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SIA 2013 Spring Summer Collection SIA’s 2013 Spring Summer Collection is a veritable big bang of creativeness. Eclecticism, creativity and liberty have given rise to unbridled, rigorous or humorous designs, inspired by Nordic simplicity, street culture, atlantic chic and tropical luxuriance. The strict elegance of the great designers from the 1940s is followed by the torrid ambiance of a lush savage jungle, then the North Atlantic sea spray carries the Hamptons style from Bordeaux to Long Island, while la joie de vivre reminiscent of Carnaby Street explodes in a joyous burst of colours. Like great Champagnes, the SIA 2013 Spring Summer Collection is definitely a vintage blend‌

Spring Shadow - 4

Ocean Treasure - 14

Graphic Jungle - 24

Cover. BISTRO chair in oak wood and cane. OCEAN throw 100% cotton, 130X170cm. Allium, h94. Brain coral in polyresin, available in red and white. Left page. LIANE vase in glass mouth blown, h80.

Happy Colours - 32

SPRING SHADOW A collection inspired by the strict elegance of the 1940s, with touches here and there of muted pastels conferring an infinite lightness, rendering vibrant the timid pink of a cherry blossom or the blue celadon of three fluted vases‌ The materials play on contrast rather than opposition: a large collection of vases alternates the iridescence of mercury glass with the delicateness of knitted ceramics. The magnolia flowers and cherry blossoms are between bud and bloom: clearly, this spring holds the promise of gentleness and poetry.



Previous page. ART DECO table in glass and painted metal, 240x80x75cm. LENA chair in beech wood and fabric covering (wool + polyester), h95. Handmade horse head in polyresin, h51. Orchid Vanda in glass vase, h92. CHINA plant stand in oak wood and polyurethane, h90. Circle mirror, diameter 96cm.


CLASSIC armchair in beech wood and 40% linen covering, 80x78x81cm. LOTUS cushion cover stitched, 70% silk, 50x30cm. JAPAN cushion cover 100% linen, 40x40cm. SPRING vases in ceramic: h31, h50. Cherry blossom flower, h40. Dry branch, h79. SQUARE mirror, 80x80cm. ALLIUM candles bergamot and edelweiss scents. Hand-painted CAPUCINE vases in glass mouth blown: h31, h55.


Handmade STARLIGHT candlesticks: h30, h40 - PARTY lantern in terracotta, h34. Muscaris bundle - KNIT vases in porcelain - MESH vases in glass mouth blown and metal: h29, h49. Japanese apple spray, h107 - STARLIGHT hurricane in aluminium, glass and steel, h63.



MIRABEAU vase in brass and glass. Tulips, h34. Handmade ESCAPE candlesticks in aluminium, set of 2 - RING vases in terracotta: h14, h3. ALLIUM candles, bergamot & edelweiss scents: h9, h16 - RING range in terracotta: vases, h25, h50. Bowl, diameter 40cm - HAT lamp in aluminium. MISTY T-light holders in stainless steel, set of 3. BATTIER chest with two drawers in alder wood and MDF.


Bouquet in CAPUCINE vases composed with: Iris, h94. Lilac, h82. Allium, h86. Rose English bud, h72 - Hand-painted GLINT vases in porcelain. BUTTERFLY range in porcelain: plates, set of 6. Dessert plates, set of 6. Table runner 140x40cm. ALBA wine glasses in glass mouth blown, set of 6. SWAN cutlery in stainless steel, set of 24.


Cherry Blossom & Magnolia


Left page. Magnolia in ceramic crackled pot: h40, h62, h165. Right page. Bouquet composed with: COCKTAIL vase, h90. Cherry blossom flower, h133, available in white and pink. Dry branch, h79 Magnolia arrangement in porcelain vase - Cherry blossom in pot: h64, h124.


OCEAN TREASURE The Basque Coast? The Eastern Seaboard? Does it matter? On both sides of the Atlantic, nautilus blues and antique shop treasures are beloved classics. The modern elegance of the collection of whitewashed furniture, with sophisticated finishing touches down to the details, sets the scene. The red of the coral, the pure white of the seashells and the deep blue of the vases and mosaics enliven this collection with delicate sereneness. Linen, cotton and, again, minutely finished and refined details for the table cloths, runners or finely embroidered cushions… A collectors’ collection, timeless, eternal…



Previous page. TANGER range in stoneware: jar, h33. Plate, diameter 40cm. EVA vase in stoneware, h53. SPONGE vases in porcelain, h9, h17. Brain coral in polyresin.


WORKSHOP range in oak wood: table, 180x80x75cm. Coffee table, 120x80x40cm. Side table with one drawer, 50x50x45cm. Sofa three seats in birch wood and linen covering, 199x76x100cm. GROOM range: armchair in beech wood and linen covering, h85. Stool covered with linen, 45x45cm. PURE lamp in ceramic, h58. Staghorn fern in pot, h48. White Phalaenopsis orchids in pot, h98. Hand-painted CARAIB vase in resin and paulownia wood, diameter 58cm. Eremurus arrangement in vase, h182.


Left page. MORNING GLORY Coral in polyresin. BERMUDE hurricane in glass mouth blown, h13. Hand-painted TANGER vase in stoneware, h30. Alliums bouquet, h91. NEPTUNE vase in glass mouth blown, h30. TRITON vases in ceramic, set of 3 - Hand-painted CARAIB vase, 100% paulownia wood, h143 - Succulent in pot. Right page. FIFTIES coat stand in oak wood, h170. STRIPES throw in silk and linen, 130x170cm. Handmade SEAGRASS frame in paulownia and plywood, 160x24cm - Grass in pot: h112, h132. Potted agapanthus, h76 - PYRAMIDE lanterns in stainless steel and glass: h59, h93 Handmade ECUME range in glass mosaic: T-light holder. Candle holder, diameter 22cm.




