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Editor’s Letter Welcome to her sport After the excitement of last summer’s Olympics and Paralympics and sportswomen proving their worth, this summer is set to be somewhat less entertaining. Or so you think. But, with the sun shining down on us, there are more events available to us than we realise, whether it’s becoming involved in a sport ourselves, or going to watch the professionals on their stage. Throughout this issue, our team has worked to provide you with an insight to sport in Cornwall. Essential for anyone making the move into the world of sport, we have a directory of local sport and leisure centres with everything they have to offer (p31), as well as providing you with a month of sport, from golf to surfing to rugby (p29). After speaking to powerlifter Jade Farrington (p11), and Marathon runner, Jane Stephens (p23), we have given you an idea of how an every day, hard working individual like yourself can ‘Make It Big’ and train for the events you aspire to compete in. Here at her sport we also know that everyone works hard for the summer body they spent all winter dreaming of. We’ve given you a pull out ‘Healthy Smoothie Breakfast’ recipe page (p24) to help you on your way to that perfectly formed body you’ve been wanting for so long.

Photo: Steve Lowrie


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Meet the team of St Teath Ladies as they play their away match at Penzance

Learn about St Teath’s experiences before, during and after the game

An introduction to Jade Farrington before finding out more about who she is and what she does

Jade’s story - how she has lived her life and what she has changed in the last few years

Continuing Jade’s story and showing you how becoming a professional is easier than you think

Introducing you to Looe Gig Rowing Club as they start their intense training

Providing some ‘Behind the Scenes’ shots of the hard work these girls put in to their training

An interview with Maraton runner Jane Stephens, giving you some tips and advice

Some healthy smoothie recipes to start your day and a rating on which wetsuit is the best

Not everyone can afford the best, topof-the-range equipment, so we’ve found affordable equivalents

Some of the best sporting events for you to watch this month, from football to golf

There are plenty of gyms and fitness centres around Cornwall to see you on your way to top form

May Issue her sport 04

e Th n O With... d a Ro

On The Road With...

...St Teath Ladies Football Club


ast month’s On the Road With... saw St Ive’s Gig Rowers travel to Newquay for their regatta. This time we’ve been on the road with St Teath Ladies Football Club as they travelled to Penzance for their away game. Not only will you meet the team and find out who plays which part on the pitch, but we’ll give you an insight in to the travelling, selection, team talks both before the game and at half time, and the final score.

Helen Dower, 24

Normally left back but not playing due to pregnancy


Cat Miller, 18 Right Back

Emily Dawe, 23 Cindy Johnson, 19 Right Midfield

05 her sport May Issue

Centre Back

Nikki Stevenson, 27 Striker

Ali Green, 32

Centre Midfield

Nikki Sillifant, 25 Left Back

Zoe Ansell, 27 Right Midfield

Ali Tilley, 38 Centre Back

Rachel Martin, 24 Left Midfield

Louise Rash, 39 Centre Midfield

Photo: Sian Osborne

Gemma Wood, 27

Lucy Dawe, 20

Normally right back but not playing due to pregnancy

May Issue her sport 06

On The Road With...

On The Road With...

The Drive

The majority of the team met at the public car park in Camelford, a meeting place as central as we could make it. For some of the team though, it is easier to meet at the pitch. Unfortunately one of the girls couldn’t finish work early enough to meet so we picked her up on the way, delaying the journey by a short amount of time. Once we had picked her up we finally began the long 90-minute drive we had ahead of us, stopping at Fraddon on the way to pick up another team member. It’s always that little bit more difficult to get going in the game after travelling so far, even if it’s just an hours drive. The journey didn’t seem to drag on too much this time, and before we knew it we had arrived at the pitch in Penzance. “Can’t we stay in the warm in the car”

Photo: Sian Osborne

Team talk before the game

Photos: Sian Osborne

was the response to our arrival from a few of the girls.

Before we start getting changed into our kit for any game, the manager, Harry, will come into the changing rooms along with Shaun, our coach, and talk us through who is playing in which position and what they are expecting from us throughout the game. Most of the time we all know where we are playing, but if we have a few players away then we get moved about a bit. Generally, the team talks consist of the same thing, telling us to enjoy the game, keep working hard throughout the whole 90 minutes, and to have a crack at goal whenever we get the opportunity.


We all casually get changed in our own time and once ready it’s out in to the freezing cold we go, layered up with training hoodies over our kit and extra t-shirts under our kit. The warm-up starts with a run and stretches before we start with the ball skills. Our warm-ups tend to be the same week in, week out. We knock the ball around in a circle for a short amount of time before starting on the control drills,

After the game

As we all tend to take it in turns to drive, we don’t pay

At training during the academic year we also lose some of

our head, chest, knees or feet. As we have had our team

The long-awaited final whistle blows for full time; we do

towards the petrol because it evens itself out over the

our players from training as they spend their week days

talk we continue with our warm-up until the referee blows

three cheers and shake hands with the opposition before

season. By the time we get home it’s almost 7.30 p.m. It’s

living away from home at university. Training is made so

his whistle for the captains to meet at the centre spot. The

heading back to the changing rooms for the last time. There

been a long day and after away games I look forward to

much easier during the summer months though, we are

captains shake hands with each other, the referee and the

are a few of us who like going for a jog around the pitch

getting into my pyjamas, warming up the left over roast and

able to use the pitch and the light doesn’t prevent us from

two linesmen, they do the coin toss and the game is under

as our cool-down before going back in. Once every has

settling down on the sofa for the evening with the prospect

going ahead with our practise. The only thing that affects


congregated in the changing rooms again, we get a quick

of watching utter rubbish on the television.

