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Project 1  

I chose  this  idea  of  self-­‐portraits  as  I  was  curious  to  know  how  I  could  make  a  self-­‐ portrait  more  interes9ng,  when  I  came  across  an  ar9st  who  used  objects  that  linked  to   them  in  a  certain  way,  so  they  could  photograph  them  instead  and  s9ll  show  a   photograph  about  themselves,  therefore  crea9ng  a  self-­‐portrait.     For  my  photography  coursework  project  1  I  intend  to  explore  self-­‐portraits  in  a   crea9ve  way  by  using  my  abili9es  to  portray  different  feelings  and  aspects  within  the   photographs.  I  researched  various  photographers  which  have  done  self-­‐portraits   themselves  and  show  them  in  different  ways  by  either  telling  a  story,  or  highligh9ng   certain  aspects  within  the  photograph  that  create  the  image  as  a  whole.  I  researched  a   well-­‐known  ar9st  Gillian  Wearing  who  was  specifically  known  for  her,  self-­‐portraiture.   One  set  that  is  par9cularly  popular  was  her  set  of  photographs  ‘Family  portrait’.  This   was  where  Gillian  had  silicon  masks  made  up  of  her  at  a  younger  age  and  different   members  of  her  family  and  she  posed  as  them  in  the  photographs,  re-­‐crea9ng  the   images  from  that  9me.    

However in  her  work  it  was  quite  easy  to  see  the  rings  around  the  eyes  from  where   the  mask’s  had  ended  to  expose  Gillian’s  real  eye.  Even  though  I  will  probably  not  be   using  any  silicone  masks  in  my  work  I  will  s9ll  need  to  keep  in  mind  that  there  may  be   barriers  along  the  way  throughout  photographing  my  images,  therefore  I  will  need  to   consider  very  carefully  the  ligh9ng  and  angles  if  I  were  to  photograph  in  a  studio  and   ligh9ng  or  surroundings  if  I  was  working  in  a  natural  environment.  

Idea 1  –  Exploring  Self  portraits  in   different  ways  

Nikolay Glazunov  

Nikolay Glazunov     This  photograph  is  taken  form  a  par9cular  series  of  photographs  labelled  ‘Alexandra’.   Nikolay  is    Russian  photographer  and  in  this  set  of  photographs  he  chose  female’s  to   pose  as  his  models  while  he  projected  19th  century  art    and  other  light  projec9ons   onto  the  wall  where  the  model  was  standing.  I  find  it  extremely  interes9ng  that  he   combined  both  the  flat  art  images  with  the  real  life  model  which  created  different   textures  within  the  photograph.  This  also  created  depth  as  where  the  light  of  the   projec9on  hit  the  model  and  stopped  at  the  wall,  it  created  shadows  that  outline  the   model.    I  find  the  bright  colours  fascina9ng  and  how,  even  though,  the  art  is  projected   it  s9ll  has  kept  the  bold  bright  colours.  Where  the  model  is  posi9oned,  her  face  can   s9ll  be  perfectly  seen  in  detail.   This  has  inspired  me  to  do  projec9ons  in  my  own  work  as  I  feel  they  can  be  really   affec9ve  to  the  human  eye.  I  would  have  to  use  a  tripod  and  self-­‐9mer  if  I  am  to   produce  this  work  of  myself.  I  would  need  to  make  sure  the  images  I  project  don’t   wash  out  and  they  are  quite  bold  and  stand  out.  I  will  also  need  to  make  sure  that  I   posi9on  myself  where  the  projec9on  is  easily  seen  however  it  doesn’t  completely   cover  me    to  the  point  where  you  cannot  see  me  clearly.    

Ini9al set  of  photographs    

Developmental set  of   photographs   Experimen9ng  with  overlay  

Further Developmental  set  of   photographs   Experimen9ng  with  scanning   finger  prints  and  overlay  on   photoshop  

Experimen9ng with  projec9ons.  

Evalua9on of  idea  one.  

