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HORIZONS The Emaar MGF Newsmagazine | April 2014

touching lives




hen was the last time you were able to step back from your daily madness and look at the lives that you touch along the way?

Can you look back at your work, your passion and your presence in this world and see, with clarity and definition, the positive influence you’ve had on the people around you? As a Company that builds communities we are fortunate to help many people build their dreams. We may not have met each one of you but are glad for the opportunity to make a difference in your lives through the work we do. This edition of Horizons will give you a view into the lives of the people we touch as a Company. Consumers drive our business, which is focused on delighting the people we serve - from the moment they hear about our projects up until the time they join the Emaar MGF family. We are humbled by the faith our loyal consumers repose in us as we become a trusted and often intimate part of their lives. As we take our readers into the world of Emaar MGF and let them experience what it feels like to associate with the Company, read this news magazine to unfold the stories of the lives we touch. Read what our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders say about working with us as we stride towards our vision to being the ‘most admired and respected company in real estate’. 1

Touching Lives | April 2014

Dear Friends, In my last address I shared with you our strategic vision and streamlining of our organizational processes in keeping with our ambitious goals to build mega communities which support the building of a ‘New India’. As we move forward to take Emaar MGF towards higher business competitiveness and sustained market leadership, we move a step closer to our vision of being ‘the most admired and respected real estate Company in India’.

We are powered by people, not cement and stones and bricks. It’s about the lives we touch and the trust we move forward with.

SHRAVAN GUPTA Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director Shravan Gupta has been a Director at Emaar MGF since February 2005 and became the Managing Director in November 2005. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Shriram College of Commerce, Delhi University, Mr. Gupta has over 15 years of experience in the real estate and financial services sectors.

To quote Jim Collins: “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” It is critical that the people you work with share the same core values as the business. An important thing to understand about core values is that they can’t be taught – you can’t force someone to change their behavior to correspond to the values of your organization – therefore it’s not a stretch to suggest that an organization has a greater chance of achieving success when it employs the right people. The right people possess the ability to be the best of breed in their positions simply because they understand the difference between “having a job and holding a responsibility.” However it’s not just important to have that vision. It’s even more important that we understand the attributes that lie behind being respected and admired. We have determined that it is the reservoir of trust that you build with your people, your customers, the communities you serve, your shareholders and multiple constituencies that remains the most important attribute of any Company. We continue our best efforts to build upon this trust in a very unique way: not through marketing, not through advertising but really quintessentially through everyday experiences and through the positive difference we make in the lives of the audiences that bestow their trust in us as a Company. What defines the DNA of our Company? We are powered by people not cement and stones and bricks. It’s about the lives we touch and the trust we move forward with. With the decisions we’ve made this year, the strategy we’ve put in place, the organization we’ve designed, the world-class talent we have, and the communities we are creating, we are well-positioned to deliver growth and world-changing living long into the future. We have seen incredible results in the past decade, a thrilling experience — but I know our best days are still ahead and together we will build the future. Thank you for your support. Shravan Gupta



Touching Lives | April 2014

IT’S ALL ABOUT ‘WE THE PEOPLE’. HUMAN CAPITAL: The Creative Core of Our Strategy Making human capital the creative core of strategy execution is today an imperative for business leaders if we want to build organizational capabilities that support innovation, flexibility, collaboration and continuous learning. In the face of intense competition and rapidly changing market requirements, we must continually calculate how to achieve ambitious goals. We must confront economic uncertainty, environmental risk, social change and other volatile forces. To execute successfully in this difficult environment, we must embrace a new way of thinking – one that makes human capital the center piece of our business strategy. Our imperative is to build organizational capabilities that support the innovation, collaboration and continuous learning essential for success in a complex, fast-changing environment. At Emaar MGF we recognize the value-chain proposition that HR brings to the business. The last decade or so has been crucial in the evolution of HR from a transactional to a strategic partnership focus. The HR function is continuing its evolutionary journey, transforming from pure strategic partnership to being a strategic player who can enable the organization to take leaps in a way that creates an unfair advantage over competitors.


Our People and Policies At Emaar MGF people are our most important asset and our open work culture encourages free interaction and a cross sharing of ideas. Our HR policies, corporate culture and physical infrastructure promote cultural interventions backed by the latest unified communication systems that foster a healthy work environment. Driven by disruptive innovation, our employees are encouraged to do things differently without worrying about the consequences. Our plans are ambitious with a keen eye to achieve exponential growth year on year and we recognize the need to have the right HR strategy and structure to supplement that growth. We are focused on building a strong leadership team and are heavily invested in leadership development, so that in the next 5 years we have a strong leadership team that can guide our Company to newer heights. Measurement and Rewards Our performance measurement matrix ‘Pinnacle’ has been developed in association with the Hay Group, a world leader in performance management systems. We also have a Competency Framework in place, which highlights various competencies that our employees need to develop at various levels and in various functions. This helps our people to go to the next level while taking calculated steps. Further our reward programmes such as ‘Pat on the Back’, ‘Smiling Faces Program’, ‘Long Service Awards’, ‘Employee of the Quarter’ and ‘Employee of the Year’ awards are put in place to recognize and increase the morale of our people.


