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SIA domesticates winter As winter approaches, our instinctive reaction is a pouting, childish reluctance to let go of summer. Then we resign ourselves to the idea – actually rather voluptuous - of snuggling up in a woolen cover near a fire crackling in the hearth. In the end, we let ourselves go… dreaming of the magical silence of the scenery made vast by snow, looking forward to the joyous festivities of the holiday season. This palette of emotions is reflected in the three main themes of SIA’s Fall – Winter Collection. Light and delicate poetry for the “Inner Nature” theme, the exaltation and mystery of wintry journeys for “Winter Travel”, the festive and uninhibited glamour of “Modern Boudoir”. In each of these collections, the objects have drawn from current trends a particular “air du temps” - that intangible touch which makes a house, an apartment, a chalet feel immediately like home.





Left page. Handmade PEOPLE vase in resin and wood, 71x68 cm. Vanda orchid spray, h91 cm, available in yellow and burgundy. Berry stem, h134 cm. Next page. ORGANIC stool in rattan and metal, 57x41x49 cm. TEXTURE cushions in linen and cotton, 50x30 cm. RETRO round chair in rattan and metal, 81x68x81 cm. ABBY cushion 70% wool, 40x40 cm. TREE cushion in cotton, 40x40 cm. NIDI hurricane in glass and aluminium with an exclusive hammered finish, 43x33 cm. EGG hanging lamp in recycled paper, 30x29 cm. Handmade PAPER frame in wood, glass and paper, 50x50 cm. Yellow vanda in a clay pot, h62 cm. RAYMOND bulldog in polyresin, h24 cm. ANN chair in solid beech, polyester and linen covering, 68x68x82 cm.


INNER NATURE L u x u ry, g e n t l e n e s s a n d a i r i n e s s

Inner Nature thumbs its nose at winter with its pastel candy colors that give a definite look of spring to snowbound chalets. This is a very poetic theme that brings nature into the house. Our designers have shown true virtuosity by smoothening geometrical objects and masking highly sophisticated knowhow under apparent simplicity. Natural materials dominate this collection: wood, leather, stone, glass, ceramic, metal and even paper. The materials are blended, contrasted, conjugated. The design reinvents the most traditional objects by interpreting them in new materials: hammered metal, polished or turned wood, tinted glass‌ Under the ethereal authority of giant dandelions, Inner Nature creates an ambience that is both contemporary and delicate.



Left page. HOVER vase in mouth blown glass and wood, 51x26 cm. Clematis spray, h94 cm. Hereabove. CLOUD vases in clay: 68x24 cm and 33x12 cm. Hanging twig branch, h106 cm. Phalaenopsis in DOTS pot in porcelain, h41 cm - HONEY vase in glass with a handmade honeycomb pattern, 50x47 cm. Dandelion, h114 cm - CHIMNEY vases in earthenware: 27x14 cm and 51x12 cm - Hand painted LIME vases in glass with a lemon slices finish: 39x11 cm and 29x13cm. Hand painted HONEY hurricane with a honeycomb finish, 14x30 cm - TRI candle stick in mango wood, 16x15 cm.


Magnolia in a porcelain pot, h122 cm. GOATHIDE stool in wood and goat hair leather, 40x35 cm. CINEMA lamp in metal and glass, h48 cm. Handmade PEOPLE vase in resin and wood, 104x44 cm


PURE range in solid mahogany and linen covering: sofa 2 seats, 160x85x80 cm and foot rest, 110x90x35 cm. Hand painted BRIGHT trays in MDF, 90X70 cm, set of 4. Handmade GEO vases in earthenware and wood: h25 cm, h32 cm and h39 cm. MOUSY throw, 50% wool, 170x130 cm. Maple, in ceramic pot, h213 cm.



