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Kidsville Kids of Bexar County Mission Statement


idsville Kids of Bexar County embraces the philosophy that children should be given the opportunity to learn and grow through expressing their talents and passions while finding ways to give back to a community who steadily supports their education, character development, and future endeavors. Through allowing children to express themselves through the art of music and dance, Kidsville Kids promotes the importance of creativity, self-confidence and hard work. Kidsville Kids believes every child deserves his or her chance to shine. Granting children the opportunity to appreciate the arts at a young age helps to expand their minds and worldview while teaching them to work as a team, learning to respect and bond with one another. Performing as a group, Kidsville Kids discover how their actions can impact others. Kidsville Kids also supports the belief that the foundation to a happy and successful child is a commitment and dedication to learning. Through encouraging an interest in education, Kidsville Kids helps children understand the importance of learning and making reading a fun and healthy lifelong habit. Finally, Kidsville Kids strives to emphasize the importance of service and volunteerism. By giving time and energy to others in need, Kidsville Kids learn humbleness, compassion and an appreciation for the blessings in their lives. Kidsville Kids recognizes the motivation and possibility within each child and is dedicated to helping them realize their worth, value and dreams for the future.

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Dear Kidsville Kids, t has been so wonderful to see how each one of you has grown over this past year. Looking back through photos, from your first performance to the most recent, its amazing to see how much you’ve physically matured. And as we watch a video of your most recent show, it’s so clear…your talents have evolved so much from the day you began! It has been a real honor to be part of your growth. You have brought Ronnie and I so much joy! We talk about you all the time – especially about how much fun we have working with each and every one of you. We think all of you bring something unique and special to the Kidsville Kids group. We have also watched how you have learned to work as a team. This lesson will help you in so many ways through-

out your future. Teamwork teaches you how to work with one another to reach a common goal or vision. So much more can be accomplished by a team than by an individual. Teamwork also teaches you how to look out for your fellow teammates. Ronnie and I have watched as you have cheered your new friends along during a performance or through their efforts during practice. This shows your kindness and love for one another. We hope you will continue to pursue your singing and dancing throughout your years. But if you choose a different path, we hope that the experience of being a Kidsville Kid will leave you with fond memories of your early childhood years. Thank you for working so hard and being such great troopers throughout

“ Well done” to all our wonderful Kidsville Kids, hat a marvelous semester we have had. Each one of you brings something special to Kidsville Kids with your talent, energy, creativity and attitude. As you learn more and more to work together to become the dazzling ensemble group we know you want to be, we are excited to challenge you with the performance opportunities and the training necessary to make it an experience you will always remember. It is PASA’s goal to help you become young profes-

sionals, “triple threats” able to act, sing and dance whether in the community theatre or on the Broadway stage. We will teach you industry etiquette that will keep you respected and respectful in any theatre in the world. Beyond that, we delight in seeing your happy smiles and the joy you take in accomplishing things you didn’t know you could. It is our pleasure at PASA to watch you grow and develop into brilliant young performers and we look forward to seeing you again at the end of Summer for even more fun in the Fall.



every situation. You have learned to perform confidently in front of any sized group – from very small to extremely large. You have performed under all sorts of challenges and truly become little professionals. You are all so awesome and we thank you for your hard work and dedication. We Love You! Ronnie and Gina

Ms. Vaughn and Mr. Paul Performing Arts San Antonio

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“Julie, we are very proud of you and your talent shines through and through everyday! We love you very much, Mom and Dad.”

We Are Beary Proud Of You! Congratulations Kidsville Kids!

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Emma Jean Mason


ow did Emma Jean Mason know she would make a perfect fit with the Kidsville Kids? She’s been singing and dancing since the day she learned how to walk and talk! “Emma has had a lifelong passion for singing, dancing and performing,” said Lauren, Emma Jean’s mom. “Her favorite performance with the Kidsville Kids is a Hawaiian number, the Hukilau song. Emma Jean is a first grader at Hidden Forest Elementary. In addition to singing and dancing, she loves gymnastics and swimming. Her favorite subject

Kimberly Melendez


ome children are just born with the “performance bug” inside them – they love to sing, dance and entertain. Well, Kimberly Melendez, a third grader at Canyon Ridge Elementary is definitely one of those chid dren! Kimberly has always loved expressing herself creatively. “Kimberly writes poems and songs…she’s even a written ‘novel,” said Kriztella, Kimberly’s mom. “She loves to be creative in anything and everything she does.” During her time with the Kidsville Kids, Kimberly has grown as a performer. The guidance she receives from the instructors at Performing Arts San

in school? Music! Emma Jean also plays piano and loves to read. Since she began performing with the Kidsville Kids, Emma Jean has grown more confident. She has developed amazing stage presence and really learned how to shine! “When I saw her perform her solo, “Tomorrow” from Annie, live on stage at the Marriott River center…I couldn’t believe it!” said Emma Jean’s mom. “It was almost like I was watching a professional!” Emma Jean is a talented shining star and a wonderful part of the singing sensations,the Kidsville Kids.

