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All we hear on TV is how hard, hard, hard it is to quit smoking. Why? Because the harder they convince you it is to quit, the more products you'll need to buy. But what would happen if every smoker learned to quit smoking naturally? What if smokers learned that urges could disappear without stop smoking drugs, nicotine patches or gimmicks? Hmmm, if smokers were properly educated on how to quit smoking naturally, what would happen to smoking cessation products and all those advertising dollars? Yet, an inconvenient truth remains that 90% of smokers can quit smoking naturally, many with little to no discomfort. So, here are ten tips to quit smoking naturally you'll never see on TV: Tip #1: Educate yourself. Books like the The Easy Way to Stop Smoking or Stop Smoking for the Last Time, can help you learn how to get in the right mindset to quit smoking naturally. Tip#2: Make sure you understand at least three personal reasons why quitting is important to you. Unless you have real reasons quitting is more important than smoking, why would you quit? Tip#3: Recognize your fears about quitting and get to the bottom of them. Most fears about quitting are either a misunderstanding or lack of information. Tip#4: Start to change your opinion about smoking. Once you truly look at smoking and realize it's not "all that" it becomes easier to quit. Most people who quit naturally finally come to realize that smoking is no big deal. Tip#5: Set a stop date and quit 100%. This is a great day to see a hypnotist. Hypnosis has helped countless millions break free from smoking. But your chance of success, with hypnosis, is greater when you do the work above and get in the right mindset. Tip#6: Realize the nicotine problem is usually only a 72 hour challenge. Also know that most cravings for cigarettes are psychological - so if you change your mindset, quitting can become easier. Plenty of water and fruit (natural fructose) is helpful during detox. Tip#7: Have a mantra. Many successful quitters use phrases like, "not now", or "no way!" or "this urge will pass". Realize many urges are just a thought, so introducing another thought and moving onto something else quickly (moving a muscle) is an effective approach. Tip#8: If you're worried about weight gain, look into low carbohydrate (carb) diets before you quit like "The Atkins Revolution" or the "South Beach Diet". Most weight gain is due to an increase in

sugar or carb consumption, so a low carb strategy will help avoid gaining weight. Tip#9: Know there's no such thing as "just one puff". If you allow yourself the room to have a puff, you're telling yourself you really want to smoke. Once you allow this, you are in a weakened mental position. Making cigarettes non-optional is simply the easiest way to quit. Tip#10: Breathe! What does every stress relief program on the planet teach? How to breathe properly. Most smokers don't realize that smoking is simply a controlled breathing exercise. Cigarettes don't relax you (they are a stimulant) but controlled breathing does. Doesn't it make more sense to relax and control your breathing without poisoning yourself? It's a simply fact that millions have broken free form tobacco without painful withdrawal. But anything can be hard with the wrong plan. So, are you going to continue to believe what you hear on TV?

==== ==== If you want more information on how to quit smoking, subscribe to the free email course at no cost at the website mentioned ==== ====

10 Tips to Quit Smoking You'll Never See on TV  

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