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Editor’s Note: Welcome to the premier issue of In Laredo magazine. There are so many things I’d like to say about this magazine that simply won’t fit. We started out 7 months ago with and now we move forward with In Laredo magazine. I’ll start with our cover story and the guys from B Live Promotions who have a dream and carry with them the goals of bringing an indie rock music revolution to Laredo. Revolution. I like that word and it describes what we have in mind for Laredo with In Laredo magazine. It’s time for a new attitude and a new way at looking at this city. Laredo is a great city full of amazing people, places, businesses and culture. I’m tired of hearing people say there’s nothing to do here. I’m tired of listening to people say that all the cool people live somewhere else. The truth is there are many great things about the city of Laredo and it’s citizens. We aim to showcase and shed some light on these things. We’re letting your voice be heard by opening up Best of Laredo voting polls on so that once and for all everybody will know where to find the best resturants, shops, bars, architecture, and people. Every month we will profile BOL nominees so that you can get to know what’s out there. Find the best happy hours through our Drink Laredo Happy Hour Guide. Get the heads up on the latest concerts, community events, and entertainment events through our monthly calendar. Find some of Laredo’s beauty through Youth Fascination. Get insights on what to watch on Netflix or In Theaters with our reviews and film profiles. Learn about what’s happening in the music and art scene through Entertainment Ink. There is so much more in store for you. So here it is Laredo, the happenings and people of this town wrapped up in a monthly magazine designed just for you. Open this magazine and read through it. We hope you are ready and open to this new revolution. This is only the beginning and we plan on bringing you so much more in the future. So join us in our quest to bring new information, trends, and the latest events that happen in this city. The revolution is knocking on your door and the only question is, are you in? Ambrose Lerma Jr

s t n e t n o C

Wondering what you should watch next? We’ve got some reviews for you. Pg. 9

Rambling on the Rio It’s Time to Sizzle. What’s the best way to grill? Find out on this month’s column!

In Theatres This month we profile the up coming John Carter.

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Cover story: Revolution Mode [on] Is Laredo ready for the Southbound Music Fest? Take a look behind B Live Promotions and their vision to bring SXSW indie rock to the Gateway City. Pg. 12

Youth Fascination

Entertainment Ink

Karla Pena Profiles

This month we sit down with Kris Roe from The Ataris for a one on one interview.

A deeper look into some of Laredo’s beauty. Pg. 16

Best of Laredo

We visit with Damn Cakes and the guys at Lazy Boy Tattoos.

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here’s a sound that can be heard in backyards with increasing frequency as the weather gets warmer. No, not the buzz of “chicharras”, but the sizzle of meat cooking on a grill. Fajitas. Mollejas. English cut ribs. And that ever-present semi-circle of spicy sausage. Yes, amigos, it is March and grilling season has kicked into high gear. Whether it’s on the tailgate of a pickup in your driveway using a hibachi that can only fit a meal for two, or on a 25 foot square cabaña with a custom-built cinderblock pit with a grilling surface larger than a good sized desk, Laredoans love their meat hot off the grill…literally. When having a cookout or, (as we refer to it on the border) a carne asada, you need three essential elements (and no, beer isn’t one of them…although I’ve never witnessed it, I have heard that it is indeed possible to have a carne without beer). These items are: a BBQ pit, which is primarily just a receptacle to hold the heat source, a grilling surface, and the source of the heat that will cook your food. While all three elements each have many different varieties to choose from, this column will focus on the three main choices when it comes to choosing the source of heat, since this causes the most passionate disagreement among grilling enthusiasts. There are three popular ways of getting a fire going, all based on different fuels. Because each method results in a unique flavor to the meat being cooked, fans of each vigorously defend their preferred style.


A fairly modern method that is catching on in Laredo is grilling on gas grills – specially built pits that use propane gas as their fuel. Gas is growing in popularity because it’s much cleaner with little unsightly waste to dispose of, and in today’s quick and hurry world there is no need to wait for a fire to burn down to an acceptable cooking temperature – turn the knob and *poof*, you’re ready to cook.

The method that is most popular locally among beginner grillers is using charcoal briquets – they’re easily available at grocery and convenience stores, come in a uniform easy-to-measure size, and provide a predictable, consistent heat. They are typically made from wood and wood by-products and often mixed with coal, although it’s getting more common to see regionally produced briquets made 100% from mesquite. It doesn’t take long after lighting for the charcoal to ash over indicating it’s time to cook. However, to get authentic border taste in your carne asada, mesquite wood is the way to go. A BBQ fire made from mesquite burns hotter than one made with charcoal, so it takes some getting use to. And, it can take from half an hour to over an hour (depending on the size of fire) for the wood to burn down to coals suitable for cooking. Ah, but once it does and you spread out the coals to get a nice even bed to cook over, the sight of tiny flames flickering through the black and orange heat is something else. And, of course, the smoke from the wood will add flavors to your food that just doesn’t happen with the other methods.

Well, there’s your brief summary of grilling options, so whichever method you decide on, it’s time to have some fun! Whether inviting a group of good friends over to catch up on old times, or grilling up a romantic dinner for two, cooking out is something you can enjoy almost year-round. And, as always, remember to… Keep laughin’, amigos. Writer’s Note: For those of you not familiar with my previous columns on, welcome to the premiere issue of “In Laredo”. My column, “Rambling on the Rio”, tries to capture various entertainment topics from the viewpoint of an entertainment junkie like yourselves. Whether you’re a fan of music, sports, theatre, food and drink or all of the above (like I am), I think you’ll enjoy the journey as I ramble on about the many wonderful things “In Laredo” that keep us smiling and laughing.





