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CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Samantha Koepp, Dale Rankin, Georgia Griffin, Ronnie Narmour, Aletha Eyerman, Liza Chapkovsky

PHOTOGRAPHY Miles Merwin, Jan Rankin, Dale Rankin, Ronnie Narmour, Georgia Griffin, Todd V. Gardner

From the Publisher...

There’s a lot going on in CC this month, Destination Bayfront unveiled their plan for the destination park stretching from the site of the old Coliseum to the T-Head. It looks like a great plan, and I hope we can come together as a city and make it happen. I hear a the usual amount of backlash against this project, and it usually goes like this, “We should spend that money making the roads better” or something along those lines. Apples and oranges folks. Yes, we have some roads that need work. We also have a budget for that, and if its not big enough, then we need to discuss raising money for that budget, not giving up on making our city better in other ways too. One thing that hampers us as a city is summed up by an old friend of mine, Jacquie Fuller, who grew up in San Antonio and upon hearing I was moving to Corpus Christi said, “Why? there’s nothing there but Whataburger and Selena’s grave!” I knew better, and have never run out of things to do in CC. But like it or not, that’s the reputation we have with a lot of people. Destination Bayfront is a Big Idea, and its a good idea. The fact that there’s empty lots with bayfront views has always annoyed me to no end. In any other city I can think of, those lots would be the most coveted real estate around. Here, they’re extra parking. The best way to make CC grow is to make it a better place to live. There’s lots of ways to do that, Big Ideas are important, and so are just regular size ideas, like cleaning up the place, getting involved in local decision making, maybe volunteering some of your time to help the city get to where we all know it should be. On that note, Rebecca Lyons is going to take it from here-

CONTACT CC @ 361.443.2137 361.949.7700 505 S Water St Suite 545 Corpus Christi, Tx 78401

ADVERTISING JEFF CRAFT 361.443.2137 JAN RANKIN 361.949.7700

Jeff Craft

Use your VOICe! By Rebecca Lyons A couple of weeks ago, a colleague asked me if I knew of any upcoming volunteering opportunities. At the time, I didn’t, so I suggested that she check with the Volunteer Center downtown. To my surprise, she informed me they had recently closed. How were people going to know about volunteering events in Corpus Christi, then? I thought.

Carpet Cleaning

I decided to create VOICe-Volunteering Opportunities in Corpus. The acronym wasn’t fully intentional. But it follows my point. I wanted to create a way for people to become informed and involved in their community. VOICe was created in order for people to share volunteer organizations and opportunities in Corpus Christi with the hope that other passionate people will have a way to put their desire to make a difference into action. People can “Like” the Facebook page and then send event information to If you are sending an event, please include the date and time, location, purpose of the event, and contact information. If the event has a Facebook event already, please send us that, too! For more information, please visit the Facebook page or send any questions to the e-mail above. I encourage everyone to become involved in our community, whether that’s by donating your time, money, effort, or voice.

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08 A Peaceful Welcome Corpus Christi needs a birthing center because women in this area need more options in childbirth. There are a lot of women in this area that are seeking the kind of care provided by midwives.


Mr. Smarty Pants As a victim of several singalong crowds at Robert Earl Keen shows over the years I must say it is a highly annoying habit for those next to you in the audience. It got so bad once at Floore’s Country Store in Helotes that when Keen asked if there was a song anyone wanted to hear a guy in a big cowboy hat yelled back, “Yea, one all these Aggies don’t know the words to.”


The Canvas Even though Ricardo’s only in his early 50s, in the local arts community Ricardo really is a village elder, with works in the permanent collection of our Art Museum of South Texas, and the University of Texas – San Antonio.




Inside the Center

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Give our troops a chance to call home and get a Fully Charged offer on tickets!


by Samantha Koepp


f you are an avid cell phone user, as most of us in the technology driven world are, you have probably gone through your share of cell phones. Whether it was to get the newest upgrade or to replace the one you dropped in the water or left on the roof of your car, your old phone is most likely still lingering around taking up space. Thanks to a partnership with Feld Entertainment, SMG American Bank Center and Cell Phones for Soldiers, you can donate your old cell phones to help our troops make free calls home and in return you will receive a special discount on tickets to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Fully Charged. From now until June 17th, cell phones can be donated at the American Bank Center Arena Box Office or Main Office in the Convention Center Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. For every cell phone donated a voucher will be given for a 50% discount on ticket prices when 4 tickets are purchased for Fully Charged at the American Bank Center Box Office for one of the shows on Saturday, June 16 at 11:30AM, 3:30PM or 7:30PM or Sunday, June 17 AT 1:30PM. The offer Is valid for tickets priced at $13.00 and $21.50. Cell Phones For Soldiers is a program started in 2004 by two young siblings, Robbie and Brittany Bergquist. Used cell phones are collected and then sent to a recycling company that pays the program for every phone. The proceeds collected go towards purchasing calling cards that are sent to troops overseas. Millions of cell phones have been collected, providing thousands of soldiers with invaluable talk time with their loved ones. Gently used cell phones are preferred but broken and dated cell phones will be accepted. Batteries, chargers, SIM cards and accessories are not required but will be accepted. It was while searching for a place to recycle old company cell phones that one of SMG American Bank Center’s employees, Katherine Crocker, discovered the Cell Phones For Soldiers’ website and proposed donating the phones to the program. The word spread to Feld Entertainment who produces Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. They wanted to get involved and with their Fully Charged show approaching they offered to give a special discount on tickets as a thank you for those donate cell phones and give back to our troops. If you are interested in donating to Cell Phones for Soldiers you can visit the American Bank Center website for more information: offers/ or call 361-826-4760. For more information on Cell Phones for Soldiers visit their website American Bank Center is Corpus Christi’s premier event center providing unprecedented guest experiences. For more information, visit us online at


Ask Mr. Smarty Pants He Knows Everything There Is To Know About Corpus Christi

Parrot Head Protocol and Flying Vodka Bottles Dear Mr. Smarty Pants, I’m thinking of going to a Jimmy Buffet concert next month. I’m a big fan and know all the words to his songs but my wife says I’m not allowed to sing along during the show. Is this some kind of rule? It seems to me if I pay for the ticket I can so whatever I want. Besides, I’m a pretty good singer myself.