Touching Lives | April 2014

AVNISH JOSHI Senior GM - Projects Mohali

EMPLOYEE SPEAK RAJNISH BHARDWAJ Asst. Vice President, Projects, Palm Terrace Select


aving been with the Company right from the start, I have grown tremendously in terms of experience and exposure. I have had the good fortune of working on a wide range of projects ranging from malls to hotels to an entire township. I have also worked on and successfully delivered a variety of residential and commercial projects. The Company has provided me endless opportunities for professional growth and has recognized my hard work and commitment. Emaar MGF takes great care of its employees and gives due recognition to its performers. The projects we work on are both challenging and satisfying. With a highly committed team the day to day challenges seem to fade into oblivion. Our focus remains on quality and timely delivery which brings with it a huge sense of accomplishment and pride each time a project is successfully completed and delivered. I am excited to work on the delivery of Palm Terrace Select, which is on schedule and progressing well.


Emaar MGF offered me a challenging role which has been critical for me from a learning and growth point of view. Some of the key drivers for my growth within the Company have been the constant support from senior management, freedom to take decisions and a positive work culture. As Head of Projects, I am excited to lead the operations at Mohali Hills and drive the delivery of the project. Every day brings with it new challenges but I enjoy the challenge. Driven by our work ethos to be conscious of quality, design and timely delivery it has been an immensely satisfying experience. It is particularly rewarding when you see a happy customer. It makes all the hard work worth the effort.

EMGF is one of the most professional organizations to work for in the real estate sector. My experience with the Company has been memorable due to the constant support from various teams in the organization, their warmth and the enormous learning opportunities that the Company has provided me. Camaraderie, team work and a strong leadership have been the major driving forces behind my achievements at Emaar MGF. I joined the Company in December 2007 and the many years spent here have not diminished either my passion or my commitment. It is incredible how we have evolved as a Company and have created new benchmarks for others to follow. We have learnt from our failures and today the entire team feels a sense of achievement and pride, having successfully overcome any limitations that we faced earlier.

MOHIT KAURA GM - Sales & Customer Services


Touching Lives | April 2014




SHIVANK BANSAL Senior Manager – IT


he fast growth of the Company is what attracted me to Emaar MGF. HR played a big role in helping me chart my career path for the long run. The Company has provided me ample opportunities to grow, enhance my skills and develop into a better IT professional. Moreover, the Company does not look at IT purely as a support function but understands the value proposition of IT, its benefits and the need for technology advancements to stay ahead of the game. The work environment has been very congenial and flexible and has encouraged me to go that extra mile to achieve desired results. It has been a transformational journey for me as a professional. I have moved from managing backend IT operations to looking after facility management, automating the business processes and helping the Company design and define business processes. It has been a very gratifying experience.


hat brought me to Emaar MGF was the credibility, reputation and the knowledge of the leadership team, which is unmatched in the real estate sector. What sets Emaar MGF apart from other real estate companies is a flexible and positive work culture, its organizational structure and the capability of the leadership team. The HR team has played a crucial role in my growth within the Company, right from the induction period to training & development to long-term career planning. Frequent training and development sessions have helped me immensely to enhance my skill sets and grow as a professional.

SUNITA GUPTA AGM - Internal Audit


have been with Emaar MGF for 7 years now and have had the privilege to work on some prestigious projects. Professionally I have grown with the organization and have delivered and completed some reputed projects such as Business Park, Palm Springs and am now working to complete and deliver Palm Drive. We at Emaar MGF are very focused on quality and our constant effort is to find creative solutions to the various issues and problems that we face while ensuring that the end product is of high quality. The complexity of coordinating with multiple contractors is challenging but working within a supportive environment brings out the best in a project.

RADHA KRISHNAN DGM – Projects, The Palm Drive 9

Touching Lives | April 2014

Partners for a better tomorrow

BUILDING A BETTER TOMORROW At Emaar MGF we look to collaborate with partners who share our vision of building a New India, of creating living and work spaces that facilitate healthier and happier lives. We have worked and continue to work with some very talented and committed people from highly reputed global Companies with whom shared priorities and common goals help build very strong partnerships. We would like to share with you some insights from some of our Partners who have worked very closely with us and who share our passion and commitment to create better and healthier living spaces for the future.

In conversation with JEREMY TAN Director, D.P Architects, Singapore Q. Tell us about your experience of working with Emaar MGF. Does the thinking and approach match? Emaar MGF is a highly progressive developer in the landscape of Indian Real Estate. Each of their projects attempts to capture unique features that bring about a new experience in the way we live, shop, eat, play, work and in so doing, this experience compels us to revive and refresh our perspectives on how we could function as a family unit; or the way we interact with our work-colleagues; or the way we recharge and reconnect with the great outdoors; or the way we indulge in retail therapy; or the way we bond over food with families and over drinks with friends! 10

