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Inside Cover Special Edition: Dallas Councilman Dwaine R. Car-

Spring 2013 3

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“We’ve Come A Long Way Baby” “Choose To Live, Ladies !” By: Spruce Dickerson, (Miss Plus America Elite 2011)


Biography Dwaine R. Caraway became Mayor of Dallas on February 26, 2011 when the previous Mayor, Tom Leppert resigned. Upon becoming Mayor, he promised to provide a stable and seamless transition administration, and continue to focus on reducing crime, attracting companies, jobs and investment to Dallas, and work to balance the budget while minimizing the impact on city services. Mr. Caraway also represents Council District 4. He was elected to that position in 2007. The Council elected him to Deputy Mayor Pro Tem in 2007 and Mayor Pro Tem in 2009. Mayor Leppert also appointed him to chair the Council’s Public Safety Committee. Prior to his service on the Council, he served as Vice President of the Dallas Park Board. While on the Council and for many years prior Councilman Caraway was considered a go-to person on community issues. Most recently he helped close crime-plagued hot sheet motels and drug houses in South Dallas and Oak Cliff, and spoke in support of DART and City employees getting better support and employee benefits. Dwaine has also advocated work and job programs for ex-offenders and has also been a strong supporter of the City’s business community fighting to build the convention center hotel and backing efforts to bring new businesses and jobs to Dallas. Councilman Caraway was born and raised in Dallas. Living in his Council District for decades, he is a graduate of Roosevelt High School and attended Texas Southern University. He is the owner of The Profile Group, an advertising and consulting firm. While committed to being the Mayor for all of Dallas, he has continued to work on issues important to his district. He knows that neighborhood and civic involvement is an ongoing mission, not something that is done only when elections take place. Councilman Caraway is committed to improving District 4, and indeed all of Dallas “One Block at a Time.” Not only is he a dedicated servant to the public but his vast community participation and affiliations are evident by his memberships:  Friendship West Baptist Church -Member Pylon Salesmanship Club -Member Cotillion Idlewild Club -Member Dallas NAACP -Member Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity -Member Cedar Crest Neighborhood Association/Board Member As a staunch advocate on behalf of others his Civic Involvement includes holding positions of: Former Vice President: Dallas Parks & Recreation Board Former Chair: South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund Former Member: Dallas Youth Commission Roosevelt High School Mentoring Program Serving on Habitat for Humanity where he helped build a house in Oak Cliff Last but not least his “Track Record of Success” as a Proven Leader includes being appointed to leadership positions by two Dallas Mayors, working diligently to enhance the Dallas Zoo, fighting for construction of a $3Million Dollar Cedar Crest Golf Course Clubhouse which is a focal point for the community and social events. Councilman Caraway also is a former member of Dallas/Ft. Worth Regional Sports Commission Advisory and Founder of Grambling/Prairie View Football.

“Do You Love You Enough?” Vivian Clark, CEO

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“I Had To Fight To Win”

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looking that she made sure my soon to be exhusband would see me. When he did, he couldn’t keep his eyes off me! I had gained some of the weight back and was wearing a size 7/8. My face was filling in and I was looking like I was always this size. People who did not know me would just make comments and ask me questions on how I kept my weight down. It is true that when God closes one door, he opens another. I thought my life was over when my marriage was over, but it was actually what I needed. The mental abuse was probably the reason I was gaining the weight and when I had the surgery and lost the weight, he was still not satisfied. I can honestly say I lost the weight for me, but my ex’s criticism is what pushed me harder. I am still wearing a 7/8 and just recently had cosmetic surgery to remove the excess skin. I have never felt better, both physically and mentally. Before the surgery, my knees hurt and I was taking medication for high cholesterol, hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis. Now, I only take a multiple vitamin with extra iron and calcium. I exercise in the gym almost every day of the week with my son and I feel great!

At 49 (knocking at 50’s door), I can truly say I haven’t felt this good since I was in my 20’s! I love myself and I owe it all to God. I would personally recommend the bypass surgery, but I would strongly advise that you look into it extensively and make sure it is what you really want to do. I do know of some people who have gained the weight back after having the surgery and I know of some people who have had it more than once, but I thank God for my experience because it has changed me for the better.