Isn’t that shirt the kind you get when you buy a Volkswagen?

David Koonce

Well, David Mr. Smarty Pants hopes that you don’t decide to take an air horn to the concert. Here’s thinking that touching off an air horn during A Pirate Looks at Forty is not going to be a big hit with the other Parrot Heads around you in spite of the fact that you paid for your ticket and all. They bought tickets too and the disclaimer on the back didn’t say anything about David Koonce performing. As a victim of several singalong crowds at Robert Earl Keen shows over the years I must say it is a highly annoying habit for those next to you in the audience. It got so bad once at Floore’s Country Store in Helotes that when Keen asked if there was a song anyone wanted to hear a guy in a big cowboy hat yelled back, “Yea, one all these Aggies don’t know the words to.” He was escorted from the place for his own safety and Keen saved the situation by playing the Billy Joe Shaver song The Cowboy Who Started the Fight.

There are two Buffet concerts coming to the area and by the time you read this they may be past. One show is in Austin and one in Houston. The show in Austin is a taping for Austin City Limits and Mr. Smarty Pants’ experience at ACL tapings indicates that if you start singing along in that crowd you will be escorted out. They will let you move your lips and look like a dork in cutaway crowd shots but if any noise starts coming out security will come for you. Mr. Smarty pants can only say that if you are in fact seen in a quick shot on ACL singing along to anything but Margaritaville and your friends don’t make fun of you then you need new friends. If you sing out loud at the Houston gig my guess is you will arrive home with a knot on your head from a flying vodka bottle.

If you are in fact seen singing along to anything but Margaritaville and your friends don’t make fun of you then you need new friends.

Mr. Smarty Pants can personally attest to the volatility of a Buffet crowd. He was once at a Buffet show in the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin when the opening act was Larry Gatlin and he told the house manager to turn off the ceiling fans because they were making too much noise while he was playing. He got about halfway through the next song before a guy in a wheelchair in the front row with a Vietnam Vets Against the War vest on stood up and shouted “Get the %#@! out of Texas” and flung a mostly empty bottle of vodka stageward that bounced off the side of Gatlin’s head. Mr. Smarty pants can’t say if Mr. Gatlin left Texas but he can say he got the %#@! off the stage. Mr. Buffet came out and said, “Wow, this is a tough crowd.”

Mr. Smarty Pants consulted with some local Parrot Heads and it seems the consensus is that while they would prefer to hear Mr. Buffet work solo, if the tone-challenged fans around them wish to help Buffet though his songs the tight bond between Buffet fans allows it – with a caveat. Parrot Head Protocol allows you to sing along with the chorus but let Jimmy work the verses alone. If he needs your help he’ll call you up on stage. And for crying out loud David, show some decorum and try not to embarrass your longsuffering wife who has no doubt sat through a few Crosby, Still, Nash, Young and Koonce shows. If you decide to wail to your heart’s content for the price of your ticket go ahead, but watch out for flying vodka bottles. Those Buffet fans mean business.

Every Wednesday 5-7pm Handmade Crafts Live Music Breads & Cakes Pickles

Homegrown Produce Farm Fresh Eggs Cheese Homemade Soaps

505 South Water Street At The Village Shopping Center (Yin Yang Fandango &Tango Tea Room) Market Manager Aislynn Campbell (361) 548-3373


Every Generation Deserves

A Peaceful Welcome

As a woman attended by midwives for both of my labors and deliveries, I am so excited to hear about the opening of Corpus Christi Birth Center. CCBC is Corpus Christi’s first free standing licensed birthing center.

Coastal Bend in terms of safe and quality birthing experiences. (Don’t get your hopes up, mom. I’m totally done!) The public is welcome to CCBC’s grand opening event. A ribbon cutting ceremony will begin at 5:30pm on Friday, June 15th. Following will be an open house with refreshments and live music provided by local musical duo, The Alley-Os. Free chair massages provided by a local licensed massage therapist.

I met Beth Overton, CPM (certified professional midwife), owner of CCBC and the home birth-based business, Alternative Birth Care, in 2006 at a play group/mommy meet up. Back then, a birthing center was just a dream. Fortunately for Corpus, Beth has turned her dream into an adorable little bungalow, located at 1116 Santa Fe. I had the opportunity to see CCBC last month when Beth hosted an infant, child and adult CPR certification course at the center (the living area serves also as a classroom for various classes and meetings on health issues, all open to the public). The center is equipped with a prenatal room, two “birth suites” and a water birth suite. CCBC feels “homey” because it is a home, complete with bathrooms and a kitchen!

In the meantime, you can visit for more information and read my interview with Beth below.

What purpose does a birth center fulfill within a community? A birth center brings more prenatal and birthing options to a community and also provides educational opportunities on subjects pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth. Women who are well- informed and equipped to make healthy choices for themselves and their unborn babies, typically have good outcomes. This, in turn, improves the maternal and fetal statistics in this community by equipping women to become active participants in their prenatal care and maintain healthier pregnancies.

I had both of my sons with midwives. The first birth was at a birth center in Ohio and the second, in my foyer with Beth in attendance. I believe in the midwifery model of care. I believe in a woman’s body to deliver her child. I believe Corpus Christi Birth Center will provide a much needed option to the


A birthing center offers a holistic, natural approach to prenatal care that some women prefer. A birthing center offers the midwifery model of care. A birthing center offers a variety of birthing options not currently available in CC, like water birth, for example. A birth center is the perfect choice for women who might want to give birth in a home-like environment but who for various reasons might not be comfortable with the option of home birth.