This approach of anticipating the new, designing for the life of tomorrow, creating blueprints to shape our environment for the future is refreshing. It encourages us to be on our toes, to be at the forefront, to be anticipatory, to be ahead of the competition. In short, every project with Emaar MGF is an opportunity for creating a new environment that will shape the inhabitants of tomorrow, who may possibly shape the world of the future! Just as Emaar MGF seeks to create developments that will shape the future, we at DP, seek to imbue each and every project with our firm’s philosophy of, ‘having a deep concern for the built environment and the need for a conscious effort towards creating architecture of excellence, where the enrichment of the human experience and spirit are reflected in both its planning and architectural work’. Q. What do you look for in a business partner? How do you choose the clients you would like to work with? We look for a business partner that works with a true spirit of partnership. Through the years, we have always enjoyed a wonderful working partnership with Emaar MGF as there is a great match in our thinking and approach. We listen to our client’s objectives and study their brief, following which we illustrate our response and maintain a dialogue with the client and work towards the achievement of the projects objectives, goals and deliverables. As such, the clients that we choose enable us to come together and create a new idea or product that would delight the inhabitants or the users of the buildings. In our rendering of service to Emaar MGF, we do not just deliver a proposal comprising of blueprints. We deliver the vision of how software could be intertwined with the hardware. In short, our vision coupled with the vision of our business partner works to develop and deliver a product which sets new benchmarks. Q. Tell us how you would like to engage with the Company in the future. India has great potential. It is a large nation with great resources, in her people and her natural produce. It is an aspirational country that will speed towards the future with technology and integration with the world. Opportunities will abound in new developments of every genre and we look forward to working ‘hand in hand’ and be a partner to Emaar MGF in developing 11

Touching Lives | April 2014

new architectural experiences that will bring joy, delight, and pleasure to the occupants and inhabitants of the townships, buildings, apartments, hospitals, malls, hotels, schools, villas, offices, restaurants, recreation centres that are to come.

ANOOP SHARMA Director, ARCOP Associated Pvt. Ltd. ARCOP has a long standing partnership When we choose our partners with Emaar MGF. In fact, we were the we seek vision and commitment architects for their flagship residential to the environment both of project called “The Palm Springs”. We are which we have found in our one of the most respected architectural long standing partnership firms in India, however, some of our best with Emaar MGF. work has emerged while working under the visionary leadership of Mr. Shravan Gupta which has inspired us to be more creative as we visualise designs and architectural layouts. We are delighted to be part of the Emaar MGF extended team and it’s been a very fruitful association. ARCOP’s vision is to create homes and communities which are environmentally friendly, safe and with great visual appeal. We are fortunate in partnering with Emaar MGF since the partnership brings to our credit some wonderful projects and mini communities. When we choose our partners we seek vision and commitment to the environment both of which we have found in our long standing partnership with Emaar MGF. The ARCOP and Emaar MGF partnership makes a great team and not surprisingly we deliver great work together.


In our business partners we look for mutual trust and respect that goes beyond the bounds of contracts.

JAGANATH RATH Executive Partner in RSA R204 Architects RSA + R204 Design has been working with Emaar MGF since the joint-venture with Emaar (Dubai) and MGF (India) took shape in 2004-2005. Our vision to create world class, high quality projects was similar to that of Emaar MGFs and over the last 10 years we have been on Emaar MGF's list of preferred architects. Being an international Company we are bound by strict management protocols especially when we work in emerging markets. We look for partners who understand and respect this while getting quality service in return. We clearly understand that working in the real estate sector in India is a difficult task, both for the developer and the architect. With constantly changing regulations, business practices have to evolve constantly. Hence, in our business partners we look for mutual trust and respect that goes beyond the bounds of contracts. With Emaar MGF we have built this mutual trust where our vision is one – to be able to deliver quality projects. Our large international presence and experience of working on projects across various global geographies/cities in South East Asia (China & India), Middle-East and North America, brings a diverse design approach. We see huge potential for a long-term relationship with Emaar MGF. India has a long way to go in terms of real estate development, and once it overcomes its short-term challenges the potential for growth for a company like Emaar MGF is exponential. We see this as an important strategic alliance for our firm, and look towards continuing to be preferred partners with Emaar MGF.


Touching Lives | April 2014

Our Construction Partners Emaar MGF awards its contracts to strong partners, who are committed to jointly deliver a quality product in time. At the centre of our partnerships lies an appreciation for shared priorities and it is through the pursuit of common goals that we intend to mutually grow. Through this period of progress for Emaar MGF India, we intend to build and preserve robust partnerships that evolve with us to provide a product that is in keeping with our international standards. IL&FS ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD. Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS) is one of India’s leading infrastructure development and finance companies. It has a distinct mandate of catalyzing the development of infrastructure in the country. From concept to execution, IL&FS houses the expertise to provide the full range of services necessary for successful project completion. IL&FS is currently working with Emaar MGF on three projects – Marbella, Palm Terrace Select, and Palm Gardens. 14

“Emaar MGF and IL&FS are focussed on timely delivery and quality of projects.” We are delighted to partner with Emaar MGF across its projects. Our priority is to deliver as per the quality requirements of the project, with respect to timelines, health and safety. This is imperative to both Emaar MGF and IL&FS to ensure timely delivery with the highest quality of construction. Our partnership with Emaar MGF has been long standing. The successful realization of projects has led to more joint ventures with Emaar MGF and has further strengthened our relationship. We value synergy and intend to move forward to deliver a great product through our pool of institutionalised resources and functional expertise in project management which will benefit both Companies. Even though profits are important, Emaar MGF and IL&FS are not focusing on the price aspect but on delivery and the quality of projects. We find ourselves in sync with Emaar MGF and look forward to working in a harmonious way together. S.C.Shachdeva Sr VP Engineering, IL&FS


SSG CAPITAL “Teams at Emaar MGF work seamlessly across divisions.�


ur business interactions with Emaar MGF have been at the corporate level and we have found the interactions to be extremely professional and of a very high quality. Emaar MGF has created the organizational depth and breadth which is commensurate with the size of its operations and above its peer group. With a set of competent professionals and leaders at the helm of its business operations the teams at Emaar MGF work seamlessly across divisions and we have found them committed and efficient in their dealings, which is a pleasure in a relatively tough and unstructured industry environment. We look forward to a very bright collaborative future with the Emaar MGF team. We not only expect the level of interactions to increase we also intend to do more business with the Company.