our training during the warmer months of the year is the

throwing the ball to each other so it can be controlled with


‘well done’ talk from Harry, even if we have lost 4-2 by the time the 90 minutes is up. Some of us shower, but most



Summer six-a-side

After a gruelling first half in the bitterly cold weather, we

don’t. Personally I’d rather wash in a clean shower at home

As soon as we hit winter, it becomes particularly difficult to

head to the changing rooms 2-1 up and, in all honesty, in

where I can get into my pyjamas afterwards. After every

organise training. Due to the extremely cold weather and

shock. This time round, Shaun does most of the talking,

game, the home team puts on food for the two teams who

the lack of lighting at the football pitch in St Teath, it would

the ladies teams in Cornwall congregate at this tournament

wanting us to keep up the pace of the attacking as well as

have given their all for the last hour and a half, so we all tuck

be more suitable for us to train inside. The only place that

with enough players to put out a team of six. We use this

the defending. We are all given the opportunity to give any

in before we pile back into the cars and start the journey

is close enough where we can do this is Camelford Sports

more as a training opportunity than anything else, but that

advice or ask for any help before being left to our own

home, which always seems longer on the way back. We all

Centre. However, the cost to hire out the sports hall is

doesn’t mean that we’re not competitive throughout each

devices for the last couple of minutes of half time.

get dropped off in the places that we got picked up from.

something that we would have to cover oursleves.

game. It acts a team bonding session as well.

07 her sport May Issue

Every July, a six-a-side tournament is held in St Austell. All of

May Issue her sport 08

How To Make It Big


She’s Got The Power

How To Make It Big

ince the age of nine, Jade Farrington has lived with a prosthetic bone which limited her involvement in sport. But after taking up Powerlifting she has achieved national status within her weight category. her sport met Jade after a heavy-duty training session at Plymouth Performance Gym, and found out about the 26-year-old’s award-winning experiences so far and what she hopes to achieve next.


Photo: Sian Osborne

ian Os S y b n Writte

11 her sport May Issue

May Issue her sport 12

How To Make It Big


How To Make It Big

t just nine years old I had to go through intensive

Will is a competitive power lifter and we started to discuss

chemotherapy treatments after being diagnosed

what I was capable of doing during gym sessions. We soon

with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. It

came on to the topic of weightlifting and I told him that,

resulted in me having my left femur removed and replaced

after training with weights already, I could bench press 50kg

with a prosthetic bone, so from the ball of my hip to just

for ten repetitions. Will suggested that I started powerlifting

above my knee is now completely metal. I went from being

and told me I would break some records in the British Drug

your average primary school child who would spend the

Free Powerlifting Association (BDFPA) if I was to do so. And

playtimes running around and playing games, to a child who

so, in October 2012, my powerlifting training began with Will.

was limited in what they could do. The bone replacement meant cutting through my left quadriceps. That stopped me

Will is the literally the only reason I started powerlifting in

from running, jumping and playing contact sport. Anything

the first place. I was already lifting weights; I just wasn’t

that would put impact through the prosthesis I couldn’t do.

doing it for a specific reason. Will was the one who guided me in that direction, and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be

The fact that my disability stopped me from being involved in sport did affect me when I was younger, but not so much now. It was quite upsetting at a young age, particularly when they were picking teams in sports lessons at school. I can remember, quite vividly actually, getting pretty upset on a

where I am now.

Competing The following month I went up to the British Weightlifting Headquarters in Leeds for a Paralympic powerlifting

couple of occasions.

assessment as part of a talent search. I lifted more than

In terms of sport, I didn’t really do anything at all after I left

discussed my disability with them and was welcomed onto

school, not until I started weight training at Crunch Gym in Launceston in 2010. I really enjoyed it and just fell in love with it almost immediately. It became a more frequent thing, training with weights during every session at the gym. Eventually I started to increase how much I was lifting. As I did so I started to notice my body changing and I just felt so much better and stronger. I began to feel more happy and confident with myself. It began to alter all aspects of my life.

my bodyweight and showed the X-Ray of my left femur. I the scheme with the aim of reaching the Paralympics in Rio in 2016. That same month saw me go along to my first competition which was the BDFPA Single Lift Competition. The pressure was on for my first competition, but I took it in my stride, did my bench press and, in my first lift, I broke the National Record for my weight category, and again in my second and third lifts.

Training I wasn’t building my leg up at all though; it was mainly my

At the beginning of this year, in January, I had my first

upper body that was going through the changes. Upon

Paralympic competition, the UK Open in Folkestone. With the

noticing this, I started to research some local gyms and

damage to my muscle tissue, I can still dead lift pretty well.

personal trainers over the internet. That’s when I came

When I get to the squat lift, though, I can’t squat very much

across Will at Plymouth Performance Gym. Due to an

at all because it requires the use of the muscles that had to

“From the ball of my hip to just above my knee is now completely metal.” unfortunate injury to his wrist during his career in the

be cut through to replace my left femur with the prosthesis.