What will your birth center offer in terms of services? We provide complete prenatal care: risk assessments, lab work, order sonograms, provide nutritional counseling, teach childbirth classes, provide prenatal care, labor and delivery services, water birth and postpartum care for six weeks after the birth. We offer pap smears. We suture vaginal tears, and provide IV fluids when necessary, though this is rarely needed (because we encourage natural hydration and eating during labor). The vast majority of the women under our care will not need to see a medical doctor during their pregnancy or birth. However, if at any point during her pregnancy or birth she requires medical attention that is beyond the scope of midwifery care, we are able to provide referrals and transfer care to an appropriate medical professional, according to her needs.

We want to educate the public about the role of good prenatal care, proper nutrition and healthy living in pregnancy and birth. We aim for our services to improve maternal and fetal statistics in this community. These are our goals at Corpus Christi Birth Center (CCBC). We hope to raise community awareness about natural childbirth.

We also offer routine care for all normal newborns. This care includes: newborn evaluation, metabolic newborn screening tests, prophylaxis eye ointment and vitamin K. We also provide referrals for newborn hearing screens and can recommend several good pediatricians in the area for continued care beyond 6 weeks.

Why does Corpus need a birth center? Previously, for a birth center option, a woman had to travel to San Antonio for the nearest free-standing birth center. Like I said before, it’s about options. Corpus Christi needs a birthing center because women in this area need more options in childbirth. There are a lot of women in this area that are seeking the kind of care provided by midwives.

What will the birth center offer expectant families that they cannot get from a home birth? Women choose a birth center birth over a home birth for a variety of reasons. For some, it is a matter of location. We are located close to EMS and within a short distance of several hospitals. Many of our clients come from outlying areas that are farther from hospitals and EMS services. So they would prefer to be closer to a hospital in the event a transfer of care becomes necessary during labor. Many of the women who choose our birth center as their birth locations will prefer the atmosphere of the birth center. They like the idea of being pampered in a “bed-and-breakfast” or “spa” like environment away from their own home. They like knowing that all emergency equipment, supplies, set up and cleanup are provided at the center, and yet the atmosphere is still very “home like”. Many want water birth or prefer our water birthing suite because we can provide a whole water birth room with lots of the space, soft lighting and music. They like the design of our birth pool compared to those that might be bought or rented for the home. Some don’t even have enough room for a birth pool in their home or don’t want to have the responsibility and mess of setting one up and then cleaning it up. Some women choose a birth center birth for cultural reasons. These women don’t want to deal with any negative, stereotypical ideas that might be associated with home birth. Culturally the idea of a birthing center is more easily acceptable to some women compared to the idea of home birth, which some find to be a challenge. So some women choose a birth center because it is more culturally acceptable. By choosing a birth center over home birth it sometimes makes explaining birth plans to friends and family a little less complicated (and less stressful). Like the women who choose homebirth, women who choose a birth center are seeking a more natural birth experience in a more natural setting. They want to avoid unnecessary medical interventions and they want to have good bonding experiences with their babies. They want to be actively involved in their own health care and to be treated with respect. They want their birth experience to be a positive one and they want their pregnancy and birth to be empowering to them as women and mothers. 09

You’ve been a midwife for how long? I’ve been a midwife for almost 14 years. All here in Corpus Christi.

Statistics s as of November 19th, 2011

How has the midwifery/home birth climate (attitude towards, interest in) changed? What was it like when you started, and how have you seen it change to the present day?

The total of all births attended as of that November date: 249

I’ve seen a lot of growth. When I started out, most of my clients fell into one of two categories. Some were women who had experienced midwifery care in another state or location, loved it and found me when they moved here. They already knew what they wanted and they found me. The other category was women who hired me because they had terrible experiences with a hospital birth and they were afraid of another bad experience. These women didn’t necessarily know exactly what they wanted, but they knew what they wanted to avoid. They found me, too.

Total births as a primary midwife: 187 92 were boys 95 were girls 35 were water births 15 were vaginal births after caesarian (VBAC) (4 of these were VBACx2) 6 were my grandchildren! The biggest baby delivered weighed 11 lbs 7 oz. The smallest baby delivered weighed 5 lbs. 12 oz. I’ve had numerous apprentices over the years. Some did not complete their training and some completed their training under other midwives. But three midwives began and completed their training with me: Jessica Gregory (my daughter), Mercy Eizenga and Elizabeth Derry. My current student is Melinda Pond who has about one more year to finish and we are currently accepting applications for an entry level apprentice.

Don’t get me wrong; women sometimes experience complications and need a doctor’s care and/or a transport to the hospital. But these women I just referred to had been emotionally hurt and needed healing. They needed an opportunity to give birth differently while also learning not to fear medical help if it was needed. My heart goes out to these women. I want to help them have a good experience, but I also want to help them know that it doesn’t have to be a bad experience if they do need medical help. Fourteen years ago, I rarely got any calls from first time mothers. Now I get calls from everyone. Now most people know at least the basics about midwifery care. Many have seen documentaries or read about it. The internet has helped a lot, but so have the documentaries that have come out like The Business of Being Born by Ricki Lake. I still get calls from women who were hurt by previous experiences. And I still have to help them heal emotionally. But at least now they seem to know more by the time they find me. They have already started the process of healing. I think more women are demanding more respect for themselves and their rights in health care for childbirth today. This is bringing about some changes. As women speak up we will see even more change, more improvement, and more choices. Midwifery care isn’t for everyone. But respect and options should be available for everyone. I’ve noticed positive changes in attitude towards midwifery care over the past 14 years. When I began 14 years ago, direct entry midwives in Texas were still called “documented midwives,” and too often still referred to as “lay midwives.” But that has all changed. With the CPM certification and better regulation we have advanced and gained much more respect. 10

Events Page

Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus Friday June 15 - Sunday June 17

Ballabajoomba Poetry Slam House of Rock Sunday June 24

Don’t miss Fully ChargedSM, the all-new surge of circus entertainment from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® where megawatts of thrills explode off of the arena floor with breathtaking dare-devilry, superhuman stunts and never-beforeseen performances that energize Children Of All Ages!

