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I overheard someone recently describing the magazine to their friend or associate. I believe the label they put on it was an “ethnic magazine.” I wasn’t quite sure how to take that, I was, to say the least, perplexed. I was simultaneously happy and disappointed. When we set out to create this magazine, we did recognize that most publications in town lacked images with people of color, and with the collegiate atmosphere ever diversifying, people of color need to be able to see images they can identify with. So in that sense, I’m happy that we’re recognized for our diversity. On the other hand, we also created this magazine to empower EVERYONE who feels they don’t have a voice, needs a little inspiration, or wants to pursue their goals but don’t know how to start. With this being the third edition of our “Hustle and Flow” series, we strive to recognize those individuals working hard to be the best at what they love, in this case, music, of all genres. I urge you, despite what genre or crowd these artist might cater to, to support them by listening to their music or going to their shows. I don’t say this for any other reason other than the fact that these are men and women who represent Colorado, your state, and from a magazine that works to empower EVERYONE, we encourage you to do the same in supporting your local artist.



“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” -Denis Waitley


16 12


Garrett Hayes Editor-in-Chief

DETERMINED NATION STAFF Business Analyst and Event Planning: Perez Ansah-Mensah, Justin JonesFrazier, Niyankor Ajuaj

Writers: Danielle McConnell, Susanne “Zuzu”



Make it happen,

Marketing and Advertising: Keenan Bender



Wheeler, L.A. Harden, Niyankor Ajuaj, Dustin Huff, Ty Reeves, Jessica Fish

Editing: Zuzu Wheeler Photography: Perez Ansah-Mensah,

Danielle McConnell, Marray Napue, Route Rodriguez Garrett Hayes

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a dose of dope

BestandWorst Songs


(in no particular order)

I’m sure I missed a lot of good stuff, but here’s some songs that stood out from last year.

Daft Punk ft. Pharrell:

Get Lucky

Pharrell makes me happy, that’s a good song too by the way.

Bruno Mars: Treasure

When you have the toughest of fellas singing out “Pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl” in falsetto in the club, you deserve to be on the list.

Justin Timberlake:


Justin, like fine wine, seems to get better with time. Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica: Control

You had my curiosity at Kendrick, after his verse you had every rapper’s attention, especially if they weren’t named or claimed New York. Oh, and the other two guys were pretty dope too.


of 2013


Not that it was the best year for music anyway, but here are some songs that make you wonder why these artist get paid.

J Dash/Sage the Gemini:

Wop/Gas Pedal

Lyrical creativity seems to dwindle as each day passes. Future: Sh!t The name of the song describes Future’s discography, and not in a good way.

Ray J:

I Hit It First

Ain’t that Brandy’s brother? Get off Kim’s jock sir, between her and Kanye alone, there’s enough egos already on it.

M i l e y We Can’t Cyrus: Stop

I could really reach into a bag full of Miley Cyrus songs with my eyes closed and pull out a terrible song, just saying. Miley, you should stop.

Rebecca Black: Saturday

Who keeps letting this child near a microphone. If Friday was terrible what the hell made you think the next day would be better?



o s d , u


Untitled Dustin Huff

Nothing’s gonna change I’m a sould survivor Uplifted everyday thanks to Krooked Drivin’ / Through the definition of pain my outlook’s brighter Than any sky lit night on the fourth of July/ You’re going through inequities that force a tidal Wave of revolution in the form of violence/ The wars and prices do unfortunately rise Until the populations stands to finally open its eyelids/ I’m so sick and tired of growing in my world Searching for hope and just hoping to find it/ Sinful desires and cope with diseases But the eye of Osiris stays focused on me/ And his wife known as Isis keeps holding the key To the paradise island that floats in the sea/ To clarify where I’ve been I’m soakin’ the sun That burns through the flesh to digest his love/ Anatomy is gathering the stars and astronomy Through sacred geometry music is our astrology/ Cubes and symbolic sounds surround the whole dichotomy Now what goes up must come down; the golden philosophy/ Prophecies were written forget if you can stop the peace Socrates said change was bringing raw energy/


