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e meet again ladies and gents, a new school year, a new volume of DN, and new experiences to embark upon. The new academic year brings excitement, anxieties and, if you’re lucky, some awkward stories like the time a hippie got caught trying to steal a big ass bag of those rotisserie chickens they sell at the grocery store. I mean seriously, who steals rotisserie chicken? This isn’t the Middle Ages, but I guess the struggle is real when you’re a college student. In any case, here’s to starting the year off right. I hope you read through this issue, find something you like, find inspiration and come back for more so you can develop yourself and not have to steal rotisserie gold. We’ve worked hard on this issue just for your entertainment and your inspiration so I hope you all enjoy.



“Do or do not; there is no try.” –Yoda


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Claudia Kouakou Aye Technology you’ve taught females many things, thought I should inform you of these lessons The new way to try to grab my attention is you tweeting the newest lyrics While you try to seduce me over text using a punch line from Lil Wayne Hoping that if Drake is singing the chorus somehow it’s the magic words to get my panties off Is your ignorance really this infinite? I refuse technology, I refuse To be another picture in your inbox or the next ass on your lock screen Get hit with the infamous “Can you send a pic” As if a pic will somehow miraculously tell you everything you need to know From my head to my toes to the depth of my soul As long as I show you the booty tho Have females merely accepted being downsized to the pixels that you fit into a box that qualifies me as pretty. I am forced to pick a side of team light skin or dark skin Tell me again why this is even still a trend because apparently we aren’t just all kin And being human isn’t enough. Why is it, a relationship isn’t official until you decide to put it as your new status As if validating your feelings with the other person wasn’t more important Just like a sample plate we have to see if it’s “liked” because people don’t like the distaste of unconformity leaves in their mouth. I wait for a mass good morning text to somewhat know that I’m on your mind Yet face to face time is spent online. Why must we wait to express a problem via web But can’t express two words to reconnect Does it make sense to figure out who has to text who first? Like it even really matters All we touch are screens but we forgot how to feel. Read words all day but do not comprehend Rarely use our voices and forgot how to listen. Because pushing on keys is only one status away. Aye technology




vol. 3 iss. 1

Niyankor Ajuaj

When I asked to borrow a pencil

What I really meant to say was I noticed you from across the room and I just had to know what your voice sounded like But instead I got too nervous and said the first thing that came to mind Yo, when God created you, he cursed for the first time He took one look at you, looked at one of his angels and said “God damn I’m good.” You see I don’t believe in love at first sight but when our eyes locked for the first time, I swear I felt Cupid’s arrow strike me Right in the heart I spent the last week trying to figure out how I was going to introduce myself to you properly and I finally figured it out, it’s gonna be something like .... “Hi!” That’s honestly the only thing I really have the courage to say, but it’s something Right? To say I wanna get to know you is an understatement, I’ve already missed out on all your life until now and I wanna know you as if I’ve been there since you came out the womb. I wanna know your thoughts, secrets, and dreams. I wanna float with you, Get on a boat with you, A boat that takes us on a journey of everlasting love. When I lick my lips I taste you for the next eighty years. Yo, if I could, I would store your voice in a jar for those lonely, sad nights, Open it up Just to hear the voice of an angel. If I could, I would sing you a song. If I could, I would write you a poem letting you know how you live in my thoughts. I would let you know that every once in a while you visit my dreams so not only do I see you during the day but also at night when I close my eyes even though it may not be physically. I would tell you that you make me weak in the knees to the point that I could hardly speak like that song by SWV. Damn.


OBITUARY opinion

L.A. Harden

THE vol 3 iss. 1


ave you ever noticed that a lot of the old fads from the ‘90s and early 2000s are starting to resurface? First of all, I love the fact that we are seeing a lot of old trends starting to reemerge. For instance, I like a lot of the haircut styles that are coming back (high-top fades, wearing regular fades over taper cuts, guys getting parts cut in their hair, etc.), but I just wish that some of these fads would have stayed dead.


Coming from a guy that used to wear them, tall tees have got to go. I don’t know when, how or why they came back, but we should just collect ‘em all and burn ‘em. They remind me of cotton ponchos or a judge’s robe, and it’s always a dude that isn’t tall that feels the need to wear one. If they don’t have a big ass shirt on they are showing their asses, literally.


The only positive thing that may have come from tall tees may have been the idea for the snuggie, which in retrospect isn’t that much better.


What is the fascination with sagging? What is the end goal of pulling your pants down under your butt? All you are doing is showing everybody your butt. If you do that in jail or in the penitentiary it means that you’re telling any and everyone that you’re “single and ready to mingle,” or “you’re open and ready for business.” Maybe that last one was a bit much… but hey, that’s the nature of the beast, and no, I am not making any assumptions about anyone’s sexual orientation. That’s just not “how I conduct business.” No one should ever wear anything that involves their butt on the outside of their clothes – it’s just too much.


