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Official Publication of the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association

Volume 37, No. 3 Fall 2013 Cortez Golf Course Photo by Renee Steinpreis

The Conversation...

Creating a Culture of Community Growth I DON’T KNOW about you but I like to visit with people. They are interesting and getting a conversation started is a good thing. Twiggs It can often lead to sharing some great ideas, some which may have a lasting impact. In my first few months here in Hot Springs Village, I’ve had some great conversations. I’ve met golfers, swimmers, bikers, runners, older folks, baby boomers, you name it. There are a lot of things to talk about in this community … some great, and some challenges. But I have looked at communities all over this world and I think Hot Springs Village has huge opportunities or I wouldn’t be here. So what I’d like to do in coming months is to get a conversation started about opportunities for growth. Message to Buyers - 1990-2006 The 1980s and 1990s were really the heyday of communities like the Village. Developers told people who would be retiring to invest their money, flip their properties and they would never lose a dime … yeah right. They also said people needed to buy retirement property before they actually retired. In those days, there were a

lot of in-authentic concepts and promotional “hype” and places like the Village were considered unique simply because they had golf courses in a private, gated community. Authentic Distinctive Destination Fast forward to 2013. If you take a look at a map of Hot Springs Village today, you’ll notice something interesting, homes were built in places that had value … on the golf course, lake, ridge and fitness center. So, our challenge and our opportunity is to create value … to build on what we have and create a distinctive destination through our authenticity. Here’s what I mean: People today are looking for what’s real. If they can’t see that we are a real community, with real people and real activities, they aren’t going to come here. So, how do we do it? First of all, we’ve got to focus on our strengths that align with market trends. Our marketing here is better than it’s been in the last 20 years. The problem is we are telling a 20-year old story. That’s got to change. We also need to be true to who we really are as a community … true to what makes us unique. We are basically made up of golf courses in the forest. That’s not a bad thing. So we’ve got to reconnect people with the out-

2 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Fall 2013

doors - in many ways. We also want to continue and update the uncompleted parts of Cooper’s Master plan. What Won’t Work We can’t continue doing simply more of the same. You know, if I came here to Hot Springs Village and said our strategy needed to involve building a multi-million dollar golf course, then this would be a very short conversation. But we’re lucky because Cooper has already built the expensive amenities like lakes and golf courses. What we’ve got to do is to start a new conversation. Now don’t get me wrong, we can’t give up on what has been important to us. We built this place on golf and we will keep golf very strong. The difference is that we can’t be a “golf-only” community anymore because it’s not relevant. A culture of isolation from friends and neighbors won’t work. We have to build community here and I’m not talking about real estate … I’m talking about relationships - the people make the community. Continuing a consumer culture won’t work. Many communities were built with the mindset of processing people from paying at the fitness center to paying at the golf course, to paying at the restaurant, etc. We need to build what I call civic spaces … those places where you can simply “be” with your

With David Twiggs friends without being nickeled and dimed or having to join something. Being generic won’t cut it either. Trends have caught up with us. Lifestyles have changed in the last few years. It’s not so much about status … about having bigger, better, shinier things. Life is more about experience. We have to be specific, to be the best. A lack of diverse lifestyle options won’t work. This is tied to the idea of being generic. We have a great opportunity here because of our quality of place and our natural features to be something great ... to build a diverse lifestyle people want to be part of. Assessment Reality There’s another reality we’ve got to talk about. In 2006, we had a 99.8 percent assessment collection rate. Then you know what happened – in 2007 and 2008 we had a major recession. In 2007 we had 685 unproductive or non-performing lots. Fast forward to today and we have 6,800 non-performing lots – 10 times the amount we had in 2007. That’s 3 million dollars we didn’t collect. Now folks, our assessments aren’t that high. So, what those 6,000 people are saying is that it’s not worth $432 a year to be part of the Village. That’s a trend we’ve got to stop. When we look at this reality, there are only so many things we can do. We can get more money out of people who are already paying. We can lower standards. Or we can attract other people (and their money). Adding Value to our Village We’ve got to add value to our property. Plain and simple, that’s my focus, bringing new value to our nonperforming lots.

we love about Hot Springs Village and make our lifestyles more diverse and our amenities even stronger.

