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Food and Wine Pairing Guide



Monsoon Valley Wines

are award-winning wines made

from carefully selected grapes grown at Hua Hin Hills Vineyard in Thailand. The leading new latitude wine is crafted by Siam Winery winemaker Kathrin Puff and her team, who combine old world values with new world enthusiasm and state-of-the-art winemaking equipment. Aromatic, enticing and renowned for their subtle aromas and expressive taste, Monsoon Valley Wines have attracted a following in Thailand and at Thai restaurants around the world.




WHITE WINES Blended White


Blended Red

Chenin Blanc Medium Dry


Shiraz 13



Cuvée de Siam Rouge

Cuvée de Siam Blanc




ROSÉ WINES Blended Rosé



Chenin Blanc Late Harvest


White Shiraz (Rosé)


Trio Medium Dry


Sangiovese Rosé


Muscat, fortified wine



Brut Blanc de Blancs (Sparkling White) with Larp Pla TASTING NOTES This light sparkling wine from Chenin Blanc, Colombard and Viognier grapes is made in





Monsoon Valley Brut Blanc de Blancs is delicate and fruity with green apple notes and hints of brioche and walnut. Elegant, with a light, mineral finish and fine bubbles, Monsoon Valley Brut Blanc de Blancs can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with fresh seafood. It’s also perfect for toasting and celebrating happy occasions.

PAIRED WITH LARP PLA A unique Thai salad made with minced fish fillet, spices and herbs, blending local ingredients in the right quantities is key to this dish’s success. Indeed, it’s the spices and herbs that enhance both flavour and texture and the spicier the salad, the more delicious it is. Fine, fresh and bubbly, Monsoon Valley Brut Blanc de Blancs cools the mouth, tones down the spiciness and refreshes your palate ready for the next bite..

AWARDS Vintage 2009 • Bronze Medal, FBAT Wine Challenge, Thailand 2011


Blended White

(White Wine) with Gaeng Keaw-Wan Kai TASTING NOTES A light, dry, fruity white wine with delicate citrus and ripe melon aromas, Monsoon Valley







made and

from Malaga

Blanc grapes. With a light-to-medium body, a medium finish and crisp acidity with a hint of sweetness, Monsoon Valley Blended White goes well with sweet, spicy Thai and Asian dishes like Gaeng Keaw-Wan Kai (green curry chicken) or Tom Kha Kai soup.

PAIRED WITH GAENG KEAWWAN KAI An herbaceous green curry with a rich taste, the tender chicken is flavoured with herbs and coconut milk. Chenin Blanc has a fresh and mouthful texture, which pairs perfectly with the savoury chicken. Malaga Blanc adds an authentic local hint while the Colombard grape supports a crisp and clean acidity that cleanses the palate and enhances the appetite.

AWARDS Vintage 2009 • Bronze Medal-The Beverage Tasting

Vintage 2007

Institute’s Wine Competition, USA 2009

• Bronze Medal, FBAT International Wine

Vintage 2008

Challenge, Thailand, 2007

• 86 points on Robert Parker website; Tokyo Sep 2008


Chenin Blanc Medium Dry (White Wine) with Seafood salad TASTING NOTES A wine with good acidity and “spritz”, this medium-bodied wine is enjoyable with aromas of peach, apricot, honey, quince and hint of guava. Elegant on the palate with a touch of sweetness, Monsoon Valley Chenin Blanc Medium Dry is fresh and crisp yet mouthful on the mid-palate and long finish. It is ideal for hot and spicy dishes or salads.

PAIRED WITH SEAFOOD SALAD Fresh and bursting with taste, the salad is served with a dressing that’s at once sweet,






by the savory seafood and the aromas pair perfectly with all the herbs. The wine is very well harmonized with the dish, with the fruitiness lingering until the last bite.

