

There were no lengthy contracts to sign, no lawyers present, and no media conferences. We had just made a verbal agreement to partake in the most important advancement of humanity since Gutenberg’s invention of movable type, and the rest of the world was totally unaware.

Surely, I was aware of the Chinese’ real intentions. They didn’t care about me winning any titles, and they would probably discard me like a used rag once my career was over. And I knew that my training would be the precursor to their military program, which was hardly a secret. All of these facts weighed heavily on my mind, but in the end everything would be worth it. It would be selfish of me to impede the progress of mankind simply because I objected to military wars, or because of other personal interests. The situation was far from perfect, but my participation in the program would amount to a step, nay a full stride, into areas of human physiology where no man had ventured before.




CHAPTER III The Great Knee of Holland




A few months after our agreement, I began training with the Chinese and spending most of my time in China. Luckily, I had just joined PRIDE so nearly all of my fights would be taking place in Japan, which was just a short flight away from the training facilities. This made the transition before fights much easier on my body. The flight from Hong Kong to Osaka was much shorter than the flight from Holland, and more importantly, the time difference was small enough that I was able to adjust within days instead of weeks.

The results of training with the Chinese were not immediate by any stretch of the imagination. In my first fight since joining the program I was defeated by Chuck Liddell by knockout in the first round, despite the reassurances I had received from President Hu. It was my first loss in over three years, causing some people close to me to raise doubts about my mysterious new workout plan. They questioned my decision-making, my loyalty, and even my commitment, but none of them (not even my own brother) knew what was taking place behind the scenes. I had dedicated myself completely to the program, no matter how long it took to see the results.

The training facilities were one of the main factors that led me to




join the program. In my mind, I imagined glorious glass skyscrapers, sparkling like the night sky as our own star sent it’s rays of light cascading off every facet of the structure. These hypothetical structures would serve as more than just gyms; they would be symbolic beacons for all those seeking to attain a higher state of mankind. In reality, they were a pair of dilapidated airplane hangers that predated the Second Sino-Japanese War. Upon first sight of the facilities, I became worried about my decision. Had the Chinese deceived me? I held out hope as I cautiously stepped through the rusted doorway, and followed my escort down a stairwell inside the hanger. A very peculiar door awaited us at the bottom of the winding stone staircase. At first glance, it appeared weathered enough to fit in with the surroundings, but with any further inspection, one could easily conclude that it was a recent addition to the building. While the mysterious door distracted me, my escort had procured an odd, translucent object. He inserted the obelisk-shaped device into a previously hidden slot in the door, which activated a flurry of blinking lights that outlined the door. My heart was racing, and my curiosity had returned. A door like this meant that there was something worth protecting inside.

The door slowly slid open, granting us access to this restricted




area. I stepped forward, and found myself standing on a balcony, overlooking several hundred rooms that had been excavated hundreds of feet beneath the surface. “Housing for some of our more permanent members,” my escort explained. Each room had glass walls, which gave anyone standing in my position a clear view of the activities happening within each room. A few floors down, I could see a creature that was shaped like a human being, but had skin the color of fresh grass, and appeared to be over ten feet tall. A few rooms over from the hulking green man I spotted a similar creature, but instead of skin, this one had rocks covering his entire body. In fact, he (it?) appeared to be made entirely of rock. In yet another room there was man who actually looked like a regular human being. He stood shirtless at the glass wall of his cell, adjusting the bandana tied around his head as he stared back at me across the enormous facility. I tried to find some abnormality about the man, but I couldn’t spot anything, except for a tattoo on his stomach that read “THUG LIFE” and a piercing in his nose. He seemed strangely familiar, but I couldn’t quite put a finger on it.

We soon made our way through the facility, walking down enormous hallways until we came upon an unoccupied room. “Your living quarters, Monsieur Overeem.” Normally, I




would be thrown off by my escort’s strange mixture of Mandarin and French; however I don’t normally I don’t see green coloured people walking around either.

Over time, I would grow accustomed to seeing such strange things. By the looks of things, the Chinese were pushing the boundaries of humanity so far that it could barely be called “human” anymore. I was one of the few, if not the only program participant who looked normal enough to maintain a presence in society. As such, I became something of an ambassador for my fellow participants, who would frequently question me about the current events. They asked me about their home countries, the latest automobiles to hit the road, and even their favourite celebrities. Soon, I was being recruited to smuggle Justin Timberlake albums, gossip magazines, and iPods into the facilities.

Despite our differences, we developed a strong

camaraderie, and I made many life-long friends.

