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HRISTIAN PLAMENOV IVANOV Email: adress: Varna ,Bulgaria Date of birth: 22 August 1990 Gender: Male

Job Experience From August 2009 to September 2009 l l

Worker at firm for aluminium windows Manufacturing windows and doors from aulumium From May 2010 to September 2010

l l

Piccolo at "Kini-Park" Golden Sands ,Varna Handyan at "Vitavel-OOD" Lukovit ,Lovech From May to September 2011


Store worker at "Pikadili - EAD" Varna ,Varna

Education l


Graduated in Lukovit ,Lovech.Specialized class in high school with increased examination of English and Tourism Since 09.2009 i'm student in University of Economics in Varna.My specialty is Business Information Technology.I'll graduate in 2013.

About me l



I like to draw.Usually i make graffiti.I was chosen to do few drawings for project for British Knights Footwear. I like to spend my free time listening to music and of course drawing.I like to hang out with friends and watch movies Here are some work of mine : flickr ,deviantart


FN3350T2 Hristian 3350 bis

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