Sign up starts at 8 pm

First Friday Ar twalk La Retama Park and all over downtow n Ever y first Friday

The Downtown Ar tWalk is a self guided tour of ar t galleries, museums, gallery for the evening shops, and many other venues which open, free to the public, on the First Friday of ever y month from 5:30pm un til 9pm. Having grown to include 100 venues and stretching 23 cit y blocks it is now somewhat more than a “walk”.

The Harbor Playhouse William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing June 8 - July 1 Benedick and Beatrice are engaged in a “merry war”; they both talk a mile a minute and proclaim their scorn for love, marriage, and each other. In contrast, Claudio and Hero are sweet young people who are rendered practically speechless by their love.

Psycho Beach Party Aurora Arts Theatre Through July 7 Psycho Beach Party has been described as what you get when Gidget, Frankie and Annette beach party epics and Hitchcock psychological suspense thrillers are given a shotgun marriage. Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. Sunday matinees at 2:30 p.m

The ‘Bay Jammin’ Entertainment Series Concerts and films offered during Summer 2012 at Cole Park Anderson Amphitheater. Concerts are performed LIVE on Thursday evenings (June 7–August 23, 7:30pm–9:30pm) Movies are shown on Fridays after dark (June 8–August 24)

Grab your lawn chair and join your friends and family for an outdoor experience set against our beautiful bayfront. FREE admission and open to everyone. For Details visit

Farmer’s Markets Southside Farmers Market Every Saturday 9 am Everhart Market Shopping Center 5800 block Everhart near Holly In with Two George’s and Janet’s Cakery. Downtown Farmers Market Every Wednesday 5pm 505 S. Water Street In the Village Shopping Center By Yin Yang Fandango & Tango Tea Room


Corpus Christi 7-Day Film Festival 2012 CC7D CAST AND CREW CALL JUNE 20, 2012; 6:30 PM HOUSE OF ROCK 511 STARR STREET OPEN TO EVERYONE If you’ve ever wanted to make, act in, or work on the set of a film, CC7D is the easiest way to fulfill that dream. Over 40 teams will be making films in Corpus Christi from July 11-18, 2012 and many of them still need cast, crew, and musicians. You can meet those team leaders, get information about creating your own team, get your CC7D questions answered and hang out with the most talented people in Corpus Christi at the 2012 CC7D Cast and Crew Call.

Bizzare Bazaar

Maker’s and Crafter’s Fair Every third Saturday Check out the handmade crafts and art at the Tango Tea Room. Live music, dancing, henna tattoos, good food and a lot of fun!

Waves of Impact By Jeff Craft

“I can still hear the giggles and squeals of

My six year old son Declan is stuck delight, along with the words spoken by so with a pile of acronyms like PDD and ASD that really just mean “We don’t many children who so often are silent.” know what to call it.” On one hand, be, the lesson was over and I finally noticed Declan is incredibly intelligent, and the crowd of other children, all with varying able to do some things well above what’s expected degrees of challenges, all having the time of for his age, like math, spelling and reading, but on their lives. the other hand, he still doesn’t communicate as well as a typical six year old should, and has trouble Waves of impact holds surf camps like this interacting with other kids. He’s mostly silent. Other one up and down the coast, and you can find than that, he’s just like any other six year old boy: out more about them at Declan loves swimming at the beach, gymnastics, Huge thanks to Josh, Keith, and everyone climbing trees and Lightning McQueen. else who volunteered for the Corpus Christi Surf Camp. And now thanks to Josh from Waves of

Impact, he loves surfing.

We arrived early on the day of the camp, Declan’s teacher for the day was Josh Harper, an expert surfer with an apparent gift for building rapport with otherwise reticent children. Declan took to Josh right away, and after a few false starts, Declan was riding waves, smiling and laughing. Josh and Declan surfed for what seemed like hours, and when he was thoroughly exhausted and as happy as only a six year old can

Josh and Declan heading out for another wave

About Free Camps for Challenged Waves of Impact has two primary goals: 1. To show people the thrill of riding a wave. Many people find it to be an incredible feeling and they would not be able to experience it without our help.It's difficult to quantify, but many people find it therapeutic with results that linger beyond the day at our camps. 2. Integrate the beach going community with the groups that we serve. People and families facing extraordinary hurdles are often isolated from the surrounding community. Our day at the beach introduces these groups to each other and helps bridge the gap between these groups fostering friendship and support. Our staff consists of mostly local volunteers. Many are exceptional surfers and are considered the best waterman in each location. These highly devoted volunteers and specialists work hard to make our new surfers feel comfortable. They are the core of our surf clinics, and we are very fortunate to have their help. Without the support of local communities and volunteers, these camps would not be possible. These camps are provided at no cost to the participants. Funding comes from a variety of sponsors and business and individual contributions.