By: Roland Ortegon

Not another trick to advertise a ter Low self-esteem and personal hatred never sounded so amusing. Louie C.K.’s standup special Hilarious acknowledges the physical, mental, and emotional decline of an aging adult. Sound depressing? It is, but the red-headed comic still paints this dismal picture with waves of laughter. Don’t be discouraged by the grown-up perspective or dark subject matter. Just make sure the kids are sleeping; they still have a chance at hope.

Pearl Jam fans unite! PJ 20 honors two decades of musical history from the Seattle grunge heroes. “Noobs,” relax; this documentary traces the band’s roots to times before lead singer Eddie Vedder unveiled his voice. Interviews from original members Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard and fellow musician, Soundgarden/ Audioslave singer, Chris Cornell add authenticity while concert footage strengthens the soundtrack. The band’s varying set lists and Ticketmaster legal battles exhibit fan appreciation. However, the drama is diluted to drummer dilemmas, declining sales, and disapproval of songs disdaining George “Dubya” Bush. Still, Pearl Jam Twenty simultaneously informs and rocks!

True Grit celebrates classic westerns with modern, captivating visuals. A remake of John Wayne’s 1960 film of the same name, the directors seized the essence of cowboy “shoot-em ups” while maintaining solid character buildup with entertaining dialogue. The Coen Brothers’ latest movie embraces revenge and the motivation behind the thrill-seeking journey of chasing closure. While the ending slows the film’s anticipation, it reflects the importance of the journey, not the destination. Few will regret such an engaging ride.

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In Theaters


Photos courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

By: Vincent Moreno IN THEATERS MARCH 9th NATIONWIDE in 3D and IMAX 3D.


his year’s film production John Carter, is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs novel “A Princess of Mars,” and was written in 1912. Now, 100 years later, Academy Award® winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton of such Pixar classics as Finding Nemo and Wall-E, takes on his first live-action adaptation of the film for Walt Disney Pictures. Stanton is the second director from the Pixar family to direct a live-action production, following suit after Brad Bird tackled the hugely successful Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol last winter. With this, the seasoned Stanton brings a great storytelling background, and has a proven track record that should deliver quality entertainment. The film centers on John Carter, played by Taylor Kitsch, a relatively unknown actor and easily marks his biggest opening film to date. Carter is a Civil War soldier from Virginia who later finds himself transported to Planet Mars which in the novel is

referred to Barsoom. While on Barsoom he’s pursued and captured by the alien barbaric race. Carter, already a tall and strong human, has his strengths and abilities enhanced due to the natural gravity that exists in Mars. This type of natural gravity, is what gives John Carter his supernatural force. Dejah Thoris, played by actress Lynn Collins, is the princess of Helium on Mars. Dejah, consequently, is in need of a hero and John Carter fits the bill. Rounding out the supporting cast, is Bryan Cranston (Powell), three time Golden Globe nominee who headlines the hit TV series Breaking Bad for AMC, Mark Strong (Matai Shang), the mob boss from Kick-Ass, Willem Dafoe (Tars Tarkas), who portrayed Green Goblin in the Spider-Man series, and Thomas Haden Church (Tal Hajus), who played Sandman in Spider-Man 3. 10

The universe that encompasses the character of John Carter is quite extensive and exists in various formats. The character is plugged into many sequential novels such as “The Gods of Mars,” “The Warlord of Mars,” “Swords of Mars,” “Llana of Gathol,” “John Carter of Mars,” and in various comics and TV shows. The world of John Carter, which Burroughs created, has spawned a generation of influences across the science-fiction genre. These influences include influential writers such as Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, to filmmakers such as George Lucas, creator of Star Wars and James Cameron director of Avatar. In 2009, Cameron spoke to The New Yorker about his influences on the source material he used to create the character of Jake Sully. Cameron says, “With Avatar I thought, do something in the Edgar Rice Burroughs mold, like John Carter of Mars.” In the film Avatar, Sam Worthington’s paraplegic character of Jake Sully travels to Pandora, where his inabilities on Earth are invalid due to his mind and control being transplanted to an alien body. With this, Taylor Kitsch’s John Carter is a warrior in his own right, in a different time and



Photos courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

universe all together, who goes to Mars and becomes a declared Warlord. The film is shot in 35mm and underwent a post 3D conversion process. Unlike most big budget films shot frequently in native 3D, John Carter was photographed anamorphic; ultra-wide format and 3D cameras aren’t compatible with that kind of viewable ratio. Typically I’m not a fan of post-conversion 3-D, but if the director’s intent from conception is to film and convert with the director supervising the process, I’m all for it! This will be an exciting adventure to experience in the biggest of screens. So go check out John Carter in 3D and in IMAX 3D. A classic story brought to life with a great cast and at the hands of talented filmmakers who care for great storytelling. I expect nothing short of a spectacle. John Carter Dir. Andrew Stanton Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action. (Motion Picture Association of America)

Revolution Mode: [ON]

Laredo’s Paradigm Shift in Live Rock Music By Chris Morgan

Photo by: Anthony Zedlav

Revolution – The very word invokes a feel-

ing of change. Dramatic change. A sense that after it passes and we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, we will no longer see things as we always have.