Got poetry? Send it to


Paint the Walls Evan Taylor

Gentle i press brush to wall Damp and thick Pick colors, to cover all Blues to cover wounds Reds to clear the head Sink into pink and purple I Paint and You see the world Or maybe beyond that You see stars I grip your canvas You grab my brush Thrust into a bucket of love Vivid visuals on the inside of your eye lids Strong Strokes cloak the walls You fall deeper, Let your mind go I’m Van Gogh or.. Picasso and I can make you smile for awhile Mona Lisa.. So abstract Subtract your negative No codes to get close to me Miss Da Vinci Can i be Michelangelo, And go slow as I Float on your canvas And Turn your appealing ceiling Into the Sistine chapel Your box is my frame And i picture us together Words fall apart but a painting stays forever.. My brush speaks stories As i Glaze over your heart And shade in your emptiness See.. I see your beauty.. You are a master piece Paint art to reach your heart Start to make you fall.. ....Strokes of this love.... And I love to paint the walls

Forgiveness and Understanding Isaiah Kakule Can forgiveness be found in me? In wrong, I cry for mercy. When wronged; I demand justice. Does patience dwell in me? Indebted, I beg for more time. When owed; it must be now. Can understanding be found in me? In wrong, I cry for mercy. When wronged; I demand justice. Does wisdom dwell in me? Indebted, I beg for more time.

When owed; it must be now. ~The beloved~



MICHAL MENERT Huff’s Dank Danish

(organic homegrown music spotlight) By Dustin Huff

“The struggle is real.” Recent mantra from Michal Menert’s SpaceJazz tour that has been orbiting the galaxies from New York to California over the past two months. It’s also a phrase that has been trending on Twitter from the dawned “Godfather” of electro soul, jokingly describing the life of one of music’s hardest grinders. Hailing from Colorado, (FOCO!) most know Mike for being partial founder of Pretty Lights music, where his friend Derek, (Pretty Lights), has emerged as one of the biggest names in the entire Electronic Music Circuit. Pretty Lights recent success in the last 5 years has allowed more success and exposure for everyone on his label including OG Mike. When the Space commander isn’t busy opening hearts through music, satisfying bellies with his five-star culinary, or inflating imaginations through his paintings, he has brief moments to answer random #spacejazz dispatch. Huff: Your music really moves people’s to be introduced to new EDM listeners. hearts and I hear it from the fans all the My music is more organic, but it brings time how intimate and close they feel con- out quality, lifelong fans and it’s such an nected to you and to the surroundings incredible feeling. I am in a spot in my during your sets. What’s that power feel music where I don’t have to be insecure about any aspect; I can just unwind and like? bring out the best in the genres of music Michal Menert: It feels amazing. I mean I blend to give listeners and fans that real that’s what you hope for as an artist. My experience they will remember. Not just a music is not that heavy EDM that is going party to be forgotten.



Mike has been performing for over a decade and his progression from instruments to production and music compositions truly shows a passion for the art. The skills and growth of Michal’s talents have resulted in upper level eargasms.

Huff: You have performed all over the

world. Your talents have blessed you with being able to travel to even India to display your art. Is there anywhere left where you would want to perform?

MM: Paradiso. It’s in Amsterdam. The

venue is gorgeous. I think it used to be a cathedral. There’s stained glass in the back that shines through on the performers on stage.

Huff: That sounds transcending, and very fitting for your sounds. Dead or Alive. 3 artists you would want to collab with? Go!?


want to continue to create great music and gathering the compassion from my loving fans. (Mike has that Polish background and dude can cook some legit dishes)

You can check out Michal Menert at or on his sound cloud. Four MUST LISTEN TRACKS are Tomorrow May Never Come, Electric Touch, The Keep On, and You Are Ghost Michal Menert is set to release a new album in 2014 that fans have been anticipating more than Cheba Hut at 2am on April 20th. His last album “Elements” uniquely paints a bright supernova and from beginning to end as the music serenades the galactic transformation from birth to cosmic death.