We have to build confidence in our Village. If people have confidence their property value is going to grow, they will pay their assessments. Right now, I see Hot Springs Village as undervalued stock. When we talk about selling lots for $500 or $1,000, I’m thinking, I want these properties to be valued at $20,000. What we don’t have is community. We don’t have a general urban area a Village center. Cooper had planned for these types of areas, city centers, that were never developed. And honestly, we are lucky it didn’t happen because we’d have a bunch of 30 year old properties we’d have to revamp. When you look at maps that show our unperforming lots, many are in the center of our Village. Where we have built value, i.e. a golf course, lake or fitness center, there’s value, but where nothing has been built, there’s no value. I have some ideas for adding value to those areas. We can go up on a small mountainside where there are no homes and create a whole different type of community … and that will add value to those lots around it. This is where it gets fun. Let’s say, we build some lower cost amenities and people decide to move here for those “break even” amenities. Guess what, they are paying the same assessment as those who are playing 200 rounds of golf a year. Growth in other areas will allow us to keep what

What Will Work By taking a look at other communities as well as our own, we can come up with some great ideas to add value to our Village. Village Centers: The average Village center is 5-10 acres - about the size of the Coronado Community Center, Fitness Center and Tennis Courts. Centers usually include a bakery, a coffee shop, a sandwich shop, a book store and maybe a hair salon. We’d surround this center with a variety of housing options. Arts/Entertainment: Right now we have the Woodlands Auditorium, a great facility with great shows. But I’d love to have a little band playing in the Village center courtyard, where everyone listen for free and be with friends. These things may sound simple, but they promote quality of life. The truth is that we are too big to treat all of our amenities in the same way. If we like the way the areas around our golf courses and lakes are developing, then great, there’s no need to change. What we need to do is to bring everybody together to make our Village a social place where people can spend time together. We have plenty of open spaces, we just need to figure out how to add value to those spaces. Adding value will bring in more money. For example: let’s say we spend $200,000 on a new arts center near 25 POA-owned lots. If the value goes up from $500 a lot to $10,000 or $15,000 a lot, we will make between $250,000 and $300,000, then See TWIGGS page 4

Fall 2013 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 3

The Conversation With David Twiggs TWIGGS continued from page 4 that will pay for the new amenity. And we will also add value to the privately owned lots in the area increasing confidence so they will continue to pay their assessments. Organic Living/Farm to Table: This is another idea that’s inexpensive to start but will add great value. For about $10,000 to $15,000 we can put in a community garden run by volunteers. We can also add a permanent space for a farmers’ market. These amenities will sell properties. Promoting Surrounding Natural Resources: This region is full of resources including the National Park and Trails, World-Class Hunting and Fishing, Watersports, Epic Biking Trails, and of course, WorldClass Golf. We are an hour away from world-class duck hunting, three View David Twiggs’ Aug. 1 Town Hall Video Recap at

hours from elk hunting, two hours from catching brown trout, and 15 minutes away from catching rainbow trout on a fly. So, we are going to start a Rod and Gun Club to travel to these places and it won’t cost us a dime but will be marketable. Monetizing Golf: We want to be known for offering world-class golf and I’m looking at a way to monetize golf without impacting members. We can do this by selling our unused golf rounds. In 2012, possibly the best year for golf that we’ve had in a long time, we had 170,000 rounds of golf left over. Let’s say we sell about half of those rounds at $40 a round. That’s $3.4 million dollars in revenue from members’ leftovers, the unwanted tee times. If we sold 25 percent, that’s $1.2 million. Now that gets my attention. Together We Can We’ve got to stop thinking “our property values are going down and

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4 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Fall 2013

we can’t do anything about it” and start thinking “yes, our property values are going down but together we can do something.” It will take some time but when we take advantage of opportunities to add value to our Village, we can do it together. That’s a conversation worth having!

Planning Coffees Set LEARN MORE about the future plans for growth and development in Hot Springs Village at the General Manager Planning Coffees with David Twiggs, HSV Chief Operating Officer/General Manager. The meetings, which provide a forum for discussion on topics relevant to HSV life, are scheduled Thursdays following Board Work Sessions at 3:00 p.m. at the Coronado Community Center. For more, call 501-922-5530. Upcoming Planning Coffees October 3, 3:00 p.m., CCC November 7, 3:00 p.m., CCC December 5, 3:00 p.m., CCC Property Owners’ Association Advocate Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 895 DeSoto Blvd. Hot Springs Village, AR 71909 Telephone: (501) 922-5556 Email address: Website: Managing Editor: Linda Mayhood Editor: Lisa Watson

Volume XXXVII, Number 3

PERIODICAL POSTAGE 019-874 AT HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS - Additional Entry, Little Rock, Arkansas. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the POA Advocate, 895 DeSoto Blvd., Hot Springs Village, AR 71909. The Property Owners’ Association Advocate is published quarterly, four times a year, by the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association (POA), 895 DeSoto Blvd., Hot Springs Village, AR 71909. The POA assesses its members $432 a year, $1 of which covers the annual subscription price. The publication is distributed to 22,026 members of the POA. Periodical postage #019-847 from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Fall Into Fun in Hot Springs Village