DOOKIE BRAIDS There are so many other old fads that are coming back, like the “dookie” braids that Janet Jackson wore in the movie Poetic Justice, but there just isn’t enough time in a day to go through all of them. I mean, ladies, you can’t tell your hairdressers to give you 16 big dookie braids and then get mad at the guys that have like eight dreads so now their head looks like just a tangled web of bullsh*t. I think the two have a lot of similarities, actually, like they’re related or something…. like cousins. “Dookie” braids? “Web of bullsh*t?” Sounds


vol. 3 iss. 1

pretty close to me, and since they’re almost the same thing, let’s just say don’t do either one of ‘em. And fellas, don’t try to bring back the dookie braids, either, because no matter how cool RG III seems, the dookie braids on men died out with Mystikal’s hair line and career back in the early 2000s. e’re not hating on you, we’re not laughing at you, okay maybe we are laughing just a bit, but we’re just trying to help you all out, so you can completely ignore the advice and look like you just stepped out the wrong end of the ‘90s , or take the advice and step your game up. Until next time nation family!


Have an idea L.A. should touch on? Have a different opinion about the fads he just laid to rest? Want to add your two cents on these topics? Send us a message or post on our Facebook page at determinednationmagazine

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Pretty Lights

a color map of the sun (Album Review) Dustin Huff


a musical trance as you move

What makes this album so unique and distinct from his other pieces, is that Smith actually held jam sessions with national acclaimed blues and jazz musicians and singers. He then recorded these sessions (mind you, in analog) to process his samples for the entire album. The original construction and organic vibes give the tracks that much more soul, which the Pretty Lights sound is so acclaimed for. From the first track it’s like waking up in Denver (though true fans will know he’s actually from Fort Collins) and jumping off of a bus, to step on the planet Saturn and skate on the rings while hitting beams of bass and synths, circling you into

Smith adds some unthrough the music familiar texture to the space time continuum. Brooklyn native’s verse. The song will have you You can’t help but be nodding like the sought gravitated into the hard after Larry Walker bobdropping “So Bright,” ble head I was unable where the ridiculous to snag from Coors Field snares and bass come this summer. at you like comets in Galaga. The sample Not only can you get with Eligh helps the the disc for free, but tracks bounce, as well. also the jam sessions, One song from the al- which, in and of thembum, “Yellow Bird” is selves, are worth every so immensely chill that minute of listening. You if you can’t vibe to it, can download these at please do us all a favor just pull the chord, tylights or on Prettlightbecause you really ARE as true to dead. The first single of the PL nature of never the album “Around the charging the fans for Block,” featuring Talib music, probably why we Kweli, pairs the great- pay $100 every year to est instrumentalist of rage with the maestro our time with one of at Red Rocks. A Color the most intelligent in Map of the Sun is defiwell-rounded emcees nitely one album you in the game. Naturally, should have in your iPKweli’s verse narrates ods this year! the cosmos and paints you a picture, while

fter long awaited two and half years of headlining every festival possible and rising to the throne of electronic dance music and beat making, Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, released his new masterpiece audio compilation entitled A Color Map of the Sun.



vol. 3 iss. 1

vol 3 iss. 1



Huff’s Dank Danish

(organic homegrown music spotlight)


hen I listen to local music, I really love stumbling upon the raw gems that just give off that sound and atmosphere that make you say, “That’s it!” I was lucky enough to be introduced through one of my producers to this production duo who call themselves


Krooked Drivers. They seamlessly blend some of the smoothest samples of vinyl to some really great hip-hop drums and down tempo beats and combine that with hard hitting bass lines and emotional drops to fuse a very delicious blend of instrumentals that are sure to satiate the ears

of anyone who listens. I got to catch up with half of the group, Donnie, (Maddy, his girlfriend, completes the group) and get a little rearview look at the road of Krooked! HUFF: When did you to start and how did Krooked Drivers come to be? DONNIE: Krooked Drivers was formed in January of 2011 when we got the Ableton software demo from Evan O’Neal, who is a musician in St. Louis. We basically grabbed the demo with no knowledge of music theory, bought an APC 20, and dove in head first. One thing led to the next and we found ourselves in the studio more often than socializing. As the hours in the studio built up we found that

we both have that natural ear for music.


vol. 3 iss. 1

HUFF: Who are your top influences? DONNIE: Q-Tip, Pete Rock, RZA, DJ Shadow, DJ Premier



HUFF: What sets Kroooked Drivers a part in EDM and the DJ scene?

