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Initial idea - watch?v=07C8G-5SOOc First edited final version - com/watch?v=FklQ2nSKZFc Edited version after critique - http://www.

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evaluation The first brief we were given was about creating a Fan Zine that would convey/visualize a certain interest or aspiration that we were keen to include as it’s content. It would have to be to a reproducible standard, with the sensibility that anyone could create it and that it was easy and cheap to make but was made with passion for the subject. I started by visiting an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery which was about Punk culture. The exhibition showcased many different zines and talked about how they were produced. I decided to create my zine about penguins as they are an animal in which i am interested and see in my current job. I wanted to make my zine fun but also teach people about the different types of species of penguins. I wanted to make the magazine part of a series, so that each zine would feature different animals. If I had more time, I would change the layout as I consider it to be too blocky and there is too much of the same style and not enough variation. I would also re-arrange the pages to break it up as there isn’t enough flow to the zine. This could be changed by adding an element that is reoccurring, for example by use of a colour theme or the page layout. It has over edited look for a fan zine and I would amend this by trying to do more variations of layouts which I feel I didn’t do enough of due to my time management. For the Occultural Studies we were asked to create a two minute moving image sequence representing occult or paranormal phenomenon which must include a subliminal product placement. We collaboratively shared roles within our group but I mainly focused on the production side of the film which included arranging the location and Managing everyone activities and parts within the film. Initially, we found it hard to come up with a set idea that we could all agree on, which took up a lot of our time. Our film starts with a group of people hearing a noise coming from the attic of their house, and being too scared to investigate. Plucking up the courage they go and explore, only to find that there is nothing but a few boxes. One box draws the attention of the character who is filming. They decide to bring the box down

from the attic and look inside, only to reveal screams and hidden mysteries. Although I feel that the theme and storyline were strong, I don’t feel that we conveyed it well enough. Worrying about time, our group somewhat neglected the subliminal product placement, which I felt was a key point of the brief, resulting in our group’s subliminal product placement becoming George Foreman boxes. If we had more time to film, I’d want to work on changing the product placement, maybe making something more hidden so it isn’t so obvious at first sight. In addition the filming and acting side could be worked on futher, because in the film theres no real reason behind why they are filming, and also when the box is opened the expression of the person is normal instead of scared. In partners, we branded each other for the Ident brief. I worked with Malcishia Outerbridge, who I didn’t know very well before the brief. Initially, I found it hard to come up with ideas as i discovered that even with asking her questions, that I hadn’t gathered enough information. Finally, I took the information she had given me, such as her favourite colour and prints, and tried to incorporate them. The feedback I received from the Crit, indicated that it was ‘ice creamy’ and that the colours I chose were depressing and didn’t suit her personality. I experimented by adding more pink into the website and to develop it further I will change the logo by removing her name and altering the circle shape. However, I want to keep the ‘M’ into which I will incorporate more of the swirl designs as I am satisfied with how it worked on the t-shirt designs. For the Ident/jingle, the feedback given was that it was too blocky and separated. I had wanted to explore different ways of illustrating the swirls but still getting the brand across. I had to produce a physical publication printed in two colours for the ID-IOT brief which was based upon the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘In Our Time’. For my publication, I listened to The Cell; a documentary about the origin of the cell. In keeping with some of the information from the programme, I started drawing little sketches of cartoon cells, which led me to the idea of children’s colouring books. Continuing the theme of cells, I wanted to create a book

that children could learn from and also have fun with. At first, I decided on having my publication in landscape from because I wanted to break the out of the conventional portrait mould. Also, I found that when colouring, most children tend to turn the page landscape as there is a sense and feel of more room and space on the page. However, after discussions with tutors, I decided that it would be best to have the book in portrait form. Looking at the physical copy now, I agree that portrait works out best and compliments the illustrations. To develop my book, I would attempt to make it more interactive so it’s not just a colouring book. I would include various different activities to keep the children’s brains more active, perhaps with the use of tip ins and stickers. Although I am pleased with how the book looks, I am disappointed that the content isn’t on the correct paper as I think that it is too thick for a colouring book. A major aspect for improvement is more thorough proofreading as there were one or two mistakes. On reflection, a coloured cover would have worked better as it would have been more eye catching, and more similar to many other colouring books. The main issue I have faced in this semester, is my time management. I tend worry about things and procrastinate too much, like many people do. I want to find ways that I can resolve this problem for semester two so that i don’t end up in the same situation. This can to this by finding ways to organise my time more efficiently, perhaps by looking into the Henry Gantt charts.

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