So when Fernando Montemayor, one of the founders of B Live Promotions, refers to their live music project as “Laredo’s Little Music Revolution”, you get a sense of what they set out to accomplish. Montemayor, along with B Live partners Robert Saldaña and Mike Barron, found themselves asking why should they have to travel to Austin, Dallas and elsewhere to catch great shows by new independent rock artists. There must be a way to bring this growing and exciting genre to Laredo on a regular basis.

The “indie rock” movement has exploded over the past decade as the internet has allowed bands and artists to connect more directly with their fans. Arguably the largest indie rock showcase in the world happens every March when Austin hosts the “South by Southwest” music festival, also known as SXSW. Started in 1987 as a way for unsigned artists and music industry reps to get together, this event has become the annual Mecca for indie rock bands and fans alike. Of course, word spread around Laredo that attending this event was a fantastic way to catch acts that rarely play down here, to the point where social networks such as Twitter and Facebook blow up every Spring 12

with tweets and status updates from those attending, those wanting to attend, or those bummed because they can’t attend. However, work, school, and finances among other obstacles present tough challenges for the Laredo-based indie music fan. It’s just not possible to catch as many shows as one would like given the hassles of traveling out of town. And, as any concert promoter or bar owner will tell you, it’s just too risky to commit the dollars necessary to bring one of these acts to Laredo with no guarantee that they’ll draw a big enough crowd to cover the additional expenses. Enter B Live Promotions. The three principals of the group are all die-hard music fans, particularly indie rock, and felt that with their large network of friends and colleagues who shared similar musical tastes they could draw large enough crowds to make it work. And work it did. Their first couple of shows not only drew great crowds, but the enthusiasm from local fans starved for this type of music impressed the artists who felt the love of performing for the rowdy yet appreciative Laredo patrons. So, not only did word catch on locally that B Live were breaking new ground with booking bands not typically seen in Laredo, but word began to spread across the indie music scene that Laredo is an awesome place to play. Confident with their early success, B Live kept on bringing bands for local shows that were well known among indie music enthusiasts but a bit to the side of mainstream popularity. But with a heavy social networking presence on Facebook their long-time loyal friends were soon joined by new indie rock fans who caught the fever at one or more of their shows, and the crowds kept growing to the point where shows by

San Antonio’s Girl in a Coma and Austin’s The Bright Light Social Hour played to packed houses. So, in mid-January a Facebook status update by the B Live crew posed the simple question to their list of over 600 Facebook friends: Would Laredo’s indie music fans be interested and willing to support a multi-evening music showcase modeled loosely on Austin’s SXSW with several indie rock bands playing shows over a handful of nights? The response was galvanic. The energy of the replies practically leapt through the screen of those keeping up on their smart phones, laptops or desktop computers. B Live had proposed something that hadn’t been attempted in Laredo, yet was instantly embraced by a fan base that was surprisingly enthusiastic given that not a single band had yet to be named, let alone confirmed.

Bleached Saturday March 10th

Photo by: West Vita


Such is the strength of the mutual trust between B Live and their supporters. Their fans expressed interest in supporting an ambitious indie rock festival without knowing exactly who will play but knowing that the B Live guys have great tastes in music, and the B Live team knew they can commit the resources to begin booking the bands knowing they will have a strong, enthusiastic contingent of fans not only willing, but anxious to turn out.

Saturday March 10th


As quickly as you can change your Facebook relationship status from “Single” to “In a Relationship” to “In a Complicated Relationship, but Wish I was Single”, B Live had set up the “B Live Southbound Music Fest”. “Southbound”, as the men behind B Live refer to it, is an ambitious attempt to bring a multi-night festival vibe to Laredo’s bar scene, with original indie rock dominating the sounds. 13

mONday March 12th

The Kingston SPrings Monday March 12th

Photo by: Anthony Zedlav Photo by: Victoria Jacobs

Class Actress monday March 12th

mannequin Men Saturday March 17th


Based on the initial response, B Live began booking bands in earnest such that within a couple of weeks of the first “feeler� Facebook post, they have set a schedule of four shows over a period of nine days, and have convinced at least ten up and coming talented bands to visit Laredo with their unique indie sounds. Local bands with strong followings would be recruited to fill the opening slots on show nights as needed. Because of the success with previous B Live events, local live music hangout Old No. 2 was chosen as the venue and four nights in March were set aside for the shows. The evenings of March 10th, 12th, 17th and 19th are when the shows will take place. Popular bands in the indie movement with a reputation for energetic live performances were given a preference, and with many of them already planning to be in Texas for the SXSW festival travel arrangements were that much easier to pull together.

As of press time the following six bands are committed to perform: Saturday, March 10th:

Bleached, a Los Angeles-based garage punk band. Shivery Shakes, and Hacienda,.

