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With her multi�disciplinary approach in design, Shweta has explored design in the fields of product design, interior design, architecture, hi exhibition hibi i design d i and d visual i l merchandising. h di i As a part of design process of her master thesis, she has developed a product from its inception to its packaging and also designed its brand identity and marketing strategy. Shweta's passion in product design and her background in interior design has helped her develop interior compliments like furniture and lighting products. Her strengths lie in her aspiration to experience new methodologies. Shweta has a budding passion in photography and graphic design. She also spends time as a freelance creative writer and has had her writing published.


A thirst to learn and a will to explore new avenues, are best described as the driving force which led Shweta to pursue a Masters In Design. Design Nestled in the heart of Milano, Domus Academy was the perfect place to nurture her growth and gain a truly international exposure to design.

Master in Design  Domus Academy 2007 Master in Arts  University of Wales 2007

MORPHO Project Leader: Dante Donegani &Giovanni Lauda Project conceived with Vaia Giota (Greece) and  Nilay Shah (India) An envelope, playful and complex in nature and minimal in aesthetics. Mystery lies in the sheer possibility of the product to surprise and transform from a wrist watch to a table clock wherein the package is an integral part of the product dealing with the core issue of sustainability.

product FIND BUMBA!

Project Leader: Tomoko Mizu (Japan) & Monika Moro (Sweden) Project conceived with  Ieva Araja (Latvia) & Alfonso Rico Nieto (Spain) “Find Bumba” is a developmental toy that grows with the child. Essentially it is a set of three balls nested one inside the other. It is derived from the traditional archetype of the Matryoshka and the everlasting toy which is the Ball. This mergence in brought into the new age era of the "Crystal Babies" who are sensitive to the stimulus provided by their environment.

CONTINUUM Project Leader: Andrea Branzi Project conceived with Isil Polatkan (Turkey), Ryusuke Kuromoto (Japan),  and Cecilia Lundgren (Sweden) and  Cecilia Lundgren (Sweden) Continuum is a set of seven gateways that beckon you to experience a  voyage of self‐discovery and feel the infinite potential of a force that is  beyond the limits of our imagination. Neutral and  serene, this monument  instills a feeling of humility and reverence for a force that is greater than all  of us, no matter what religion we follow. 

product SYNAPSE Project Leader: Setsu Ito Project conceived with Isil Polatkan (Turkey), Ieva Araja (Latvia ) and  Julia  Buehler (Germany)

The aim is to intimate remote connectivityy over a celebrated p physical  y gathering such as Christmas. Magnetising the centripetal force this sacred  holiday owns once a year, the project enables the central point of focus – the  Christmas tree‐ to generate surprise itself by mediating affectionate  offerings sent from beloved ones. The electronic tree decorations carry gifts  and messages, yet always upholding the original Christmas idea.

product YÉâÇàt|Ç Éy lÉâà{ Precious lotions for the body, mind and soul Master Thesis: Non‐Coventional Nature in collaboration with SUNSTAR Project Leader: Mario Trimarchi Assistants: Chiara Poletti, Annette Wolf Author: Shweta Kaushik 

ECHO Lighting fixture based on the Latvian design principle of  Repetition, Rhythm and Consistency.  p , y y Designed for Ieva Araja , Latvia

product Furniture designed for  “O”  at The Oterra, Bangalore Project done with The Architect’s Office, India

Multi purpose seating designed for a high end residence Multi purpose seating designed for a high end residence Project done with Urban Studio, India

product SILHOUETTES Furniture designed for  “East “at The Oterra, Bangalore Project done with The Architect’s Office, India


Shweta is an enthusiastic designer with broad experience in Hospitality, Residential and Commercial Interior Design. Her aim is to carve an opportunity to design in the world of Interior related Product Design. She is an effective and positive team player, known for contributing creative solutions as well as technical ability. ability She is able to give and embrace constructive criticism while working in a team environment towards a common goal.

Diploma in Interior Design P.V. Polytechnic, S.N.D.T University 2003

Lounge and bar at The Oterra, Bangalore Project done with The Architect’s Office


Chinese Restaurant at The Oterra, Bangalore , g Project done with The Architect’s Office

interiors High – end residence Project done with Elm Design

Café/Bistro serving the Knowledge Park Café/Bistro serving the Knowledge Park  Project done with The Architect’s Office


Design Scheme for a penthouse Project done with Urban Studio


Design Scheme for high‐end residence Project done with Urban Studio


Design Scheme for Ted Lapidus, Bandra Project done with The Architect’s Office



Exclusive boutique for Elixir Part of the master thesis at Domus Acadmey


Special “ex‐equo” award at the Idea Competition promoted by ING Real Estate Development in conjunction with Domus Academy,.

URBAN OASIS Set in the middle of an outlet city called Castel Guelfo, a few kilometers from Balogna, the Urban Oasis is a refuge for tired shoppers, children and the youth. It also serves as an entertainment hub for the shopping district.

Stall  design for Platinum at IIJS  Project done with Elm Designs


2nd Place in the Exhibition and Stall Design Competition  f th Wi d Di l f Th O i i l L i St for the Window Display for The Original Levis Store.


“Red Loop was a new line targeted at the higher strata of society and our job was to create awareness of the project. We decided to highlight what was different about these denims in comparison to the other ranges that Levi’s had to offer: The Linen patch instead of the Leather one at the back, the frayed ends, the wash on the denims, and its red loop at the back. To emphasize these elements, we recreated the waist band of the denims on a larger scale and pinned it up against a suspended red acrylic panel, which intersected into a curved steel panel. The length of the window was an advantage as we could utilise it for the waistband.

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My Portfolio  

Consolidated works done over the years.

My Portfolio  

Consolidated works done over the years.