Marines, Will was medically discharged. His doctors were

If I compete in an able-bodied Full Power Meet, it doesn’t

telling him that he should have his wrist fused and that he

matter how much I squat, I just have to perform a good lift.

should live a more sedentary lifestyle. This wasn’t something

Last time I just did 50kg, a weight I knew was manageable.

that Will was happy with and he took it upon himself to build his wrist back up to what it used to be. I thought that if he

The following weekend was the date for another BDFPA

could manage to do that for himself then hopefully he will

competition in Plymouth, where I had to do all three lifts.

be able to help me to do the same with my leg. So I started

Over the duration of the strenuous weekend, I took all of the

coming to Plymouth Performance Gym to have sessions,

South West Records for all three lifts and the total, which is

with Will, specifically to rebuild the muscle in my leg. It was

really great. Shortly after that event I managed to get some

the first time I’d done anything like this, s it was all new to

sponsorship from Ginsters who have been fantastic, and

me and I was a bit apprehensive about the outcome.

now I’m continuing to build on what I’ve already achieved.

13 her sport May Issue

Jade’s prosthetic femur May Issue her sport 14

How To Make It Big funded sport anyway because it is such a minority sport, and

Thank you I would just like to take this opportunity to send out a few

I would have to be much further on in my training already

thanks to those who have me through this process. Firstly,

to be funded. I’ve been trying to raise the money myself

thanks go out to Ginsters for their sponsorship, it came at

through raffles and fundraisers, and the sponsorship has

the right time and I only hope I can prove that I was worth it.

helped me enormously.

Secondly, to the University of Plymouth and the Rotary Club of Launceston, thank you for all the financial assistance over

There are several training camps I have to attend at Stoke

the last six months. To all the small businesses and individuals

Mandeville, one of which is due to take place this weekend

who have helped with raffle tickets, prizes and fundraisers,

so I’ll be spending my time proving the right decision was

thank you. And last but by no means least, huge thanks to

made by putting me forward onto the scheme. This is one of

Crunch Gym and Plymouth Performance Gym for all your

the very early stages I have to go through before making it

help and support through all of my training, without you I

to the next phase of training and qualification.

wouldn’t be where I am now.

Recently, the weight categories have been changed,

her sport says:

amongst other things, so I don’t yet know how much I

Jade, now 26, is continuing to make her way through all

will have to lift when it comes to qualifying for the 2016

of the training and competitions to make it through to the

Paralympics in Rio. There are a lot of rules as well. You have

qualifying round of the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016.

to have competed in a certain event to qualify. You have to

She has come a long way from being a communications

have lifted a certain weight to qualify. The list is endless but

professional to spending most of her time focusing on a

all of these specifications allow you to qualify for stage after

sport that she truly loves. While she has to find ways of

stage after stage. Due to the changes the sport is going

funding herself to make it big at Rio 2016, she knows that

through, it has all been made crystal clear to me yet. It’s all

the time, effort and support from companies and individuals

a bit up in the air and, at the moment, it’s just a case of train

will pay off eventually. Jade has shown the Cornwall, along

as hard as possible as often as possible and lift as much as

with the rest of the UK that you don’t have to have a lifetime


of experience within a sport to make your move on to bigger and better things. Fifteen years ago Jade would never

Fitness Like any sport, I do have to do some cardiovascular fitness alongside the weight training. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot I can do with my disability. Most of the exercises can aggravate my leg. I’ve been told not to do any sprints on the rowing machine, something I was using towards my cardio fitness. I started rowing for Cotehele Quay Gig Rowing Club at the end of April last year, and I absolutely love it. While there are a lot of things that I wish I could do that I can’t do, I’m really enjoying lifting weights and I love rowing. There’s a great bunch of people in both so I’m happy doing what I’m doing. It’s better than doing nothing.

15 her sport May Issue

have imagined being able to have such an involvement in

Three types of lifts

sport. Now there’s no stopping her. We wish Jade the best of luck in the future, and hopefully, in three years time, we’ll be showing our support as a nation as she competes for gold in

Bench press Lying on your back on a bench and lifting the weight above your head.

the Rio Paralympics.

Dead lift Picking the weight up off the floor and lifting above your head.

about the South West girl who could be representing your

Squat lift Having the weight bar across the back of your shoulders and squatting.

BDFPA events and activities that take place do so against

You can follow Jade’s progress with both her powerlifting and rowing on twitter by following @Jade_Farr.

How did these Olympic and Paralympic medallists make their way to the top? Nicola Adams, Boxing

Ellie Simmonds, Swimming

Helen Glover, Rowing

Nicola Adams started her boxing career at the age of 13. Adams has made history on several occasions. She became the first woman boxer ever to represent England; she has been English Amateur Champion over four championships; she became the first English female to win a medal in a major tournament, taking silver at the European Championships in 2007; and she took silver at the 2010 World Championships in Barbados. She achieved all of this before she took the gold medal at London 2012.

Ellie Simmonds first showed an interest in swimming at the age of five. Eight years later Simmonds returned to the UK, after the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, with two gold medals. Later that year, she was presented with the 2008 BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year Award. Simmonds won two more gold medals at the London Olympics in 2012, breaking the World Record for the individual medley. Overall, she has won 10 gold World Championship titles to go alongside her four Olympic gold medals.