By: Anita Baree Page 9

CHOOSE to live, Ladies! By: Spruce Dickerson

I did! And, was crowned with the highest title in the premier national pageant, Miss Plus America! Hello, my name is Spruce Dickerson, and I am Miss Plus America Elite 2011. I am also a motivational speaker, emcee, host, pageant/modeling judge, and full figured model. It is my heart’s desire to give away all that I’ve experienced and gained in life; in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others. Winning the title of Miss Plus America Elite 2011 came after competing three times in the Texas Plus America pageant, lots of hard work, determination, perseverance and definitely faith-walking! It wasn’t something that was just laid at my feet; I had to determine to work hard in improving myself in all areas of my life year after year, and to rely on the Lord for his direction. You see, it wasn’t all about the crown for me. It was more about the journey and serving others through whatever title I held. I knew I had it in me to achieve greater as a person. And, pageantry was a catalyst in aiding me to dig deep within my spirit and figure out what drives my soul. Of course, I know Jesus drives my life, and is the lover of my soul, but what passion was in my heart that made it tick? I was on a deeper self-discovery journey. Yes, Yes, of course I wanted to win the state title, but that wasn’t meant to be. And each year, I was okay with that. Why? Because I was discovering new and exciting things about myself; and again, knew there was greater achievement within my destiny.

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Part of those new self-discoveries was that even as a full figured woman, I have a story to tell, encouragement to give, and I have just as much to offer society as anyone else. So, each step of my journey I have tried my best to make it about others. It’s important for me to always be mindful that it’s not about me, but about using my title and crown to serve others. I had implemented those new self-discoveries in my performance and in my life, and it was quite exciting to be rewarded for it! I learned how to truly love and accept myself as a full figured woman. Not to merely “exist”, struggling always with the mental anguish of “losing weight”. Now, don’t get me wrong; it is important we are healthy. And, if that means losing weight, then so be it. But, you want to know something? When I came to the acceptance of being a full figured woman in my NOW existence, and decided I could still make a difference in this world as a “full figured woman”, I lost weight! Finally, I truly embraced WHO I was and KNEW I could be a viable participant in society even as a curvy girl!

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Curtis Clark—Personal Trainer/Nutritionist

Harmony between Hairstyle and Facial *Stylist, Debra Elliott The principles of modern hairstyling and makeup are your guides to selecting what is most appropriate in order to achieve a beautiful appearance. The best results are obtained when your facial features are properly analyzed for strengths and shortcomings. Each person deserves hairstyles that is properly proportioned to her body types, is correctly balanced to the head and facial features, and attractively frames the face. *Facial Types* Every body’s facial shape is determined by the position and prominence of the facial bones. There are 7 facial shapes oval, round, square, oblong, pearshaped, heart-shaped, and diamond-shaped. The face is divided into three zones: forehead to eyebrow, eyebrow to end of nose. and end of nose to bottom of chin. When you pick a hairstyle, you should be trying to create the illusion that you have the ideal face shape. *Oval Facial Type* The oval shaped face is generally recognized as the ideal shape. The contour and proportions of the oval face form the basis for modifying all other facial types. Facial contour the oval face is about 1 ½ times longer than it width across the brow.

The forehead is slightly wider than the chin. A person with an oval face can wear any hair style unless there are other considerations, such as eyeglasses, length and shape of nose or profile. *Round Facial Type* Facial contour round hairline and round chin line: wide face your aim is to pick a hair style to create the illusion of length to the face. Create a hairstyle with height by arranging the hair on top of the head. You can place some hair over the ears and cheeks, but it is also appropriate to keep the hair up on one side, leaving the ears exposed. Style the bangs to one side. *Square Facial Type* Facial contour straight hairline and square jaw line wide face. Aim to create the illusion of length, offset the square features. The problems of the square facial type are similar to the round facial type. The style should lift off the forehead and come forward at the temples and jaw, creating the illusion of narrowness and softness in the face. *Pear-shaped Facial Type* Facial contour: Narrow forehead, wide jaw and chin lines. Aim to create the illusion of width in the forehead choose a hairstyle that is fairly full and high, cover the forehead partially with soft bangs framing face.

*Oblong Facial Type* Facial contour: Long, Narrow face with hollow cheeks. Aim to make the face appear shorter and wider. The hair should be styled fairly close to the top of the head with a fringe of curls and bangs, combined with fullness to the sides. Styling the hair out from the cheeks creates the illusion of width. *Diamond Facial Type* Facial contour: Narrow forehead, extreme width through the cheekbones, and narrow chin. Aim to reduce the width across the cheekbone line. Increasing the fullness across the jawline and forehead while keeping the hair close to the head at the cheekbone line helps create and oval appearance. *Heart-Shaped Facial Type* Facial contour: Wide forehead and narrow chin line. Aim to decrease the width of the forehead and increase the width in the lower part of the face. To reduce the width of the forehead, a center part with bangs flipped up or a style slanted to one side is recommended. Add width and softness at the jaw line.

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