will always be unwritten but we hope we can bring DONNIE: In a very much our music to people on a saturated and evolving worldwide scale. music scene, we have set ourselves apart by staying HUFF: I know you two are neutral to trending genres working on a fall EP. Tell and easy paths to the top. me a little bit about it and We stay true to our hip-hop what listeners can expect? roots, sampling from vinyl, cutting up whatever we DONNIE: We have really can get our hands on. We been trying to dig deeper then fuse original, tasteful when it comes to vinyl, lisand downright emotional tening to a wide variety of electronic melodies that abstract genres from difcreate a modern piece of ferent eras. We’ve really art. As producers when it pieced together some next comes to live performance, level shit that is smooth, we like to keep ourselves yet very raw and industrial. busy playing out pad configurations on our Akai HUFF: What’s your most MPD controllers, feeding memorable moment peroff each other’s high ener- forming? gy and keeping the crowd moving. DONNIE: We would definitely have to say when we HUFF: What do you see or played at Cervante’s Otherhope for with the future of side and one of our favorite KD and the music you guys producers, Michal Menert are bringing? (Pretty Lights Music) was front row during our set DONNIE: Of course, the just as we had been for him main objective is to contin- plenty of times. ue to evolve musically and push the envelopes of our HUFF: Personally, I love too own production. The path many KD songs BUT, if I

was to show a new listener KD, what would be the top 3 songs you would want them to hear to really get a grasp of what KD brings to the speakers? DONNIE: “Nothing’s Gonna Change,” “Only For You,” “Now and Then”’re not gonna wanna miss the new shit either!! Krooked Drivers are definitely bringing a soulful electronic sound that you can get down to. They bring music that packs fun and emotion in every track. Whether you are cruising down College or working out, it’s got a fresh organic kick that’s too easy to get addicted too! Krooked Drivers will be performing at Cerventes Denver , August 15th just before the Pretty Lights Red Rocks concert. They are also playing August 25th at the Moxi theatre with Huff n Keen. Make sure to check them out at krooked-drivers.


EROTICISM A community

vol 3 iss. 1

college campus can be a sexually casual and sexually charged culture. Have you ever wondered or even struggled with issues related to sexuality? Dr. Dan Allender will be speaking at the CSU Theatre on Thursday, September 12th from 7-8:30 PM. This is a FREE event for college-aged adults – whether a student at CSU, FRCC, or not, all are welcome to attend as Dr. Allender addresses sexuality. • Hear about the current research trends about sexual practice in College age students •

Learn how to articulate your core convictions on sexuality

Consider the role of gender in the experience of



s ur



o tT

a Av

Dan continues to serves as Professor of Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School. He travels and speaks extensively to present his unique perspective on sexual abuse recovery, love & forgiveness, worship, and other


Hassle Free Printing 0 .8




related topics. Dan is the author of The Wounded Heart and The Healing Path and has co-authored several books with Dr. Dan B. Allender has pioneered Tremper Longman (Intimate Ala unique and innovative ap- lies, The Cry of the Soul, Bold proach to trauma and abuse Love and Bold Purpose). therapy over the past 25 years. Central to Dr. Allender’s approach are the categories of Faith, Hope and Love and their converse betrayal, ambivalence, and powerlessness.



C le.


About Dr. Allender:

We Take Printing Seriously…Not Ourselves.

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what we’re

vol. 3 iss. 1

wearing… Jasmine Jones (left); Metropolitan State University; Senior; Theatre Major: Highlight: Bleach spotted fringe high-waist shorts

Tyreesa Reeves


ontrary to belief, old school fashions are coming full circle. Channeling looks that were popular in past decades with a Cynarra Tweed (below); Colorado State University; Women and Gender Advocacy Staff; Highlight; Yellow and Black stripped high-waist pencil skirt

modern flair has become the new trend. Ladies have gone to new heights with high-waist fashions including shorts, skirts and jeans. These articles of clothing are so appealing because of their sex appeal, flexible wear, and versatile and vintage feel. You can rock any of these styles with a casual bandeau top and sweater like Metropolitan State University senior,

Vanessa Johnson (left); Denver Native; Tuskegee University; 2013 graduate; English major; Highlight: Acid washed, pale pink high-waist jeans

Jasmine Jones (top left), throw on a cute and simple crop top and satchel like Colorado State’s Women and Gender Advocacy Center staff, Cynarra Tweed (middle right) or rock a loose, sexy lace top and heels like recent graduate and Teach for America teacher, Vanessa Johnson (left). These high-waist fashions accentuate the hips and hug the thighs. Worn to an interview with a blouse or out club hopping, it’s a sure way to turn heads and feel comfortable and sexy. No wonder these high fashions are getting such high ratings!


vol 3 iss. 1


1.The Buddy System Your friends probably want to enhance their look just as much as you do, so give them a call and set up a schedule between the two or three of you so that you all can go together. Doing so will help each of you stay on top of one another in case someone ever loses motivation, not only that, but statistics have shown that you not only work harder in the gym when someone’s watching or with you, but you also are more motivated to finish your workout and your risk of injury decreases. Caution-Two’s company, three’s a crowd. If you decide the buddy system works for you, be aware that if you go with more than three people, you risk the chance of not only having a slower workout (your workout should be no more than 1-2 hours), but also slacking because the risk of conversations increase.





ith everything you’ve probably got going on in your life, it can get difficult to find the motivation to eat right or even make your regularly scheduled workout. You’re tired when you get home from work, or that burger from Micky Ds is way easier to buy than cooking for yourself would be. So here’s a list of ways to not only motivate yourself to eat right and get your exercise on, but also ways you can squeeze in some exercises that not only fit into your schedule, but actually turn out being quite helpful.