Helen Glover started her rowing career in 2008 while still teaching at Oldfield School in Bath. She was introduced to rowing through the Sporting Giants scheme and was placed on GB Rowing Team’s start programme. After receiving Lottery funding, Glover was then paired with Olympic Rower Heather Stanning. They went on to win a silver medal at both the 2010 and 2011 World Rowing Championships and went on to win the first ever Olympic gold medal for British Women’s Rowing at London 2012.

Gemma Gibbons, Judo

Jessica Ennis, Heptathlete

Victoria Pendleton, Cycling

Gemma Gibbons first started practicing judo at the age of 6. Before even reaching university, she had represented Greenwich in the London Youth Games. Gibbons studied Sports Performance for her degree at Bath University where she continued with her judo, winning a Full Blues Award from the university in 2007. Shortly after graduating she won bronze at the 2009 World University Games, allowing her to qualify for the 2012 Olympics, where she lost the final to win her silver medal.

Jessica Ennis had her first experience of athletics when she was 10 years old, at a ‘Start:Track’ event during the school Summer holidays. She took to the sport immediately. 2008 saw Ennis pull out of the Beijing Olympics due to injury to her right foot. Between 2010 and London 2012, Ennis won three gold and two silver medals when competing in European, World Indoor and Outdoor Championships. In August 2012, she won the gold medal and broke the British and Commonwealth at the London Games.

Victoria Pendleton rode her first race, a 400m event on the grass track at Fordham, at the age of 9. She showed her promise at 13 and three years later Marshal Thomas, the assistant national track coach, spotted her. Pendleton wanted to concentrate on her education and enjoyed some success as a student before graduating and becoming a full-time cyclist. Before retiring after London 2012, Pendleton won two bronze, six silver and nine gold medals, alongside several Championship titles.

Jade also has a website you can visit to find out a bit more country:

British Drug Free Powerlifting Association (BDFPA) BDFPA was formed in 1989 to provide an alternative

national platform for Drug Free Competition. All of the the background of the Association’s total and unequivocal commitment to a policy of rigorous drug control. The drug testing programme is funded entirely by members’ subscriptions, and they are conducted by a network of approved sampling officers around the UK. In the last five years, the membership of BDFPA has trebled. Find out more at


ere at her sport we know how difficult it can be to keep track of calories and diets along with your fitness when you’re constantly on the go. We have put together a little compilation of what we think are the best fitness apps are available on Apple and Android.

My Fitness Pal

Provides you with a calorie tracker and fitness tracker for every day.

Fit Radio

Provides you with a good workout mix to keep you motivated.

Photos from Google Images

I don’t receive any funding at all. Powerlifting isn’t a very well

How To Make It Big

Nike Training Club Provides you with a wide range of workouts based on your desired goals.

Pocket Yoga

Provides a simple way to work around the constraints of practicing yoga. May Issue her sport 16

Behind the Scenes


The Scilly Gig-gles

Behind the Scenes

17 her sport May Issue

Photo: Sian Osborne

Photo: Sian Osborne

oming up shortly is one of the most well-known and prestigous rowing events of the year, with gig rowing clubs and teams from all over the U.K congregating on the Isles of Scilly to compete in the biggest regatta of the year and kicking off the season with a bang. Our editor, Sian Osborne, met with Looe Gig Rowing Club’s Ladies A Team and went along to one of their training sessions to see what life is like from within the boat. The Easter weekend saw the continuation of their intense training, even if it was only three degrees at nine o’clock in the morning on a bank holiday.

May Issue her sport 18

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

“I love rowing with a team and we have a really good laugh and a good bond, but if I was rowing on my own I would probably hate it.”

“When you have to get up early for work, it’s really difficult. It’s so much easier getting up to go rowing!”

19 her sport May Issue

Photos: Sian Osborne

“I think the Scilly regatta should be at the end of the season - finish on a high.”

“We train all year round, apart from in September which is our month off.”

“We’re hoping to finish in the top eight this year at the Scilly regatta.”

Photos: Sian Osborne

“We’ve got nine teams going to the Scilly’s this year, more than we’ve ever had.”

“The best part of the season is after the finals race. We celebrate by joining the other teams on the support boat and the drink starts flowing. There is such a buzz amongst everyone.”

May Issue her sport 20

Health & Lifestyle

Over the next few pages you’ll find yourself salivating over the luscious smoothie recipes we’ve provided for the perfect breakfast to give you the kick start to the day you need. Every woman needs to shop, and you’ll be able to shop until you drop without having to move a muscle with our ‘Skinted & Minted’ shopping page. Jane Stephens also offers some advice and tips on how to train and diet for long distance runs as she anticipates the London Marathon.

21 her sport May Issue

Health and Lifestyle

Run Jane, Run

Health and Lifestyle


Have you brought new running shoes specifically for the London Marathon, or are you sticking with what you already know?

When did you start training for the Marathon?

I started training when I decided to do the marathon, which was in December because I didn’t get a place until then. I’d been running before that but not specifically for the London marathon.

When you train, do you run the whole 26 miles?

No. I’ve never done a marathon before so I’m going by what other people tell me, and the most I will run in training is 20 miles two weeks before the marathon. I’m up to 18 miles now. You do a long run on the Sunday, then the following Sunday you do a shorter run, and the following Sunday you do a longer run again. You’re supposed to increase it by 10% every fortnight. I’m doing the Bideford half marathon this Sunday, which they fit in to the training programme for the London Marathon.

Where did you find out about the training plan?