Left page. SHELL hanging lamp in aluminium, 82x20x58 cm - DUO vases in glass and wood: 9x15cm and 15x24 cm - Candle sticks WOODY in mango wood, h29 cm, set of 3 - Photo frames TEXTY in linen, steel and glass: 24x19cm, 27x22 cm and 27x21cm - NATURE coffee table in MDF and solid paulownia, 90x50x42 cm. Handmade GEO candle sticks in earthenware and ash tree, h31 cm, set of 3. PORTO lamp in oak wood and ceramic, h42 cm, also available in h71 cm - BIRTH tea-light in clay, 6x7 cm. Phalaenopsis in DOTS pots in porcelain, h27 cm. OPALIE hurricane in glass, 30x15 cm. Hereabove. 2nd vase: DESERT vase in porcelain, h26 cm - Dog in polyresin and gesso, h18 cm - DESERT vase in porcelain, 10x23. SIGNE flower-pots in porcelain, h11 and h15 cm, set of 2. VICTOR vase in stoneware, 13x10 cm. ARCHIMEDE owl in clay, h18 cm, also available in h14 cm. DRESS vase in porcelain with an inside blue email, h33 cm, also available in h20 cm - WORKSHOP console in oak, 120x30x90 cm. BIRTH range: tea-lights in clay, 11x9 cm and 12x12 cm; hurricane, 20x16 cm. Orchids arrangement in bamboo, h50 cm. NIDI mirror in metal, exclusive hammered finish, d74 cm.


Handmade ANTIC bowls in mango wood, d28 and d37 cm, set of 2 - Handmade IKAT salad servers in bone and horn, h25 cm, set of 2 - Handmade WOOD platters in mango wood, 48x25, 36x20 and 24x13 cm, set of 3 CLOUD range in porcelain: plate, d27 cm, and deep plate, d20 cm. NATY cutlery in stainless steel, set of 24 - SHANNY range in stainless steel and leather: wine cooler, 20x12 cm and Ice bucket, 22x19 cm. Right page. JACQUARD range 100% mercerised cotton: table cloth, 240x150 cm, also available in 300x145 cm and napkin, 47x47 cm. Magnolia with ice, h40 cm. CLOUD range in porcelain: desert plate, d20 cm and salad bowl, d27 cm. CLASSIC range in glass: water glass and wine glass, h21cm. Dandelion: h100 cm and h88 cm. Amaranthus, h219 cm.



modern boudoir Exuberance

An ambience of a contemporary boudoir where the glamorous elegance of the 1930s is punctuated, here and there, with the free spirit of the 1970s. Here, the strictness of a beveled glass mirror reflects the buoyant exuberance of turquoise fur. There, the metallic restraint of a rigorously geometrical stele plays with psychedelic motifs or the roguish legends depicted on the cushions around it. Farther on, the resin columns set on steel pedestals are an obvious tribute to Brancusi. The materials are often smooth, polished: metal, glass, lacquer, mirrors. Others are sensual: wood, leather, velvet, fur. Flowers are proposed selectively and sparingly, so much so that one wonders which of the vase or the flowers beautifies the other.


Previous page. OCTOGON range in glass and MDF: side table, 32x32x56 cm and console table, 33x33x110 cm. SILVERY mirror in MDF and glass, 120x80 cm. CASTLE hanging lamp in glass, h79 cm. Left page. SHINNY range in MDF, solid paulownia and steel: side table, 40x40x62 cm and console table, 50x50x90 cm. ARTY vase in resin and stainless steel, 30x30x122 cm. DIAMANT range in porcelain: lamp base, h34 cm and hurricane, 18x11 cm. ACTUAL perfume diffuser, peony, coriander and honey fragrance, 220 ml. Carnations, h58 cm - Erythrina, h128 cm. Right page. DIAM wall lamp in glass and metal, 25x11x24 cm - MULTICO range in glass: hurricane, 19x12 cm and tea-light, 9x8 cm. MODERN candle, cedar and white musc fragrance, h16 cm, also available in h10 cm - WAVES lantern in stainless steel and glass, 40x20 cm - CLASS console table in glass and MDF, 160x40x80 cm. COMET vases in glass: 14x15 cm and 20x20 cm. ACTUAL scented candle, peony, coriander and honey fragrance, h8 cm. WAVES vase in stainless steel and glass, 51x20 cm. Fig-tree branch, h91 cm. PURSE lamp in metal and glass, h40 cm. SILVERY mirror in MDF, 105x80 cm. DIAM hanging lamp in metal and glass, 8x116x5 cm.