2.Sunday Dinner Worried you might pass up cooking for the easy out of fast food because the week has been relentless on you? You can do one of two things here, make yourself a big Sunday dinner that will last you throughout the week or make your meals for the week on Sunday so that when you come home all you have to do is nuke them and eat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally against fast food (because let’s be honest, its fast and delicious), but eating it more than 2-3 times a month is not only bad for your health, but bad for you pockets as well.

3.Seeing is Believing You have a goal, you know what you want, and how you want to look, so it’s okay to have the picture of YOUR ideal body type. I put emphasis on “your” because what might look good to you might be too much for someone else. In any case, place that photo somewhere in your house that you have to

health look bathroom mirror, the ceiling above your bed (though that might be weird for your significant other), sock or underwear drawer (assuming you wear these items), or even somewhere in your car. This is to remind you to get off your butt and go exercise. In the end, it all comes down to how bad you want to reach your goal. If that’s not really up your alley, talk to yourself. Become comfortable with looking at yourself in the mirror to really figure out what you want to change and talk to yourself in a positive way. Tell yourself you will work out, you will be the best you can be, you will achieve you goals. This is positive reinforcement and eventually your mind starts to soak it in and act on it if you do it enough.

4.Flex on ‘Em

Sitting in your chair at work or in class, have short (15 seconds or so) spurts of flexing different muscles, especially your abs. Doing so will not only help to tone you a little more but the flexion of muscles also releases endorphins that make you feel good and in many case make you want to work out more. While you’re at it, make sure you have good posture when you sit, stand, and walk. Chest up, shoulders back, back not hunched over, and core (abs) tight. This will really help the development of your muscles, decrease your risk of injury, and greatly lower your chances for problems when you get older. As you do the aforementioned techniques you’ll see some differences (not huge, but you’ll see some) in the way you look which should also help to motivate you.

5.The Right Picks

So when it comes to motivating yourself to eating healthy, there are quite a few tricks that I’ll share with you. The first is grocery shopping. When it comes to shopping, first bring a list, second bring cash, and third run the track. I say bring a list because you’re more likely to stick to your list of healthy foods than you are if you just go out without a list. Without

vol. 3 iss. 1

a list you’re more likely to forget those healthy foods when you see that package of Oreos. I say bring cash (and just enough to get the things on your list), because if you pay with a card, which I know we’re all accustomed to these days, you’re more likely to spend more and buy the things you don’t really need. Finally I say run the track. If you’ve ever really noticed a grocery store, most of the healthy foods are on the outskirts of the store while all the unhealthy, processed foods are on the insides. Stay outside, stay healthy. My final tip for eating the right foods, place them right in front of you. You can leave fruit out in a bowl on a counter to make you more apt to grab than rather than some cookies. You can place the vegetables and other healthy foods in the front of the refrigerator and pantry rather than in the back, behind the unhealthy foods. That should help to motivate you and keep you on track.

These are all just tips to help you stay motivated, on track, and reach your goals, but once again, it all comes down to how bad YOU want it. We wish you the best on your goals and if these tips helped or you have suggestions of your own let us know on, or email us at


vol 3 iss. 1



YOU MATTER Alpha Center answers your sexual health questions. By Jenny Langness & the Alpha Center Medical Team


operate as an Adoption Agency, nor does it perform abortions.

3. Because you matter, no matter the decision you make, we will care for Besides the fact that all our services you and treat you with dignity and are FREE and conducted by medical respect. professionals, Alpha Center should 4. The Nurses at Alpha Center can be top on your list to call, because: give you medically accurate information regarding abortion. Many wom1. It is important, that your pregnancy en have questions regarding the variis confirmed or ruled out by a medi- ous procedures and we are here to cal professional. Alpha Center has provide the answers you are seeking. Registered Nurses on staff available It is possible that you do not even to verify your pregnancy. Through a need an abortion! It turns out that lab quality urine pregnancy test, our a fraction of all pregnancies will end RNs will confirm that you are indeed naturally without any intervention. pregnant or rule it out. “Miscarriage” is the common term used to describe a natural end to a 2. Our RNs are qualified to provide pregnancy (of less than 20 weeks). you with medically accurate informa- The medical term is “spontaneous tion regarding all the legal choices in abortion.” The chance of miscarryregards to your pregnancy. They pro- ing is believed to range between 15% vide a safe, confidential environment and 50% depending on a variety of in which to explore all your preg- factors including the woman’s age. nancy options: parenting, adoption, Our Center is equipped to conduct and abortion. Alpha Center does not ultrasounds, the most common diag-




