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WORKSHOP SERIES This book looks at the work of six well respected textile artists, each an expert in her own field. All give insight into their working processes as well as technique tips which will allow you to make advances with your own work. With a feast of stunning images there’s something here for the quilter, mixed media artist, journaller and hand or machine stitcher. Elizabeth Brimelow’s inspiration is landscape and she finds fascination and satisfaction in the transfer of information from drawing and painting to the stitched piece. She makes wonderful sketchbooks which form the basis of her quilts. Here she writes about how these images find their way into her textile pieces and also shares secrets of the making.

Siân Martin is a member of the Textile Study Group and of the 62 Group of Textile Artists. We know that her section of the book will get everyone excited. With her step-by-step instructions, she enables us to produce a great piece of work. First, the observation, then wire, paper and stitch combine to make a free standing still life.

Ro Bruhn makes the most wonderful journals. Her colourful books have featured in magazines and sell as soon as they appear in Ro’s Etsy shop. Here, she shows some of the techniques she uses in building up the layers. Hand and machine stitching combine with fabrics and paper, found objects and scraps of discarded clothing for a colourful result.

Olga Norris is known for using the figure as her source of inspiration. For this book, she provides us with new ideas and suggests a way to combine stitch with three-dimensional work. Her step-bystep instructions in this book feature the use of intricately cut card shapes, stitched backgrounds and figures worked in water-soluble materials.

Ruth Lee has written books on her innovative knitting and stitching techniques. For this book, she has come up with a novel idea. Take an existing piece and, through research and experiment, produce something entirely new. In this case, a wall hanging becomes a series of gloves. Ruth guides us through the process, looking at new materials and including ideas for their use.

Beryl Taylor used to live in Great Britain but emigrated to the USA a few years ago. Her mixed media work is much admired and her book and magazine articles have been a huge success. For this book, she takes us through all the steps involved in making a stitched and layered piece with materials such as throw-away face towels, ‘Colour Run’ sheets and modelling paste.

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