Antonio who work with the Kidsville Kids has allowed her talent to grow and improve. Kimberly’s favorite performance with the group is the Kidsville Kids theme song where she can express her personality and individuality. Kimberly is also a part of the fashion design club at Canyon Ridge, a Master Chef graduate of the Young Chef’s Academy, and a community service volunteer with the Children’s Hunger Fund and other charitable organizations. “The Kidsville Kids have provided Kimberly with structure which has made her a better performer,” added Kimberly’s mom. And what a performer she is! Kimberly is a wonderful talent with the Kidsville Kids!

Cheyenne Tharp


heyenne Tharp learned to sing and dance before she could even talk! A part of the singing sensations, Kidsville Kids, and a gifted and talented third grader at West Avenue Elementary, Cheyenne has always loved to perform. “Cheyenne has always been comfortable singing and dancing in front of people, but Kidsville Kids has given her an opportunity to be a part of a very special group,” said Julie, Cheyenne’s mom.


Cheyenne truly shined when she opened the group’s performance of Monster Mash with an outstanding solo! “She got to incorporate a little bit of her own flavor,” explained Cheyenne’s mom. Cheyenne is very artistic and is also learning to play acoustic and electric guitar. She has even performed during Silver Star and Rampage games at the AT&T Center! Cheyenne is fearless and confident. She loves the friends she has made and the experience she has gained from being a part of the Kidsville Kids.

Sarah-Elisabeth LeDoux


eet Sarah-Elisabeth LeDoux. Sarah-Elisabeth is a very talented performer and a part of the singing and dancing sensations, Kidsville Kids! Sarah-Elisabeth decided to audition for Kidsville Kids so she could learn more about performing and fine tune her vocals. Kidsville Kids has also helped her overcome her shyness and learn how to be a role model for other children. Sarah-Elisabeth’s favorite song to perform is the Kidsville Kids theme song. She also enjoyed when the

Andrew LeDoux


ndrew LeDoux has always loved to dance, and now, as a part of the Kidsville Kids, he can share his talent and passion with others! Andrew decided to audition for Kidsville Kids so he could experience the thrill of performance and grow as a young man. Andrew’s favorite routine to perform is Poison Ivy. He also enjoyed caroling on the Riverwalk with the Kidsville Kids. “Andrew has learned so much about being a

Alyssa Martinez


s soon as Alyssa Martinez, a second grader at Bulverde Creek Elementary, heard about the scheduled auditions for the singing and dancing phenomenons, the Kidsville Kids, she knew she wanted to be a part of the group. “She’s constantly putting on shows for us,” said Alyssa’s mom, Valerie. “She’s like my own little radio, always signing and dancing.” Alyssa loves being a part of the Kidsville Kids family.

Kidsville Kids caroled on a riverboat downtown. Sarah-Elisabeth, a third grader, is currently homeschooled. Her favorite subjects are math and art. She hopes to one day attend the North East School of the Arts. Sarah-Elisabeth also ice skates and volunteers at the Children’s Hunger Fund with her brother, Andrew, in her spare time. “Through practicing and performing with Kidsville Kids, I have noticed an improvement in Sarah-Elisabeth’s confidence levels and performing skills,” said Sarah-Elisabeth’s mother, Sandi. Sarah-Elisabeth’s hard work and dedication to Kidsville Kids is sure to help her soar to new heights in the very near future!

performer from being a part of the Kidsville Kids,” said Sandi, Andrew’s mother. “He has grown immensely in his skills and his increased confidence has opened new doors.” Andrew also enjoys playing basketball, cub-scouting and volunteering at the Children’s Hunger Fund, packing food boxes for those in need. He is homeschooled along with his sister, Sarah-Elisabeth, and is in second grade. His favorite subject is science. Andrew will surely continue to shine as he shares his talent with the community through each and every Kidsville Kids performance.