vol. 3 iss. 1

nostic tool utilized to detect miscarriage. If you do decide to terminate your pregnancy, it is vitally important that you are screened for STD/STIs before you undergo the procedure. Alpha Center also provides FREE STD/STI screening and treatment before you go through an abortion procedure at another clinic. 5. If you desire to explore what is involved in an adoption decision in the state of Colorado, Alpha Center’s RNs are Colorado State certified adoption specialists. They are trained to help you consider adoption as an option, including the legal and emotional concerns as well as any questions you may have before you begin speaking with an Adoption Agency. 6. If you choose to parent, Alpha Center will connect you to the wealth of resources available in the community. If you are a first time parent, we offer a Parent Education Course conducted one-on-one. When you complete this course, Alpha Center will provide you with a large basket full of brand new baby items to get you off to a great start. In addition, for the first year of your child’s life, Alpha Center is committed to help with the cost of diapers for your baby.


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vol. 3 iss. 1

Danielle McConnell and Keenan Bender


ith a combined record of 10 and 36 in 2012, three of four Colorado Division-1 universities have very little to brag about when it comes to football; but with memorable histories and new coaches looking to ignite a fire under players, Colorado collegiate fans have something they can finally put hope into again. However, with schedules filled with national champions, top 25 teams, and just all around powerhouses, a resurgence could prove to be more difficult than expected. Fortunately for the University of Northern Colorado, University of Colorado, and Colorado State University, their new coaches (and second year coaches) not only welcome the challenge, but expect to rise above the rest.




vol 3 iss. 1



his past year for Colorado collegiate football hasn’t exactly been one for the record books, unless of course your record books are specifically for losing seasons. Enter the University of Northern Colorado Bears, whose last winning season was in 2003 (when current professional wide-out Vincent Jackson was in attendance). Since that time, the Bears have won a total of 20 games. To put that into perspective, they played 11 games per season up until 2007 when the schedule changed to 12 games a season; therefore the Bears have won 20 out of 100 games since their last winning season nine years ago (to put it in another way, you don’t want that grade on a test), with a completely winless and

more than forgettable season back in 2011. Though UNC’s numbers look bleak, there’s a bit of a silver lining to the dark clouds that lurk over Greeley. The 2012 season was not only the best for the Bears since 2003 as far as winning is concerned, but it also was the second best record amongst NCAA Division-1 football teams in Colorado (bested by Air Force). And while five games won isn’t certainly nothing to pop champagne over, it is the glimmer of hope to get back on track after



vol. 3 iss. 1

a nine year rut. It seems as though the Bears may have figured out what’s necessary to be successful and be taken seriously in Colorado and it at the center of this success lies the Bears head coach Earnest Collins. Earnest Collins, former University of Northern Colorado defensive back and punt returner, returned to his alma mater in 2011 to fill the duty of head coach of the UNC Bears. As a player, Collins excelled, as he held the and ‘99 with Northwest Missouri single-season school records for punt State, to struggling through a winless return yards his senior year, and a ca- season his first year at UNC. The goreer 978 yards returned. As a coach, ing has been rough for UNC football Collins looks to help his players excel, since their transition to D-1 in 2002, as most coaches do. He believes that struggling to achieve a winning seaacademics is the most important part son since. Through it all, however, for the athletes to stay focused on. “If Collins remains positive and looks to you can take care of the stuff off the what has worked in the past to help field then the stuff on the field will the team in the coming seasons. “No take care of itself,” he says. Collins’ one is going to be playing by default. proudest moment as a coach was in- We have the depth now so that the spiring one of his player to refocus in competition will determine who is school, bringing his GPA from a 1.8 to supposed to be on the field”, said a 3.3, graduating early, and going on Collins regarding the new talent that to pursue a Master’s degree. this season’s team holds. Collins has seen good times and bad Collins also recognizes that the mindas a collegiate coach, ranging from set of the player has changed from two national championships in ‘98 last year. The team was hurt after a last minute loss to NAU in 2012. “I could see it in their faces that they were hurting,” he says. “After that, we went out and won the next four out of five games.” Collins is staying confident that this year could be the team’s first winning season since the transition and is hopeful of many more to come, because, as he says, “Competition breeds champions.” Best of luck to the Bears this season!




