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that cater to the horse crowd. For the avid rider, you might consider a crop, lunge whip and lunge line, new helmet, boots, gloves, saddle pad, boot socks, half chaps, show jacket, show shirt, breeches or just a pair of warm riding gloves and a winter hat to wear to the barn. For the horse owner, you can always splurge on a new saddle or bridle or a more conservative gift such as grooming tools, a new set of clippers or colorful splint boots. A new leather halter with a name plate is always nice, too. Don’t forget the horse’s comfort either. This is the time of year when blankets are likely to be in full use. If a new one would be beneficial, make sure you know the size and weight needed and check to see if a stable or turnout blanket is preferred. Accessories for a horse trailer such as new trailer ties, a corner water container, or a new shovel and broom for cleaning out the trailer might be greatly appreciated. For the do-it-yourself horse keeper, how about a new pitchfork or wheelbarrow to make the daily chores more pleasant? A new feed tub or

storage container, water trough or stall guard could be a winning gift. And then, there is the ultimate gift; a new horse. However, you need to know what you are doing and perhaps enlist the help of a knowledgeable horseman if you plan to surprise your loved one with a horse. And don’t forget to budget for the stabling and care of the horse once it is given. If you have a big budget, you might even consider a new horse trailer with the proper vehicle to pull it. If you need more help I think every rider can tell you about their

favorite horsey gift. It can be almost anything. I can tell you mine; the ten lessons that started a lifetime journey for me. I can’t imagine what I would be doing now if I didn’t have these incredibly sensitive animals to enrich my life and give me an avenue to enrich the lives of countless other people. God bless horses and the joy they bring to us! hB Cathy Strobel has over 30 years of experience as a trainer, judge & clinician she can be reached at Southern Breeze Eq. Ctr. at (281) 431-4868 or


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Horseback Magazine December 2013  

Volume 20 Issue 12

Horseback Magazine December 2013  

Volume 20 Issue 12