Shyam Maheshwari Partner, SSG Capital Management (HK) Ltd.

Emaar MGF has been a good KOTAK partner with us on investments. REALTY It has been a robust and long FUND partnership, where we have seen the Company rapidly evolve into a professional Company with the right management team at its helm. The systems and processes are robust and the team is dedicated and motivated which works to meet our requirements of disclosure and continuous information. Our interactions have been across finance, marketing, operation and construction. They have a good set of professionals who are result oriented and thorough in their respective fields. While the Company may have faced challenging times in the past, I believe that Emaar MGF has substantially overcome most of these challenges. The future is promising and the team at Emaar will make it happen and I look forward to a fruitful partnership with them. S. Sriniwasan CEO, Kotak Realty Fund, Kotak Investment Advisors Ltd.



Touching Lives | April 2014

We approach design holistically as it is about both inside and outside space. We understand that we are giving people a space to live in, so our first priority is the internal planning. The second priority then is external design. Adrian Hardwick Jones, Chief of Design, Emaar MGF

DESIGN MATTERS Does Design Matter? Interior spaces are an ongoing conversation with the people who live in those spaces. Homes, especially, are constantly evolving in accordance with what we see, love and absorb. Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, which influences the outcome of almost everything we do, often without our being aware that it has done so. Fundamentally, design is about asking: ‘Is there a better way of doing this?’ The best design occurs when you frame this question in the widest possible context. So, better design must ultimately be about creating a world where people are healthier and safer, one which functions more effectively for them and in which they can take delight.

Designs for a better tomorrow 18


Touching Lives | April 2014

In conversation with ADRIAN HARDWICK JONES Chief of Design, Emaar MGF Q. Can you explain the kind of briefs Emaar MGF shares with architects and what you look for in architecture firms? It is about setting the business objectives and turning it into a technical design brief. First, we conduct in depth market research and observe the trends in the industry to benchmark ourselves against both internal and external projects. While we firmly state our requirements when we appoint the architects, we also expect them to challenge every line of the brief, so that they can help us validate and help ensure the best creative solutions emerge. Now when it comes to architectural firms, we want our partners to go an extra mile with us. We ask them to not just challenge our concept brief but also the design so that together we can produce the best designs. We are looking for partners who


are confident enough in their own abilities and are able to not just ask the right questions but also be willing to engage in finding solutions Most architects will solve your problem for you in an economical fashion. However that is not all that we want at Emaar MGF. We look for architects who can not just provide solutions to problems but infact help us avoid the problems in the first place. Q. From concept boards to drawings boards to final products, what are the key steps undertaken before proof of concept is developed? At Emaar MGF, we follow best international practices. We have to be certain of the ground we stand on before we move forward with design. We keep the requirements of the end customer in mind

and apply them to the design process. Even in the case of engineering solutions, we consider the cost and time implication before we move forward. We ensure that we get things right in the first place itself by preparing a detailed progress schedule of targets and their respective timelines. We approach our work with a keen eye for detail and it shows in the beautiful buildings we construct. Q. Design plays such an important role in your buildings. Can you elaborate on what design means to Emaar MGF? Let me explain with an example. We have recently designed some villas. As I explained earlier, our first task is to gauge the industry standard of a villa. While selecting the consultants, we brief them that we do not want a “four walls banquet� in the name of a villa. Now it comes down to architects, as they have a better understanding of the design. They are ones who have the expertise of getting into finer details of the textures of building products, importance of light and shade in design and the aspects of the internal spaces in terms of size, dimensions of rooms, etc. We look for architects who speak and understand the language of buildings. Our spaces and homes should stand unique and distinct. When someone drives past our villas they should recognize it as the work of Emaar MGF. Q. How do you ensure that both internal and external design are given equal importance and relevance while creating spaces for people to live in? We approach design holistically as it is about both inside and outside spaces. We understand that we are giving people a space to live in, so our first priority is the internal planning while the second priority is external design. Architects quite often approach it the other way round but we approach it this way because for us, the function of space is most important. 21

Touching Lives | April 2014

At Emaar MGF the design drives the business and this is our hallmark and makes us different from everybody else. At Emaar MGF, design is driven by an understanding of what people want from the space. For example, while designing a club within a residential complex, we are interested in questions like what does a community club mean to its inhabitants, will they be able to see the outside view from the window, how they would like to use the open spaces etc. We focus on how people live and what they do to help us decide on how we treat spaces both internally as well as externally. Q. What does the term ‘luxury’ mean to Emaar MGF? Luxury is the hidden surprise and the extra value that the end users get when they buy an Emaar MGF property. We want our customers to be delighted with our product and want them to feel pride in their home and the space which they own and live in. We find that customers have a certain expectation of quality, design, exclusivity and maybe even luxury from us.