Fall Fun for All in Hot Springs Village FALL IS THE PERFECT TIME to explore Hot Springs Village. Take advantage of the Fall weather and see what the Village has to offer. September September promises to be a feast for ears and eyes with events including the Bellamy Brothers Sept. 6 at the Woodlands Auditorium, the Village Players performance of Noir Suspicions, Sept. 12-14 at the Coronado Community Center, the Diamonds Sept. 17 at the Woodlands Auditorium and a Tribute to John Denver, Sept. 24-27 at the Woodlands Auditorium. The Ouachita Speaker Series fall season begins Sept. 10 at Ponce de Leon Center with Jim Fram, president and CEO of the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce. October Fall fun is available for the young and young at heart in October. Kick off the month with the HSV Chamber of Commerce’s Wine and Roses event Oct. 1 at the Ponce de Leon Center. Give your eyes and ears a treat at the Showcase of the Arts, set for Oct. 5 at the Ponce de Leon Center (see related story). Learn about the politics of energy with Sandy Byrd at the Ouachita Speaker Series Oct. 10 at the Ponce de Leon Center. Indulge your inner child at the Fire Department Open House on Oct. 12 at the Cortez Fire Station. Polka to your heart’s desire at Oktoberfest, set for Oct. 17 on the Coronado Community Center patio and get back to your roots at the The 60s Show, Oct. 22-25 at the Woodlands Auditorium. Play dress up with the kids and grand-

kids at the Halloween Carnival, Oct. 26 at the Ponce de Leon Center. November Check out local artists’ works at the Brushstrokes Galleria, Nov. 2 at the Coronado Community Center. Sing along with the Kopy Katz in concert Nov. 8 at the Coronado Community Center. Give to the needy during the Heifer Living Gift Event, Nov. 9 at the Coronado Community Center. Honor our national heroes during the Veterans’ Day celebration Nov. 11 at the Veterans’ Memorial. Listen to the stylings of the Highwaymen, in concert Nov. 12-14 at the Woodlands Auditorium. Let the Village Players entertain you with the musical Annie, Nov. 21-24 at the Woodlands Auditorium. Shop at the Fall Arts and Crafts Fair, Nov. 23 at the Coronado Community Center. Celebrate Thanksgiving with Colt and the Old 45s in concert Nov. 30 at the Woodlands Auditorium (See re-

lated story on pg. 6). December Meet your mate or at least have fun at the Village Speed Dating Game, Dec. 3 at the DeSoto Club. Celebrate the season in Hot Springs Village with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Christmas concert, set for Dec. 8 at the Woodlands Auditorium. January Kick off the new year with the Off-Broadway hit show, Rhythmic Circus, Jan 27-28 at the Woodlands Auditorium. Featuring rapid-fire tap from four award-winning dancers, a one-man beat-box phenomenon and a six-piece band that channels everything from funk to blues, and rock and roll to salsa, the show excites and inspires at every turn. Tickets go on sale in October. For more information and to purchase event tickets, go to www. Full list upcoming events available at

HSV Arts Council & Ponce de Leon Center present

Showcase of the Arts Saturday, Oct. 5  10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Ponce de Leon Center Featuring local artist displays, art demonstrations, choral & musical performances. Cash bar, food vendors and more.

Fall 2013 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 5

Fall Into Fun in Hot Springs Village

“Zombie” Dusk Scare Run Coming to HSV Nov. 2 REGISTRATION IS currently underway for the first annual “Zombie” Dusk Scare 4-mile competitive run, set for Saturday, Nov. 2. The competitive run, presented by Village Home Center, begins at 2:30 p.m. at the Cortez Pavilion on Hernando Trail West. Participants run or walk the trail, avoiding Zombies tasked with

snatching life line flags. The winner will be declared on performance time regardless of remaining life lines. Walking is not part of the competitive event. The 4-mile Run is managed by DLT Events of Arkadelphia, with support from and in benefit of Teen Challenge of Arkansas. Runners and walkers MUST register. Only

Share the Village During State Weeks JOIN THE FUN in Hot Springs Village – invite your friends and guests to play at member rates with a valid state ID. For more, visit Upcoming Weeks Sep 1-7: Hawaii Sep 8-14: Missouri Sep 15-21: Washington, DC

Sep 22-28: Colorado Sep 29-Oct 5: California Oct 6-12: New York Oct 13-19: Wisconsin Oct 20-26: Michigan and Minnesota Oct 27-Nov 2: Minnesota Nov 3-9: Pennsylvania & Oklahoma Nov 10-16: Florida Nov 17-23: Iowa Nov 24-30: Puerto Rico

registered participants will be allowed on the trail during the event. Other events held that day include a Bird Watching Eco-Walk, Geocaching Walk, Cycling Fun Tour, Dog Costume Parade, Golf Cart Halloween Decoration Contest, Segway Trail Ride, and an Open House all weekend. Request a tour of homes at Thanks to Presenting Sponsor, Village Home Center, and other important sponsors including Sam’s Club, Mountain Valley Spring Water, HSVRentals (offering 10 percent off Nov. 1-3), Hot Springs Village Cards, Segway of Arkansas, Central Arkansas Woodturners, HSV Woodworkers, Mt. Carmel Retirement Community, Teen Challenge of Arkansas, Backspin Seating, Photography by Renee and chas brunk | design.