AWARDS Vintage 2011 • Bronze Medal, Japan Wine Challenge, Japan 2011 • Bronze Medal, FBAT Wine Challenge, Thailand 2011


Colombard (White Wine) with Som Tum


delicate a



elegant Blanc




the Monsoon Valley Colombard. Its light to medium body, crisp acidity and complex aromas of citrus and green apple with a floral hint, give Monsoon Valley Colombard a long finish with lemon and grapefruit flavours. It’s ideal for sipping on a hot day or as an accompaniment to such Thai favourites as Som Tam (spicy papaya salad) or Moo Satay (grilled pork strips on a skewer), as well as Indian and western dishes.

PAIRED WITH SOM TAM This fresh, crisp and spicy papaya salad is balanced with salty, sweet and sour flavours. A fresh and well-chilled Monsoon Valley Colombard complements the dish, refreshing the palate and reducing the dried prawn unami. It combines perfectly with the






throughout the dish.

AWARDS Vintage 2011

Vintage 2010

• Bronze Medal, Japan Wine Challenge, Japan 2011

• Commended Award IWC, UK 2010

• Vote best white wine from APEC wine Challenge

• Silver Medal : Wine Style Asia Award, Singapore, 2010

San Francisco, USA, 2011

• Seal of approval : AWC Int’l Wine Challenge Vienna, Austria, 2010


Cuvée de Siam Blanc (White Wine) with Poo Phad Pong Garee TASTING NOTES Made from only the healthiest and ripest Chenin Blanc and Colombard grapes, Monsoon Valley Cuvée de Siam Blanc is an elegant and graceful wine loaded with pear, honey suckle, apple white flower and spice aromas. Resembling a great white Burgundy in style and with a tiger label created by Thailand’s national artist Thawan Duchanee, Monsoon Valley Cuvée de Siam Blanc is an impressive crisp, dry and medium-bodied white wine with a satin texture and a long finish that is pleasant on a hot day or paired with spicy Thai crab.

PAIRED WITH POO PHAD PONG GAREE A spicy, creamy dish with a very powerful flavour, this toasty crab curry is rich in taste and texture. Monsoon Valley Cuvée de Siam Blanc cleanses and cools the palate and complements perfectly both flavour and





enhances the sweet taste and texture of the crabmeat.

AWARDS Vintage 2010 • Gold Medal Mundus Vini International Award, Germany, 2011 • Silver Medal , AWC Vienna, Austria, 2011 • Silver Medal, FBAT Wine Challenge, Thailand 2011


Blended Rosé

(Rosé Wine) with Tom Yum Goong TASTING NOTES Made from a trio of Chenin Blanc, Colombard and Shiraz grapes, Monsoon Valley Blended Rosé is a fruity, versatile wine. Its light body with mango and red berry aroma and a hint of citrus, make Monsoon Valley Blended Rosé a refreshing, stylish choice for dining on hot summer days and a perfect accompaniment to spicy Asian and Thai dishes like Tom Yum Goong or sweet Phad Thai noodles.

PAIRED WITH TOM YUM GOONG This spicy and aromatic soup is made with fresh Thai herbs and spices with crunchy prawns adding the substance and the richness. The versatile Monsoon Valley Blend Rosé enhances the flavour of the soup with its superb berry fruit, while its freshness and nuance acid cools down the spiciness and even makes the prawns taste sweeter. Take a sip and now you are ready for the next bite.

AWARDS Vintage 2011 • Commended Award IWC, UK 2011 • Bronze Medal, FBAT Wine Challenge, Thailand 2011


White Shiraz

(Rosé Wine) with Phad Thai Goong Sod TASTING NOTES Thailand’s first-ever crafting of Shiraz grapes into white wine style, Monsoon Valley White Shiraz Rosé is intriguing and racy, with hints of red fruits and black pepper and a pale salmon colour. Refreshingly crisp acidity that’s well balanced by red berries flavour and light tannin give the medium-bodied Monsoon Valley White Shiraz a tingling finish that makes it suitable for any time of day.