For us, luxury is that extra value we can give to our customers because we have given a bit more thought to how people use their spaces.

What our Customers have to say

CUSTOMER SPEAK NILESH KOTHARI Customer Nilesh has invested in Palm Terrace Select, Emaar MGF.


y decision to invest in Palm Terrace Select was based on location, design, layout and the kind of neighbours and community it would house. Palm Terrace Select appealed for reasons of being a select small community with like minded residents. It has 262 apartments which are large and spacious. I like the layout and particularly like the way the whole project has been designed around a resort styled club house, which is a very interesting concept. Being centrally air-conditioned – which given our climatic conditions is now a must and no longer a luxury – is an added advantage for home buyers. Emaar MGF has been focused on delivering their projects on time plus the fact that this project has external financial investors like Kotak Realty and IL&FS as a contractor gave me great confidence. 23 11

Touching Lives | April 2014

The construction has been fantastic and I’ve been told that it’s on schedule. The fact that it is backed by a builder of repute with well designed communities to its credit, made it a relatively simple choice for me. I do want to add that the ease of doing transactions has improved with automated accounting and billing. The fact that I can view my statements at any given time is a first which some of the larger developers don’t offer.


was based in Dubai and when the Dubai government announced free hold properties, I started investing with Emaar. I have been investing with Emaar since 2002 and have found the finish of their homes to be of very high quality. The attention they give to the location, layout and design has been par excellence both in Dubai and in India as well. It is amazing how Emaar MGF embodies the quality of Emaar in Dubai. Despite having a few homes with Emaar MGF I would still invest with them since I trust their eye for detail, their quality and customer care. Their staff is very well trained and always proactive to respond to any query you may have. When you invest in a property with Emaar MGF, you can be rest assured that you have not only made a wise investment but have also put to rest any concerns around quality, service, finish, design and layout. I have been delighted with not just the product but the entire experience and trust them as my builder of choice.



he Golf Course Extension Road and the location of this particular property is what attracted us to Palm Terrace Select. This area is going to be the next South Delhi and given the quality and exclusivity of this project we are keenly looking forward to moving in. Choosing the right builder is driven by trust and reputation. Trusting your future home to be given on time as per specification and with no hidden charges is a rarity and Emaar MGF has been a trusted builder for us. It’s a very cozy complex – well landscaped and with good use of space, light and design. I’ve seen that a lot of other building projects end up being concrete jungles but here the buildings are built around a large park. I really like the layout and the interesting nooks and corners in the home which can be decorated in many interesting ways.


Nisha has invested in several properties with Emaar MGF, including The Palm Drive and Marbella.

You know you did a job right when you have happy customers. That's when a job is fully complete. Dr. K. Ramamurthy, CEO – Projects, Emaar MGF


Touching Lives | April 2014


e were living in Hamilton Court in Gurgaon when we saw the layout of Palm Springs. Having lived overseas for a large part of our lives, especially Dubai, my wife and I were impressed by the layout, design, broad roads and landscape in this complex. It allowed us to breathe, see open skies and walk in a green environment. It was easy for us to make up our minds that this is where we want to live. Now that we live here the enchantment continues. We go for a walk every day. We have a walk group, a gym group, a yoga group, a theatre group. It’s so wonderful to live with like minded people who you can spend time with. The club and the pool make our evenings lively and enjoyable. Our quality of life is great and our children enjoy their annual visit home as much as we enjoy living here. Our house is simply perfect.

House proud Prof. Tyagi says that ‘their home is perfect’.

PROF. VIKRAM S. TYAGI | Customer Mr. Tyagi lives in Emaar MGF's The Palm Springs, on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

For me experience and lifestyle was important. This is a very beautiful and spacious complex. It is not crammed with buildings like you see in other residential complexes in Gurgaon. The difference in this society and others is that this has broad roads, is spacious and has a feeling of openness to it. It has an understated elegance and feels more like a resort. KUSUM TYAGI



Touching Lives | April 2014


Col. Udai Singh recently moved into his new home built on a 500 sq yards plot at Mohali Hills

Dr. Dinesh Sachdev recently moved into his new home in Mohali Hills built on a 400 sq. yds. plot.

“I love the green environ of our home in Mohali Hills.”


he green cover, wide roads and security were the three main features that attracted me to Mohali Hills. Having lived in an army accommodation all my life I was keen on moving into a congestion-free, serene area. Since my grandsons are still little, I wanted a house close to open spaces and parks. My home at Emaar MGF’s Mohali Hills is perfect in this regard.


s our children got older we began to look for a bigger home. Emaar MGF was a clear choice for us and upon visiting the township we were delighted to see the layout and the development work being undertaken. The wide roads, parks, spacious layout, peaceful and serene environs all made us decide to invest in Mohali Hills. We were looking to build our ideal home in a spacious place away from the madding crowd and our home is a true blessing for us. My day begins with a cup of tea on the front porch where we have a lovely view of the hills. Further, our 5-bedroom home which my wife has done up with great love and an eye for detail, provides ample space to each member of the family. The green cover only adds to the charm of the township. Inspired by us, one of our relatives has also invested in a plot at Mohali Hills and they plan to commence construction of their home soon.