vol 3 iss. 1

University of Colorado Athletics


ootball season is fast approaching and one of the teams looking for some recovery is none other than the University of Colorado at Boulder Buffaloes. They had a fairly rocky season last year with only one win and are looking forward to being the comeback kids in the fall. Pre-season predictions have left the Buffs with something to prove. With a new coach, Mike MacIntrye, many new things are


changing for the better and they are looking forward to a fresh start as a team. After their spring practices, Coach MacIntyre speaks on how much of an improvement the team has made, despite intense transitions with an entirely new staff. “I’ve seen more accuracy by the quarterbacks, more attention to detail by the offensive lineman in finishing and communicating, I have seen a better gap responsibility… I have been very pleased with our kickers, our long-snappers and our punters,” he says. This all sparks great excitement for the team. They are gaining more accuracy with the ball, have better ball handling skills, and have more love for the game of football, despite what happened last season. MacIntyre also wants them to enjoy the process and


learn from each other and how they work together as a team. There have been several position shifts as the team prepares for the fall, and that brings some difficulty in accepting change, but coach says that the team is adapting to the changes well. “You have to learn how to play with your back to the ball.” MacIntyre, of course, also has his concerns with the team. Offensively, he has a fear that the drives may not be as sustained as the team would like. He wants the team to give up nothing, and take every possible advantage that the field gives them. On the defensive side, the tackle efforts have to get stronger. “We’ve to know where our help is,” he states. This past season was a fairly emotional one, and left most of the players either unsure of themselves or unsure of the true success the team will gain. MacIntrye says the team is slowly regaining their morale and desire to find that love for the game again. “If you enjoy your work, you get better,” he says.

vol. 3 iss. 1

probably most important to the game, is covering all the fundam e nta l s . It is easy to jump quickly into trying to make a team successful, but if the elementary steps are not covered, the team will crumble. MacIntyre also wants the team to really bond together and come to know themselves and each other as players and teammates. With his staff, he is adamant about having the same voice and same message being given to his team. From the academic coordinator to the recruitment coordinator, everyone knows the theme of the team that they are trying to get to, and that makes things a little easier. The team seems to be making strong progress toward a better season and MacIntyre would have it no other way. He believes that if everyone buys into their role, remains united and in phenomenal shape, there are a lot of great things that can happen. Good luck to the Colorado Buffaloes this season!

Plans for the future cover many arenas for the CU Buffs. The first, and




vol 3 iss. 1

Dan Byers


he Colorado State University Department of Athletics is on its way to making major moves in the coming seasons. As they have transitioned into the framework for the year to come, several changes have taken place, and the hope is that they are all for the better. Coach Jim McElwain, excitedly speaks not only about athletic development, but overall personal growth for those that are a part of this department.


close. McElwain looks to redefine that atmosphere’s appearance. He wants everyone that touches this organization to be the absolute best, looking not only to the players but into every arena that athletics is connected to.

Dan Byers

McElwain entered CSU with the idea that athletics was a sleeping giant. It was a team that had reached a high level of achievement but hadn’t done much with the marketing of that success. They had fallen on hard times and there was a need for a strong focus toward the adoption of President Tony Frank’s vision of excellence, to be successful not only in athletics but across campus. Last year’s season left some underlying dysfunction, and that was apparent as it came to a


vol. 3 iss. 1

Dan Byers such, a whole new level of expecta-

tion is introduced. McElwain wholeheartedly believes in challenging the players to see what they have, what they may need to grow in, and what they can become.

His hopes in reconstruction are to impact the choices and decisions by making sure individuals look at themselves and the image they desire to have. He wants to strengthen the mentality of students and sees it happening as they work towards the improvement of the team. McElwain believes that there are people stepping up and realizing that something is changing to make CSU nationally better. There is truly a vision of creating a bold new era in not only athletics, but also all areas of things that CSU has to offer: the amazing programs, colleges and people. He wants the adoption of the studentathlete to take on its full potential. In doing so, there is a need to attack the things individuals try to hide by bringing these characteristics to the forefront and work to make them healthier. There is now a mental coach for the athletes that opens the door to understanding how their choices affect them as they work through the decision making process, known as that “fork in the road”. The upcoming season is one that brings its own set of challenges for the field. This will be the first season that CSU plays a highly acknowledged football team like Alabama, and as

The hope is that games like this will also influence a strong on-campus atmosphere, one where the students really enjoy what CSU athletics has to offer. “The difficulties lie not in the new ideas, but in escaping the old ones,” McElwain says. The criticism that exists is something that for the very public arena of CSU athletics, and any other walk of life, is always present. McElwain sees the criticism as sometimes inevitable, not as a negative, but rather as a perspective that showcases what needs to be worked on. The goals for this season are simple. This place is not a stepping stone for McElwain; he wants to be at this university and be a part of this bold new era as it takes form. He wants players to see that they control their own destiny. McElwain plans to recruit players that stand as leaders, individuals from winning programs and team captains. The belief is when you get people that have invested themselves in their success, “their company,” as he called it, then you have a group of Fortune 500 companies, and that is how you reach true success. Good luck to CSU Athletics in the upcoming season!