Monday, March 12th:

J Roddy Walston and the Business, a Baltimore band now based out of Nashville who are well known among indie rock fans for their amazing live shows, as a quick tour of their videos on YouTube will make very clear. Also confirmed for March 12th is Class Actress, a band out of NYC whose music can be described as energetic Eighties electropop. Rounding out this already awesome bill are The Kingston Springs, a rock band from Tennessee who have wowed crowds at SXSW and Lollapalooza with their folksy melodies mixed with heavy guitar sound. Saturday, March 17th:

Mannequin Men, an energetic indie/garage rock band from the Windy City of Chicago will be rocking the house along with Juston Stens and the Get Real Gang. Fans may remember Stens as the former drummer for Dr. Dog who has moved on to his own project. And, to close out the festival, the show on Monday, March 19th

will feature Austin’s Strange Boys, a band very familiar to B Live loyalists, and The Black Belles, an all-female quartet out of Nashville, whose album was produced by none other than indie rock legend Jack White. Considering only the acts named above it is clear that each night is

a must-attend event if you are a live music aficionado, and even more so if you’re one of the many indie music fans who is tired of traveling to Austin to catch this type of show and having to worry about which buddy will be kind enough to let you crash on their couch after the show. And there are still a handful of slots to fill with other up and coming indie rock bands and Laredo’s own talented rock acts. If you haven’t done so be sure to add B Live Promotions as a Facebook friend to keep up with the latest line-up for the event as more and more bands are confirmed, and visit their web page at for ticket information. Also, promotional websites and/or Facebook pages for selected artists have been placed in a sidebar to this article, so be sure to check them out to get a sampling of what will rocking Laredo in mid-March. This promises to be an event the likes of which has not been experienced in Laredo, and very possibly the beginning of a great annual tradition down here on the border. One thing that those on the correct side of every revolution have in common is, their stories are a hell of a lot more fun. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of this revolution, Laredo. It is going to be epic.

Juston Stens and the Get Real Gang

Saturday March 17th

Strange Boys monday March 19th

TheBlack Belles monday March 19th

You can purchase your tickets at:







Lyrics are what many say make a

song that a band is known for. The songwriter usually reflects on personal bouts or inspiration of everyday life to write music, which is something that is very obvious for the band, The Ataris. What started off as songs about first love, young parenthood, and small town upbringings, has now evolved to music reflecting on deeps subjects as of loss, divorce, and personal battles with one’s self. Founder/lyricist/singer/guitarist and only original member of the band, Kristopher Roe, has been able to keep the same vibe going for the band to gain and keep their fans of the past. The band has seen it’s share of fame and fortune, but been able to stay grounded and remain a band who’ll take time before and after shows to mingle with the fans and take care of their own bookings and merch 20

table. In the past 3 years Kristopher has been doing endless touring both with and without the band to be able to raise funds to finish off their long anticipated album, The Graveyard Of The Atlantic. With the touring that has been done, Laredo, has been a usual stop where the band have been known to put on a great show. Currently, the band is on tour with The Queers and Far From Finished, but before they met up with the other bands, The Ataris made a stop in Austin, Texas, where we were able to catch up with Kristopher and get him to lend his time to In Laredo and answer questions for us here at Entertainment Ink.

ntertainment Ink Sit down with

By: Dora A. Juarez

E.I. Hi Kris, want to thank you for allowing us here at Entertainment a few moments of your time. To get our readers a bit familiar with your band, it is slightly known that name has something to be in regards to the Atari game, but if it wasn’t for that, what do you think would be the name of the band? Kris: Well it was kinda strange, I mean it was a little bit more beyond the  “I collected Atari’s games”.  In my first marriage, in the house I was living in, we had a house fire and I had about 500 or 600 Atari cartridges and they all burned up into a molted melted mass.  It was just kinda letting go of your past and you know The Ataris name was basically all about that. E.I. There is a song that we know the band is known for which has been labeled as the band’s signature song,

The Ataris San Dimas High School Football Rules. Would you care to tell us what the story or inspiration was for that song? Kris: The song San Dimas basically came out one really really good weekend I had when I first moved out west to California when I was 19.. I just went down to L.A. with some friends for the weekend and kinda get away, forget all about the hardships for a few days.. We slept in our van on the sunset strip and woke up in front of the Roxy and went and saw some shows and just had a really fun weekend. The Cure played on Jay Leno and I went and slept in the line and saw the cure play, I was front row and they played a song on Jay Leno and that was pretty awesome. It was all about, it was just a bunch of jumbled thoughts about a really good weekend about hanging out with a bunch of friends...

E.I. In response to you composing My Reply for a fan who was battling bulimia, how does it feel that fans hold your music as that sort of inspirational pedestal they go to during their tough times? Kris: To me that’s a reason I continue to play music, other than I love to travel and music to me is my therapy... I guess you never think that people are going to relate to it, but deep down that’s the biggest honor and it’s my hope that somebody hears something I write and can somehow find a bit of comfort in and something that they can relate to in their own life... Seeing someone singing along to something you wrote or saying that, it’s the biggest honor, it’s great.