Fire Department Open House  Cortez Fire Station  Oct. 12, 11 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Fun Activities for Children and Adults, Free Hot Dogs and Drinks and More, Sponsored by Sam's Club

Spend Thanksgiving in Hot Springs Village SPEND THANKSGIVING in Hot Springs Village and play championship golf at affordable rates. Guests can play golf at family rates and family members (with current

HSV family member cards) can play golf at member rates. To schedule a tee time, go to and click Schedule a Tee Time or call 501922-2858.

In This Issue Colt & the Old 45s Rock HSV Nov. 30 ROCK OUT to Colt and the Old 45s, on Saturday, Nov. 30 at 7:30 p.m. at the Woodlands Auditorium. The performance features a Neil Diamond tribute. Tickets go on sale Sept. 16 at

The Conversation with David Twiggs................................................................. 2 Fall Into Fun in Hot Springs Village...................................................................... 5 HSV Members Give Back....................................................................................... 7 It’s a Dog’s Life.......................................................................................................... 8 New Gate Procedures Strengthen Security....................................................... 10 Board News............................................................................................................... 11 Money Matters in Hot Springs Village................................................................12 2013 Project Updates..............................................................................................15 Amenity Updates..................................................................................................... 16 Notable...................................................................................................................... 18 Upcoming Events....................................................................................................20 In the Know............................................................................................................. 22

6 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Fall 2013

HSV Members Give Back HSV Fire Hydrants Showcase Member Creativity FROM DEER TO SQUIRRELS and even an occasional fox, one can spot a variety of wildlife in Hot Springs Village. However, lately there have been sightings of a more … shall we say … creative kind. Thanks to the painting skills of members, Razorbacks, Dalmatians and even an alien or two have been spotted in HSV neighborhoods. It’s all part of a program by the HSV Fire Department to spruce up fire hydrants and provide an opportunity for members to showcase talents and give back to the community. The program, which began in June has been a huge success, according to Jason Miller, Fire Captain, “The response has been amazing,” said Miller. “We have 30 unique hydrants and have issued approximately 200 cans, not including the amount that we have used to paint hydrants.” Members who post pictures of their masterpieces on the HSV Fire Department Facebook page have an

added benefit, the chance to win a prize. Fire department officials will choose the top three most creatively painted hydrants posted on Facebook. It’s not too late to enter – post a picture of your creatively painted

fire hydrant at HotSpringsVillageFireDepartment by Sept. 30 to be entered to win. And don’t forget to “like” the fire department Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest news and events.

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SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES: Adult Sunday School 9:00 & 10:15 a.m. Nursery Available All Services Senior Pastor —Dr. Walter L. “Bubba” Smith

8:40 a.m. Traditional Service 10:15 a.m. Traditional Service 11:20 a.m. A casual, come-as-you-are service A Stephen Ministry Caring Congregation

Fall 2013 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 7

It’s a Dog’s Life New Amenity to Offer Off-Leash Play for Dogs HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE dogs and owners are in for a treat in the coming months – construction has begun on a gated, off-leash dog park. The park, which will be built at the former HSV boat and RV storage facility site on DeSoto Park Drive, will provide an amenity for “well-behaved” dogs to exercise in a clean, safe environment. It was developed by the Hot Springs

Village Friends of the Dog Park, who presented a plan to the Board of Directors, who approved it contingent upon raising the necessary funds. With more than $51,000 in pledges for the new facility, the Board gave the go-ahead to begin construction on the park at the July 17 Regular Meeting. The park includes about 1.5 acres of level open area divided into sec-

8 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Fall 2013

tions for large and small dogs. Other features include watering stations for both dogs and owners, waste management stations, and shade pavilions. The group is working with POA staff to finalize plans and obtain the necessary permits for construction. Fencing and other projects are currently underway. For more information, go to www.



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Board News In Hot Springs Village

New Gate Procedures Strengthen Security, Efficiency SECURITY IS A high priority in Hot Springs Village. Many residents rank gated security as a top reason for moving to the Village. The POA Board of Directors and staff are committed to doing what is necessary to strengthen security and efficiency at the HSV manned gates. For this reason, a number of ingress/egress procedures (detailed below) will be implemented Sept. 1. All vehicles with approved current HSV decals will be granted entry into the Village. Vehicles that do not have the appropriate approved decal will be stopped and drivers must obtain authorization prior to entry. If the driver and/or occupants are authorized to enter, a vehicle dash pass for visitors/guests will be issued. Members who do not display a vehicle decal or vehicle dash pass for visitors/guests must show their HSV member card to enter the Village. Those who do not have an appropriate vehicle decal must provide proof that they live inside the Village. Examples include a rental agreement, current driver’s license with address or telephone contact with an HSV member who authorizes entry. If the person is unable to provide proper authorization, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) will contact the HSV Police Department for assistance. Vehicle dash passes for visitors/ guests will be issued for seven days and a new passes must be issued at the end of that time. One-day dash passes for visitors/guests will be given for business appointments, doctor appointments, garage sales, day events, Silver Sneakers, church attendance, home health care, real estate tours, etc. PROs are required to