Dan Byers

Dan Byers


2013 COLORADO BUFFALOES SCHEDULE Sun, Sept 1 vs Colorado St* 4:00 PM Sat, Sept 7 vs Cent Arkansas 6:00 PM Sat, Sept 14 vs Fresno St 12:00 PM Sat, Sept 28 @ Oregon St TBD Sat, Oct 5 vs Oregon TBD Sat, Oct 12 @ Arizona St TBD

Sat, Oct 26 vs Arizona TBD Sat, Nov 2 @ UCLA TBD Sat, Nov 9 @ Washington TBD Sat, Nov 16 vs California TBD Sat, Nov 23 vs USC TBD Sat, Nov 30 @ Utah TBD

2013 COLORADO STATE RAMS SCHEDULE Sun, Sept 1 vs Colorado* 4:00 PM Sat, Sept 7 @ Tulsa 5:00 PM Sat. Sept 14 vs Cal Poly 1:30 PM Sat, Sept 21 @ Alabama TBD Sat, Sept 28 vs UTEP 1:30 PM Sat, Oct 12 vs San Jose St 1:30 PM Sat, Oct 19 @ Wyoming 12:00 PM

Sun, Oct 27 @ Hawaii 11:00 PM Sat, Nov 2 vs Boise St 6:00 PM Sat, Nov 9 vs Nevada TBD Sat, Nov 16 @ New Mexico 5:00 PM Sat, Nov 23 @ Utah St 1:30 PM Sat, Nov 30 vs Air Force TBD * Game played at neutral location.


Sat, Aug 31 vs Langston1:35 PM ET Sat, Sept 7 vs Colorado St-Pueblo 1:35 PM Sat, Sept 14 @ Wyoming 2:00 PM Sat, Sept 21 vs Northern Iowa 1:35 PM Sat, Sept 28 vs Southern Utah 1:35 PM Sat, Oct 5 @ Sacramento St 7:05 PM

Sat, Oct 12 @ Idaho St 3:00 PM Sat, Oct 19 vs UC Davis 1:35 PM Sat, Nov 2 vs Montana St 1:35 PM Sat, Nov 9 @ North Dakota 12:00 PM Sat, Nov 16 @ N Arizona 5:00 PM Sat, Nov 23 vs Cal Poly 12:05 PM



Interview By Valerie Rammes

DETERMINED B U S I N ES S aloha coffee c o m p a n y

vol 3 iss. 1



“a little slice of paradise on the front range”

ason and Denise Stolberg are co-owners and operators of Aloha Coffee Company. Their mission is to spread “Aloha” to Northern Colorado. They are one of the most loving couples, not only with each other but also with their customers. “We wish to treat everyone we encounter with mutual respect and love as if they were family,” they say. Both Jason and Denise graduated from Colorado State University with art degrees, where they began their relationship. They then moved to Hawaii. There, they started their first coffee shop, initially called Brew Ha-Ha. After 14 years with their coffee shop on Oahu, they decided to come back to Fort Collins. They reasoned that this was the best decision for their family, with its eco-friendly mindset, a great school system, and an outdoor lifestyle community. There was no plan to open another coffee shop, but one thing led to another, and before they knew it they were “bringing a little slice of paradise to the Front Range!”

HAS THE COFFEE SHOP ALWAYS BEEN YOUR DREAM? In some ways yes, being business owners has always been our dream. We wanted the pride of success through hard work. We love coffee and people, and wanted to bring something positive to the community, a place where people can go to get quality coffee and organic food, and lots of Aloha. IN ONE WORD, HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELVES AND WHY? PASSIONATE. We both believe in what we are doing and it drives us to be better every

day. When someone tells us how much they enjoyed their coffee, food, or just the experience they had in our shop, it makes us feel like we are accomplishing our goal. Aloha is a big word and undertaking; literally it means presence of breath, or breath of life. Today we know it as Hello, Goodbye, and Love, but all Hawaiian words have a deeper meaning, a mo’olelo. Aloha means that in every greeting and departure there should be love and respect. We strive for every person to feel that way when they walk through our doors. We want them to feel like Ohana (family).