MM: David Bowie, Coner O’berst, and Frederic Chopin

Side note, if Frederic Chopin was reincarnated in today’s music he probably would come back as Michal Menert. Both keep it fresh in the jams and facial hair.

Huff: What legacy are you

trying to leave and what are your goals this upcoming year both musically and personally?

MM: I want to expand my

audience of course and get the organic music that is Pretty Lights Music to more ears. I want to get better at all levels of my art. Music, painting, and culinary, I want to open up a restaurant and show Denver what’s up. I

If Frederic Chopin was reincarnated in today’s music he probably would come back as Michal Menert. Both keep it fresh in the jams and facial hair.



What We’r K. Ashley, University of Denver, Senior

MiKayla S., Metro State, Junior


s the winter season quickly approaches, ladies have been using more than just the common chapsticks to coat and protect their lips. Lipsticks and liners are currently taking over the makeup market. With celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna branding hot pinks and reds, the market for lip beauty has surely increased. Popular brands like MAC and Maybelline have almost tripled their lipstick stock in the past year and expanded lipstick collection lines greater than ever before. What is it about lipsticks that appeal to the college woman population? Well, it’s versatility of course! If you’re a busy college student, working, interning and enjoying the fast life, lipstick can be worn to complete an “on the go” look with a simple eye liner and foundation like K. Ashley (first upper left). If the errands unexpectedly turn into a stop by Happy Hour with the ladies, a deep plum and addition of blush and a natural shadow can take your casual look to the max in seconds similar to the look of MiKayla S.! (second).



’re Wearing

By Tyreesa Reeves

Sade M.F, Colorado State, Senior

Ressie A., University of Denver, recent graduate

For most college women, education comes first. In the midst of classes, all-nighters and midterms, life gets exhausting! However, a simple addition of lipstick, like the baby pink worn by Sade M.F (third) can make you classy, elegant and give you a fresh look to start the day. Lastly, after a long, draining week of quizzes, finals, work, organizations, interning, ladies just want to unwind and have a good time! With a sophisticated but edgy look, you can throw on a leather jacket, grab some hoop earrings, throw your hair up and wear your favorite color for a night of fun and relaxation! We’re taking notes from Ressie A. wearing her burgundy lip with a light gloss (last). No matter the occasion, lipstick is there to save the day. The multiple colors, variety and versatility of the product go far beyond the classic red we are so familiar with. It’s customizable, there’s literally something for everyone. My color is MAC’s “Fixed on Drama”, what’s yours?



The INConvENient Truth

A Public Service Announcement to Aspiring Artist There seems to be a sad, unfortunate truth in our society today, which is if I threw a rock into a crowd I could hit a rapper or a DJ. It is as if the art of rapping and DJing has been so depreciated that people feel anyone can do it. Don’t get me twisted, if you have a true, unfaltering passion for music, especially rap and the art of DJing then by all means this article is not for you. This is a public service announcement for the people who are diminishing the value of hip-hop’s stock. Let me explain what I mean. While I know that rap/hip-hop has constantly been evolving throughout the years, I am a firm believer in respecting history because, as I’m sure you know, you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. To become the best at anything you do, you learn what the people before you did, and you don’t just learn it, you master it AND THEN put your own flavor on it. I could be completely wrong, but the men and women who say they are rappers and DJs aren’t interested in competing to become the best, but rather interested in the “fame and glory” or “money, clothes, and #@$% that come with it. But in this capitalist society that we live in, healthy competition begets wealth.


Unfortunately not too many wannabes recognize that rich and wealthy are not synonymous with each other. Apparently as long as you rhyme and smoke weed you too can be a famous rapper, never mind the work that goes in to it. Never mind standing on the corner passing out mixtapes anymore or working tirelessly from sun up until sun down promoting yourself and finding gigs (and staying humble while doing so), fame will just fall out of the sky at some point in time. The Beatles used to play in strip clubs and hole-in-the-wall bars for years before being noticed, in fact they