TOWER vases in porcelain, h19, h29 and h35, cm, set of 3. Calla lily, h55 cm. Green and pink coffee stems, h105 cm. LUCY chair in solid beech, linen covering, 60x55x94 cm. CHARLESTON cushion in linen and cotton, 40x40 cm - OCTOGON coffee table in glass and MDF, 82x82x42 cm. PYRA range in crystal glass: candleholder, 14x12 cm; candlesticks, h15, h26, h33, and lamp base, h52 cm. BLACKY photo frame in glass, 21x16 cm. White TOWER vase in porcelain, h38 cm. Pink allium, h76 cm - Golden TOWER vase in porcelain, h18 cm. Fushia and pink peony, h51 cm - GOLDEN tray in stainless steel and brass, 52x30 cm. PYRA tea-light in glass, 22x3 cm.


Cattleyas in ceramic pots: h21 cm and h36 cm - Handmade LABYRINTH box in glass and MDF, 21x14x11 cm, also available in 41x26x21 cm - BOUDOIR sofa in solid beech, rayon and linen based fabric covering, 130x101x79 cm. FUR range: throw, 170X130 cm and cushion, 50x50 cm. Cushions in linen and cotton: PRETTY, 94000 embroidery stitches, 40x40 cm; STAR, 50x30 cm and LIGHTY, 40X40 cm. VELVET cushion in cotton, 40x40 cm. SILVERY mirror frame in MDF and glass, 80x70 cm.


CHARLESTON range in porcelain: deep plates, d20 cm, set of 6; plates, d27 cm, set of 6 and napkin rings, set of 6. Also available in dessert plate and coffee cup. NATY cutlery in stainless steel, set of 24 - LAURENT wine glasses, h21 cm. Right page. ZAKA lantern in stainless steel, glass and handle in leather, 25x24x80 cm. FOLD table in stainless steel and glass, 160x80x73 cm. MODERN chair in stainless steel and leather covering, 47x53x85 cm. FOLD bench in stainless steel and tissue covering, 160x50x40 cm. Flowers arrangement, vase in glass, h16 cm. FACE vase in glass, 23x13 cm. ROMAN vases: h100 cm and h145 cm. Pink cymbidium stem, h106 cm. Foliage spray, h124 cm. COIN mirror in metal and glass, 165x37 cm.



WINTER TRAVEL Odyssey for Chic Adventurers

A theme rich in cultural references between Orient and Occident, between nature and culture, evocative of a chimerical journey from Venice to Peking. As in a cabinet of curiosities or a 19th century boudoir, each object tells a story: its own. A voyage along the Silk Road, where richly embroidered fabrics, objects in copper or precious woods and subdued tones of celadon make the atmosphere veritably scintillate with the mysterious unexpected. So in vogue, it’s all about eclecticism: on a table, the delicate, spindly sculpture of a woman reminiscent of Zadkine or Giacometti mingles with a giant brass vase inspired by Ming Dynasty collections. Majestic bouquets play a symphony of reds, oranges and pastel pinks that illuminate the dÊcor with flamboyance. This is where garden meets forest, where the sophisticated meets the wild.