vol. 3 iss. 1

Jason and Denise Stolberg seen here working behind the counter at the Aloha Coffee Company in the Foothills Mall in Fort Collins where customers can find great coffee, baked goods and authentic Hawaiian food.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BEST EXPERIENCE SO FAR IN LIFE? Our truly best experience is finding each other, falling in love and having our beautiful daughters and maintaining a happy Ohana. WHAT OR WHO HAS INSPIRED YOU ALONG THE WAY? Every small business person inspires us to succeed. You have to have to be a little crazy with a lot of motivation to be in small business. Fort Collins is filled with small business success stories and businesses that are thriving and fostering community growth and development. That’s inspiring. WHAT PIECE OF ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO ENTREPRENEURS OR FUTURE BUSINESS OWNERS? Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to achieve your goals. Start with an idea you know and love. Research it so that you understand it from all directions. Plan your short term and long term goals and strategies. Execute your strategies and realize your goals. Make sure you are passionate about it and that it fulfills you because you will be spending a considerable amount of time on it. Stick with what you know. Aloha Coffee Co. carries local Hawaii goodies like spam musubi, coconut butter mochi, and haupia. They use fresh, locally roasted coffee and expresso. They also feature daily

focaccia bread from Fiddle Town Bakery and the best bread in Fort Collins for their variety of panini sandwiches. When baking, they use organic, Colorado grown, Colorado milled flour, and everything is baked from scratch at the shop every day. Jason and Denise plan to be a permanent fixture here in Fort Collins at the Foothills Mall while they raise their daughters, Maia and Sidney, in beautiful Colorado. Visit Aloha Coffee Company at 215 E Foothills Pkwy. in the Foothills Mall.

One of the most important ideas that the Aloha Coffee Company stresses is the idea of family or “ohana” in Hawaiian. Jason and Denise take pride in having their daughters Maia (left) and Sidney (right) as part of their life and business.


vol 3 iss. 1


FRESHMAN WARNINGS Now while the freshman 15 is very much real, there are a few other 15’s that you as a freshman (and some upperclassmen) need to be aware of.

BEWARE DINING HALL LEACHES15 MEALS TAKEN There’s at least one lurking around the corner at every dining hall. They’re the upperclassmen that are too cheap to buy meals and too lazy to take their asses home. They attempt to befriend you in exchange for meal swipes and when your meal swipes are used up, you’ll never see them again. They may not get you right away, it might not be today or even tomorrow, but you will be approached. If you are ever approached, proceed with caution, don’t make eye contact, and in dire situations, lie and say you only have three swipes left, despite the time of year. BEWARE!

BEWARE THE FRESHMAN 15 This is real! Unfortunately, in many cases it’s not 15, sometimes it’s 20 or 25. Meal swipes are so convenient and before you know it you’ll look up and half your life was spent in class and the other half eating those bomb ass cookies in the dining hall. Mmmmmm, cookies. Maybe those leaches could be good. Take yourself to the gym to turn that 15 of fat into 15 of muscle; that’s why you get free admission to the school rec center. BEWARE!


BEWARE THE 15 SECONDSPLAZA PREACHERS This comes two fold. You’ll have what I’ve coined as thumpers or night crawlers, these are similar to dining hall leaches in that they lurk around the corners of campus waiting to grab you. They’re sneaky little guys and come when you least expect it. The only difference between them and the leaches is that they want to tell you you’re not worthy of going to heaven and you need to join their church in order to go to heaven. In this case follow the advice of the leaches and don’t make eye contact or say you’re in a hurry. Give them 15 seconds and before you know it, it’s 15 minutes. The second case comes in the form of what I like to call block heads or the juggernauts. They’re not trying to be sneaky at all, but will still manage to grab your attention with their destructive force. These are the preachers that come to campus with megaphones and tell everyone that they’re going to burn in hell because they’re gay, sexually active, alcohol users, smokers, Black, shower takers, deodorant users, left handed, My Space account holders, dub steppers, DC comic fans . . . well you get the point. By midafternoon they have a huge crowd arguing with them. Just ignore these people, their sole purpose in life is to piss you off so you’ll give them attention and they feed off your anger. BEWARE!


vol. 3 iss. 1



No this is not the 15 seconds you spend with your significant other in the car, this is the 15 seconds you park illegally on campus, whether it’s in a fire zone, a loading zone, or it’s specified for a certain parking pass that you don’t have. Ask anyone on campus, those parking patrol pirates are really ninjas that are waiting for you to leave your car because the second you’re not looking, you’ll turn around and have a ticket on your windshield. In this situation, just be aware of where to park and where not to, and if you do get a ticket, flash a smile at the clerk when you go pay, they just might waive the fee, but just once. BEWARE!

Speaking of hygiene, statistics show (I’m not for sure on this, but people always take you seriously when you say statistics show), that at least 15 of your possessions will be used by your roommate at some point in time, whether that’s your Xbox, curling iron, tooth brush, loofa, or even underwear (and yes I have seen instances where tooth brushes, loofas, undies were used by roommates). In these instances you need to set boundaries early. Let your roommate know, it’s okay to use the Xbox, but if you catch them in your leopard print thong there will be problems. BEWARE!

Determined Nation Magazine  

Volume 3 Issue Issue 1