My target  was  to  take  a  set  of  s9ll  portrait  photographs  and  explore  self  portraits  in  a  different   way.     My  first  set  of  photographs  are  my  ini9al  set  which  I  chose  to  photograph  as  just  plain  portraits.   I  edited  them  slightly  increasing  the  contrast  and  clarity,  also  changing  a  few  of  them  into  black   and  white,  so  they  were  a  good  base  for  my  development.  This  I  was  content  with  and  the  I   started  focusing  on  what  my  development  ideas  would  be.     My  second  set  of  photographs  show  my  development,  I  chose  to  experiment  with  using  actual   pieces  of  my  body  to  represent  myself  and  overlaying  them  onto  the  portraits  of  myself.   Therefore  I  used  my  own  nail  cuWngs  and  hair  from  my  brush  and  photographed  them  in  the   white  studio.  By  photographing  them  in  a  white  studio  it  enabled  me  to  overlay  them  on   Photoshop  onto  my  portraiture  photographs  without  much  edi9ng.  This  idea  I  felt  was  very   affec9ve  as  the  hair  and  nails  were  a  part  of  me  that  could  represent  a  self  portrait  without   having  an  actual  photograph  of  me.  As  the  photographs  of  hair  and  nails  were  close  ups,  by   overlaying  them  onto  my  self  portraits  the  details  were  very  clear,  contras9ng  with  the  smooth   skin  base  that  they  were  merged  onto.       Another  idea  I  chose  to  experiment  with  was  my  using  ink  and  prin9ng  my  finger  prints  onto   the  photograph,  this  represents  my  unique  iden9ty.  By  prin9ng  my  finger  prints  onto  a  portrait   of  myself  was  another  way  to  show  my  own  self  portrait,  linking  with  my  ques9on  of  exploring   self  portraiture  in  different  ways.  This  I  also  felt  was  very  affec9ve  as  it  was  a  prac9cal  ar9s9c   approach  using  ink  to  print  onto  the  photographs,  this  also  showed  a  lot  of  detail.    

One obstacle  I  did  come  across  was  puWng  the  finger  prints  in  certain  places  so  that  they   would  be  seen  and  yet  not  over  crowd  the  photograph  or  take  the  aYen9on  away  from  the   subject  of  the  photograph.   Finally  my  last  idea  of  development  was  to  use  the  photographs  I  took  of  my  nail  cuWngs  and   hair  and  experiment  by  projec9ng  these  photographs  onto  me,  using  self  9mer  in  the  white   studio.  This  I  also  felt  was  a  really  good  idea  as  it  allowed  me  to  then  express  feelings  from   my  personality  which  would  suit  the  photographs  I  was  projec9ng.  I  chose  to  express   different  emo9ons,  angles  and  close-­‐ups  in  order  for  me  to  get  a  good  idea  of  exploring  self   portraiture  in  different  ways.  I  found  it  quite  difficult  using  self  9mer  and  photographing   myself  with  some  of  the  photographs  as  it  was  very  hard  to  understand  how  much  of  me  was   able  to  be  seen  by  the  lens  and  it  was  quite  9me  consuming  trying  to  work  out  how  focused   the  camera  was  from  where  I  was  standing.  It  took  quite  a  few  aYempts  to  get  the   outcomes.    



Cindy Sherman     These  photographs  were  taken  by  a  woman  called  Cindy  Sherman.  They  were  taken   from  a  par9cular  set  called  ‘’film  s9lls’’  ad  the  boYom  right  photograph  ‘’centrefolds’’.   These  photographs  she  created  using  herself  as  the  model.  She  placed  herself  in   different  environments  where  it  was  either  a  natural  outdoor  seWng,  in  her  bedroom   or  even  just  in  her  plain  studio.  Both  show  her  being  beau9ful,  however  the  boYom   photograph  taken  from  centrefolds  shows  her  being  quite  vulnerable.  Cindy  done  this   as  she  wanted  to  make  people,  par9cularly  men,  to  feel  sorry  for  her  as  they  would   have  expected  something  different.  Which  was  her  feminist  view  on  things     ‘’In  content  I  wanted  a  man  opening  up  the  magazine  suddenly  look  at  it  with  an   expecta9on  of  something  lascivious  and  then  feel  like  the  violator  that  they  would  be.   Looking  at  this  woman  who  is  perhaps  a  vic9m.  I  didn’t  think  of  them  as  vic9ms  at  the   9me…  But  I  suppose…  Obviously  I’m  trying  to  make  someone  feel  bad  for  having  a   certain  expecta9on.’’    