I went online and picked several I liked the look of. I also spoke to a guy who owns a running shop and sat down with him. We picked out the best bits of each one and tailor made it to fit in with my lifestyle. Training is made easier by the fact that I’m a member of a running club anyway. It’s very time consuming but you can just get out there and do it. It’s hard work but if you want to do it then you’ll do it.

Do you do any other training?

I go to the gym five times a week to do resistance work to build up the core muscles really, just to keep my back strong. You don’t think of it when you’re running but that keeps your posture right and helps you run better.

23 her sport May Issue

I’ve had new shoes but the ones I’ve always worn. I’m in a particular pair of shoes and I’m now on my fourth pair. The timing for a new pair is worked out as a new pair every 500 miles so I’ve got a new pair to pick up a few days before the marathon, which I’ll just break in that week. Because they will be new, they will be newly cushioned.

So that helps with knees and hips?

Yes. I’ve found that I’ve increased my distance by so much that, after always being injury free, I’ve started to get a niggle in my hip. But I just have to be aware of that and know what exercises I need to do to counteract it.

Have you had to have any physiotherapy to help control the pain? No, but I do have a weekly sports massage at the running club, which is very beneficial.

For me, it’s all tried and tested and I know what works and what doesn’t. I also have a protein high meal after the run and because I normally run on a Sunday, more often than not it’s a really good carvery. The protein helps with the muscular repair.

In these last two weeks are you increasing or decreasing the amount you train? I did the 20 miles on the Sunday two weeks before but this week the runs I do on a Tuesday and Thursday evening will be fairly short in comparison, probably around the 10k mark. On Sunday, with just a week until the marathon, I will cut right down to just four or five miles, and I won’t do any more than that on my running nights next week. As well as cutting the distance right down, I will slow the pace of them right down as well. The idea is to keep everything working and moving but to also build my strength up for the marathon.

“It’s hard work but if you want to do it then you’ll do it.” In these last couple of weeks leading up to the run, are you going to be changing your diet at all?

I wouldn’t say I’ve changed it a huge amount because I eat a low fat diet anyway, but I have incorporated more carbohydrates than I used to. In the three days leading up to any big run I will have carbs in every meal, but still not huge amounts. I’ll have a reasonably high carb meal the night before, consisting of pasta, chicken and vegetables. It’s a bit of a ritual. I have Weetabix for breakfast on the day of the run because I know it doesn’t give me stitch or make me sick. I will take Jelly Babies, dried apricots and a flapjack with me to graze on throughout the race. There’s a fine line between eating what is recommended but also making sure what you eat doesn’t upset your body in any way.

How many of you are doing the London Marathon? From our running club there are four. I’m doing it for the Air Ambulance and the other three are doing it for Fleet (Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust).

How much have you raised for the Air Ambulance so far? I’ve raised £1,500 of a £2,000 target.

I should raise a bit more as I’ve got more events coming up. That was probably more daunting at the start than the run, being left with four months to raise £2,000. The most successful fundraiser was when my husband and I dressed up as the Air Ambulance helicopter in Sainsbury’s in Truro and raise £700 in a day.

Photos from Google Images

Photo: Sian Osborne

ith the well-known ‘Race For Life’ campaign getting well underway this month, we decided to have a chat with Marathon runner Jane Stephens about training, dieting and preparation for long distance runs. Our Editor, Sian Osborne, met with Jane at her house where she shared some her personal habits when it comes to her running.

May Issue her sport 24

Health and Lifestyle


2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice 1/4 + 1tbsp honey 1tbsp squeezed lemon juice 2tsp finely grated ginger 2 ripe bananas In a blender, puree all the ingredients until smooth.

Need a pick-me-up? Have this delicious smoothie at any point throughout the day to give you the boost you need.

Banana-Blueberry (Serves 2)

(Serves 4)


12oz plain fat-free yogurt 3 to 4 bananas, peeled and cut into chunks 14oz strawberries, stems removed and chopped 1/4 cup of skimmed milk 2 tbsp honey 1 cup of ice Gradually add each ingredient into the blender and puree until smooth.

Try something different and substitute the strawberries for peaches or raspberries.

Fruit Smoothie



Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blnd on high speed until smooth. Serve.

Puree the ingredients together in a blender. Serve when smooth.

1 ripe banana 1 cup frozen blueberries 1 cup fat-free yogurt

2 oranges, peel and pith removed, cut into chunks 1 cup frozen raspberries 1 cup frozen blueberries

Add even more cold-fighting nutrients to this smoothie by pureeing Substitute the blueberries for a banana, a kiwi or 1/2 a cup of strawberries or raspberries to make a yogurt with the other ingredients. change to this favourite. 25 her sport May Issue

d e i r T sted e T &


ith summer on the way and everyone praying for sunshine and warmth after a bitterly cold winter, the team have been out on the prowl in search of some summer wetsuit-wearing surfers. We asked Cat, Chloe and Hayley for their opinions, ratings and reasons for using the wetsuits they almost live in throughout the summer months. Here’s what the girls have to say.

Photos: Sian Osborne

(Serves 4)

Breakfast Smoothie

Cat Miller, 19, Bude

Chloe Hazeldine, 22, Newquay

Hayley Kirby, 22, Bude

1. What make is your summer wetsuit? O’Neill

1. What make is your summer wetsuit? C-Skins

1. What make is your summer wetsuit? Quiksilver Cypher

For the next questions, answer with a number from 1 to 10, 1 being rubbish and 10 being brilliant.