Page 23. MISSO plush bear in cotton and polyester, h25 cm. FOLD side table in stainless steel and solid elm, 44x44x66 cm. Phalaenopsis in a crackled ceramic pot, h140 cm. Bonsai trees in glass dome: h15 cm and h38 cm. Left page. PUEBLA range in clay with an exclusive pattern: flower pots, h28 and h36 cm, set of 2; vase, 66x24 cm; hurricane, h18 cm and candle, 8x11 cm. Dahlia, h38 cm. Hydrangea, h51 cm. Maple branche, h83 cm. English rose, h72 cm. Amaranthus spray, h85 cm. Page 25. Handmade PEEL lamp base in metal and leather, h46 cm - GOLDERY plate in streaked metal, d34 cm - WHISKY carafe and its 2 glasses in mouth blown glass, h26 and h10 cm, set of 3 - FACTORY mirror in metal and MDF, 158x82 cm. ZAKA lantern in stainless steel and glass, 20x20x40 cm. DROP vase in earthenware, 16x26 cm. Kniphofia stem, h109 cm. OPENFLO hanging lamp in metal, 28x21 cm. Greyhound in polyresin, 32x29 cm. Phalaenopsis in moss ball, h27 cm. CHINA vase in ceramic, 30x16 cm. GUN lamp in aluminium, brass and metal, h71 cm.


Horse in mango wood and metal, 46x9x54 cm. Handmade DROP vase in earthenware, 49x38 cm. LED lamp in metal, 28x28x57 cm. ISTAMBUL cushion in linen and cotton, 78000 embroidery stitches, 40x40 cm. VELVETEEN cushion, 80000 embroidery stitches, 40x40 cm. MODERN armchair in stainless steel, tissue covering, 80x70x94 cm. MOUSY throw 50% wool, 170x130 cm. SCOTTISH cushion in wool and polyester, 40x40 cm.


STONE coffee table in MDF, stainless steel and slate, 78x30x150 cm. MERCU tea lights in glass, 10x7 cm. Handmade PUEBLA plate in clay, d46 cm. Hydrangea wreath, d45 cm. PRE candleholder in mango wood, 31x13 cm. Blue LADY vase in ceramic, 59x28 cm. ANTIQUE horse in polyresin and stone, 31x11x26 cm. HIVE vase in earthenware, 18x20 cm. Phalaenopsis and orchid in ceramic pots, h26 cm.


Maple branch, h83 cm - CRUZ tea-lights in glass, 8x7 cm, set of 2 - BROWNIE photo frame in steel and glass, 12x31 cm - Handmade chests in rattan and leatherette, 36x21x20, 43x27x23 and 49x33x27 cm, set of 3. Right page. Handmade EBONY chess decorations in mango wood, h36, h39 and h42 cm. MODERN chest 3 drawers in stainless steel, elm and leather, 80x40x76 cm. MUSH range: lamp in brass and metal, h57 cm; pot in brass, 19x29 cm and copper hanging lamp in aluminium, 101x31 cm. Hydrangea, h31 cm. AMBER vases in glass, h33 and h38 cm. Berry branch, h65 cm. LADY figurine in polyresin, h60 cm. Bonsai in a black ceramic pot, h43 cm. BIRD plant in a grey pottery pot, h91 cm. PUMPKIN vase in blue glass, 24x14 cm.



CHRISTMAS One Christmas, three magical

Good news for lovers of hand-made arts and crafts: SIA’s White Christmas collection contains both love and meticulous craftsmanship. From the irresistible naïveté of the rag doll figurines to the delicately woven hearts in wooden twigs, it is the magic of poetry that prevails. More lavish, the Oriental Christmas theme seems to have been created by jewelers. The sumptuous candle holders in silver metal set the tone, reflecting the radiant and golden light of the intricately designed photophores. Finally, there is traditional Christmas with the jolly old elf shaking the snow and soot off his boots as nobody interprets the red and white Christmas that we all treasure at the bottom of our hearts like SIA: reindeer in gathered skirts, and oh-so-magic lanterns.