This has  inspired  me  to  do  my  photographs  as  film  s9lls  as  I  would  like  to  see  how   differently  they  can  affect  people  and  make  an  impact  on  the  viewer.  I  find  this   par9cularly  interes9ng  as  I  can  explore  different  ways  into  making  my  photographs   more  effec9ve.    

Idea 2  –  Self  portrait,  Film  S9lls  in   an  ar9s9c  way  

Developmental set  of   photographs  –   Experimen9ng  with  vintage   old  photographic  textures  

Experimen9ng with  burning  photographs  

Experimen9ng with  collaging    

Final outcomes  with  the  use  of  burning  the   photographs  and  the  book  and  crea9ng  a  distorted,   vintage,  worn  look.  

Evalua9on of  Idea  two   My  main  inten9on  with  idea  two  was  to  explore  self  portraits  in  a  different   way  to  idea  one.  I  was  inspired  by  Cindy  Sherman's  set  of  film  s9ll   photographs  which  influenced  me  to  create  my  own  film  sill  photographs   using  different  seWngs.  My  ini9al  set  of  photographs  for  this  idea  I  chose  to   take  in  a  natural  environment.  I  photographed  myself  in  different  costumes   in  a  park  and  a  forest,  this  I  felt  was  quite  affec9ve  as  it  contrasted  with  the   ar9ficial  plain  studio  background  I  used  previously  to  the  natural  seWng  I   used  in  this  idea.  To  photograph  my  photos  in  a  field  really  stood  out  to  me   as  an  idea  to  follow  on  from  the  vintage/sepia  style  look  in  my   photographs,  which  I  believed  were  appealing  and  gave  the  photograph   more  life.  My  aim  here  was  to  use  both  prac9cal  ways  and  use  Photoshop   to  reflect  a  self  portrait  in  an  ar9s9c  way.  I  slightly  increased  the  clarity  in     the  photographs  and  changed  a  few  into  black  and  white  to  experiment   with  what  made  more  of  an  impact  on  the  viewer.  This  I  felt  were  a  good   base  to  develop  onto.      

My development  to  follow  on  from  this  was  experimen9ng  with  a  way  I   could  make  these  photographs  look  old  and  worn.  I  used  a  digital  vintage   overlay  to  lay  on  top  of  my  photographs  and  posi9oned  them  where  I   would  s9ll  have  myself  as  the  main  subject  maYer  in  the  photograph.  To   make  the  photograph  look  worn  and  old  I  chose  to  edit  the  photographs   into  black  and  white,  this  suited  the  9me  and  era  that  I  was  aiming   towards.  I  felt  this  also  complemented  the  photographs  well  as  there  were   a  lot  of  details  in  the  images  which  were  too  over  powering  in  colour,   however  the  black  and  white  seYled  it  down  and  gave  the  photographs  a   nice  balance.     With  already  using  Photoshop  for  my  first  development  I  then  decided  to   experiment  with  using  a  physical  crea9ve  approach  with  my  photographs.  I   printed  out  the  photographs  and  tea  stained  them  to  give  them  the  sepia   colour  and  make  them  look  worn  and  bleached  from  exposure  to  light.   Aaer  that  had  dried  I  decided  to  burn  parts  of  the  photograph  to  also  gave   the  idea  that  they  were  decomposing  or  destroyed.  I  felt  that  these  was   very  affec9ve  as  they  looked  like  real  old  photographs  and  I  had  achieved   my  aim.  One  obstacle  that  I  came  across  was  burning  the  photograph  too   much,  however  I  used  this  to  my  advantage  and  it  then  stressed  the  idea  of   the  accidental,  natural  destroying  of  the  photographs.    

The last  experiment  I  chose  to  do  with  these  photographs  were  to  make  it   seem  like  they  were  out  of  an  old  photo  album.  I  had  an  old  sketch  book  and   tea  stained  the  book  like  I  did  with  the  photographs.  Then  aaer  that  I  burned   parts  of  the  pages.  With  the  developed  photographs  I  then  made  a  collage   using  the  old  sketch  book  to  give  the  image  of  an  old  vintage  photo  album  that   has  been  destroyed.    

Coursework project 1  
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