For the next questions, just answer with a number from 1 to 10, 1 being rubbish and 10 being brilliant.

For the next questions, just answer with a number from 1 to 10, 1 being rubbish and 10 being brilliant.

2. How easy is the wetsuit to get in and out of? 10 3. How comfortable do you feel when wearing the wetsuit? 10 4. Does it help to keep you as warm as you’d like to be? 10 5. What is the moveability like in your wetsuit? 10 6. Out of 10, how would you rate it overall? 10

2. How easy is the wetsuit to get in and out of? 4 3. How comfortable do you feel when wearing the wetsuit? 7 4. Does it help to keep you as warm as you’d like to be? 8 5. What is the moveability like in your wetsuit? 7 6. Out of 10, how would you rate it overall? 7

2. How easy is the wetsuit to get in and out of? 10 3. How comfortable do you feel when wearing the wetsuit? 9 4. Does it help to keep you as warm as you’d like to be? 10 5. What is the moveability like in your wetsuit? 9 6. Out of 10, how would you rate it overall? 9

“After having this O’Neill wetsuit, I wouldn’t go back to using any other make. Can you tell I love my wetsuit?!”

“If I could afford one of the better makes I would get one, but this is good enough for now.”

“Quiksilver are pretty good with wetsuits but there are others out there that just pip them to the post.” May Issue her sport 26

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Health and Lifestyle

Health and Lifestyle

Health and Lifestyle

L Skinted & TK Platinum P1 Hockey Stick Available from RRP £350

Anyone who has a keen interest in running will already know about Nike’s latest fashionable running shoes for women. Every runner will want and need the best pair of running shoes they can get their hands on, and this is something Nike have reached out for in their Flyknit range. However, their market seems to be those who have the disposable income to spend on these flash running shoes. But fear not. We have found an affordable equivalent for you in the form of Adidas Duramo’s. They might not be as stylish as the Flyknit, but they do offer the cushioning and support desired by all the runners out there.

The latest and most up-to-date sticks that seem to be the most wanted amongst hockey players at the moment are made of 90% carbon, unlike the good old fashioned wooden sticks that you’ll remember using at school. TK have designed one of the most aesthetically pleasing sticks for the hockey girls amongst. We are aware, though, that not all of you can afford to pay out for this ridiculously priced top-of-the-range equipment, and we have noticed that Voodoo have made something similar which is available to you at a fraction of the price, made up of carbon, glass fibre and aramide. Now it’s down to you.

Adidas Duramo 4 Women’s Running Shoes Available from: JD Sports RRP £42

Voodoo Bronze Hocky Stick Available from RRP £65

27 her sport May Issue

Wilson ProStaff Six One 95 BLX Tennis Racket Available from: RRP £170

This Month’s Most Wanted

We all sit in awe of the world’s most competitive and best tennis players over the summer months, whether their playing in Wimbledon or the French Open. This racket can provide you with the best racket technology available, giving you the precision and pop from the baseline or the net.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Women’s Football Boots Available from: RRP £200

Boardman Mountain Bike Team FS 2012/2013 Available from: RRP £1,049

Bodymax Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set Available from: RRP £699.99

Both of these new release boots come from prestigious companies who have previously provided footballers of all abilities with a comfortable and firm boot. If you’re looking for something packed with the latest boot technology - if there is such a thing - then the Nike boot is for you. With an interchangeable bottom on the boot to provide you with the correct footing for the pitch, Adidas have some big competition. Saying that, they’re not too far behind, even with their more affordable boot. Although this particular boot is designed specifically for harder ground, the assymetric loop lacing allows for better ball control from this distinctive, lightweight and durable affordable equivalent. The decision is yours.

After the success of the Olympic cyclists at the London Games, the interest in cycling has risen beyond belief, whether it’s track cycling, road cycling or mountain biking. The Boardman Mountain Bike can offer you the best suspension you could find anywhere else, and the light weight of this aesthetically pleasing frame makes it easier to get around the tough mountain bike trails. But, if you’re looking for something a little less pricey, have no fear. Halfords can also offer you an affordable equivalent in the form of the Trax TFS.1 Mountain Bike. With full suspension, a lightweight frame and an ultracomfortable female fit saddle, there isn’t much missing from this mountain bike. It is also fitted with ATB tyres, providing performance in all conditions.

Kettlebells and Kettlercise are becoming more and more popular, with sport and leisure centres providing more sessions on a regular basis. For those of you who have become almost obsessed with this type of training, we’ve found the perfect kettlebells for you. Bodymax seem to be the company who have really hit the nail on the head with the design of the kettlebells. With a comfortable and smooth handle for grip, Bodymax Kettlebells are designed to develop explosive strength. The only real difference between the two sets, pictured above and below, is that the more expensive set has more weights and are coated in vinyl while the cheaper set of the two has less weights. Bodymax also sell kettlebells indiviually if that’s what you’re looking for.

Adidas F10 TRX Women’s Football Boots Available from: RRP £50

Trax TFS.1 Ladies Full Suspension Mountain Bike Available from: RRP £99.99

Bodymax Competition Russian Kettlebells Available from: RRP £29.99 Photos from corresponding websites

Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Women’s Running Shoes Available from: JD Sports RRP £140

Photos from corresponding websites


et’s be honest, we all have moments when we should be doing housework or catching up with work emails, but instead we choose to spend the time scrolling through the internet and dampening our spirits longingly looking at the newest running shoes or the latest football boots or the best hockey stick we can find. That’s why we’ve taken the time to show you that there are affordable equivalents out there...somewhere!

