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A professional body connecting and supporting social impact analysts worldwide

Who are we? SIAA is its membership: an international community of existing and aspiring professionals working in social impact across a range of different sectors and approaches. Members come from various organisations including consultancies, foundations, social investment funds, social enterprises, charities, think thanks, academic research institutes and private sector organisations with an evaluation or social impact focus. Our vision is of a world in which social purpose organisations use social impact analysis to set strategy and deliver on their core mission. Our mission is to build an active international community of social impact analysts, who are supported, represented and skilled practitioners, able to develop more effective social purpose organisations and increase positive social impact.

SIAA’s Values We are a community SIAA is a community of individuals passionate about the use of social impact analysis to support a whole organisation to improve its work and increase social impact. We are open We believe in international knowledge sharing of practice and lessons learnt to improve the quality of our work. We are practical We work within or with social purpose organisations and seek to support them to use social impact analysis in an appropriate and proportionate way to improve their work with beneficiaries and increase social impact. We are professional We believe in the ongoing professional development of existing and aspiring social impact analysts committed to the use of social impact analysis to increase positive social impact.

What do we do? SIAA始s work can be categorised in to three broad areas:

Support and Connect

Representation and Communication

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We have been very busy in our first year and half of operation. Here are some of our highlights:

The Principles Working Group was established in April 2012 and conducted a mapping exercise of existing approaches to social impact analysis. A summary paper and follow up thought paper was published in April 2013. The two papers look at key findings and thinking around how an organisation can approach the practice of social impact analysis.

We developed and launched the Impact Groups programme. The Austria impact group launched in November 2012 and five new groups are due to be launched in 2013 in Canada, Estonia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Conversations are also underway with members in Portugal, Spain, Ireland, France and the UK.

We始ve delivered eleven partnership events around social impact analysis in UK, Germany, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands and Austria. And hosted two Annual Conferences, with the London launch conference in December 2011 and The Emerging Profession in Berlin November 2012. Our third conference is due to be hosted at Essec Business School in France November 2013.

Why join? SIAA membership is not just an opportunity to receive benefits and services, but an opportunity to help shape and define a new profession and to be part of a expert international network of practitioners. As a SIAA member you will help define what is means to be a social impact analyst over the coming years. SIAA is here to provide the forum and neutral space within which we can explore some of the challenging questions we face as this field grows and spreads internationally.

“Being part of the ʻSIAA-familyʼ gives us as an organisation, and our staff as employees, the feeling that we are not alone.” Andreas Rickert, Phineo, Germany

What are the SIAA Membership Benefits? • • • • • • • • • • • •

Be part of an international network of social impact practitioners Learn and share with others working on social impact worldwide Receive our quarterly members-only newsletter Gain discounted access to our annual conference Get priority access to country group meetings, and national and regional networking events where available. Create a personal profile on our members webpage Access our invitation-only members group on LinkedIn Participate in, and help create thematic working groups Contribute to our newsletters, blog, and resources centre Receive personalised membership support from the SIAA team Access a 20% discount on subscriptions to Alliance magazine Access a 30-day free trial to Social E-valuator, a web-based tool to help measure social impact

What can you give to SIAA? SIAA is a members organisation, therefore we need you to share and collaborate with us to achieve SIAAʼs mission. Here are just some of the ways you can get involved: • Help set-up or participate in an impact group. • Write a blog for the SIAA website or produce a short video resource about your work • Be a guest speaker at one of our events or partner events • Include your news, events or resources in the SIAA newsletter or website • Share your experiences at discussion events • Suggest or join a working group • Host a networking event • Start a conversation on SIAA’s members only LinkedIn group • Get involved in our start social impact programme for non-experts

Types of Membership Individual Membership SIAA offers year-long individual membership for £70 SIAA individual membership is open to anyone who practices, or is interested in social impact analysis. Our individual members are typically analysts, researchers or heads of commissioning within: • Operational charities and social enterprises • Foundations, grant-making trusts, and other donors • Think tanks, research centres and academic institutions • Consultancies and private sector organisations with an evaluation or social impact focus If you would like to purchase an individual membership, please complete the application form online.

Individual Member Profile: Sandra Velthuis Whitebarn Consulting, Ireland Tell us about you? I have been a freelance consultant since 2005. I work as a sole trader under the Whitebarn Consulting banner, but have a number of associates with whom I partner on some projects. The majority of my work is focused on outcomes, impact and social value.   2. Why SIAA Membership? To feel less isolated; to be part of something; to make contacts; to learn more about an evolving profession; to show my support; to feel supported; to be able to publicly state I am a member of SIAA 3. What have you gained from SIAA membership so far? I feel I have gained benefits from membership relating to all my initial reasons for joining.  I have therefore renewed my membership this year and will no doubt do so again next year.  

Organisational Membership Year-long organisational membership is scaled based on turnover: • £250 for organisations with an annual turnover below £10m • £500 for organisations with an annual turnover at and above £10m Organisational membership allows up to ten of your staff access to the benefits of SIAA membership. Who is it for? SIAA organisational membership is open to any organisation which practices or is interested in social impact analysis. Members are typically: • Operational charities and social enterprises • Foundations, grant-making trusts, and other donors • Think tanks, research centres and academic institutions • Consultancies and private sector organisations with an evaluation or social impact focus If you would like to become an organisational member please complete an application form. Organisational Member Profile: Phineo, Germany 1. Tell us about your organisation? PHINEOʼs mission is to strengthen the non-for-profit sector and civil society. Therefore, PHINEO conducts a multistage analysis of non-profit projects and recommends those with strong potential to make a lasting impact. With market-reports on social issues, handbooks for donors and recipients, and individualised consulting for social investors, PHINEO offers a platform for orientation. 2. Why SIAA membership? We at PHINEO believe in impact analysis. On the one hand, impact analysis is highly relevant for the development of the third sector and thus key for our society. On the other hand impact analysis is our daily business. Therefore, it has been clear right from the beginning, that we had to become a member.   3. What have you gained from SIAA membership so far? The advantages of the SIAA membership are three fold: 1. As we believe that impact analysis is essential for a strong social sector, we have to explain impact analysis to the different stakeholder groups. Here, SIAA is very helpful to do the agenda-setting. 2. Impact analysis is an emerging topic, and so it is not surprising, that the knowledge is rapidly developing. In order to make sure to always be cutting edge, we need to exchange with other experts and practitioners world wide. 3. Our employees are active in a very specific field. Therefore, being part the “SIAA-family” gives us and an organisation and our staff as employees the feeling, that we are not alone.

Want to know more about SIAA? Get in touch: @SIAAssociation T: +44 (0) 20 3111 0735

Social Impact Analysts Association Membership Pack  

Find out all about SIAA and its membership

Social Impact Analysts Association Membership Pack  

Find out all about SIAA and its membership