Left page. BISTRO chair in oak wood. WORKSHOP table in oak wood, 180x80cm. Alliums arrangement in a vase in bubble glass, h81. Right page. CHAIN cushion cover 100% linen, 40x40cm. OCEAN throw 100% cotton, 130x170cm. BLACKY throw 100% cotton, 130x170cm Hand engraved photo frame in mango wood and MDF, 25x20cm - Handmade & hand-painted Dog in polyresin, h24.


Left page. OCEAN Outdoor chair with cushion. Boxwood ball pot: h35. h65. Right page. PURE range in dolomite and glaze: salad bowl. Bowl. Canister, h13. Mug. Handmade pitcher, h22- LINO table runner 100% linen, 140x40cm - Handmade MULKY range in glass mouth blown: Wine glass. Water glass - PEARLY range in clay: vases, h29, h53. Hurricanes: h18, h30. Candles citronella fragrance: h5, h7.



GRAPHIC JUNGLE You Tarzan, Me Jane‌ On the edge of the terrace or garden, lanterns vibrate with light, the vegetation is lush and abundant: one can practically hear the murmur of the jungle as the sun sets. Furniture with simple yet sculptural lines, materials that are raw yet majestic, forming a nomad collection worthy of Kipling: a successful exercise of reconciling ethnic with modern, urban with savage, in a torrid and magnificent alliance.



Previous page. PALM placemats 100% linen, set of 4. LOTUS range in stoneware: plate. Dessert plate. LINE cutlery in stainless steel, set of 24. Napkin rings in horn, set of 4. GRASS salad bowl in glass. ORN salad servers in horn, set of 2. SAVANE lantern in bamboo and wood, h35.


Plant potted in terracotta, h94. Bamboo, h208. LAVA grey vases in clay: h55. h75. DIAGONAL range in red pine: table, 180x90x74cm. Chair, h80. Side table, 60x60x30cm. Orchids composition in bamboo, h30, available in yellow and fuchsia. SAFARI lantern in wood, h39. Helicona stem red, h168. Bird of paradise leaf, h105. Allium, h97.


Left page. DIAGONAL sunchair in red pine. JUNGLE lantern in wood, h20. Croton spray, h120. LAVA vases in clay, h22 and h33, set of 2 - PANTHERE range in glass: T-light holder, h7. Hurricane, h23 - Handmade JAVA plates, in water hyacinth, 75x75cm and 55x55cm, set of 2 - WHEEL console in glass, 105x50x40. NATURE range in glass and oak wood support: Hurricanes, h28, h40. Plate, h15, diameter 33,5cm. Nastrium, h65 - Roseapple bloom spray, h101. Right page. Philodendron Plant, h145. Washington palm: h125. h183. Flowers pots SAND: h52 set of 3. h100 set of 2.



Clematis, h86. CONE hurricanes in glass mouth blown: h20cm. h25cm - GRASS juice tumbler in glass mouth blown - PALM cushion cover 100% linen, 40x40cm. JUNGLE cushion cover stitched 100% cotton, 40x40cm. BAMBOO cushion cover stitched 100% linen, 50x30cm.


NATURE hurricane in oak wood and glass, h40 - FIFTIES tray on stand in oak wood. Phalaenopsis arrangement in vase - Side table in mindi wood & MDF, set of 2. PIC lamp in rattan. Orchids Phalaenopsis in a black basket, h33. LEO range in glass: T-light holder, h10. Hurricane, h20. ORN dishes in horn set of 3. Photo frame, 22x16cm. QUADRI cushion cover, 40x40cm.


HAPPY COLOURS Spring seems to last forever, the weather is hesitant… then, suddenly, it’s summer! The mood changes, nature bursts with colours, la joie de vivre is on the agenda. Bougainvillea and buttercups dance the salsa with the carnations and geraniums of our childhood memories. Naivety and joyousness are making their comeback; the Happy Colours collection has already set the tempo for the trendiest of trends… Yes, SIA has done it again!



Previous page: Bougainvillea, h63. Peony, h51. Handmade & hand-painted Parrot in ceramic, h46. STRAP Vases in porcelain: h22, h39. NEO Vases in glass mouth blown: h70, h100.


RIO range in glass mouth blown: tumbler, Ice cream cup. PAISLEY Cushion cover stitched 100% cotton, 40x40cm. HOLLY cushion cover 100% linen, 50x30cm. LACE lantern in metal, h35. SUNNY cushion cover 100% cotton, 40x40cm.


Potted geranium, h67 - STRIPES candles rose fragrance, h10 - JACQUARD range 100% cotton: table runner, 170x40cm, available in 5 colors. Napkin, 47X47cm, available in 5 colours.


Floating flowers, set of 4 – BUTTERFLY tablecloth clips, set of 4 – Magic Water hibiscus - Orchids cymbidium ball, diameter 63cm - Flowers composition in a vase in glass, h57.


Hand-painted PLAY vase in glass mouth blown, h40. Alliums: h75, h94. Leaf stem, h89 - JOY vases in terracotta available in 3 colors, h25.


Hand-painted HIPPYE vases in dolomite - HAPPY birds in polyresin.


Various products illustrated in this exclusive collection are subject to copyright protection. Their reproduction without written permission is prohibited. Š 2013. The availability of products may vary depending on the stock of each store. Please recycle.

Ref : 790005

SIA S.A. 115 av de Dreux 78370 Plaisir Ste Apolline Cedex France tel : 33 1 34 91 08 00 fax : 33 1 34 89 30 09 email :


Spring Summer 2013  
Spring Summer 2013  

Spring Summer 2013