The Coastal Bend's Most Complete Live Music Calendar

Compiled by Ronnie Narmour

Friday, June 1st Six Market Boulevard @ Back Porch Snoop Dogg @ Concrete Street Spazmatics @ Brewster Street Ice House Palacios Brothers @ Dr. Rockits Art Walk w/ Bar Nutz/ Creatures of Impulse @ House of Rock Flashback @ Executive Surf Club Hilda Lamas and the Hilda Lamas Band @ The Sea Wall Raeanne Reed and the Bar Room Profits @ Pier 99

Saturday, June 2nd Derailers @ Back Porch Casey Donahew Band/ Charlie Robison @ Brewster Street Ice House Another Level @ Dr. Rockits Supervillains/ Kayavibe/ Weak Day Boyz/ Johnny 5/ Dead Passenger @ House of Rock South Texas Walk of Fame Music & Art Fest with Two Tons of Steel & Karen Abrahams/ Latin Talk @ Executive Surf Club Profile @ The Sea Wall

Sunday, June 3rd Open Jam w/ Rockin’ Ricke @ Tarpon Ice House Weak Day Boys @ Dr. Rockits Monday, June 4th Acoustic Night w/ Collin Roche @ House of Rock Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Doctor Rockits

Tuesday, June 5th Open Mic w/ Tiffany & the Lost Boys @ Tarpon Ice House Antone & the All Stars @ Doctor Rockits Open Mic w/ Rev. Matt Martinez @ House of Rock

Wednesday, June 6th Willford Experience @ House of Rock Open Mic @ Executive Surf Club Pete Devlin Band @ Vernon’s

Thursday, June 7th Emory Quinn @ Back Porch Delbert McClinton/ Toni Price @ Rockport Music Festival Damn Quails/ Midnight River Choir @ Brewster Street Ice House Antone & the All Stars @ Dr. Rockits On Blast Standup Showdown @ House of Rock

Friday, June 8th Greezy Wheels @ Back Porch Aqua Vox @ Sunset Sounds- Roberts Point Park Rodney Crowell/ Hayes Carll @ Rockport Music Festival Another Level @ Brewster Street Ice House NetherMedia presents JAMFEST 2012 (6 bands) @ House of Rock Aloha Dave & the Tourists @ Executive Surf Club Hilda Lamas and the Hilda Lamas Band @ The Sea Wall

E Saturday, June 9th Jesse Dayton @ Back Porch Reba & Her Naked Sisters @ Tarpon Ice House Albert and Gage @ Third Coast Theater Los Lobos/ Marcia Ball/ Blues Broads/ RMF All Stars/ Greezy Wheels @ Rockport Music Festival 2nd Saturday Sing-Along Piano Show @ Brewster Street Ice House Brightly Feathered Ones/ Microphonic/ Golden Meanies @ House of Rock Soul Struck @ Executive Surf Club Destiny @ The Sea Wall

Sponsored by Hours Sun, Tues-Thurs... 11:00AM till 10:00PM

415 D



Fri-Sat 11:00AM-Midnight Live music Friday, Saturday, Sunday Burgers, Seafood, Salads, Sandwiches

Sunday, June 10th Open Jam w/ Rockin’ Ricke @ Tarpon Ice House Ballabajoomba Poetry Jam @ House of Rock Mike Guerra & John Lopez @ The Sea Wall


Live Music Tonight

KSpac Hours

Free A

June 1

Dog Friendly ● Full Bar 520 S Shoreline Corpus Christi, TX 78401 361-726-3533

check us out on check us out on

Monday, June 11th Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Doctor Rockits Acoustic Monday w/ Collin Roche @ House of Rock

Tuesday, June 12th Open Mic w/ Tiffany & the Lost Boys @ Tarpon Ice House Antone & the All Stars @ Doctor Rockits Open Mic w/ Rev. Matt Martinez @ House of Rock


Applia incorp mecha hangs

Wednesday, June 13th John Cortez Blues Jam @ House of Rock Open Mic @ Executive Surf Club

Thursday, June 14th Mike Milligan and the Altar Boys @ Back Porch Sean McConnell@ Brewster Street Ice House Antone & the All Stars @ Dr. Rockits

Friday, June 15th Davin James @ Back Porch Pat Green/ Turnpike Troubadours/ Cody Johnson @ Roberts Point Park The Klocks @ Brewster Street Ice House Keep the Scene Alive @ House of Rock Cruise Control @ Executive Surf Club The Daze @ The Sea Wall

Saturday, June 16th Houston Marchman @ Back Porch Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines/ Jack Saunders @ House of Rock Pat Green/ Turnpike Troubadours/ Cody Johnson @ Roberts Point Park Metal Shop @ Brewster Street Ice House Bar Nutz @ Executive Surf Club Profile @ The Sea Wall

Sunday, June 17th Open Jam w/ Rockin’ Ricke @ Tarpon Ice House Mike Guerra & John Lopez @ The Sea Wall

Monday, June 18th Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Doctor Rockits Acoustic Monday w/ Collin Roche @ House of Rock

Art S Tuesday, June 19th Open Mic w/ Tiffany & the Lost Boys @ Tarpon Ice House Antone & the All Stars @ Doctor Rockits Open Mic w/ Rev. Matt Martinez @ House of Rock

Wednesday, June 20th Flatbroke @ House of Rock Open Mic @ Executive Surf Club Texas Moon @ Vernon’s

Thursday, June 21st Scarecrow People @ Back Porch Miranda Lambert @ American Bank Center Adam Hood/ Grady Skelton @ Brewster Street Ice House Antone & the All Stars @ Dr. Rockits Adam Carroll/ Owen Temple/ Pake Rossi @ House of Rock

Friday, June 22nd Wanda Jackson/ Milk Drive/ The Ladies of the After Dark Revue @ House of Rock Dust Devils @ Back Porch LeFreak @ Brewster Street Ice House Lyrical Bynge @ Executive Surf Club

Saturday, June 23rd Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns @ Back Porch Oso Texas @ Brewster Street Ice House Game of Skate/ Makeshift Dance Party @ House of Rock Time Pilots @ Executive Surf Club Another Level @ The Sea Wall

If your venue or show isn’t listed, let us know! we’ll get your dates in the next issue. Send your dates to Ronnie Narmour at

Sunday, June 24th Open Jam w/ Rockin’ Ricke @ Tarpon Ice House Ballabajoomba Poetry Slam @ House of Rock Mike Guerra & John Lopez @ The Sea Wall

Monday, June 25th Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Doctor Rockits Acoustic Monday w/ Collin Roche @ House of Rock

Tuesday, June 26th


June 1

Hot S

Hot H

June 1 Hit the event.

