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Cultural Heritage at Its Natural Finest: Revealing Kauai State Parks

Kauai is house to several different special plant and animal species and its natural beauties happen to be preserved for thousands of years making it a unique wonder in the Pacific. The island is among the major islands in Hawaii but Kauai State Parks have maintained its original natural form with 97% in the whole land left untouched by human hands. Discover things and attractions to anticipate in these excellent locations.

The main Highlights

Na Pali Coast State Park measures about 6,175 acres and is regarded as by quite a few because the most fabulous within the island. The location characteristics majestic sea cliffs and valleys that will be viewed from the coastal Kalalau Trail, by boat or air via helicopter. Kalalau Valley, Nualolo Kai and Milolii can only be accessed by way of commercial or private boats and helicopters. You're able to take pleasure in several different activities inside the park similar to hiking, camping, backpacking and bird viewing.

Backpackers and hikers can go by means of the Kalalau Trail that spans 1 to two miles based on the route with terrific landscapes, waterfalls and stream valleys. You'll be able to camp at Milolii and appreciate the captivating sunset view. It requires a specific amount of primitive outdoor expertise to camp along the coast and ocean currents can be harsh depending on the tide and season.

Polihale State Park is situated at the end of a 5-mile dirt road from Mana Village just off Kaumualii Highway. The park extends more than 137 acres exactly where you may delight in activities like tent or trailer camping, shore fishing, swimming within the summer, picnicking and taking images from the colorful sunset and high sea cliffs of Na Pali Coast. There's also Queen’s Pond situated just north along the beach by a hollow in the coral.

Waimea Canyon State Park spans more than 1,866 acres and boasts the Grand Canyon with the Pacific or Waimea Canyon which is extra colorful than the 1 located in Arizona. The park is discovered about 11 miles north of Kekaha on Highway 550 adjacent to Kokee State Park.

Right here it is easy to enjoy goat hunting seasonally, hiking, picture taking and hiking. Kokee State Park that is over four thousand acres functions 45 hiking trails with some leading into the canyon. Stopover points along trails within the canyon are available complete with restroom facilities. Lookout walks are handicapped accessible and Waimea Canyon is open each and every day of the year with no admission charge.

A lot of Parks to Choose

A different must-see Kauai state park would be the National Tropical Botanical Garden featuring over 5,000 plant and flower species. Two gardens form the park namely Allerton and Lawai Garden. The Allerton Garden was created in the 1870s spanning over 100 acres. The Lawai Garden spans 186 acres and serves as a research facility for the varied cultivation procedures and makes use of plants within the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

Wailua River State Park is situated on Highway 580. The Lydgate State Park is a superb household place exactly where visitors can delight in camping, picnicking, swimming, sand strolling and beach games. There is a coconut grove that implemented to shelter ancient islanders and also the Wailua River in the north finish.

Smith’s Tropical Paradise is situated along the river upstream. You are able to take a riverboat tour up the Wailua River to determine the Fern Grotto along with other Kauai state park highlights.i i

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Cultural Heritage at Its Finest  

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