If there’s a chance for her to act or perform, she’s ready and willing to give it her all, showcasing her talents with a smile. Alyssa’s favorite Kidsville Kids act is the group’s Monster Mash performance. She loves being in the spotlight. “It’s just her personality!” said Alyssa’s mom. Alyssa also loves school. In fact, science is her favorite subject and Mrs. Martinez is her favorite teacher at Bulverde Creek. Alyssa looks forward to each Kidsville performance and is a talented young vocalist ready and willing to shine!


Ally Reynolds


lly Reynolds has always loved to sing. However, it wasn’t until she became a part of the Kidsville Kids that her talent truly began to blossom. “We had no idea that performing was where she wanted and needed to be,” said Bethany, Ally’s mother. Kidsville Kids has given Ally a special platform where she is able to develop her skill and practice her talent. One performance that Ally particularly enjoyed was the Kidsville Kids’ production of a popu-

Sabrina Hernandez


abrina Hernandez loves to sing, so when she and her mom read about the Kidsville Kids auditions in Kidsville News, they knew it would be the perfect opportunity for Sabrina to share her voice. “Sabrina was a little unsure about auditioning because she can be shy,” said Cynthia, Sabrina’s mother. “But she loves to sing!” So far, Sabrina has two favorite songs which she has performed with the Kidsville Kids: The Monster Mash

Michelle Hernandez


ichelle Hernandez is a third grader at Cibolo Green Elementary. Like her big sister, Sabrina, Michelle decided to try out for Kidsville Kids after reading about the auditions in Kidsville News. “Michelle has a beautiful voiceand she was very excited to try out for Kidsville Kids as soon as we read about the auditions,” said Cynthia, Michelle’s mother. Michelle loves to sing, and like her sister, loves to


lar Halloween tune. “Monster Mash was fun…and I had a solo!” said Ally. A third grader at Hidden Forest Elementary, Ally’s favorite subject is reading. She also loves to make people laugh. “She is a natural comedian,” said her mom. “I think she has great comedic timing. One day, I hope to see her act or tell jokes and make others laugh.” “Whether it’s through singing or spreading joy through laughter, Ally loves to entertain. “It gives her great joy, and in return, it gives us great joy to watch her,” said Ally’s mom.

and Truman’s Theme Song. Sabrina is a very talented vocalist, but she’s also a gifted musician who plays violin. A fifth grader at Cibolo Green Elementary, Sabrina’s favorite subject is reading. She’s also very artistic and loves to draw. Being a part of Kidsville Kids has also helped Sabrina open up and become more confident. “Kidsville Kids has kicked the door open for Sabrina! said her mom. “Performing has made her more confident and she enjoys herself more and more everyday.”

perform Truman’s Theme Song and The Monster Mash with the Kidsville Kids. Kidsville Kids has given Michelle, a talented young star, a great platform to share her voice. In addition to singing, Michelle is also a gifted piano player and dedicated student. Her favorite subjects at Cibolo Green are mathematics and writing. Michelle demonstrates all of the admirable traits that Kidsville Kids should possess – a passion for music and performing and a love for school and learning. She is a fantastic part of the Kidsville Kids family!

Valeria Jauregui


eet Valeria Jauregui, a third grader at Huebner Elementary and part of the singing, dancing sensations – the Kidsville Kids! Valeria loves to dance and perform at different Kidsville events across the city of San Antonio. “Valeria loves being a part of Kidsville Kids,” said her mother, Astrid. “She likes being in the spotlight and expressing herself through dance.” Valeria is a dedicated student at Huebner and her

Hailey Valdez


ailey Valdez, a first grader at Encino Park, has always loved to sing and dance, but was a bit shy when it came to performing in front of others. But now that Hailey is a Kidsville Kid, she’s more confident than ever! “Hailey loves the social aspect of being a Kidsville Kid,” said Theresa, Hailey’s mom. “She’s a little shy, but Kidsville Kids has helped her feel comfortable on stage and while performing in front of others.” Hailey’s favorite song to perform is the Hawaiian

favorite subjects are math and writing. She also enjoys gymnastics and has spent the last two years learning to tumble and flip. She has worked hard to become a Level Four gymnast at United Gymnastics Academy! Kidsville Kids helps talented young stars like Valeria display their talents through song and dance. Valeria demonstrates all the wonderful traits that embody the spirit of a Kidsville Kid – a passion for dance and music, dedication to her studies, and leading by example. She is a fantastic part of the Kidsville Kid family!

tune, Hukilau. She loves the group atmosphere of the Kidsville Kids and how each performer brings out the best in each other. “Hailey loves to help others,” added Hailey’s mother. “Both in the classroom and at home. She’s very helpful, kind and loving.” Hailey’s favorite subject in school is writing. She’s also very artistic. In addition to being a Kidsville Kid, Hailey also takes gymnastics. More confident, talented and a stronger performer than ever, Hailey continues to enjoy all of the opportunities, friendships and experiences she is now a part of just by being a Kidsville Kid!