100 S


Tel: 3

Open Mic w/ Tiffany & the Lost Boys @ Tarpon Ice House Antone & the All Stars @ Doctor Rockits Open Mic w/ Rev. Matt Martinez @ House of Rock

Fax: 3

Wednesday, June 27th


HOBO @ House of Rock Open Mic @ Executive Surf Club Lee Winwright @ Vernon’s

Thursday, June 28th Clay McClinton @ Back Porch Antone & the All Stars @ Dr. Rockits Local Licks @ House of Rock

Friday, June 29th Tommy Alverson @ Back Porch The Cuveralls @ The Sea Wall

Saturday, June 30th Gary P. Nunn @ Back Porch Buster Jiggs/ Neil Edwards @ House of Rock Profile @ The Sea Wall

ArtCen Hours





June 1

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Art Scene A Few Items Of Note For June

K Space Contemporary 415 D Starr Street Corpus Christi, TX 78401 361.887.6834 Hours: Wed-Sat 11a – 5p

Treehouse Art Collective LLC 309 North Water Street, Suite D

The Merriman-Bobys House

Corpus Christi, TX 78401

1521 North Chaparral Street


Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 Tue-Sat

11a – 8p


Noon to 6p By Appointment Only Always Free Admission

Free Admission

First Friday, ArtWALK

Free Admission

June 1st, 2012, 6p to 9p

First Friday ArtWALK June 1st, 2012, 5:30-9pm (ArtWALK)

YinYang Fandango & Tango Tea Room The World through our Artist Eyes


A collective of 6 core artists, and a varying group of associate artists, who exhibit and sell their artwork in all manner of media.


Featured Artists: Mary Chriss & Don Vyskocil First Friday, June 1st, 2012, 5:30p to 9p

Art Museum of South Texas 1902 N. Shoreline Blvd

Main Gallery Appliance Art – Invitational show of artworks that incorporate industrial or household appliances, mechanical gadgets, and electronic thingamajigs! Show hangs through June 23rd.

Art Star & Corner Spot Spectacular Salon


June 1st through 29th, 2012

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Hot Spot




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Rockits @


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Hot Hot Hot Summer Rummage Sale… June 1st at 9am to June 2nd at 3pm Hit the 3rd floor K Space Art Studios for a special 2 day event. Hot hot hot deals on cool cool cool stuff!!!

Noon - 6p

First Friday ArtWALK

505 S Water Street, Suite 519

Closed Mondays & Holidays

Corpus Christi, TX 78401




Seniors (60 and older) $6

Active Military $6


Students (13+) $4

Mon - Fri

10a - 5p

Free admission for all members, children 12 and under, TAMUCC students


10a - 2p


By Appointment

Free Admission every First Friday in honor of ArtWALK! 15th National Exhibition Society of Marine Artists



June 30th August 26th, 2012

First Friday ArtWALK June 1st, 2012, 5:30-9pm Featured Artist: Ingrid De Mecheleer. In a rare opportunity for our area, Belgian artist Ingrid de Mecheleer’s art photography exhibit, entitled Being Human, is on show for the month of June at both AI Art Gallery and UT-Pan American. It will then travel to other parts in the USA. Hours: 10a – 4p every day except Monday

Rockport Center for the Arts


Tables of artists and artisan vendors in and around the Courtyard, every First Friday!!

10a - 9p


Sundays 1p to 5p

Fax: 361.884.8836

June 1st, 2012, 5:30-9pm

Fri & Sat

Atelier International Art Gallery

Tel: 361.884.6406

First Friday ArtWALK

Mon - Tue 10a - 3p

Tues - Sat 10a to 5p

Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Annual show of art in all media, by members of STAL.

Art Center of Corpus Christi

South Texas Art League (STAL) Exhibit


Featured Artist: Abbie Nau

Tel: 361.825.3500

100 Shoreline Blvd

Admission is always FREE

505 S Water Street, Suite 545

June 1st, 2012, 5:30-9pm

Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Fan by Mayra Zamora & Heater by Becky Smith

Festival of the Arts

902 Navigation Circle

Al Barnes, Hole Inspector, 28 X 22, oil on canvas

Rockport, Texas 78382

This 15th annual juried exhibition features 100 artists who work in oil, watercolor, pastel, scratchboard, pencil, sculpture and scrimshaw. Although it dates back to the Egyptians and Greeks, marine art as we know it today arose in the Netherlands during the 17th century. Marine art then came to America with the immigration of European artists. As the young nation grew and the wonders of continent were revealed, “outsiders” with broader interests began to demand more from marine art. Thus the parameters expanded to include members of the Hudson River School, such as Thomas Cole, Thomas Moran, Frederic Church, and Albert Bierstadt. This show includes images of all kinds of sea-going vessels, seacoasts and the activities that occur around the water.

Check the museum’s website event calendar for other events throughout the month.

Bruce’s work is bright, expressive, coastal, and most of all joyful. It reminds you of why you love the coast!

Tel: 361.729.5519 Hours: Tues – Sat, 10a – 4p Sundays, 1p – 4p Closed Mondays Always Free Admission

Bruce Bitter: Rockport Art Festival Poster Artist Reception: Saturday, June 16th, 2012, 5-7p Pastel artist and twelve-year Art Festival veteran Bruce Bitter exhibits as the 20th Poster Artist for the 43rd Annual Rockport Art Festival.


Canvas Exposing Local Artists… Ricardo Ruiz If you have met or run into Ricardo Ruiz at art events around town, you’ll know he has salt-n-pepper hair, of which he is quite proud! “I want it all white. White, white, white. I’m the silver backed gorilla, and I’m happy… I’m a village elder.”