Not only was my time in China extremely enjoyable, but thanks to the scientists and engineers who worked with me, I learned more about my body than I ever could have imagined. In the past, my training focused on particular muscle groups such as my enormous biceps, rippling abdominals, or a particular skill such as my deadly




strength or my astonishing flexibility. The Chinese took this technique of isolation to a completely different level, allowing me to focus on the chemical composition of my body, and even improving particular sections of my deoxyribonucleic acids. The noted Chinese geneticist Tan Jiazhen (谈家桢) had developed a revolutionary approach to genetic alterations, and sought to use me as his first human subject. I had nothing but the utmost respect for Tan, who I had always considered to be one of the greatest geneticists in history. I gladly submitted to his experiment, marking the beginning of a transformation like never before seen by mankind.

A complete explanation of Tan’s methods would require several hundred pages of highly technical writing, which is simply not feasible within this document. Sadly, Tan Jiahzen has since passed, but I managed to recover some of his old notes from my time in China. These notes, while incomplete, should provide some insight into the methods that he implemented during his historic experimentation (see Appendix A).

Despite my physical improvements, I was still not dominating inside the cage. Some analysts have suggested that this was due to the fact that I was facing better competition than I had ever seen




before, combined with the time needed to adjust to the significant physical changes I was experiencing. There is probably some truth to this, but I refused to accept anything less than perfection, and so I left the Chinese program following my second loss to former champion Maurício Rua in February of 2007.

Following my departure, I spent several months in negotiations with other countries, who were seeking to enlist me in their own programs. Japan, Russia, and the United States all expressed interest, but in the end it was the Italians who were able to woo me with their advances in the areas of human biology and medicine.

One thing in particular that interested me was the research of Dr. Stefano Rivella, who specialised in genetic medicine. Dr. Rivella revealed to me a newly discovered approach to gene therapy, which was unlike anything I had ever witnessed. Under the ruse of treating sickle cell anemia, Dr. Rivella developed a method of altering genetics, involving the insertion of an ankyrin insulator, which leads to increased levels of human beta-globin. Human beta-globin is in fact responsible for approximately half of the oxygen transport protein Hemoglobin. In essence, Dr. Rivella was giving me the gift of supreme stamina, and for this I am forever in debt to Dr. Rivella.




After only a few months of gene therapy, I was able to perform feats that were thought to be impossible for human beings. One of these tasks actually began as a friendly favour to the locals, and soon became a regular workout. I was approached by a group of amateur astronomers from Courmayeur, Italy who was plagued with damage to their cable car system which allowed them access to the peak of Monte Bianco. Restricted access to the peak was slowing down their research on the nearby M32 galaxy, research that was rumoured to have made them frontrunners for the Nobel Prize in Physics. As an astronomy buff myself, I had no option but to give them all of the help that I could. For several weeks, I made my way to the base of the mountain at sundown where I met the astronomers, and carried a shipping container filled with their telescopes and other equipment to the top. Carrying the 3.7 tons of equipment was no easy task, but knowing that I was contributing to the advancement of mankind made it all worth it. We all shared the common goal of improving the life of our fellow man. The only difference between those astronomers and myself was our method of accomplishing that goal.

The last, and perhaps most important technique that I learned from the Italians came not from scientists, not from doctors, nor from




engineers. Rather it came from a lowly local elderly couple, the Espositos, who had offered my temporary residence in their home during my training. One morning, as I sat consuming a freshly killed sheep in preparation for the intense workout that lay ahead of me, Mr. Esposito leaned back in his chair, puffed on his hand carved tobacco pipe and quietly watched me eat.


devouring the brains and eyeballs of the sheep (the most delicious part), I reached under my chair and procured a box filled with a variety of protein and supplemental drinks. I could feel the sharpness of his glare as I tilted back the first drink, downing it with the swiftness of a university student. Assuming that he was simply in awe of the sheer volume of liquid that I was pouring into my body, I continued and finished all six pints in just over three minutes, which is a considerably slower time than usual. But I could barely exhale a breath of satisfaction before he snapped at me,

"What do you think you are doing, son?"

I was taken aback by his uncharacteristically rude tone, but I obliged and started explaining the theory of nutritional drinks, and all of the beneficial effects. He let me ramble on to my heart's desire, and I thought that would be the end of it. Instead, the old




man silently rose from his seat at the head of the table, and shuffled over to an old oak cabinet pressed up against the wall. As he struggled to carry back a 1.5 litre bottle of white wine, my emotions jumped from confused, to worried, to thoroughly fascinated.

"If you want to be a great man, you must first drink the fruits of this great land," he declared, as his patriotic flare suddenly gleamed through.

"But I can't show up intoxicated to my workouts!" I chuckled at his preposterous proposition.

He pressed on, "All you have to do is drink one of these every morning before you start your day. This has been the lifeblood of our people for millenniums. Try it for three days, and if you still don't believe me by then, you can go back to drinking that sludge." I couldn't muster the strength to turn down my benevolent host, and the puppy dog look in his eyes certainly wasn't making it any easier to resist. So I gave in, scooped the magnum-sized bottle off the table, and raised it for a toast.