The surroundings and landscaping are beautiful and we are delighted to have three well designed and well maintained parks that are within walking distance from our home. In addition to the green cover, I am delighted with the security that has been provided around my house. I was told that other than the outer faccade I could design the house according to my convenience. However, I really liked the layout of the villas that were being constructed in Mohali Hills and decided to replicate it. I have made two bedrooms on the ground floor and three on the first floor. Since there is ample space on the first floor I am planning to purchase a billiards table soon. It would not be an understatement to say that I am living in my dream home.



Touching Lives | April 2014


hen I saw Palm Springs, I was struck by the way it had been designed and developed and made up my mind to invest with Emaar MGF. Being a project engineer myself, I recognize good engineering, workmanship and quality and Emaar MGF has done a fabulous job across all the communities they have developed. Not only is it well designed, with great use of space and landscaping, the quality of construction is good and the properties are great investments. The layout plan of Emerald Floors is fabulous, design is excellent and it is a place where I would like to live in. I like the fact that Emerald Floors is low level. All the colonies around Emerald Estate appear to be high rise buildings. Such tremendous detail is seen in the development – the roads are wide, lighting poles are all fixed in a straight line and the landscaping is delightful. It is a pleasure seeing their concern for design and their eye for detail. Emerald Floors, in Emerald Estate, where I have invested, is a goldmine. My investment has increased multifold and has shot beyond all market predictions and expectations. The construction going on in Emerald Estate is making good progress and is of high quality. Inspired by me, my brother has also bought an office space in Emerald Plaza.

Such tremendous detail is seen in the development in Emerald Floors. The roads are wide, lighting poles are all fixed in a straight line and the landscaping is delightful. 30

CHARANJIT PAL CHOPRA | Customer A former engineer in the Indian Navy and the real estate sector, Mr. Chopra owns 8 properties of Emaar MGF, including Emerald Floors and Emerald Plaza.


Touching Lives | April 2014


Creating spaces for a new India.

PALM GARDENS: Residential PALM TERRACES SELECT: Residential MARBELLA: Residential / Township PALM SPRINGS PLAZA: Commercial PALM SQUARE: Commercial



Touching Lives | April 2014

PALM GARDENS Palm Gardens is a residential integrated community built across 21.90 acres. There are 12 apartment towers which have been planned around open landscaped spaces, with a total of 1026 apartments, including 3 bedroom and 5 bedroom duplex plans.

21.90 acres 12 apartment towers 1026 apartments


Experience luxury living in this exclusive gated master-planned community. With free-standing four-side open towers, cohesive urban design, smart street furniture, signage, well lit roads, segregation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, environment friendly planning with green areas and tree lined streets, this is an ideal residential option for families. The Palm Gardens apartment towers have been planned around open landscaped spaces allowing utmost privacy yet unrestricted views of the vast open Central Greens spread over almost 8 Acres. Every duplex apartment on ground floor has a private garden, and every duplex penthouse gives you the choice to live a life of luxury at another level. The complex includes a Golf putting range, 2 schools and EWS. In close proximity to Gurgaon’s Business District and Delhi, Palm Gardens is located at the important junction of NH8 and Dwarka Expressway, close to a prominent 5 star hotel, with proposed Metro connectivity and a station within walking distance. Planned with a Clubhouse with modern amenities, a health club, a swimming pool with splash pool, a 3 km jogging track, tennis, badminton and basketball courts, it’s the open landscape that is the uniqueness of Palm Gardens. Aesthetically designed water bodies add to the beauty of the complex. Location: Sector 83, NH 8, Gurgaon Architect: DFI Contractor: IL&FS Construction Company Delivery Schedule: Construction commenced in June 2012 and is progressing as per schedule. Expected delivery is 4th Quarter, 2015. Status as on Date: Construction work in progress. Structure nearing completion.



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12 towers 262 apartments 16 penthouses

Palm Terraces Select, a part of the Palm Drive development, is spread over a plot area of 7.665 acres. The project comprises of EXCLUSIVE 12 Towers and a total of 262 Apartments and 16 Pent Houses. With only 2 apartments per floor and 2 dedicated lifts, it gives a RESIDENTIAL sense of exclusivity and privacy. Ideally located, off the Golf Course Extension Road, with easy access from the main road, it is surrounded by residential neighbourhoods that have excellent infrastructure and access to the city’s commercial sectors. Palm Terraces Select enjoys wide open spaces and a fresh, green, natural environment. Palm Terraces Select will have extensive recreational facilities that celebrate the outdoors, such as landscaped public areas, parks, jogging trails, walkways and an exclusive clubhouse. The clubhouse includes a swimming pool, a baby splash with indoor heated pool and a bowling alley. The sports facilities at the complex include tennis, badminton and basketball courts, 24 hour running filter, shower and changing areas, a party area and a billiards/pool room. The health club facility has a unisex gym and a dance & aerobics studio. The Palm Terraces Select offers luxury 4 & 5 bedroom homes, garden facing apartments with efficient layouts of two apartments to a floor with two dedicated elevators, modular kitchens, VRV air conditioned apartments and basement car parking along with 100% power back-up. With perimeter security and CCTV in the basement and the main entrance lobby, The Palm Terraces Select is a well secured and protected community. Location: Sector 66, Golf Course Extension Road, Palm Drive Complex, Gurgaon Architect: Crisp Design Contractor: IL&FS Construction Company Delivery Schedule: Phased handover starting June 2015 Status as on Date: Structures are nearing completion and construction is going on as per schedule. All the other activities of the MEP and finishing are already underway. Work is going on at a fast pace, night and day.