By Georgia Griffin

a child you like to look at other people’s drawings. I was devouring comic books. I had an uncle that worked for the city trash disposal, and back in those days when you worked for the trash, you could stop and keep some of the stuff that you picked, so my uncle used to save us comic books, so we always had those. And I learned. Most of the basics of drawing I learned from that. By the time I was 11 I could draw really reasonably, proportionately, you know. I learned from all those guys, you know, Russ Heath, Frank Rosetta, all those guys, they were my teachers, but then again, I was born with it, so it’s kind of like cheating.”

Even though Ricardo’s only in his early 50s, in the local arts community Ricardo really is a village elder, with works in the permanent collection of our Art Museum of South Texas, and the University of Texas – San Antonio. He earned his BFA from Corpus Christi State in 1986 and his work has been shown professionally in group and solo shows for nearly 30 years. After his father’s sudden death Ricardo had a short dry spell, which was broken with an inspiring sign that he should paint luchadores, the famously masked lucha libre wrestlers of Mexico!

Now, with a nudge from his son, Ricardo has gone back to school, and just completed his first year of grad school. “My oldest son, Rick, is 19 – going to be 20 – he’s an art student. He’s been going to every show since he was 4, so he was brought up in that environment, and he’s very creative. He does beautiful work.

Ricardo has gained a level of public recognition that many local artists can only dream of, and now he’s even developed a celebrity following. “Cheech Marin started collecting my work about a little over a year ago. He purchased four small heads, women’s heads that I did, called “Masotas”, you know, good lookin’ women or sexy women, and he was in the middle of organizing this show of all these small paintings from his collection. He’d bought my work, and Joe Peña’s work, you know his name, from the university – he’d bought a few of his – and Cheech put them in the show (called “Chicanitas: Small Paintings from the Cheech Marin Collection {size doesn’t matter}”). As it turned out they used one of my works for the cover of the catalogue for the exhibition. They used the image for the banners and all that stuff, for the advertising, so yeah, I’m thrilled. I couldn’t be happier.

“I paint what I like to paint, what interests me. I could probably make a little more money if I branched out into let’s say, wild life scenes or whatever, you know… I can paint a deer and make you think it’s coming at you. I just can’t get worked up for it. The money’s there and the market, because you can make prints and do all that. I’ve seen wild life artists who do really well. I just can’t. I don’t want to draw that. I wouldn’t mind the drawing, and I do include wild life if it fits into the piece that I’m working on, you know, I’ll do it then, but to do a deer leaping through the brush just to do a deer leaping in the brush? There are already people doing it. I’m not interested in that. I can enjoy it and I can appreciate it, but it doesn’t call me that way. “If I need a deer, and the antlers are on fire, running through a neighborhood? Well, OK! That makes sense for me. I look at some other people, like Walton Ford, he’s another one of those guys – from the moment he was born he was drawing. He does incredible paintings. Beautiful work of life-size lions, and gorillas, and they’re all doing these bizarre things.

“That show’s traveling right now as we speak… He’s getting some mileage out of it. The work sees more of the country than I do. God knows, I haven’t been outside of Corpus in I don’t know how long, and the furthest I go is Pflugerville, because my sister lives there.

“There’ve always been a lot of great artists around here. Jimmy Peña, you know, is like my hero. Jimmy Peña is just one of those guys who only come around once in a lifetime. He’s literally completely self-taught, you know. He does things that Renaissance artists (did) but he doesn’t even know that he’s doing it. He’s just trying to make art. He’s trying to find ways to make it better, and he ends up doing things that I’m saying, “Jimmy, do you have any idea what you’ve just done? Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” He’ll say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, it makes it easier for me.” I’ll tell him, “Yeah, it makes it easier, but you’re using tools that Dürer and van Eyck were using, and you just made it up on your own? Sweet Jesus, man!” He’s amazing! He’s an amazing man, you know?

“I just recently sold a print that I’d done, a pachuco devil walking down the beach smoking a cigarette, and the lady who bought it took it with her to England. So now it’s in London, and someday maybe I’ll go and look at it. “I was born with an ability to draw, and I was drawing I think before I was speaking. My parents used to trot me out when I was a little kid. Being someone that could draw, even as 16

“There are lots of great people here; like Bruno Andrade, my professor… or Gerald Lopez, I love Gerald. You’ve got a lot of local people, young upand-coming artists. There is a lot of talent down here. A lot of it’s going somewhere else, but that’s the nature of the beast.

“As far as supporting myself, I’ve been painting forever, and I’ve never been able to make a living from it. It’s good work but I’ve never been able to do that. The stuff moves, I don’t have a whole lot of my own work at home – I have one or two pieces that my wife wanted to keep, but otherwise, it’s gone. The stuff sells but you can’t sell it for the kind of price that you see elsewhere, that you could sustain a livelihood. There’s a ceiling you reach and that’s it here. “There’s a certain segment of the population that’s always going to be the ones that buy art. People who love art but they can’t make any of their own. I think we have the correct percentage for the size of this town. It’s like anything else. You have so many left-handed people in a population. You have so many people in the gay community, you know, it’s natural. There’s always going to be that percentage of the population that’s gay, big deal. And like that, you’re always going to have that segment of the population that enjoys arts to the degree that they want to buy it and collect it. It’s just nature. “We’re still a very small town, comparatively speaking – what, about 300,000 people? So I think it’s about the right percentage. I don’t think the population here is big enough to support a lot of galleries. I don’t. “I think you need to get seen in Houston. You need to get seen in Dallas and San Antonio. Houston, to me, has a bigger market for art, but this is a good place to make art and get better at it… It’s probably a really well kept secret, but people here know good art, they can see it, they can appreciate it. It’s like a little oasis. There’s a small community here that is dedicated to the arts.”