CHAPTER IV The Final Frontier




Two days into my wine experiment, I was not noticing any improvements. In fact I felt that I might actually be declining, although I was couldn't be sure since I had never experienced that feeling previously in my life. I went to sleep that night having completely given up hope for the experiment. How could I have been so foolish to listen to a crazy old man? But I had given him my word, and although I am much more than just a man, I am a man of my word. I would complete his test, if only to spare him embarrassment.

When I rose on the third day, I could tell that something was different. Something bad. I was stumbling as I walked, and my vision was slightly blurry, as if I had just taken a hammer-fist to the face. I tripped over my own feet as I stepped into the kitchen, and when I looked up from the floor, the old man was standing over me, laughing hysterically.

"How can you expect to be the heavyweight champion when you are still a lightweight who can barely hold his liquor?"

I was not amused in the slightest. After regaining my composure, I set out to begin my daily regimen of super-human feats. Almost immediately, I noticed a significant change. There was a constant




but slight tingle in my appendages, and as I initiated each exercise I felt a startling jolt of energy flowing through every square inch of my body, allowing me to execute my movements with ease. In this moment, my years of training and fighting flashed before my eyes. I realised that every opponent I had faced had been insignificant. Meaningless. This moment would be the beginning of a legend. And I was now ready.

After following my new wine-based diet for several weeks, I made the ten and a half hour flight to the headquarters of the UFC in Las Vegas for a meeting with Dana White. He was clearly in awe of my impeccable physique, and stared at me open-mouthed for nearly three minutes before beginning the conversation. Dana was extremely gracious, and we were able to come to an agreement without getting lawyers, representatives or any other selfcentred fools involved. My first fight in the UFC was tentatively scheduled for December of that year, where I would finally get the fight that I had been waiting for my entire life. I would meet Brock Lesnar in the centre of the octagon, and then I would break him.

With paperwork and other legalities keeping me in Las Vegas I decided to meet with one of the top chemists, Dr. Michael H. Hiatt,




to discuss my recent discoveries in Italy. At first he seemed skeptical, but as I delved further into the details of my findings, he became visibly awestruck and excited. During the middle of my story, he leapt from his seat and began scribbling chemical formulas and drawing molecular structures. Although I had never had much formal training in chemistry, I recognised one formula in particular: C19H28O2, commonly known as testosterone. He hypothesised that the combination of my extreme training and regulated consumption of select wine had produced unnatural levels of testosterone in my body. I had unlocked the secret to greatness, but it would soon come back to haunt me.




CHAPTER V The Last Word




On 4 April of 2011, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC)









test. Claiming that my testosterone-epitestorsterone ratio was above the allowed ratio rate, they effective had me removed from my fight for the heavyweight championship. However, as I have detailed in the previous chapters, there was without question no cheating involved. My process was highly experimental, but completely legal, natural and within the rules of the UFC. Despite my pleas, and even strong support from Dana White, I was suspended from fighting for nine months. This punishment was without merit, and concrete evidence of my innocence has been presented in these chapters.

Throughout my entire career, not once has anything entered my body that I did not approve of. Every single calorie eaten, every ounce of blood drawn, it has all been documented, and it all leads to one unavoidable conclusion. I have always complied with the rules of the fighting organisations of which I have been a member, and






illegal performance-

enhancing substances. So how did I fail a drug test? The answer is quite simple. It is not I who failed; it is the drug test that has failed. The Nevada State Athletic Commission and the World Anti-Doping Agency are




using testing methods that trail the advances of science by several decades. My elevated testosterone levels are not the result of any cheating or illegal activities. I had no unfair advantages during my fights. I am, quite simply, a better human being.

Due to the failure by the NSAC and other anti-doping agencies across the globe to remain at the fringe of science and technology, I have been forced to temporarily modify or suspend some of the training methods that I have developed over the years. However I vow to remain the most vocal critic of these agencies, and to be a warrior for the advancement of science within the athletic community.

When order and justice has been restored in sports, I will be ready with my training techniques that are quite simply too far ahead of their time. For now you can expect me to dominate the octagon using alternative methods, beginning with my fight on 2 February 2013.

Witness greatness.