P.30 . CERAMIC Christmas ball, h8 cm - BIRD hanging ornament in birch wood, h9 cm - Owl ornaments in clay, h7 cm, set of 3 - BUBBLE Christmas balls in mouth blown glass, h8 cm, set of 4. BOUDOIR Christmas ornament in clay, h9 cm - Hand painted PINE figurine ornament in polyresin, h14 cm - Hand painted SHOES Christmas ornament in polyresin, h9 cm. P.31. Handmade iced pinecones wreath, d58 cm. Iced pinecones trees: h75 cm and h95 cm. White glittered wreaths in birch barks: d26 cm and d36 cm. JACQUARD range 100% mercerised cotton: table cloth, 240x145 cm, also available in 300x145 cm and napkins, 47x47 cm. ANN chair in solid beech, polyester and linen covering, 68x68x82 cm. BERRY range: candelabra, d33 cm and tea-lights, h8 cm, set of 2. FOGGY plate in glass with a smoky pattern, d28 cm. ICY tea-lights in glass and acrylic, 10x9 cm, set of 2. FLA candle plates in glass, d35 cm, set of 2. Handmade iced pinecones tree, h100 cm. Flocked Christmas tree, h240 cm. FUR throw, 170x130 cm.


Left page. Hand painted PINE figurines in polyresin, h13 cm - Nativity in polyresin, h26 cm, set of 11 - PIX candle holder in metal, 60x21x9 cm - Handmade PAPER frame, 250x100 cm. P.33. ICE & GLASS hanging decoration in rattan and glass, d20 cm - Hand painted KNIT figurines in polyresin and acrylic, h25 cm Paperwhite bulb, h46. Amaryllis bulb, h53 cm. Handmade STEF & NICK figurines in acrylic, polyresin and cotton, h51 cm. Christmas tree and white berries in polyresin and rattan, h100 cm. SNOW scented candle, cedar and caramel fragrance, 8x11 cm.


FOR candleholders in glass: h31 cm and h45 cm. Amaryllis potted, h120 cm. SPARK hurricane in glass, 13x9 cm. CRACKLE hurricane in glass, 20x12 cm.


CLEAR champagne glasses in glass, h20 cm, set of 6. KIT hanging lamp in metal, 49x43 cm,.


STRASS Christmas balls in mouth blown glass, h10 and h13 cm, set of 2. Christmas ornament in red mouth blown glass, h12 cm. Christmas balls HART, d8 cm, set of 2. Hand painted GLAM Christmas ball in mouth blown glass, d12 cm. DOTTY Christmas balls in mouth blown glass, d10 cm, set of 2. SEQUIN Christmas ball, d8 cm - Handmade OSLO mooses, h45 cm - Christmas trees with berries in polyresin and rattan: h75 cm and h120 cm. GRAY cushion, 50x30 cm.


Christmas mushroom ornament in mouth blown glass, h7 cm - Wreath of pinecones, d28 cm - CHRISTMAS lantern in metal and glass, 13x13x27 cm - CHRISTMAS tree tea-light in metal, h51 cm - Rose with berries in ciment pot, h14 cm - CHRISTMAS hanging tea-light in metal, h28 cm. Next page. GLOSSY Christmas tree with light, h210 cm. Handmade parrot with clips, h31 cm. SHIVA Christmas balls in mouth blown glass, d8 cm, set of 2. DIAMOND poinsettia with clip, 10x14 cm.




Anniversary! If SIA has been a reference for interior decoration for many years now, it is thanks to its designers who have conceived, year after year, collections that capture the essence of current trends. Yet their creative audaciousness never overrides their attentiveness to detail: all decorative objects are impeccably finished and our flowers are still exclusively hand made. The fast-moving world of interior design requires proactivity and reactivity‌ The upcoming Spring – Summer 2014 collection holds the promise of trend-setting surprises.


SIA Home Fashion 115 av de Dreux 78370 Plaisir Ste Apolline Cedex France tel : 33 1 34 91 08 00 fax : 33 1 34 89 30 09 email : Various products illustrated in this exclusive collection are subject to copyright protection. Their reproduction without written permission is prohibited. Š 2013. The availability of products may vary depending on the stock of each store. Please recycle.

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