E.I. What makes the Texas crowds different from other crowds you usually see around the world? Kris: It’s always different, Austin, is a really hard city for us. Well we’ll play in the valley and south Texas, I think we have such an amazing bond with people in Latin America, especially like we’ll go play in Monterrey and Mexico City and what not some of the border cities to Mexico and down there we’ll draw about 1 to 2000 people and then we’ll have shows in Austin where we’ll lucky if we can get 100-200 people here. Some of our shows at the valley throughout the times, I remember shows that we played this really good place, Chapas Bar in I think Brownsville and it was the rowdiest crazy shows just like some of the shows we have in Mexico and same some of our shows in Laredo. I really feel like, everything is different, Texas is obviously so big that it just feels like everything, we’re in a different state... E.I. Is the Laredo or south Texas area going to be able to see you stopping in the future? Kris: The Ataris relocated to Arizona earlier in the year just because, we have been and I have been doing a lot of recording out there in Mesa Arizona. Now that we are a little closer, we were based out of Indianapolis for a while after we have moved away from California, since Indianapolis is where I grew up. This whole tour of Texas, we couldn’t do a really extensive tour, because we have to be at the east coast to meet up with a couple of other bands for a tour out there and then we’re looping back around, so we only had a few dates to play with in Texas, so we had to miss a few markets. Our goal is before the end of the year is to at least do a small run of shows where we can do down and play a couple of dates in the valley and maybe come back and play that place in Chapas bar and then maybe another show in maybe Laredo E.I. Care to close off with some parting words? Kris: Thanks very much for giving our band love through out the years and please keep coming back to see us when we play in the valley and we love it down there and it’s always honestly one of our favorite places to play in Texas. 22

Hopefully since we’ve been away since October 2010 and we haven’t toured with the band, we’ll go back and it’ll be crazier than ever and people will come out in full force. Hope to see you guys down there and we’ll be playing late in the year. To conclude this interview, I’d love to thank Kristopher Roe, for lending Entertainment Ink some of his time to answer our pick of questions. The Ataris will be stopping by the Laredo area in the near future, so be on the look out, you will be guaranteed a show full of great music and good memories. Until next time, over and out! Visit The Ataris at:

What is the Best of Laredo? Many of you Laredoans may be wondering where to get the best of the best of the best when it comes to dining, drinking, clothing, and other services. Well, we at In Laredo magazine & Drink are tired of not knowing where to get the best! It is up to all of us to submit our votes so that we can give credit where credit is due. You must be a registered user of in order to vote or nominate in a poll. We welcome you to the Best of Laredo and remember only you can choose the Best of Laredo. Who picks the winners?! Laredoans, who vote online at You have the power to pick the best. It’s time to show appreciation and recognize the things, people, and places that make Laredo great.


Best of


When does voting end? Voting ends on June, 29 2012 The business/person I want to vote for is not listed as an option. Can I nominate somebody? Yes! Simply log into, find the poll in which you’d like to nominate somebody, type in your nomination in the “New: Submit your response.” box and your nomination will automatically be added. I’d like to see a new category, can I make a suggestion? We’d love to hear feedback on the Best of Laredo. You can contact us with your suggestions for new categories. If accepted, we’ll add it on next year and notify you of the decision. For more information about the Best of Laredo please contact us at


Food Shops Drink Arts & Entertainment Around Town

The latest craze of baking shows has built a demand for intricate children’s birthday cakes and outrageous groom’s cakes. DAMN Cakes has been meeting that demand since 2010 and is the go-to shop for whimsical custom cakes. Maritza Altman, owner and creative genius behind DAMN Cakes, is self taught without formal culinary or pastry training. People who seek out DAMN Cakes are in search of unique cakes to up the wow factor at their events. “The fact that other people have told us that the other bakeries have our designs says enough.” Altman highly suggests people interested in contracting a cake for their next special event come in store to discuss their vision and get exact price quotes. DAMN Cakes provides quality customer service and can help clients whether they walk in the door with or without an exact idea. “If you don’t have a design, we’ll try to customize a cake for your special occasion.” Altman’s passion for her work is noticeable when she affirmed, “I love hearing client’s stories behind their one of a kind cakes. I love that they can finally express themselves in edible works of art.” Altman is honest when she notes that not all their cake designs are large and complicated, which is what most people imagine. “In reality, we can make simple cakes all the way to breathless one-ofa-kind cakes.” More importantly, DAMN Cakes boasts a made from scratch approach in their kitchen that allows them to offer a line-up of desserts that provide a unique homemade flavor. DAMN Cakes can satisfy any taste palette with over 15 different types of cake and filling flavors and 12 fondant flavors. DAMN Cakes works well with both fondant and butter cream frosting and can adapt recipes to the imagination of the client. They can make classic cake flavors such as German Chocolate, Carrot, Tres Leches, and Flan Cakes. They can bake a wide selection of flavors and are willing to work with customers to push their culinary boundaries. In addition to cakes, they also create smaller treats such as cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and edible arrangements. These customized delicacies can make great center-pieces or party favors at your next event! In the short time they’ve been open they’ve built ties with local community organizations and have partnered with Sacred Heart Orphanage, Bethany house and St. Jude’s for previous events. Further, DAMN Cakes stays involved in community events and fundraisers; Altman, mentions a soft spot for the animal shelter. “During the week I work 8 hour shifts but on the weekends my husband and I work anywhere from 18 to 24 hour shifts a day. It’s crazy, but we love what we do.” Altman says with pride, “I love providing clients with custom cakes, there’s no limit to what can be created.” DAMN Cakes is located at 1019 Guadalupe St. Lobby hours are Monday – Thursday 2 p.m. – 9 p.m. Friday – Sunday Reserved for appointments, pick-ups, and deliveries. They may be reached at (956)725-5772 or