PAIRED WITH PHAD THAI GOONG SOD Soft and nutty, these stir-fried noodles with crunchy fresh prawns are served with banana flowers as a condiment. Monsoon Valley White Shiraz Rosé, with its nuance of acid and the superb firm berry fruit, complements the taste of Phad Thai very well. The fresh, cool, fruity and crisp acid refreshes and cleanses the palate, taking away the starch of the carbohydrates.

AWARDS Vintage 2011 • Silver Medal: Japan Wine Challenge,

• Best of Thai Wine, Japan Wine Challenge,

Japan 2011

Japan 2011

• Trophy for Best Discovery Wine, Japan Wine Challenge, Japan 2011

– 10 –

Sangiovese Rosé (Rosé Wine) with Larb Kai

TASTING NOTES Delicious and seductive, Monsoon Valley Sangiovese Rosé is the first ever bottled wine in Thailand from the famous Tuscan grape varietal that is the base for many premium Italian wines like Chianti and the Super Tuscans. The characteristic of the Sangiovese grape is quite evident with aromas and notes of amarena (sour) cherry, tea, liquorice, plum and violet. A wine with a tannic “bite”, it is structured like a serious rosé and pairs well






or Mediterranean dishes as well as Thai curry.

PAIRED WITH LARB KAI The spiciness and the complexity of Thai herbs give this minced chicken salad its wonderful savoury taste while the saltiness, sourness, sweetness and spiciness jazz it up to make it uniquely Thai. Monsoon Valley Rosé Sangiovese offers fruity berry notes and a mouthful taste, with the aromatic notes in the wine adding even more complexity to the dish. Drink it well chilled.

AWARDS Vintage 2011 • Seal of Approval, Japan Wine Challenge, Japan 2011 • Silver Medal Premium Class FBAT wine Challenge, Thailand 2011

– 11 –

Blended Red

(Red Wine) with Phad Kra Phao Kai or Moo TASTING NOTES A






specially crafted for Thailand’s hot climate and seasoned dishes, Monsoon Valley Blended Red is made from Shiraz and the indigenous Pokdum grape. Light berry aromas, minty with a hint of smoky, low tannin and light bodied, Monsoon Valley Blended Red is an excellent accompaniment to red curries and other spicy Asian dishes like fiery Thai Kra Phao Moo (ground pork with holy basil) or Kai Phad Med Mamuang Him Ma Phan (Chicken with cashew nut).







herbaceous both on the nose and on the palate, the wine complements minced pork or chicken and harmonizes with the oils of the stir-fries. Ideal for sipping, a Monsoon Valley Red Blend balances well with spicy flavours and earthy ingredients and tastes.

AWARDS Vintage 2010 • Bronze Medal Decanter, UK 2011 • Commended Award IWC, UK 2011

– 12 –


(Red Wine) with Red duck curry with grape TASTING NOTES Made from carefully selected Shiraz grapes, Monsoon Valley Shiraz is spicy, ripe plum and sour cherry slowly matured in German and French oak barrels to develop rich flavours of coffee and chocolate notes. A rich, well-balanced and structured red wine, with a full-body, acidity and tannin, Monsoon Valley Shiraz is enjoyable alone or with grilled lamb, pastas with red sauces, spicy Thai kai yang (grilled chicken), Panang Nua (curried beef) or Kang Pet Ped Yang (red duck curry).

PAIRED WITH RED DUCK CURRY WITH GRAPE The rich tannins of the Monsoon Valley Shiraz complement the textures and tastes of curried duck. The smoky aroma from the wine pleasantly mirrors the aroma of the duck. The curry cuts back the tannin, making this pairing better rounded and more enjoyable.

AWARDS Vintage 2010 • Silver Medal Premium Class FBAT wine Challenge, Thailand 2011

– 13 –

Cuvée de Siam Rouge

(Red Wine) with Stir-fried duck with cashew nut TASTING NOTES Made from the oldest and the best vines, Monsoon Valley Cuvée de Siam Rouge is a rich red wine blended from Shiraz and Sangiovese grapes and aged in French oak barrels then bottled unfiltered. A deep red wine with rich aromas of blackberry, Amarena cherry, coffee, pepper and chocolate, spicy and medium tannin and long finish, Monsoon Valley Cuvée de Siam Rouge resembles a great Northern Rhone Valley red and pairs well with meats, stews, grilled rack of lamb or traditional Italian meat dishes like bistecca Fiorentina and ossobucco.