opinion put in over 10,000 hours of performances before becoming famous. What’s more is that because these artist (if you want to consider them such) are so interested in the fame and glory over honing their talent to become the best, they refuse to go back to the roots and learn how things used to be done. Let’s take the concept of freestyling/ freestyle battling. While on the search find artist who battle, it seems as though no rapper is willing to freestyle battle, participate in a written battle maybe, perform their song live definitely, but run the risk of being embarrassed by another rapper who is probably twice as talented . . . hell no. What many of these “up-and-coming” artist don’t realize is that freestyle battling is the roots of hip-hop/rap. When DJ Kool Herc originated hip-hip back in ’73 (and the DJ was more important than the rapper), rappers would freestyle. If you were to list the top ten best rappers ever, I can guarantee at least eight of them started in freestyle battles. Let’s be honest, you don’t enroll in a karate class to get your ass kicked, but be famous for it, well maybe some people do. Maybe we’re just a generation content with mediocrity though and there’s no need to prod your way into that top ten list. Or maybe the game has evolved to the point where freestyle battling is no longer a revered art in the community. Even if all of this is so, I do feel there is a need to always remember who came before you and paved the way for you by paying homage to them, just out of respect. Maybe this is wishful thinking for living in Colorado, but is this all too much to ask, especially if it’s the craft that you claim to love?

new DJ product called “Beamz.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about go look it up. It is an insult to true DJs who carried crates of records to their gigs or have worked vigorously to perfect their scratching abilities. If you’re an aspiring DJ, by all means do your thing, but for the sake of the art and those who’ve grinded to get where they are, crawl before you walk and learn the basics of the art. Don’t be the DJ that just downloads a program (via torrents) and becomes a “DJ.” DJs in the past spent their whole careers on wax. It forced them to audibly beat-match, forced them to carry crates and crates … and crates and more crates full of records every night into the club. Have you tried carrying a crate of records? Now times that by like ten, since that’s how many times you would have to go in and out of the club to carry in your crates. Now, take everything I just said above. Spit on it, crumple it up, and throw it away. Because that is what these new ‘DJs” are doing with their pirated DJ software and the sync button. I understand that times and technology is changing, but is this not just taking an art form and flipping it on its head? Anyone who is truly, truly working hard to perfect there craft, keep working hard. If you feel offended by everything I just said however, I’m probably talking to you. Colorado doesn’t get respected for a reason, and this is not to say that people that fall into this category are the problem, but they are part of it. At the end of the day, my main point is, if you’re doing something you claim to love, you should be in it striving to be the best every single day. Do not become content with mediocrity

Share your opinion about this issue at faceSpeaking of remembering history and paying homage, it seems like more and more modern day DJs are losing respect Also check out more thoughts on the state of for the art as more and more technology DJing at enables them. Case and point, Flo Rida’s


pop culture

The Music Show with Comedy on the Side


By Grant Campbell

ay what you will about Saturday Night Live (and there are many critics out there). The sketches are lackluster; the cast is almost entirely white; all the ‘good’ people have left the show and gone on to bigger and better careers; the writing isn’t funny; yadda, yadda, yadda. In spite of these canned ‘critiques’ of the show, Saturday Night Live (SNL) has improved in one major area; the show has surprisingly


weaseled its way into the foreground of the music industry. SNL has become the ‘go-to’ launching point for major (and up-and-coming) artists to promote new albums and singles. So far, this season—SNL’s 39th Season, mind you—has already showcased

Music has become so influential to not just cultural but the show, that many SNL skits are musically based, such as the popular “In A Box” song.

pop culture modern music royalty in Katy Perry, Eminem, and Lady Gaga. SNL’s ability to attract the attention of these artists—or at least their production managers—signifies that maybe the show isn’t so ‘out of touch’ with popular culture after all. To put this in perspective, The Lady Gaga episode, which aired on November 16th, 2013, was the Number One ranked telecast of the night, beating out ABC, CBS, and Fox—yes, it did beat out both primetime College Football matchups. This viewership was also the highest achieved by SNL since the Justin Timberlake episode of the previous season.

Janelle Monae performing this season on SNL. Though Monae has a pretty loyal fan base, the performance helped boost her material.