Best of Laredo Nominee

Damn Cakes Category: Best Bakery By: Jackie Verastuigui


Best of Laredo Nominee

Lazy Boy Tattoos Category: Best Tattoo Shop


By: Jackie Verastuigui

“People see my work on their friends and family members.” Most people who know about Lazy Boy Tattoos know them from the vast numbers of Laredoans sporting clean and high quality tattoos that serve as a calling card for the shop. Hector “Lazy Boy” Hernandez, 26, opened his shop 4 years ago and has become well known through word of mouth. He is a self- taught artist and specializes in black and grey, fine lined detail work. On the other hand, a second artist at the shop, Gabriel “Gabe” Rodriguez, balances him out with traditional, colorful work outlined in thick solid lines. Adding Gabe as an artist to Lazy Boy’s has brought non-stop fun for the shop. On any given weekend, the shop is crowded with clients and the nonstop sound of the buzzing needle on skin. “I’ve tattooed everybody. I’ve seen my tattoos in courtrooms, doctors’ offices, and even on teachers.” All customers go away thankful, satisfied, and with exactly what they wanted. When one sees a tattoo done at Lazy Boy’s, the follow up question seal the deal for most. How much does it cost? “I’m pretty fair on price. I’ll charge what I think the tattoo is worth,” Lazy Boy explains. Lazy Boy and Gabe built a solid reputation by going out of their way to consult customers on the best choices for their tattoos. They aren’t afraid to tell customers what will work for them long term. “Tattoos tend to blur out over a couple of years,” Lazy Boy said. For those worried that their tattoos won’t be unique, Lazy Boy and Gabe can work with that too. They’re willing to customize a client’s ideas and rework them to put their own twist for a one-of-a-kind tattoo. Lazy Boy and Gabe are proud to own a professional shop that follows all legal and health codes that pertain to their business. One of the most prominent and important things about the shop is how clean it is. The bottles of ink are lined against the wall, and the framed tattoo samples are carefully organized. “I like it when it’s clean; it represents me and my shop,” Lazy Boy notes. “I’m proud that I can do something that I love that doesn’t feel like work at all. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would do my work for free.” Lazy Boy’s commitment to the profession is one that any artist or business person would hope to one day achieve. Although the tattoo shop only employs two artists, they are heavily involved in the community by hosting a yearly Christmas toy drive, donating to the St. Judes Children’s Charity, and helping with community plate sales. With the growing Laredo population, Lazy Boy looks to one day move to a bigger shop and employ another artist that fits in with the fun and dedication Gabe and Lazy Boy encapsulate. Walk-ins are recommended. Lazy Boy Tattoos located at 5309 McPherson Rd. #5. They may be reached at (956) 727-0320


Ways to Relax During Spring Break

When most of us think Spring Break, we think bikinis, beaches, sun, fun, and lots of drinking. In fact, Spring Break has become synonymous with college age crowds over taking the nation’s beach destinations with their rowdy partying for that one week of non-stop fist pumping parties. Not everyone lives this lifestyle for that one glorious week in March. As a matter of fact, many of us actually want a “break” from all that craziness and all the hassles of everyday life. I for one want to relax and do things with the family so I stay clear of beaches for this one week in particular, and for most of March for that matter. If you are looking for things to do that are family oriented, perhaps with the little ones, here are just of few of my favorites: 1. CAMPING. Nothing says Spring, fresh air, and new beginnings like going camping. My family’s personal favorite camping destination, Garner State Park is neither far nor expensive. Garner is on the outskirts of Concan, Texas and is just about 161 miles northwest of Laredo, a little under a 3 hour drive. Entrance fees are the same as any other state park and overnight or screened shelter fees are priced very accessibly. For park information and reservations, visit www.tpwd. or call (830) 232-6132. 2. FISHING. I often see Lake Casa Blanca State Park as a jewel in the rough. I have many a fond childhood memory of going fishing with my family there. I am now casting new lines and making new memories with my own children. The best part of this experience is that it is close to home, just minutes away from any part of Laredo. A picnic or cookout on one of the lake’s many park and picnic areas would complete the day. For park hours and information call (956) 7253826 or visit parks/lake_casa_blanca/

By: Rena Cannon

3. GARDENING. I must admit, I do not have a green thumb but nothing makes me feel more accomplished as a home owner than to see my lawn green, lush, and with well-plotted plants. Spring Break is a perfect time to gather up some seeds in a plotted area filled with fresh potting soil. Herb and vegetable gardening can be fun and easy for children to help out with and the end product can show children that hard work can pay off with “fruits of labor.” Be sure to do your research and ask your local gardening stores and nurseries for advice as to what is in season and what grows best in the amount of space you plan to use. Purchasing from local nurseries is a great way to boost the local economy and to get expert gardening advice. 4. SPRING CLEANING AND HOME IMPROVEMENTS. Out with the old and in with the new! This means it’s time to get rid of your old wardrobe and home items. You can get the kids to chip in and help you take unused clothing and items to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any of the numerous homeless shelters, and women’s shelters around our fine city. Blankets and sheets can also benefit the local dog pound to keep our furry little friends warm the next winter season. The warmer weather is also a great opportunity to bring to life those much needed home improvements you have had on your honey-do list for quite some time now. Apply a fresh coat of paint to give your home a face lift, clean out the gutters, or remodel any room in the house to give it an updated look and feel. You don’t own your own home you say? Perhaps you can contact the local chapter for Habitats for Humanity and volunteer your time there. Not only will you keep busy in a non-daily type of activity, but you are doing a greater good with your own two hands. For information on how you can volunteer or donate to Habitat For Humanity, visit or call (956) 724-3227. 26