APPENDIX A Notes from Tan Jiazhen




我被記憶的通道。以西結書25:17。 “義人的路徑是困擾各方的 不公平的自私和邪惡的人的暴政。是有福的人,在慈善機構的 名稱和良好的意願,引領弱小通過在黑暗的山谷,他確實是他 的兄弟的門將,並在取景器的走失兒童,而我將罷工下來後, 你偉大的復仇和無比的憤怒誰試圖以毒害和消滅我的兄弟。而 你將知道我是耶和華,當我躺在我的復仇後,你。“現在...我 一直在“那個狗屎年。如果你聽過它,那就是你的屁股。現在 ,你會死。我從來不認為是什麼意思了不少。我只是認為這是 一個冷血的事情一個狗娘養的,我才突然出現在他的屁股一頂 帽子。但是我看到這個早晨有些事情讓我三思而後行。你看, 現在我想。也許,這意味著 邪惡的人。而我是正直的人。先 生9毫米這裡...他是牧羊人保護我公義的屁股在黑暗的山谷。 或者它可能意味著你的正直的人,我的牧人,它是世界的邪惡 和自私的。我想。宗旨,狗屁不是的真相。事實是,你是弱的 。我是暴政的邪惡的人。但我試著林檎。我試著真正困難的是 牧羊人。

在各方面的不公平的自私和邪惡的人暴政的路徑。義人的困擾 。是有福的人,在慈善機構的名稱和良好的意願,引領弱小通 過黑暗的山谷,他是真正的他的兄弟的守護者和取景器中丟失 的孩子。我會擊倒你滿懷仇恨和無比的憤怒,企圖毒害,會破





大多數,不是所有的多原子陰離子結尾的後綴-ITE或吃了。岔 道,你記住了多原子離子,這樣你就可以識別它們。


像以前一樣,我們將研究的離子。鈉是一種IA族元素和齲齒 帶+1電荷。硫酸是一個多原子離子(SO42-)的齲齒一個-2電 荷。如果我們做我們的數學,我們可以看到兩個闕LES不為零 。 +1 - 2等於-1。為了使零,我們需要添加另外一個負載(鈉 離子)。當我們添加一個鈉離子,我們結束了一個平衡公式的 Na2SO4。

我們用下標2,硫酸鈉,而不是領導2NaSO4,因為(在這種情 況下,2)表示有兩個整個項目,這是不正確的。我們的配方 ,硫酸鈉被正確寫入。

一氧化二氮 - N2O 一氧化氮 - NO 二氧化氮 - NO2




三氧化二氮 - N2O3 四氧化二氮 - N2O4 五氧化二氮 - N2O5

D 的。 D是沉默的。

先生們,你們有我的好奇心。現在訂購,你有我的注意。 馬 丁·路德·金博士舒爾茨:你怎麼喜歡賞金獵人業務的嗎? 迪亞 哥:殺死白的人,並得到報酬?有什麼理由不喜歡呢? 卡爾 文坎迪:他一個粗暴的很多,是不是? 我喜歡的方式,你死 了,男孩。 史蒂芬:你你不認識他。 B:咦? 斯蒂芬:我, “你你不認識他。” B:我不知道。 斯蒂芬:是的,你怎麼 做。 B:斯蒂芬先生,我不知道。 史蒂芬:你為什麼要騙我 ? B:[眼泛淚光我是不是。 斯蒂芬:那你為什麼哭泣“? B :你嚇到我了。 斯蒂芬:為什麼我嚇

你呢? B:因為你是 可怕的。

D 和他的朋友在這裡灰色,舒爾茨博士,是客戶。他們是我們 的客人,斯蒂芬,你,你是破舊的老混蛋'時間每好客。你明 白嗎?




貝葉斯方法是有用的,特別是當強盒有先驗知識的情況下預測 結果的概率。舉個例子來(借用一個古老的銀復甦這個例子) ,這是在她40多的女人的乳房X光檢,並收到一個壞消息:一 個“積極的”乳房X光檢。然而,由於並不是每一個積極的結 果是真實的,,她居然有乳腺癌的概率是多少?要計算這一點 ,我們需要知道四個數字。四十多的乳腺癌婦女的分數是0014 ,這是在70左右。因此,沒有乳腺癌的分數是1-0014=0986。 這些組分是已知的作為先驗概率。一個女人誰擁有乳腺癌的乳 房X光檢會得到一個積極的結果的概率是0.75。女人誰沒有乳 腺癌的概率會得到一個假陽性乳房X光檢為0.1。這些被稱為條 件概率。運用貝葉斯定理,我們可以得出結論,在婦女中得到 一個積極的結果,究竟是誰擁有乳腺癌的比例是(0.014×0.75 )/((0.014×0.75)+(0986×0.1))= 0.1,約。也就是,每 盎司我們已經看到測試結果,運氣是約90%百,這是一個假陽 性。在這種情況下,貝葉斯定理是一個完美的工具來完成工作 。




APPENDIX B References & Related Reading




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Reaching the Pinnacle of Humanity DRAFT  

The story of Alistair Overeem's rise to greatness.

Reaching the Pinnacle of Humanity DRAFT  

The story of Alistair Overeem's rise to greatness.