The Lady Gaga episode, which aired on November 16th, 2013, was the Number One ranked telecast of the night.

With ratings that seem to be returning from the vast wasteland of fourth place (out of four), the scheduling of not-as-well-known artists, such as Janelle Monae, Arcade Fire, and Haim, indicates SNL has also embraced the role of a music platform aimed at kick starting musical careers. While the remaining SNL schedule has not been released as of November 2013, last season’s schedule might act as a guideline for forecasting upcoming musical guests. During the 38th Season, SNL scheduled relatively new artists—Fun, The Lumineers, and Ne-Yo—between the likes of Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Maroon 5, and Paul McCartney. And look how that turned out. If SNL follows suit this season, the show will definitely be worth watching. And who knows, there might even be a funny sketch or two.





y n am ic Du os


If you want to really revamp your body try adding these combinations to your diet twice a week and notice the charge in your energy and health after a month. Your body is not just a temple but it’s a vehicle. How do you want your vehicle to run?

itamin C and Iron – #1VPeppers & Artichokes ◊ You can add these to a dinner at night. The leafy greens such as artichokes and legumes are iron riches and will be absorbed more efficiently through the peppers to your body. You can even use tomatoes. Spaghetti and a spinach salad could work.

#2 G

reen Tea with



◊ Adding lemon juice to your green teach increases the DNA repairing throughout the body and the lemon juice helps the green tea speed up dramatically.

#3Avocados and Tomatoes 16

◊ Research done at Ohio State University discovered that the huge saturated fats found in avocados boosts the cancer-fighting properties lycopene found in tomatoes.


#4 Dark chocolate and apples ◊ Apple are rich in the anti-inflammatory that is crucial heart health, (hence an apple a day) ,but mixing an apple with the strong antioxidant super food will supercharge the circulation and heart health, preventing chances of heart attacks and diseases. Don’t be afraid to have a dark cocoa candy bar in the gym bag. True headies of body-training will know what’s up!

#5Bananas and Yogurt

Also try to get the chia seeds, ◊ This pair essentially amplifies the muscle repairing glucose and amino acids. After a flax seeds, coconut oils, and grueling training session or even a light jog, fish oils in wherever you can to pop the top to some Noosa and chop up a help maximize superior nutrition for your body. banana and feel your body thank you as it







One of the biggest problems with anyone’s goals is the fact that they don’t write it down. When you write it down, you commit it to memory and have something tangible to adhere to. And don’t just write down your resolution, write your plan to attain it.

2 Post



I’m not saying post it on twitter or facebook, that’s dust in the wind. Post what you wrote down somewhere in your home, a place that you’ll pass everyday. This might be your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or even the ceiling above your bed. Posting it will remind you everyday what you need to do, this is if you’re really serious.

3 Be Real

Make realistic resolutions. Saying you’ll make a million dollars is cool, but saying you’ll make a million dollars this year when your bank account has never seen 10k before, c’mon man. Making realistic goals however, to get to that ultimate goal, is realistic. Start with one step as your resolution verses leaping the whole stair case.

Tell Someone

Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Speak life to your resolution by telling someone. Don’t just go around telling everyone though, and once again don’t just post it on FB or twitter, unless you don’t really want to be taken seriously.


GOYA: Get off Your ASS

Pardon my French, but GOYA. The biggest reasons for missed goals is a lack of discipline, laziness, and a lack of persistence. When you get knocked down, get up. When you’re too tired, get up. When you think you don’t have time, make time, I’m sure you’re making time to party right?



the birth of a

NEW ERA Photos by Dan Byers/Story by Keenan Bender

Our first issue in this volume highlighted the “big three” collegiate football programs in Colorado as they were all working to turn around falling programs and put Colorado teams back on the map. One of those three programs made an unprecedented turn around that had a story book ending. Here is their follow up.