PAIRED WITH STIR FRIED DUCK WITH CASHEW NUT This dish is rich, complex and spicy. The gamey note of the dish complements the gamey and smoky aromas of the Shiraz while the berry fruity acid from the Sangiovese helps cut the richness and refreshes the taste buds. The dish is enhanced by the wine both on the nose and on the palate.

AWARDS Vintage 2010 • Gold Medal : AWC Int’l Wine Challenge Vienna,

• Silver Medal : Wine Style Asia Award, Singapore,

Austria, 2010

Oct 2010

• Trophy Winner Hong Kong, Int’l Wine & Spirits

• 84 Points, Robert Parker, August 2010

Competition, 2010

• 80 points Mundus Vini, Germany, 2010

– 14 –

Chenin Blanc Late Harvest (Sweet Wine) with Thai dessert, mango-sticky rice with coconut milk TASTING NOTES

A superb, aroma-rich sweet wine, Monsoon Valley Chenin Blanc Late Harvest is made from shriveled Chenin Blanc grapes left to ripen on the vine to gain more sugar then gently pressed, slowly cold fermented, filtered and partly aged in oak and stainless steel. A nectar-like wine, lush with aromas of dried orchard apples and white peach, Monsoon Valley Chenin Blanc Late Harvest is creamy, with an elegant acidity and long finish that goes well with foie gras on toast or slowly sipped while sampling a platter of cheeses.

PAIRED WITH THAI DESSERT, MANGO-STICKY-RICE WITH COCONUT MILK Sweet mango enjoyed with the rich, nutty and complex textures of fresh coconut milk harmonizes perfectly with the rich, creamy and complexity of the ripe fruit with refreshing acidity that characterizes Monsoon Valley Chenin Blanc Late Harvest.

AWARDS Vintage 2010 • Commended Award IWC, UK 2010

– 15 –

Trio Medium Dry (Sweet Wine) with Poh Pia Sod Goong TASTING NOTES A trio of grapes, Colombard, Chenin Blanc and Muscat, are blended by skin contact for two hours before pressing to achieve this unique drinking experience. Cold fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, Monsoon Valley Trio has the appearance of a German Kabinett. The three aromatic varietals produce a wine that’s rich in aroma with hints of Rosé petals, peaches, pineapple and quince. Light and seductive on the palate, it balances natural sweetness and acidity with ease. This wine is ideal with Thai appetizers and salads.

PAIRED WITH POH PIA SOD GOONG A crispy Poh Pia with the smoky and salty flavours of fresh prawn gives a savory bite on the mid-palate. Monsoon Valley Trio Wine Medium Dry’s nuance acid and the superb firm fruit of the wine are well matched and cleansing, refreshing the palate for the next bite. Alternatively pair with desserts and fruits.

AWARDS Vintage 2011 • Seal of approval : Japan Wine Challenge, Japan 2011

– 16 –

Muscat, fortified wine (Sweet Wine) with Beef Panang TASTING NOTES A dark salmon-pink fortified wine made from Muscat grapes, Monsoon Valley Muscat fortified wine is deliciously sweet and well balanced. Smooth and velvety on the palate, its lush aromas of lychee, Rosé and cherry blossom





fortified wine an excellent choice with dessert or for sipping on its own.

PAIRED WITH BEEF PANANG The rich, sweet and powerful Monsoon Valley Muscat can cut through the rich and spicy character of this dish with its strong beef flavours and complex tastes, thus making for a harmonious match. Alternatively pair with desserts and fruits.

AWARDS Vintage 2011 • Seal of approval : Japan Wine Challenge, Japan 2011

– 17 –




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