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109 acres Spanish villas

A grand, ultra lavish and impeccably planned exclusive villa community, Marbella sprawls across over 100 acres of land, just off the Golf Course Extension Road in Gurgaon. Apart from LUXURY the villas, Marbella has its own clubhouse for its residents RESIDENTIAL offering various recreational activities. The complex also has a multi-specialty polyclinic by a leading chain, primary / nursery school and convenience shopping. Marbella is designed for an unmatched lifestyle – both within the luxury of your homes and out in the open spaces. Exclusive Spanish style villas in a refreshing colour palette create lavish indoor spaces while the outdoors offers planned walkways, scenic parks and leisure and recreational facilities, completing the experience of villa life. Fitted with a burglar alarm system, smart card access for residents and intercom linking the main gate to each residence, this Wi-Fi community has high quality electrical wiring, provision for cable tv and modular switches. It is also well equipped with a Spa facility, Health club with a unisex gym, a Jacuzzi, a dance and aerobics studio. The complex also boasts of varied sports facilities which include tennis courts and a swimming pool with a baby splash pool. The Club has a lounge, a billiards room, a card room, a cigar lounge, multipurpose hall/function lounge with a bar and a multi-cuisine restaurant. It also has a mini club cineplex and a kids play area with tot-lots, see-saws, baby slides, a sand pit and party area. Location: Sector 65 - 66, Gurgaon Architect: ARCOP Associates Pvt. Ltd. Contractor: IL&FS Construction Company Delivery Schedule: Expected delivery for first phase is 3rd Quarter, 2016 Status as on Date: Work has begun on site.



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PALM SPRINGS PLAZA Palm Springs Plaza is a state-of-the-art commercial complex, strategically located on the Golf Course Road, Gurgaon’s most desirable address. Designed to meet the most stringent demands of business in a globalized world, the offices at the Palm Springs Plaza provide an environment built to nurture excellence and productivity.


The entire complex boasts of international quality specifications and craftsmanship. Large floor plates, open span design and central corridors ensure maximum utilization of the available space. Locational advantages and the captive catchment area provided by the integrated residential community makes the retail complex of the Palm Springs Plaza an excellent business proposition for supermarkets, fashion and garment stores, banks, restaurants and even boutiques. The Palm Springs Plaza will be home to some of the finest corporate offices and most sought after retail brands set across 51,000 square feet of retail space, over two floors.

2,93,000 sq. ft. Superior design

The Palm Springs Plaza sets standards for environmentally sensitive development practices that are designed to minimise environmental damage and maximise energy efficiency. Rain water harvesting, solar panelled external lighting, energy efficient lighting, extensive use of natural light and proper insulation are some of the ways we ensure that we make our mark on environment conservation. Location: Golf Course Road, Sector 54, Gurgaon Facilities & Amenities: Central air-conditioning, high-speed elevators | 100% fully automatic back-up provided for lighting, power and AC | State-of-the-art communication, video surveillance and life safety equipment | Well-finished lobbies and common areas | Separate entrances for office and retail sections | Fully furnished public restrooms | 3-level basement for parking and adequate surface parking (approx. 285 cars) | Provision for access control and video surveillance. Architect (Conceptual Design): R204 Architect (Execution): MAAS Architects Contractor: Bhayana Builders Pvt. Ltd. Delivery Schedule: 3rd Quarter 2014, Ready for occupation Status as on Date: Ready for fit-outs



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THE PALM SQUARE The Palm Square is an integrated corporate office cum retail complex set on 3.475 acres that forms a gateway to The Palm Drive. It offers a world-class office environment – a two-level retail arcade which will set new standards in design, quality and operational management. Strategically located on the Golf Course Extension Road, The Palm Square is just 20 minutes from Delhi’s International Airport and a stone’s throw from the proposed Metro line.

3.475 acres 3,07,200 sq. ft.


With large floor plates, open span design and a central corridor, every square foot at The Palm Square seems spacious The entire complex has stringent quality specifications that match highest international standards. With over 80,000 square feet of retail space spread over two floors, The Palm Square offers you the perfect opportunity to mix business with pleasure. Location: Golf Course Extension Road, Sector 66, Gurgaon Facilities & Amenities: Video surveillance and all life-safety equipment | High-speed elevators | Environmentally sensitive development | 100% fully automatic backup provided for lighting, power and AC | Central air-conditioning with 100% power back-up State-of-the-art communication system | Sophisticated building management system | 3-level basement for parking and services | Adequate surface parking with provision for access control and video surveillance. Architect: MAAS Architects Contractor: Modern Construction Company Delivery Schedule: Occupation Certificates by 3rd Quarter 2014 Status as on Date: Ready for fit-outs



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SPOTLIGHT Our CSR Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility at Emaar MGF

Our CSR Initiatives

The monumental expansion of Emaar MGF’s projects pan-India was accompanied by the need for a commitment to search for new and permanent horizons in the area of responsibility towards the well-being of the societies in which it operates. This led to the defining of our vision:

Distribution of blankets: The first month of the New Year saw Emaar MGF distribute 12,000 blankets to its construction workers. This is not a one off effort but part of a continuing process. In October 2013, the Company donated over 20,000 blankets to survivors of the Orissa floods in its efforts to spread warmth and care.