he promise of a Bold New Era is beginning to unfold with the completion of the 2013 football season. If you are still complaining about our football team losing and not attending home games, you’re clearly not opening your eyes. This year, CSU became bowl eligible for the first time since 2008 and won the game by scoring 15 unanswered points in the last three minutes, forcing two fumbles and completing a two point conversion to tie the game with a field goal to win it. In 2013, the Rams finished with 8 wins which hasn’t happened since 2002. CSU had a winning record against their rivals, bringing home the Bronze Boot for the first time in five years with a win against Wyoming and putting up the second highest score in CSU history against rival Air Force with 58 points. Quarterback Garrett Grayson broke the CSU single season passing record in 2013 and was 24 of 38 against the then number one team in the nation, Alabama. Running back Kapri Bibbs is just the third player in CSU history to be named Walter Camp All-American. He was also named first-


team All-Mountain West, held #1 (312) and #3 (291) single-game rushing performances in CSU history, and finished the season at #2 in the nation for rushing and total touchdowns (28) and #8 in the nation for total rushing yards. The best of all is he’s only a sophomore and he didn’t even start the first 7 games of the season. Attendances at the home games are still lackluster, but I don’t think fans can blame the team’s poor performance anymore. It’s time for the CSU fans to meet the team halfway and help carry the program into the Bold New Era. Shaq Barrett was a big reason for the Ram’s success this year, especially in the New Mexico Bowl




50 FREE POSTCARDS 4” X 6” Full Color 2 sided 10pt Gloss w/UV



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The world of hip-hop

has always highlighted the hustle, but as the consumers, I think I can speak for a majority of us when I say we don’t see it. The grind for success often is swept under the rug and replaced by instant Gucci bags and fancy cars. We read about it occasionally from the powerhouses already at the top preparing to write their memoirs, but all the others just magically got money one day. For those that are underground “mainstream”, their glamour looks far different, and their struggles are seemingly more real. After talking to some up-and-coming hip-hop artists, it is clear waking up in a new Bugatti is far less likely. These artists are more on the started from the bottom track.

cover THE

TENACIOUS TWO Huff and Keen are two men that start-

ed their passion for hip-hop in two different areas that eventually would collide. Their passion stemmed early, as it seems many artist’ do, developed through the independence and originality that they both possess. In the small towns of 500, Huff and Keen found their outlet in the lyrical genius of Tupac and Eminem, as well as the smooth R&B sounds of some popular artists. Huff, with a passion for poetry, writing, and intertwining those with music began to write lyrics of his own. Keen, as a background beat boxing, turned battle rapper took interest in Huff ’s skills and they joined forces to create lyrical genius of their own. As the two took more interest in the world of hip-hop, more talents began to catch their eye. Tech-nine, admired for intensely creative technique and use of harmony, opened the door to a new meaning of what it meant to be an artist. There also were underground groups that emphasized the “conscious tip of hip-hop”, as Huff describes. The conscious artist is one

“Content will never run out because we are always growing, and always living.”



cover that opens your mind to the questions of the world. You are no longer focusing on the mainstream, the materialistic, or the mind-washing views of popular hip-hop, but instead the powerful stories of culture, struggle, and growth. When you tell real stories you find the positive outlooks on life, within those struggles. It is those stories that create the real realm of hip-hop. Not to say that the mainstream storytellers are not real, but they are telling a story that some just can’t relate to. The most important understanding that Huff and Keen have come to within their journey is that as an artist you have the right to choose your path and it’s not always the easy one that is best. Sometimes choosing a certain path means turning down shows, going against the grain, and being unpopular. In that same frame, all those pieces can make you the force to be reckoned with and the new demand for the world of hip-hop, the new lyrical genius’ of our time.

“It’s not just about being fast and consistent, but also the way one uses harmonies.”



cover THE


Kent Washington is one

prime example of what the hustle in this game looks like, and he hopes to just keep the grind moving. Starting of the cassette tapes of Run DMC and the lyrical inspirations of Nas, Kent desired to reach a point where he held that much talent. To him the strongest piece of the hip-hop game is being able to tell a story, and that’s why he looks up to Nas.