May Issue her sport 28



Our Must-See Sports Events


Golf - Turkish Airlines Ladies Open


9th - 12th May


National Golf Club, Belek, Antalya, Turkey


Golf - Deloitte Ladies Open


24th - 26th May


The International, Amsterdam, Netherlands






BMX - UCI European Championships

18th and 19th May Exact venue to be announced, Germany Stages five and six are due to take place over the third weekend in May.



Rowing - European Championships


31st May - 2nd June Seville

World Championships and Cups for rowing, canoeing and open water swimming have been hosted here before.


26th May


Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster Rovers FC The 2013 Women’s FA Cup Final will be taking place at the Keepmoat Stadium, home to Doncaster Rovers Belles, one of women’s football’s most famous clubs. Returning to terrestrial television for the first time since 2009, being shown on BBC Two HD, this match will be signalling the start of an amazing summer of women’s football, building up to the BBC’s live coverage of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2013 Finals in July. The cost of tickets are £10 for adults and £5 for children, OAPs and the disabled. A family ticket is also available, allowing entrance for two adults and two children. There is also an early booking discount which is applicable to bookings received before 10th May. Ticket hotline - 01302 762576.




Hockey - Investec Women’s Finals Weekend


Surfing - ASP Women’s Championship Tour

20th and 21st April



Reading Hockey Club, Sonning Lane, Reading

8th - 14th May


You can be witness to Englands top women’s hockey clubs competing for glory in the showpiece finales to the hockey season. See the stars of London 2012 do battle with their clubs as the top four teams play for a place in Europe and the league title. Plus, the Conference winners fight for their place in the Premier Division.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Football - Women’s FA Cup Final


Tennis - French Open


Tickets are on sale at

26th May - 9th June


The women’s title has been fairly hard to predict in recent years with Li Na and Francesca Schiavone winning their only major titles at the French Open. Maria Sharapova finally completed her Grand Slam set here in 2012.


Rugby - London Leg of IRB Sevens Tournament


11th and 12th May




Football - UEFA Women’s Champions League Final


23rd May


The women’s showpiece is taking place at Stamford Bridge, home to the Premier League’s Chelsea FC, returning to the city where Fulham’s Craven Cottage staged the 2011 decider. Buy tickets at

29 her sport May Issue

Photo: Steve Lowrie

Stamford Bridge, Chelsea

Over the weekend of the 11th and 12th of May, the London leg of the IRB Sevens Tournament will be taking place at Twickenham, with the England Women’s team participating in the International Invitational Tournament. After the England Women’s Rugby Union team proved their worth by coming second in the RBS Six Nations early this year, the Sevens Tournament is definitely worth a watch to see the national team work thei magic on the pitch. Tickets purchased fr the Marriott London Sevens cover both the men’s and women’s tournament across the weekend. For more information and to purchase your tickets visit

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We know that the lead-up to the long-awaited summer can take its toll. Here in the her sport office we impatiently look forward to the sporting events that the end of the season has to offer. We’ve looked ahead and picked our top 10 events for May. So sit back, crack open an ice cold drink and be inspired by some of the UK’s finest sportswomen.



May Issue her sport 30

Entertainment Entertainment




ere at her sport we have made it one of our missions to help you become more involved in sport. That’s why the team decided to put together a directories page, informing you of the gyms and leisure centres near you, along with contact numbers and websites.

Entertainment Saltash

Saltash Leisure Centre

01752 840940

St Austell

Polkyth Leisure Centre

01726 223697

St Austell

Saints Gym

01726 76300

St Austell

Train Station

07429 177376

St Columb Major

Retallack Resort & Spa

01637 882400

St Ives

Evolution Gym

01736 798077

St Ives

St Ives Leisure Centre

01736 797006


The Garden Sports & Leisure Club

01752 816800


Torpoint Community Sports Centre

01752 815172



01872 321217


The Gym

01872 240032


Morgan’s Wellbeing Centre

01872 561111



01872 321217


Truro Leisure Centre

01872 261628



01208 814040


Wadebridge Leisure Centre

01208 814980


Dragon Leisure Centre

01208 75715


Lakeview Country Club

01208 831808


TJ’s Bodytone

01208 704273


Budehaven Leisure Centre

01288 353714


Bude Sea Pool



01288 355089


Fusion Fitness Ltd.