“As a leading real estate player Emaar MGF is committed to improving the social, environmental and economic capital of our stakeholders and the communities we touch.”

Mobile Créches: Emaar MGF runs a day care centre for children of construction workers at The Palm Drive in Gurgaon through Mobile Créches, an organization which provides education, nutrition and health to children through the day.

Under our campaign emCare initiative, we believe that care begins at home and we run a series of initiatives to help improve the lives of our workers at our construction sites and their children. We believe that it is imperative for an organization to give back a humble part of what it takes from society. We continuously strive to be an entity that is socially committed by bringing together all our existing processes under the ambit of corporate social responsibility through pro-active initiatives. We work towards minimising the environmental effects and utilising resources towards the development of a sustainable society that is in harmony with the environment. We are committed to the construction of high performance buildings in accordance with LEED India, the Green Building rating system certified by the India Green Building Council.


Gift a Smile Campaign gathers momentum at Emaar MGF: This New Year, 650 children of construction workers in Gurgaon and Mohali got New Year Gifts under the ‘Gift a Smile’ campaign. These are children of construction workers employed at the Company’s projects in Gurgaon and Mohali. The gift distribution is a part of Company’s ‘EmCare’ campaign through which it conducts various activities for welfare of deprived sections of society. Other Activities: Emaar MGF is involved in CSR campaigns like donation to various relief funds, donation to NGOs working in the field of disability, education and healthcare. Last year, in the month of July, when the state of Uttarakhand witnessed one of the worst disasters, Emaar MGF contributed Rs. 1 crore towards relief and rehabilitation along with Rs. 3 lakhs which employees contributed separately.


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PROUD OF OUR LINEAGE Emaar MGF Land Limited is a joint venture between Emaar Properties PJSC (‘Emaar’) of Dubai and MGF Development Limited (‘MGF’) of India. Emaar MGF is a real estate construction and development Company with a pan-India presence. Its operations span key segments of real estate construction and development, including residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. At present, its focus is on the construction and development of residential projects in Delhi, NCR (Gurgaon), Mohali, Chennai, Hyderabad, and other key Indian cities.

42.5 mn square feet across 8 cities in India

Headquartered in New Delhi, the Company started operations in India in mid-2005. It is driven by its mission to develop and deliver unique integrated lifestyle and work place environments through its focus on high quality architecture, strong project execution and customer centric approach. Emaar MGF aims to develop ‘integrated master planned communities’ which comprises of residential projects along with one or more community facilities, including retail and commercial developments, schools and hospitals, enabling a ‘live, work and play’ theme within the same development. Emaar MGF is presently developing 54 projects (including project phases), 45 residential projects and 9 commercial/retail projects with an aggregate saleable area of 42.5 mn. square feet, spread across 8 cities. Some of Emaar MGF’s completed projects include The Palm Springs in Gurgaon, The Commonwealth Games Village in Delhi and Esplanade in Chennai. About Emaar: Emaar, Properties PJSC, a Dubai-based Public Joint Stock Company listed on the Dubai Financial Market, is one of the world’s leading real estate developers. Emaar, a provider of premier lifestyles, has been shaping landscapes and lives in the Emirate since the company’s inception in 1997. Specialising in creating value-added, master-planned communities that meet the full spectrum of lifestyle needs, a highlight of Emaar’s approach to developing integrated lifestyle destinations is Downtown Dubai, the 500-acre mega-project, home of Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building and The Dubai Mall – the world's largest shopping and entertainment destination. About MGF: MGF, incorporated in 1996, is engaged in the field of retail real estate development in northern India. It is currently one of the leading shopping mall developers in northern India, with approximately 2.5 mn. square feet of retail space delivered and approximately 2 mn square feet of retail space and above 1 mn. square feet of residential space under development. Some of MGF’s completed projects include The Metropolitan, Megacity Mall, Metropolis and The Villas in Gurgaon, the City Square Mall in West Delhi, MGF Metropolitan Mall in South Delhi and MGF Metropolitan Mall in Jaipur.



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Contact Us: For Sales Queries in India: Call (Toll-Free): 1800-102-3643* or E-mail: For International (outside India) Sales Queries: Call +91-124-4416304* or E-mail: (Standard ISD rates apply as this is not a toll free service) For an Existing Domestic (India) Customer: Call (Toll-Free): 1800-103-3643* or E-mail: For an Existing International (outside India) Customer: Call +91-124-4416306* or E-mail: (Standard ISD rates apply as this is not a toll free service) *Business Timings (IST): Monday to Friday: 10:00 hours to 18:00 hours Weekends and National Holidays: 10:00 hours to 17:00 hours

You may contact us at the following addresses: Sales Office: Emaar MGF Business Park Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Sikandarpur Chowk Sector 28, Gurgaon 122002, Haryana. Email: enquiries Toll Free: 1800-102-3643 Corporate Office: Emaar MGF Land Limited ECE House, 28 Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi - 110 001. Tel.: 011-4152 1155/4120 3444



Emaar MGF Land Limited ECE House, 28 Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi - 110 001. Tel.: 011-4152 1155/4120 3444

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