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FIRST. Kite Surfboard Construction

Tony and Jeff Logosz were early pioneers in PVC sandwich surf construction as early as the mid 1980’s. Today we use a greener more earth friendly approach by substituting PVC foam for a wood sandwich. We use a complex, proprietary layering system combined with a superior epoxy resin for all of our Surfboards. We start with a super lightweight foam core, and then put on a layer of lightweight glass. We then bond all of this on a more dense layer of wood. The final layer is glass and superior epoxy resin. Along each step of the way we use vacuum bagging techniques to enhance the bonding strength. The final result is a proven lightweight sandwich construction custom board that is more durable than the old PU boards.

SLINGSHOT KITE - 2012 Catalog  

A complete product release for 2012 Slingshot Kite. enjoy. SLINGSHOT_KITE

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