log license information for those who receive one-day passes. Upon request, members with paper-only POA membership cards will be asked to provide appropriate photo identification. PROs are required to obtain the following information when a resident or sponsor calls the gate to provide guest information: sponsor’s name, phone number and POA LBA number (if available), guest name and instructions in the notes field to send or call, etc. PROs must enter all sponsor information into the HSVPOA Gate Entry system so the information will be available for both gates. Sponsors who have a list of five or more names will be referred to the POA Gate Entry system online or required to provide the list to the HSV Police Department. Authorization for entry will also be given to vendors with work orders, invoices, sales receipts and bills of laden, for utility companies, county officials

and law enforcement entities. Several procedures relate to PRO requirements and rules of conduct. The procedures require PROs to be courteous and professional at all times and to refrain from any contact with a person or vehicle when conversing with drivers. PROs are to be alert for expired or unauthorized decals and should verify persons are authorized to enter the Village. PROs are responsible for keeping traffic from becoming congested, asking those waiting for authorization for entry to park in approved spaces. PROs will contact the Police Department if assistance is needed for people needing entry for foreclosures, repossessions or any other procedures not covered in the procedures or department issued memorandums. The Ingress/Egress Policy was also updated at the Aug. 21 Regular Board Meeting. To read the complete policy and procedures, go to

Amendment Helps Village Maintain Standards AN AMENDMENT to Declaration Article VIII, Section 3, which was approved by members in 2007 and went in effect April 20, 2013, gives the POA the ability to impose reasonable monetary fines for infractions of its protective covenants or published rules and regulations. The Board approved several identified infractions at the July 17 Regular Meeting. Each infraction carries a penalty of $150 each and $25 per day for non-compliance. The administrative fines will go into effect upon completion and approval by the Board of the development of the appeals process. The Board approved a

10 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Fall 2013

standing committee for appeals in the Aug. 21 Regular Meeting. This amendment will help maintain the character, appearance and standards in Hot Springs Village. It also protects and enhances HSV property values and environment by enforcing Covenants and rules and regulations. To view a complete list of infractions and fines, go to www.hsvpoa. org | Governance | Governing Documents.

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Board Addresses HSV Opportunities, Challenges Keith Keck President HSV Board

WHILE THE summer heat beat down on Hot Springs Village, your Board of Directors continued to work hard on several important challenges facing our community. First and most importantly, your Board worked diligently with David Twiggs, our new General Manager, to get him acquainted with our governance style. From the Board’s simple expectations of him handling day-today operational issues to introducing him to local governmental and civic leaders, David hit the ground running. Hopefully you attended his Aug. 1 Town Hall Meeting or viewed it online so you know we have a person with the vision and energy to get our community growing again. Financially, the POA remains on solid ground even with reduced revenues from lower golf rounds and assessment collections. Your Board closely monitors finances to ensure funding of the day-to-day operational infrastructure needed to keep HSV in good working order. Street paving, the water plant expansion and replacement of the Fitness Center geothermal system remain on schedule. Based on significant member input, your Board decided to reassess gate design projects, taking another look at alternatives. Based on the 2007 Declaration vote, your Board is working hard on two other important items. First, we are close to implementing administrative fines for some infractions of POA protective covenants. Instead of only being able to suspend member privileges for 30 days, the POA

may monetarily fine violators. We are putting the appeals process and committee in place before we start implementation of fines. Second, your Board now has the ability to increase assessments by the Consumer Price Index, which this year is 1.9% or 0.68 per month. This would be the first assessment increase

in four years, a small price to pay for all that HSV has to offer in terms of infrastructure and amenities. As we enter the fall, your Board will be working with the GM and staff to finalize the 2014 Budget, emphasizing infrastructure maintenance while promoting opportunities for community growth.

Fall 2013 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 11

were up by $58,000 and capital expenditures were on target. For the period ending July, 2013 the Year to Date (YTD) revenue totaled $15.8 million. YTD operating expenses totaled $13.6 million and 2013 YTD Capital Expenses are on target transfers from the water plant reserve revised to $5,000,000. Other capital expenditures include the DeSoto Golf Course renovation.

Money Matters In Hot Springs Village

Hot Springs Village Financials

Year End Estimates

Hot Springs Village has a number of large scale on-going projects for 2013 (see related story). Because of THEasAUG. Boardin estimated Regular budget Forvs.the period ending July,projected 2013, netare expected to be $24.7 million or theseAT projects well as 21 changes actual budget, the total activity (revenue, expenses net balance transfers) toyear year to enddate is estimated to be $800,000 worse $126,400 by year end.less than budget by year Meeting, Don and Yucuis, CFO, present(YTD) revenues totaled

ed a financial report for Hot Springs Village including a total estimate of revenues, expenses and reserve transfers to year end December 31, 2013.