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Photo by: Marcelo Terraza

5. FUN & RELAXATION. Last but not least, don’t forget to take time out to just veg out. Be a couch potato. Walk around without a worry for a day. Pick up a book or two at the bookstore in the mall or check one out temporarily at the public library. The library also offers children’s story times and programs for Spring Break week. Or better yet, for the ladies and their daughters, go out and get rid of your winter hair and get your hair done for a fresh spring look. Men and boys, get out and get fresh trims or the ever popular fade. This is also a great time to go shopping for a new wardrobe (see my favorite activity #4) and start a new season with a new look or a new outfit to make you feel new. Mall del Norte and downtown are just two areas of town where you can find anything for your new wardrobe, from A to Z. Also, may I highly suggest a pedicure. Yes, men can benefit from a professional pedicure as much as us women do. Make a day of it and visit one of our many locally owned spas and salons for a his and hers pedicure or couples day retreat. Many of these same spas and salons offer children’s pricing and specials for those little toes. So you see folks, you do not need to venture far and deep into your pockets and roadways to have a fun, safe, and family oriented Spring Break 2012. There are numerous other activities that one can do locally. The internet is a great way to search schedules and events in the City of Laredo and other local community and church organizations.


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Photo by: Ben Earwicker

Calendar March, 2012 In Town Southbound Music Fest March 10 Bleached, Shivery Shakes, Hacienda where: Old #2 Laredo Bucks vs. Arizona Sun Dogs Date: Sunday March 11, 2012 Time: 4:00 PM Southbound Music Fest March 12 J. Roddy Walston & the Business, Class Actress, The Kingston Springs where: Old #2 Monster Jam March 16-18 LEA The Lemon Peppers March 16. No Cover Charge where: AJ’s Jason Suthern Band March 17 where: Rumors Country Patio Southbound Music Fest March 17 Mannequin Men, Juston Stens and the Get Real Gang where: Old #2

Aaron Navarro Band March 18 where: Rumors Country Patio

Chase and the New South March 25 where: Rumors Country Patio

Southbound Music Fest March 19 Strange Boys, The Black Belles, Automatic Weekend where: Old #2

The Abridged Complete works of William Shakespeare March 29, 30, 31 at 8 p.m. & April 1 at 3 p.m. cover $5 where: Laredo Little Theater 4802 Thomas Ave.

Laredo Bucks vs. Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees Date: Friday March 23, 2012 Time: 7:30 PM where: LEA Bellator Fighting Championships March 23 Light Weight Quarter Finals Tournament First fight starts at 6:00 p.m. where: LEA Broken Vision March 23rd, $5 dollar Cover where: AJ’s Shawn Fussell March 24 where: Rumors Country Patio The Option March 24, no cover where: AJ’s

Roberto Pulido March 31, Cover $12 before 10 where: Senor Toros

Out of Town SXSW

Interactive: March 9–13 Flm: March 9–17 Music: March 13–18 Austin, Tx SXSW Film Festival is March 9-17 SXSW Film Conference is March 9-13 SXSW Interactive is March 9-13 SXSW Music Festival is March 13-18 SXSW Music Conference is March 14-18

San Antonio Symphony presents Bugs Bunny at the Symphony Majestic Theatre San Antonio San Antonio, TX

Fri, 03/09/12 08:00 PM Sat, 03/10/12 02:00 PM Sat, 03/10/12 08:00 PM

2012 Never Say Never Music & Arts Festival

March 13 & 14 Las Palmas Racepark, Mission Tx

The 2nd Annual UME (Ultimate Music Experience) Thursday, March 15- 17 33261 State Rd. 100.South Padre Island, TX 78597 Thursday March 15 TIËSTO With HARDWELL Friday March 16 AVICII With CAZZETTE Special Guest KEVIN FOCUS Saturday March 17 SKRILLEX With PORTER ROBINSON Special Guest MADEON

CAMPfest 2012 Date(s): 03/24/2012 Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Camp CAMP 515 Skyline Road Center Point, TX 78010 Phone: 210-671-7955 To add your event contact us at



Agave Azul

120 West Village Boulevard, -(956) 722-2985 Tuesday Karaoke 11-12 pm Happy hour all week 5pm-8pm Thursday- Djs, Electro house Friday- Indoor and outdoor Djs (college night) Saturday- Everyone Classy night


120 West Village Blvd. Ste 115, 956.725.2900 Happy hour 6pm-8pm


7601 San Dario Ave, (956) 725-9900 Every Tuesday *girls night out* $10 bottle of Barefoot wine 3-6 pm & 9-close Everyday Half on appetizers Everyday Domestic Brewtus $2.99 Monday & Thursday $2.99 Long Island. Thurs Karaoke

Average Joes

9652 McPherson Rd., (956) 7246767 Happy Hour everyday from 5pm to 10pm it’s $2 dollar you call it’s. Sun- Thurs 10pm to 2am $2 dollar bud, bud light, Miller lite, Coors Lite and Select and $4.00 you call it’s. Kara-

pp yH ou rG u id e

oke Sun-Thurs 10pm to 2am


1308 Iturbide Street, (956) 727-3009 Thursdays and Sundays buckets $12, well drinks $3 and cucumber martinis $3 beer and drink specials are all nite