01288 356635


Splash Leisure Centre

01288 356191


Camelford Leisure Centre

01840 213188


The Core Fitness & Body Studio

01326 310760


Princess Pavilion

01326 211222


Ships & Castles Leisure Centre

01326 212129


Whirlwind Fitness

01326 211789


Squires Field

01726 223691


Hayle Outdoor Pool


Helston Sports Centre

01326 563320



01566 777545


Phoenix Leisure Centre

01566 772551


Lux Park Leisure Centre

01579 342544



01637 870606


Heron Tennis Centre

01637 877555


Koncept Gym

07890 264387


Newquay Sports & Community Centre

01637 875533



01637 853828


Par Sport & Recreation Ground

01726 223691


Re-Shape: Ladies Fitness

01326 372458

Penzance Ladies Football Club

Penryn Gig Club


Jubilee Outdoor Bathing Pool

01209 614313

St Agnes Ladies Football Club

Porthleven Gig Club


Oxygen Health Club

01736 333831


Penzance Leisure Centre

01736 874744

St Breward Ladies Football Club

Port Isaac Gig Club


Pilches Gym

01736 331847

St Dominick Ladies Football Club

Rame Gig Club


St Just Sports Centre

01736 787856

St Teath Ladies Football Club

Rock Gig Club


R&R’s Gym

01872 571577


The Point at Polzeath

01208 863000

Torpoint Ladies Football Club

St Agnes Gig Club


Carn Brea Leisure Centre

01209 714766

Truro City Ladies Football Club

St Ives Gig Club


SJ Fitness UK

01209 204530

West Cornwall Ladies Football Club

Truro Gig Club


XFC Health & Fitness

01209 704273

31 her sport May Issue


Local Clubs Hockey

Gig Rowing

Bodmin Town Ladies Football Club

Bodmin Ladies Hockey Club

Bude Gig Club

Bude Town Ladies Football Club

Bude Ladies Hockey Club

Cape Cornwall Gig Club

Callington Ladies Football Club

Camborne Ladies Hockey Club

Charlestown Gig Club

Charlestown Ladies Football Club

Callington Ladies Hockey Club

Cotehele Quay Gig Club

Dobwalls Ladies Football Club

Caradon Ladies Hockey Club

Falmouth Gig Club

Falmouth Town Ladies Football Club

Duchy Ladies Hockey Club

Fowey Gig Club

Falmouth Ladies Hockey Club

Hayle Gig Club

Launceston Ladies Hockey Club

Looe Gig Club

Newquay Ladies Hockey Club

Mevagissey Gig Club

Penzance Ladies Hockey Club

Mount’s Bay Gig Club

St Austell Ladies Hockey Club

Newquay Gig Club

Truro Ladies Hockey Club

Padstown Gig Club

Hayle Ladies Football Club Kilkhampton Ladies Football Club Launceston Ladies Football Club Mullion Ladies Football Club Newquay Celtic Ladies Football Club

May Issue her sport 32


Tweets of the Month

Casey Stoney (@CaseyStoney)

Off to prepare for our game V Canada on Sunday at Rotherham 3pm K.O. A few days @StGeorgesPark should do the trick #england #lionesses

Women Sports (@Women_Sports)

If you are running next to me on the treadmill, the answer is YES, we are racing.

Maria Sharapova (@MariaSharapova)

My friend convinced me to go to a #yoga class this morning. Not sure why. Drinking beets juice to get myself mentally prepared. #energy

Chemmy Alcott (@ChemySki)

Bum padded undies! Defo not something I need #28yearsofsquatsgivesyouglutes

Women Sports (@Women_Sports)

It WILL hurt. It WILL take time. It WILL require dedication and sacrifice. But it WILL be worth it.

Paula Radcliffe (@paulajradcliffe)

Looking for a goal? Try @NikeUK Women’s 10k. A run like no other. Grab your mates and own the night. 33 her sport May Issue

Reader’s Letters

This month’s winning letter comes from 19-year-old Megan Hughes, who has sent in this stunning sketch of Jessica Ennis. Dear her sport, I am a student at Cardiff School of Art & Design and have a keen interest in sport which is why I’m an avid reader of your magazine. I particularly enjoyed your interview with Jessica Ennis last month and thought I would combine my love of sport and art and draw this picture. What do you think? Megan Hughes

Well done Megan, this is a beautiful piece of artwork. You have won yourself a year’s membership at your local Virgin Active Health Club. Keep up the good work and best wishes for your studies. Dear her sport, As usual I religiously picked up a copy of your magazine last month and was absolutely amazed at your feature on swimmer Natalie Greene. Like Natalie I am also an athletic mid-twenties female and even more surprising is that I too had an unfortunate and traumatic experience with water at a young age. I had to be dragged out of the sea after being caught in a rip current and I was truly inspired to read about how Natalie has overcome her fears to get back in the pool and swim 10 miles a week. After discussing it with my boyfriend; I decided to book my first swimming lesson at my local pool. I am both excited and terrified and hope that this is the start of my long overdue rehabilitation. Wish me luck.

Dear her sport,

For the first time last month, I decided to pick up your magazine off the shelf of my local newsagents, something I will be doing on a monthly basis from now on. I was delighted to find a recipe page for granola bars and I just wanted to let you know how delicious each batch turned out. My partner and I took them to work every day as part of our lunch. I’m hoping that the recipe page will continue in every issue so I can build up a book of recipes to help with my healthy eating regime. Thank you for providing me with those recipes and providing some support with my diet. Chantelle Binney - 21, Manchester

Thank you for your kind words Chantelle. We intend to provide our readers with what they want, Gemma, thank you so much for and it has become clear that you’re your inspirational letter in response not alone in wanting the recipes to the feature on Natalie Greene to continue. Thank you, also, for last month. It’s a pleasure to see picking up our magazine, we hope that what we write about is proving we entertain you and you receive to be helpful to our readers. We will some encouragement in your be thinking of you as you plunge participation in sport. We hope back into swimming again and we that the smoothie recipes prove as would love for you to keep us upsuccessful for you as the granola to-date with your progress. Good bars did. Good luck and best wishes luck and best wishes. for the diet.

Gemma Rose – 24, Milton Keynes

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