Fernanda Valencia


f you were to ask Fernanda Valencia which was her favorite – singing or dancing – she wouldn’t be able to tell you…she loves to express herself through both! Fernanda decided to try out for the singing and dancing sensations, the Kidsville Kids, so she could share her love for perform-

Fernanda has made many new friends just by being a part of the group. She has learned to work with her fellow singers and dancers and would love to perform a solo one day! Fernanda is a student at Hardy Oak Elementary. She’s in the second grade and her favorite subject is writing. Fernanda also loves gymnastics and spending time with her two sisters. As Fernanda continues to sing, dance and perform ing with others. with the Kidsville Kids, she is only gaining more “I love to practice our routines!” said Fernanda. “My confidence. She is grateful to have found a platform favorite performances are the Kidsville Kids song and where her talents can grow and shine! the Hawaiian song, Hukilau.”


Samantha Stein


amantha Stein is quite the busy young student! A fifth grader at Carlos Coon Elementary School, Samantha is in the Broadcasting Club, Young Astronauts, the CC Warriors Dance Club, Science and Math Club, and Student Council! On top of all that, she’s also a Junior in Girl Scouts, a recent competitor in a citywide spelling bee and, of course, a talented performer with the Kidsville Kids! “Samantha has always loved to entertain,” said Jennifer, Samantha’s mom. “She’s always singing

Julianna Balido


ulianna Balido, a fourth grader at Carl Wanke Elementary, loves performing with the Kidsville Kids. “I love to dance,” said Julianna. “And our performance of I Want Candy is my favorite!” Through being a part of Kidsville Kids and performing at various Kidsville Kids events, Julianna has developed a special confidence onstage. “Kidsville Kids has helped Julianna with her stage management and presence,” explained Julianna’s mother, Sandra. “It’s one thing to perform in the classroom or in front of family, but Kidsville Kids has given her a wonderful new confidence. She is very,

Jasmine Williams


asmine Williams, a third grader at Wilderness Oak Elementary, has always loved to make people smile. Whether she’s spreading cheer through singing, dancing or telling a joke or two – Jasmine is a true entertainer. That’s why she’s a perfect fit for San Antonio’s very own performance group, the Kidsville Kids. “Jasmine has never been shy, but being a part of the Kidsville Kids has given her such an amazing opportunity to entertain and make people happy,”


and dancing and putting on a show for everyone.” Since joining the Kidsville Kids, Samantha has grown more confident in her performances. She’s learned to work in a group environment with the other children in the Kidsville Kids and adjust and compromise to ensure that the group brings out the best in one another. Her favorite performance with the Kidsville Kids so far? The Hawaiian tune, Hukilau! Samantha has a wonderful outlook and an amazing personality. She has a true gift for performance and her talent shines through during every Kidsville Kids routine!

very happy to be a part of Kidsville Kids.” Julianna truly shines on stage, but she also likes working behind the scenes to help others. She was elected by her classmates to fourth grade student council and helped organize her school’s toy drive for needy children. Julianna is also a dedicated student who loves to write. She loves the new friends she has made through her involvement with Kidsville Kids. “I like learning the choreography,” said Julianna. “And when we perform, when everything comes together, that’s my favorite part.” Julianna is a rising star and a wonderful addition to the Kidsville Kids!

said Toni, Jasmine’s mom. “She loves to put on a show.” Jasmine’s favorite performance with the Kidsville Kids is the Hawaiian song, Hukilau. She especially enjoys the “luau” theme of the routine. Jasmine’s favorite subject in school is history. She loves to learn about the “olden days!” She also takes part in gymnastics and a theatre arts class. “Jasmine truly loves anything to do with performing,” added Jasmine’s mom. The Kidsville Kids are lucky to have a shining star like Jasmine as a part of their group!











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Were“Wild� About The Kidsville Kids! CongratulationsJob Well Done! Will Smith, Mom and Brother Charlie

Kidsville News - Yearbook 2011-2012  

Kidsville News - Yearbook 2011-2012

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