Chilis Grill and Bar

5702 San Bernardo Ave, (956) 7259939 Happy hour Select Domestic Beer Regular $2.25, Large $3.25 Classic margarita $3.99

Hals Landing

6510 Arena Rd, (956) 727-4257 $3 all day everyday


5706 San Bernardo Avenue, (956) 723-8822 Domestic Beer $2. House sake $4. House wine $4 Martini $5 (komoto Dragon, cucumber, watermelon,carribbean, sour apple, pomegranate, squeeze tini)


201 W. Del Mar Blvd, (956) 7273393 Happy hour everyday 12-8pm. Domestic Beer $2, Import $3, Mango and cucumber martinis $2

1701 Jacaman Rd, 956.283-5737 weds. ladies $2.00 u call it,guys $3.00 u call it Thursday $3.00 u call it before 12:00 Fridays and saturdays $3.00 u call it before 11:00




1406 Jacaman Rd Happy hours : (8pm-2am) SundayWednesday, (8pm-11pm) Thursday- Saturday

Djs Republic

401 Shiloh,(956) 243-2808 $1 drinks Happy hour 5-10 p.m.

5300 San Dario Avenue, (956) 7288513 Happy hour 3-6 pm & 9-close 22oz Drafts $2.99 Budlight, Budweiser, miller light, coors light. House margaritas $1 off. Well drinks $1 off Wine $1 off 29

Nectar Art and Wine Gallery

1406 Jacaman Rd Mon, Tues, Weds 4pm- Close $2 Domestic, $3 Import, $4 You call it Weds, Thurs, Fri After 11 pm $3 you call it Saturday 4-10pm $2 Domestic, $3 Import, $4 You call it

OceanDrive Bar:

House specials $3 you call it. $6 Liter FridaySaturday.

Old #2

313 W Village Blvd, (956) 722-3371 Live music every Thursday Friday and saturday. $3 Jack Daniels everyday

Senor Torros

9802 mcpherson rd (956)727-8277 Tuesday $3 wells all night Wednesday: Ladies go free, tab goes to Dj

Texas Road House

5722 San Bernardo Avenue , (956) 727-1164 3-6 pm Monday-Thursday 22oz Draft beer Miller,Budlight, Budweiser, Michelob ultra

Happy hour: 10oz margaritas $2.49


4100 San Bernardo Ave,(956) 729-8700 Happy hour open-9pm

$2.50 Domestic pints, long necks, well drinks. Margaritas $3 premium

Tuesday nights college/ cheap date nights 9pm-close $2.50 domestic, $2 wells/pints/Long island Shots: $3 Jager Bombs, $3 Royal F*ck Ladies: $3 appletini, $3 Rasberry margarita

Wednesday nights:

$2.50: Bud select. $3: well drinks, Jager shots, Amaretto sour, $4: Bull Blasters, Purple Geckos, Royal Fucks, Sex on the beach

Thursday Karaoke 9pm- 1am


8307 San Lorenzo Dr ,(956) 728-7529 Mon- Fri Happy hour 5-7 p.m. No cover Half Price drinks Tuesdays: 2X1 Dances


Yes, it’s time that time of year again, St. Patricks Day! Wooo! Time to prove that you’re 1/8 half Irish from your great grandmother’s uncle’s side or that you can at least drink as much as a full blooded Irish man. I know, some of you may be having flashback memories of last St. Patrick’s Day in which you may or may have not passed out in a pool of green beer while protecting your pot of gold that closely resembled a white porcelain bowl. Do not worry, your secret is safe with me. It is for this reason (and many more that I cannot think of right now) I present to you…


St. Patrick’s Day By: Ambrose Lerma Jr

Breakfast of Champs

St. Patrick’s Day is a tough day and it is very important to prepare your body and mind for the onslaught of liquor and beer that will be coming your way. I recommend you start your day off with a bowl of Lucky Charms. Yes they are magically delicious and not just the marshmallows. After that, prepare your Irish coffee and we are ready to start the day!

Be Green, Super Green

I for one can’t think of a single piece of green clothing I own. No socks, shirt, pants, nor top hats in my wardrobe have even a splash of green. If you are like me or don’t believe in wearing green then you might want to reconsider. Do you really want people looking you up and down all day long? Do you want people saying “Ha! You’re not wearing green! I gotta pinch ya!” No, you don’t. Most of these people don’t even wash their hands 98% of the time.

It’s Contaminated

I’m not a fan of green beer. Lets face it, who likes “breaking the seal” only to find that you secrete more green fluid than an injured Predator. Worse is when you can no longer hold your liquor and are forced to spew out a fountain of green vomit making you look like a familiar Garbage Pal Kid. Try something new! Try something Irish! How about an Irish car bomb, some Irish whiskey, or my favorite, a Guinness? That’ll grow some hair on you Laddy!

Irish Pride

Please, for the love of potatoes don’t tell everybody that you’re .001485 percent Irish. I don’t need to see your family chart from nor do I want to see your impersonation of William Wallace, who is Scottish.


This, my friends, is how you survive St. Patty’s Day. Please drink responsibly and do not,under any circumstances, drink and drive. Know your limit. Now that you are knowledgable and responsible you can go out and enjoy a fine night of St. Patricks Day fun.

[in] Laredo - March 2012  

[in] Laredo - March 2012