Dining Guide Tango Tea Room Taste The Difference! The Gourmet Pizza

949-7737 � 15370 SPID- On the Island

Our famous Padre Pizza dough is handmade daily. Our sauces are created from the freshest tomatoes and seasoned with our own Chef’s blend of natural herbs and spices. Our lasagna made from scratch daily is the most tasty and delicious you will ever try, and our salad selections are prepared to order using the freshest produce available. 14993 SPID On the Island 949-0787

Located on Padre Island, Island Italian has been serving the community since 1987. A family friendly restaurant, Island Italian also serves beer and wine and is available for private parties of up to 53 people. Flat screen TV and DVD / VHS for meetings. Delivery on Padre Island after 5pm. Daily Lunch and Dinner Specials.

The Tango Tea Room brings a taste of Austin to Downtown Corpus. Tango serves a variety of Mediterranean and world cuisine, including some of the best vegetarian and vegan fare you can find in Corpus. We also specialize in vegan and gluten-free desserts, cupcakes and muffins. Come on down and get your hippie on! 505 S. Water Street in downtown Corpus Christi. 361-883-9123


10-7 Monday through Thursday

Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday 11am to 9:30pm Saturday 10am to 10pm Sunday 5pm to 9:30pm

10-9 Friday & Saturday 12-6 Sunday Farmers Market every Wednesday 5pm

d o o f a e S t a e r G and Burgers Wednesdays Prime Rib with Twice Baked Potato

Libations Amusements 18 Holes of Miniature Golf

One Bite e r ’ Open 11 am - 2 am u o Y & Kitchen Closes @ 1 am 2034 State Highway 361 Hooked

361 749- Taco (8226)


Dining Guide

Snoopy’s and Scoopy’s

Snoopy’s Pier was literally a product of the Redfish Wars, a battle over commercial fishing rights in Texas. Ernie Buttler realized the Redfish Wars signaled the beginning of the end of the commercial fishing industry in Texas. So Ernie decided to give up trying to catch fish and shrimp and start cooking them instead. In August 1980 Ernie and his wife, Corliss, purchased a small bait stand and burger joint with a fishing pier on the Intracoastal Waterway. Over time, the place was transformed with a lot of hard work and patience into a family-friendly seafood restaurant. Special attention is given to providing local harvested quality seafood at affordable prices. Scoopy’s was opened by Ernie’s wife and features home made soups, salads and sandwiches using only Texas products. Scoopy’s is proud of their shrimp salad, known by locals as the best in town. They also have great house made desserts and ice cream by the scoop. 13313 S.P.I.D. · Corpus Christi (361) 949-8815 ·

Libations Amusements 18 holes of miniature golf Open 11 am - 2 am Kitchen Closes @ 1 am 2034 State Highway 361 361 749- Taco (8226)

Town & Country Cafe has great breakfast and lunch specials every day, offering great food at a fair price. Town & Country Cafe is a great location for business meetings and client luncheons and there is no charge for the use of the meeting room.

4228 South Alameda Corpus Christi, TX 78412

(361) 992-0360 Locally Owned and Operated

call for tickets 361.561.HOOK Neuro CorpusChristi Ad PrintReadyFeb9.pdf











9:53 AM

801 Tarpon, Port Aransas, TX 78373 Open 2pm to 2am Every Day! 361-749-1990 NFL Sunday Ticket, Big 10 Network on 6 Big Screens Happy Hour Monday - Friday 3-7pm Live Music, Never a Cover Book your holiday party, birthday or special event now! In Ace Hardware Strip Center

Personal Services

NEW LOCATION 15033 S.P.I.D Suite On The Island Call for reservations 949-0794 Roni, Owner/Stylist


Our goal at The Island’s Edge Hair Salon is to educate our clients. The focus will be on enhancing, balancing & maintaining a realistic hair lifestyle. Owner / Stylist Roni has 19 years experience as a stylist in elite salons and earned 2nd place in a prestigious national color competition.

Live Music

1023 Hwy 361, Ste A pORT aRANSAS tx 361-749-joes

It’s not the oldest bar in Port Aransas but it IS the coldest. Always entertaining, The Flats is where the “locals” hang out. Pool, darts, juke box and live music on the weekends. It’s never too slow and it’s never too busy; get to know the bartenders by name, and you’ll never wait for a drink! Say hi to owners John and Lynda, and meet some new friends!

Night Life Night Life


Club GUide

©2011 Anheuser-Busch, Budweiser® Beer, St. Louis, MO



Downtown Farmer’s Market @ Tango Tea Room


EAT HAPPY Huge Vegetarian,

Vegan & Gluten-Free Friendly Menu Fresh Non-veg stuff too. Bohemian atmosphere Free WiFi

Downtown Farmers market Every Wednesday 5pm Bizarre Bazaar Every 3rd Saturday Open Mic 2nd Saturday Bizarre Bazaar 3rd Saturday

Tango Tea Room 505 South Water Street 361-883-9123



Waves of Impact Surf Camp @ Michael Ellis Beach


Island Moon Market Another good reason to visit the beach!

The first Island Moon Market was held on the Michael J. Ellis Seawall on Saturday, May 26th. Dozens of vendors showcasing everything from Texas wine to homemade jams, jellies and even homemade habanera ice cream staged on the seawall just in front of the Portofino condominiums. The markets will be held there the fourth Saturday of each month through the summer. The next market on Saturday, June 23 is expected to have about 40 vendors. Come enjoy a day at the beach and do some shopping, munching and even some dancing as live music is just a stones throw away. Anyone interested in becoming a vendor or who is simply curious can contact the organizers at, or visit the website at, or call Phil at 361 403-4032.



Make a day at the beach even better!

Get your summer started! Join us at the opening of the new

Island Moon Market! June 23rd, 2012 7:40am to 7:40pm

On the Seawall

at Ellis Beach North Padre Island Every 4th Saturday Free Parking Food & Craft Vendors, Music & Fun for the whole family! Sponsored by Budweiser & Island Moon Newspaper

505 South Water Street Near Downtown Retail Space Available Newly Renovated Inviting Courtyard Home of the Downtown Farmer’s Market Every Wednesday 5pm Call 361/992-1754 for lease information




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