Beyond learning from the best, the hip-hop journey takes a strength that not all possess. In some cases individuals have been too influenced by YouTube viral success to try the hard route. Kent on the other hand knows that the success he wants has to be worked for. There is a business savvy that has to exist. Kent spends his time making sure that the brand is what he wants it to be. The No Coast brand was started by Kent and his band of brothers that all have the same goal in mind, perseverance. The brand is entitled No Coast because it is representative of Colorado. There is no east coast or west coast here. The No Coast brand is one that believes Colorado stands as the capital of perseverance and if you can make it big out of this state in the hip-hop game, you can make it anywhere.


As Kent and the No Coast brand continue to grow the most important fact around staying motivated is surrounding yourself with the people that want it. They say if you surround yourself


with success, you too will reach it. There is no stopping No Coast because they believe having faith in themselves and being backed by those around them leads to the ultimate victory.

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. -KENT WASHINGTON





Q:Finish this sentence: “My flow is _________.” A: “Eclectic”

Q:How’d you decide on your name? A:You can’t be more real than your real name

Q:What separates you from other rap artist in Colorado or even the country? A:My drive and determination, I don’t sound like anyone I have my own sound and its dope Q:Where can we find your work? Soundcloud: DIYradio Hot New Hip Hop: Do. It. Yourself. Twitter: @DIYNOCOAST @ATIxKW3rd

Q:Finish this sentence: _________.” A: “I was a little bit taller.”



Q:Would you say you out ‘Hustle’ the competition and how so? A:Yes, out grind everyone by being everywhere but still having a quality product Q:What do you say to people who doubt that anything good (rap wise) could come from Northern Colorado? A:They must be sleeping on real music Q:What group would you compare yourself to? A:Atmosphere Q:Where can we find your work? facebook.com_huffnkeen


last laugh

Gender CONDU T




I feel like there is an unspoken rule that women just should fart in front of their man. But if it does just so happen by “accident,” I’ll start making the noise with my mouth or something to make it seem like it wasn’t what it really was. As far as the smell, you know what they say, whoever smelt it, delt it. I wait for him to notice first. #GenderConduct




I really don’t care, I rip one off in front of my dad, brothers, and even my boyfriend. My only rule is no “letting one off ” within an hour before or after sex. That’s just nasty, and then the smell of genital juices, sweat, and left over enchiladas mix and believe me, it’s not a good scent. But I do think you need to be comfortable enough with your significant other to do the deed, and I don’t mean sex. #GenderConduct





I make a game of it with my partner: One of us will fart, then the other one will try to do it louder. Call me immature but I think it’s hilarious, especially the bubbly ones. I sure wouldn’t do it around another man unless they were in my family, but I think it would be stupid to be in a relationship with anyone you’re not comfortable enough to fart in front of. It’s not like our gas is carried away by the fart fairy, we fart just like men, some men need to stop putting women in a box. #GenderConduct


Lady J.



last laugh






Farting in front of the opposite sex? The way I see it, it all depends on context. The first thing I need to know is how appealing she is because if she isn’t I might even fart mid conversation while looking you dead in your face. But if she is appealing/attractive, I’ll fart directly on the President before I fart in her presence………..well maybe not the President but you get what I’m saying #GenderConduct

L . A. Harden

-I'm against double standards... most of the time. Men are expected to fart but women have a very important illusion to uphold that they do not fart or go number two and that the booty is just a magical globe of beauty. This illusion should remain at least until we have been together long enough that I have woken up with the smell of your fart under the covers or gone to the bathroom to encounter the lingering scent of your bowel movements. At that point, the curtain is down and we can go about our business as usual. #GenderConduct




It depends on the relationship the male and female have with each other. If the male or female are brothers and sisters or related then we all know the rules (anything goes). If you are a male or female trying to impress the opposite sex then normally both genders will hold back from doing so. If you are in a relationship then the rules should be the same as if they were brother and sister but in a respectful way. There needs to be openness in the relationship but the individuals need to be respectful about it and excuse themselves after letting one go. No matter what kind of situation you find yourself in, if you let one go by accident so WHAT! EVERYONE FARTS!! It's not the end of the world! It's makes us humans men and women alike! #GenderConduct

The Ansah --

Van B



Determined Nation Magazine  

Vol. 3 Iss. 3

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