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DZaree -

The Brand

DZaree is a unique fashion brand that amalgamates Indian designs with Western cuts, giving the silhouettes a tinge of Panache. Like designer Shweta Gupta herself, her brand represents elegance and brings forth a commitment to excellence. DZaree silhouettes are apt for sporting in parties, weddings, night-outs or even in a get-together by friends. The designer likes to play with fabrics and colours, making the silhouettes more elegant. The designs are simple yet elegant, often accentuated with chic embroidery and her uniqueness like in the embellishments that discounts any kind of heavy accessories. An ensemble of DZaree is a style in itself that needs no added jewelleries; however a small pendent, a stylish bangle or a simple ear-ring along with a DZaree outfit completes the a-la-mode look.

Shweta Gupta The Designer

The much acclaimed designer Shweta Gupta graduated from National Institute of Fashion & Clothing Technology, Kolkata (NIFT). She is a personification of beauty and elegance, thus she wants her clients to look more elegant and chic as they already possess a sense style and panache. Gupta specializes in conventional silhouettes along with western cuts, layers, various unique styles, and asymmetric cuts that bring forth a new dimension to traditional Indian designs. Her outfits are multi-purpose that is apt for a modern 21st century beautiful girls and ladies who play various roles of a mother, wife, friend, girl-friend, sister and also often takes up corporate responsibilities. DZaree has everything for everyone that can enhance their beauty and make them look stylish and gorgeous. The versatile designer is an English Literature Graduate and possesses a degree in Fine Arts, and Textile Designing too. At her leisure time, she is an avid reader; she loves to paint, listening to music and playing the compassionate role of a mother.

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani The designer feels that though our nation is going gaga over western outfits, but when it comes to very intimate and special occasions like a family wedding, puja, family get-togethers, one still loves to flaunt Indian silhouettes like sarees, salwar suits, tunics, kurtis, and lehengas.

Collections Kurtis Designer Shweta Gupta’s kurtis are an embodiment of femininity and a depiction of niche style that is similar to the multi-faceted designer herself. Some of her unique designs are adorned with pink floral embroideries, while some looks chic with black and white polka dots or unique chic digital prints. The cuts are signature for DZaree’s label; some silhouettes will have modish necklines, while some of the bold ones will be a partial backless for modern women who love to flaunt a more avant-garde silhouette. The designer’s label is often adorned with peter pan or even a conventional nehru collar, while some has modest necklines that suit both the conventional and modern style sensibilities.

Tunics Tunics are forever in trend; DZaree makes it chic with designer Shweta Gupta’s innovations and style sensibilities that suit both the conventional and modern impressions. Some of the chic silhouettes this season have mélange of various digital prints in blue tones with multi-coloured dots and stripes on lycra, while it is often highlighted with pretty floral crochet lace. Some of the georgette DZaree tunics are amalgamated with chic graphic ikat prints while the modish necklines are enhanced with sequined fabric yoke, giving a-la-mode look that is apt to sport in la Tinsel town as well as in the boulevards of high fashion streets.

DZaree’s Indian silhouettes with western cuts accessorized with conventional jewelries are just apt even to dazzle the high streets of la Tinsel town that adorns la chic fashionista look.

DZaree’s western silhouettes by designer Shweta Gupta and combine it with a prep accessory and you are ready to hit the high streets of the Tinsel town.

The unique red colour not only makes you look pretty, the chic embroideries add to the modish look.

DZaree fuses Indianness with modernity and allows the silhouettes to look modish and conventional adorning the femininity inside every woman.

DZaree’s silhouettes with unique embroideries combined with a chic scarf and that would complete a-la-mode look.

Designer Shweta Gupta’s silhouettes at DZaree have its fair share of unique cuts, modish colours, chic embroideries and niche embellishments.

DZaree fuses Indianness with modernity and allows the silhouettes to look modish and conventional adorning the femininity inside every woman.

DZaree’s Indo-western ensembles are a perfect amalgamation of Indian silhouettes united with western cuts and modish floral embroideries.

DZaree’s style quotient – Look chic, look smart and sport that a-la-mode style.

DZaree’s chic silhouettes adorn that modish look that amalgamates a conventional hair-do with chic glares, just apt to shield from rays and yet carry the high street look.

DZaree’s western silhouettes that are an amalgamation of niche cuts, a-la-mode designs, modish embellishments that gild a chic look in itself.

Get that naughty girl look once you sport DZaree’s Indo-western silhouettes.

Designer Shweta Gupta embellishes DZaree’s conventional silhouettes with unique embellishments and amalgamates with western cuts giving it a chic look.

DZaree’s western silhouettes are depiction of niche style that allows 21st century modern women to unleash her femininity.

DZaree’s silhouettes makes you feel forever young.

Designer Shweta Gupta’s unique designs at DZaree in vibrant colours with unique cuts and creative necklines create that feminine look that every woman would covet.

DZaree’s floral prints and accessorize it with flowers as head-gears and you will sport that fashionista look from the high streets of la Tinsel town.

DZaree’s a-la-mode creations with niche floral embroideries giving the silhouette a chic look.

DZaree Catalog  
DZaree Catalog  

DZaree Autum Winter Collection 2012