$15.8 million and are expected to be $27.5 million or $808,000 less than budget by year end. YTD operating expenses totaled $13.6 million and

Estimated cash balances at year end for operating and reserves are as follows:

Beg. Balance 12-31-12 **Operating Cash $ 5,053,737 Water Plant Reserve $ 5,372,305 Capital Reserve $ 1,833,959 Building Reserve $ 300,000 Total $12,560,001 ** Assumes $2 million of prepays.

FY 2013 Est. Net Activity ($ 800,000) ($ 4,600,000) $ 139,259 0 ($ 5,260,741)

Est. End Balance 12-31-13 $ 4,253,737 $ 772,305 $ 1,973,218 $ 300,000 $ 7,299,260

Board Approves Assessment Increase

end. 2013 YTD capital expenses were revised to $7.5 million or $2.3 million more than budget because the Water Treatment Plant expansion is moving along quicker, on target and funded from set aside water reserves. There are several on-going projects for 2013 (see related story on pg. 15). See chart (left) for year end estimated cash balances for operating and reserves.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR growth gave the Board the authority to inIf the are Easton andthe West Gate projects this year, Capital Reserve horizon for Hotestimated Springs at $1,000,000 crease theoccur annual assessment each funds would be used to offset those expenses. This would reduce the Capital reserve to $973,218 by year end. Village. At the Aug. 21 Regular Meet- year above the previous year using ing, the Board of Directors approved the Consumer Price Index, South a $0.68 per month increase to the Region, All Items (CPI), as of June HSV annual assessment. This will in- 30, as promulgated by the Bureau of crease the total annual assessment by Labor Statistics of the U.S. Depart$8.16, effective Jan. 1, 2014. ment of Labor. This year, the CPI was In an amendment to Article X, 1.9 percent. The assessment increase Section 3, which was passed Oct. 3, requires a two-thirds majority vote of 2007 and became effective April 20, the Board. New 2014 coupons will be 2013, Hot Springs Village members mailed to members in November. Show appreciation by providing gift certificates to POA employees through the Village Employees Benefit Fund, which also provides assistance to employees in need. Mail contributions to: Village Employees Benefit Fund, P.O. Box 8503, Hot Springs Village, AR 71910.

2014 Budget Process THE 2014 POA Budgeting Process is currently underway. POA Directors submitted budget requests for internal review in July and a recommended budget was distributed to the Board of Directors in August. To view the 2014 Proposed Budget, go to www.hsvpoa. org | Governance | Financials | Budget &Financial Reports. Public budget review meetings will be held at the Ouachita Activities Building, Ponce de Leon Center on the following dates: Sept. 4, from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m., Sept. 5, from 1:00 -3:00 p.m. and Sept. 26, from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. 12 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Fall 2013

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2013 Project Updates Projects Add Value to Hot Springs Village Life WORLD-CLASS golf courses, lakes, miles of nature trails, a stateof-the-art fitness center, a performing arts center, and a host of fitness venues, make Hot Springs Village a great place to visit and an even better place to call home. And the quality of life just keeps getting better with a number of projects designed to make the Village an even more attractive place to live. Water Treatment Plant Expansion Water is necessary for life and Hot Springs Village is preparing for growth with the Water Treatment Plant Expansion. This expansion, which began in January 2013, is a third of the way completed and is on time and on budget. And the added 2 million gallons of water capacity per day means that as new members move to the Village, there will be ample supply. Max Foote Construction has completed the concrete work on the pipe gallery and crews are now building block walls for the upper control room. The new filters have all of the steel rebar tied and half of the concrete walls have been poured. Street Resurfacing Program Street resurfacing through paving and crack sealing is necessary to keep streets in good repair. This year’s paving program, contracted by Martin Marietta Materials, is currently ongoing. The contractor has added

another crew to keep the project on track. An estimated 30 miles of roadways are scheduled to be resurfaced. Public Works also added crack sealing to this year’s program to help extend the life of a roadways by preventing moisture seepage. The crack sealing program was completed by Mitchell Asphalt Seal Coating . Fitness Center HVAC Replacement Work has begun on replacing the geothermal system with a traditional Dry Air or Desert Air system designed for aquatic systems like the Coronado Fitness Center. This is good news for fitness center patrons because the system will allow temperatures to be moderated more effectively as well as keep humidity levels lower and provide better control for pool water temperatures. The Board approved a motion during the July 17 Regular Meeting to award the contract for system replacement to Comfort Systems, U.S.A., for $470,741. Crews are currently working on site preparation including removal of existing concrete sidewalks and the installation of fencing to be used to control access and erosion from storm water. West Gate Design Plan Update Following a public meeting on the East and West Gate Design Concepts, the HSV Gates Ad Hot Com-

mittee, met with Crist Engineers and POA staff to discuss the plan for the West Gate restoration. Plans are underway to restore the West Gate to the original E. Faye Jones design, reconstructing the fountain based on available drawings of the structure. In addition, new landscaping, lighting, pumps, and signage will be installed and the pond liners will be replaced. Crist Engineers will bring a preliminary engineering design and cost estimates to the September work session. Pending Board approval, POA staff will begin repairs and Crist will complete bidding in November.

