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Higher Stud y Abroad Presented B y: Syed Ishtia

que Ahmed

Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (Kallol) PhD Student, Department of Information Science,

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA Fulbright Science and Technology Fellow (2011-2014),

US Govt. Ex-Lecturer, Department of Computer Science &

Engineering, BUET (2009-2011) HSC: NDC (2003), SSC: Ideal School & College (2001)

Outline Curriculum Vitae Statement of Purpose Recommendation Letters Email to Professors Evaluation Process Research That You Can Involve Yourself With Life in USA

CV Traditional Approach: 4/5 Pages Long Description of Every Single Good Thing You Have Done In Your Life. Same document often used for job interviews … and Often as “Bio data” for wedding purpose

Example 1: “I stood 7th in a Math competition when I was in Grade

Five” Example 2: “I completed a course on cooking shrimp in a local


CV 1 or 2 pages long (at most) Make sure most of the important data are on the first

page Professors won’t pay more than 30 seconds to 1 minute

on you CV Last 2 degrees, Work Experiences, Top Publications,

Outstanding Scholarships – should go there. Affiliations with big names count. Example: Google, World

bank, UNICEF, etc.

Statement Of Purpose (SOP) Traditional Approach: A written description of CV A new Einstein was born, and believe it or not, that was

me!!! I think about everything that can save the world. I got every possible awards I could get. I hit upon 5 totally new techniques, although I am not

sure why I am doing these …

Your Expectation

But What Professors Think

Statement Of Purpose (SOP) No more than 1 and ½ pages long (standard font size) This should be story about what you want to do NOT WHAT YOU ALREADY DID -> That part goes to CV

Minimum overlap between CV and SOP A story that present you a focused researcher on a single topic.

You might have taken different approach to one big problem. Make Sure what you want to do in future Tell why that university can be a good choice for you.

Recommendation Letter Traditional Approach: This is the best student I have seen in my entire life. Get this guy, your life will change overnight. He is among top 2% in everything. I only taught a course where he was a student among 59 other

students; still I can certify his entire character and intellectual ability with my fullest confidence. I know he will be an outstanding graduate student at your

university, although I have no idea about your university. (even about your country)

Your Expectation

What The Professors Think

Recommendation Letter 3 Key points: How much renowned that person is to the university you

are applying to. Big names do count. How much that person knows you. If you have a direct

research with him, that will help. What that professor if telling about you.

A story of a Yale Professor’s recommendation letter

Evaluation Process GRE/TOEFL cut off Classification according to research interests Faculty Meeting Going back to the cut off Financial Offers Shortlist, Waiting List Interviews Offers Campus Visit

An audio on the evaluation process ď ľ

Research Everyone Can Be Involved With: Eve Teasing

Against Eve teasing Reporting on Website: Commenting on those report Mobile phone Application for instant help Education Policy Awareness Equality Development

Involved Institutions Cornell University, USA BUET, Bangladesh NSU, Bangladesh

How Illiterate People Use Mobile Phones How do they save the phone numbers? How do they search the numbers? How to they listen to music? How to they listen to radio? How do they play videos?

What We Are Doing Working with the rickshawpullers of Kamrangirchar Making their life stories Finding out the people who are helping them Finding out the locally constructed techniques for

using mobile phones Using those techniques to help them.

Involved Institutions Cornell University, USA BUET, Bangladesh

Repairing IT Products How do the technicians repair your broken mobile

phones? Where do they learn these things? What kind of tools do they use? Is it possible to help them with video tutorials of

Youtube? Or connecting them over facebook?

What We Are Doing ď ľVisiting IT repairing places and learning from them.

Involved Institutions Cornell University, USA BUET, Bangladesh University of California Irvine, USA Georgia Tech, USA INTEL Inc.

OpenStreetMap for Bangladesh We do not have any digital map of our country of our

own. We use maps given my Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. Those are not free at large scale. Our map is not free! We have to make this free!!

OpenStreetMap for Bangladesh

OSM Bangladesh

Games for Autistic Children ď ľTo help them develop their Speech

Involved Institutions MIT, USA BUET, Bangladesh Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF), Bangladesh

Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) ď ľ

Life In USA Depends on where you are. Key factors: Number of Bangladeshis House Rent Public Transport Weather City / Rural life Landscape

Cornell University

Cornell ‌





MIT Media lab





Fulbright Tours

Skills You Need Driving Cooking Speaking English Working Hard Being Nice Loving Your Country 

Contact Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (Kallol) Email: Website: Facebook:

Hsa ishtiaque  
Hsa ishtiaque