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VOCABULARI Soften Each other Instant messangin Text messangin Real car

UNIT 10 suavizar Mútuamente , entre si Chat (skipe) Mensaje telefónico Tarjeta

e-card Boring hard quick keeping in touch quicker easier It’s quicker and easier than anything else

Tarjeta digital aburrido pesado rápido Mantenerse en contacto Más ràpido Más fácil Es más rápido y fácil que cualquier otra cosa. Cualquier otra cosa... No hay nada peor que.... ocupado Lástima.. Ordenador portátil Contestador automático pistas Carta por correo regular Video conferencia Peor que.. Menos que Duro, dificil Creo que si aguanta Imagino, supongo Se ha cortado Llamamé al tf de la oficina ruido El numero equivocado Ponerme en contacto encontrarte A otra persona Más suave Espera, aguanta.. De acuerdo Te importaria.? Odio pedirte esto... Nombre equivocado por error No hay respuesta Está ocupado Comunicarse con alguien principalmente por telefono Saludala de mi parte

anything else there's nothing worse than... busy Too bad.. laptop answering machine clues Regular mail Video conferencing Worse than Lesst han hard I think so Oh, hold on Guesss what We got cut off Call me back on my office phone noise The wrong number call To get ahold To reach Someone else softer Hang on ( jei nan) it’s less frecuently than hold on It’s a deal Would you mind...? I hate to ask this.. You call wrong number by mistake There’s no answer The line is busy To get ahold Say hi for me

What’s up? Anyway awesome Answering machine Bad connection Home phone/ call phone I bet Such as Peak hours Work related Bad spelling annoying emergency Waste of time often still although In a loud voice useful Polite (pulait) At the some time Nowdays. In these days, at the moment, at the moment, at present Most of the wolrdwide Own language encourages however Strategy plus just Just a minute. Can you hold on just a second? Just a minute. I just need to switch phones I was just calling to ask you something Just is one of the top 30 words Were you saying? Hold on (joul dan) it’s very ussualy Writing a article with pros and cons First: write a introdueition with the topics Second: write pros Third: write cons or End: Give the personal opinion

Qué hay? Qué pasa? En cualquier caso, en todo caso.., en resumidas cuentas, de todas maneras.. impresionante Contestador automático Mala conexion Telefono de casa o movil seguro Tal como.... Horas punta Text about work Mala ortografia Molesto, desagradable Situación de peligro Perdida de tiempo A menudo Todavia Aunque En voz alta útil cortés Al mismo tiempo actualmente La mayoria Alrededor el mundo Lenguaje propio Alienta, fomrnta You can use the word just to make the things you say soften For exemple when you tell someone to do somethings Just sounds less direct Just makes the things you say sound like a small thing You restart the conversation

“Howevwer...” or “On the other hand...” “I Think” or “In my opinion...”

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