Important Information Main Number General Mgr. Golf Marketing P&I Public Safety Public Works Recreation Visitor Center

501-922-5556 501-922-5530 501-922-2858 501-922-5561 501-922-5562 501-922-0011 501-922-5524 501-922-0322 866-984-9963

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HSV Amenity Updates DeSoto Golf Course Renovation Progressing THE DESOTO Golf Course renovation is progressing and is now scheduled to open in late fall. The project is on budget. The greens have been replaced with Champion “ultra dwarf ” Bermuda grass and are growing in, according to the HSV Golf Department. However, the cool summer temperatures have not been ideal for Bermuda grass grow in. Greens on holes 14, 16 and 18 have been sodded. Con-

struction crews continue to renovate cart paths, holes and bunkers. Substantial drainage work is underway along with irrigation improvements. Several projects have been completed including landscaping and replacing railroad tie walls with rock walls at the 19th Hole/Pink Olive. The $525,000 project, which was approved by the Board in the Dec. 19, 2012 Regular Meeting, is part of the 2013 Capital Improvement Plan.

Affordable Visitor Golf

Golf Update: July and August golf

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE has been a golfer’s destination since its beginning, and the golf just keeps getting better and better. With golf as low as $59.00 for morning play and $49.00 for afternoon play with cart included on select courses, it’s a great time for members and their guests to experience championship golf at affordable rates. Schedule your tee time today at or call 501-922-2858. For more information, go to http://

Golf Week - Oct. 13-19 Sunday, Oct. 13: Golf Week Kickoff Couples Tournament, Cortez. Details coming soon. Monday, Oct. 14 & Tuesday, Oct. 15: MGA, Ponce de Leon & Cortez Courses. Wednesday, Oct. 16: Flag Golf Tournament, Balboa. Thursday, Oct. 17: WGA, Balboa. Mens Tournament, Magellan. 2 Man Best Ball, Pick your own partner. Shotgun at 9:30 a.m. $20 a team. Friday, Oct. 18: Ladies’ Tournament, Isabella. FREE short game clinic. 2 Woman Best Ball, Pick your own partner. Shotgun, 10:30 a.m. $20 a team. Saturday, Oct. 19: Couples Tournament, Granada. 2 person scramble. Flighted, 9:30 a.m. Shotgun, $20 a team. For more information, go to 16 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Fall 2013

rounds are up about 1,000 rounds a month compared to this time last year.

Take a Friend to the HSV Trails in October FALL IS THE PERFECT time to take in the changing leaves along Hot Springs Village trails so why not bring along a friend. Throughout the month of October, the Hot Springs Village Trails Committee is inviting members to “Take a Friend” to the Trails.

Not only do you have the opportunity to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather, you could also win a prize. Simply invite a friend to walk on one of the trails, fill out a green form and have your friend fill out a yellow form. Both forms are available in all trail boxes. Drop both complet-

ed forms in the marked envelope also in the trail box. That’s it! Hosts and friends will be registered in a drawing to win a prize. Winners will be notified by telephone. For more information, contact the Recreation Department at 501-9220322.

Lifestyle Fitness in HSV STAND UP paddleboarding is coming to HSV this fall. Rent a board at the Coronado Fitness Center (CFC) and paddle your way to fitness. Basic instruction included with rental. Or try a CFC fitness class. Class offerings include cycling, spinning, zumba and more. New for Fall: come by after work or play for an early evening class. For more information, call 501-922-0322 or go to

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Notable In Hot Springs Village

Mt. Carmel Phase 2 Brings YTD Home Permits to 50 WITH THE RECENT approval of permits and construction plans for Phase 2 of the Mt. Carmel Community at the Village, the total number of new homes receiving permits in Hot Springs Village jumped to 50 at the end of August.

The POA Board approved a development agreement during the March 20 Regular Meeting with the facility, which is located just outside the Balboa Gate on Ponce de Leon Dr. and Highway 5. The agreement includes the construction of 16 garden homes

(1,300 sq. ft. each) and a 1,600 sq. ft. Community Center Building. Mt. Carmel opened a 60,000 sq. ft. facility in March, which includes studio apartments, deluxe apartments and a memory care facility as well as a 30,000 sq. ft. secure court yard.

Current HSV Timber Thinning Phase On Schedule PHASE X OF THE Hot Springs Village Forest Management Program continues on schedule with thinning in the Santa Cruz and Santiago subdivisions. This phase, which was approved by the POA Board in March, is being conducted by Cosby Custom Logging and Tree Service for $23.00 per ton and includes approximately 78 acres and 12 subdivisions. The estimated income for the project is $57,243.32.

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The original timber management plan, approved by the POA Board in 2004, recommended a reduction per acre of trees on common property to maintain healthy growing trees. Phases I through IX have included more than 100 subdivisions, close to 1,000 acres and revenue of $1,430,157.95. Plans are underway to complete the project before the end of 2013.

Permits Needed for Home Improvement, Construction Projects in Hot Springs Village PLANNING to install new siding, build a swimming pool, replace a water heater, or update outdoor landscaping? Did you know you need a permit for these and other home improvements? The Permitting and Inspections Department has provided the necessary permit forms and other informa-

tion related to home improvements as well as construction and additions online at | Services | Planning and Inspections | Permit Forms and Information. For more information, call the Permitting and Inspections Department at 501-922-5562.

Blessed Building Coronado Baptist Church, Hot Springs Village, has completed construction on a single story 18,895 sq. ft. worship center. The facility is located on the northwest corner of Coronado Dr. and Minorca Rd. The church plans to begin holding services in the new building in September.

Sign Up for Free Email Utility Billing THE POA now offers water, sewer and sanitation billing via email at NO COST to members. Please consider signing up for this efficient and costsaving service. Forms are available to download and print at http://hsvpoa. org/files/pdf/UtilityEmailAuthorization.pdf. Bring the completed form

to the Administration Building from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday or call 501-922-5556. PLEASE NOTE: Signing up to receive Utility Email Billing does NOT affect automatic bank drafts and you are not required to pay your utility bill online.

MG (R) Bill B. Lefler, DDS, FACP

Diplomat, American Board of Prosthodontics


Thomas B. Lefler, DMD, FACP

Diplomat, American Board of Prosthodontics

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130 Cordoba Center Dr, Hot Springs Village, AR 71909 Fall 2013 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 19

Upcoming Events In Hot Springs Village September 4 Board Work Session, Ponce 6 Lions Bingo, CCC 6 Bellamy Brothers, Woodlands 6-8 Adult/Senior Tennis Tournament 10 Ouachita Speaker Series, Ponce

12-14 Noir Suspicions, CCC 14 Southern Gospel Concert, Balboa Pavilion 17 The Diamonds, Woodlands 17 Arkansas Blood Institute, CCC 18 Board Regular Meeting, Ponce

20 Lions Bingo, CCC 24 Dancing with the Villagers, CCC 24 Arkansas Blood Institute, CCC 24-27 John Denver Tribute, Woodlands 26 Arkansas Blood Institute, Ponce 26 FOCCL Last Thursday, CCC

October 1 Wine and Roses, Ponce 2 Board Work Session, Ponce 3 GM Planning Coffee, CCC 3 Soiree Internationale, CCC 4 Lions Bingo, CCC 5 Showcase of the Arts, Ponce

8 Blessing of the Animals, Ponce 10 Ouachita Speaker Series, Ponce 12 Kiwanis Bratfest, CCC 13 Hot Springs Concert Band, Woodlands 16 Board Regular Meeting, Ponce 17 Oktoberfest, CCC

19 Lions Pancake Day, CCC 22-25 The 60s Show, Woodlands 22 Arkansas Blood Institute, CCC 24 Newcomers Coffee, Ponce 26 Kiwanis Spaghetti Dinner, CCC 26 HSV Halloween Carnival, Ponce 31 FOCCL Halloween Party, CCC

November 1 Lions Bingo. CCC 2 “Zombie” 4 Mile Dusk Run 2 Brushstrokes Galleria, CCC 4 Military Ball, DeSoto Club 6 Board Work Session, Ponce 7 GM Planning Coffee, CCC 8 Kopy Katz Concert, CCC 9 Heifer Living Gift Event, CCC 11 Veterans Day Celebration, Ponce 12-15 The Highwaymen, Woodlands 13 Village Woodworkers Toy Sale, Ponce 15 Lions Bingo, CCC 16 Annual Fall Book Sale, Library 19 Arkansas Blood Institute, CCC 20 Board Regular Meeting, Ponce 20-24 Annie, Woodlands 23 Fall Arts and Crafts Fair, CCC 26 Arkansas Blood Institute, CCC 30 Colt and the Old 45s, Woodlands

Coronado Community Center - CCC; Woodlands Auditorium - Woodlands, Ponce de Leon Center, Ponce

December 1-2 Cedar Mountain Singers, Woodlands 2 Crystal Chimes Cocoa Cookies and Carols, CCC 3 Speed Dating Game, DeSoto Club 4 Board Work Session, Ponce 5 Newcomers Coffee, Ponce 5 GM Planning Coffee, CCC 6 Lions Bingo, CCC 8 ASO Christmas Concert, Woodlands 10 Village Chorale, Woodlands 12 HS Concert Band, Woodlands 17 Arkansas Blood Institute, CCC 18 Board Regular Meeting, Ponce 24 Arkansas Blood Institute, CCC 26 Arkansas Blood Institute, Ponce

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Advocate Fall 2013  

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Advocate Fall 2013  

Hots Springs Village Volume 37 No.3