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Li fe i n A l a m o H e i g hts; City of Beauty and C ha rm May 2013

Community Gardens!

Rapid Response!

The Friends of Hondondo Creek Trails

4th of July Parade!

Fa c i l i t i e s f o r O u r F u t u r e

Message from Mayor Cooper

Louis KEEP Thank you for allowing me to serve

COOPER as your mayor.

I have a proven

AS MAYOR track record of successfully working

with many Councils to increase the SAFETY of our schools and comMay 11 munity, improve the SERVICES that enhance your quality of life and implement programs that bring SAVINGS to your pocketbook.

Looking into the Future with the City of Alamo Heights


EARLY VOTING: April 29 - May 7 (except Sunday)

Lion’s Field & Olmos Park City Hall

LCooper_Mayoral_9x6_Postcard_v05.indd 1

ELECTION DAY: Alamo Heights High School

4/17/13 8:38 AM

SAFETY • Recruited and retained high quality police, fire and EMS response time of under 3 minutes • Initiated Emergency Preparedness Training for community and school emergencies • Built new sidewalks along Broadway, Castano and Cambridge, insuring pedestrian safety SERVICES • Instituted a street maintenance program for continuous improvement of our streets • Established curbside recycling and negotiated low fees for solid waste & recycle pick up • Supported community-driven projects ° Community Gardens ° Dog park ° Revitalization of Hondondo trails SAVINGS • Maintained low property tax rates • Reduced water loss from 40% to less than 5% by implementing a water conservation program resulting in lowered cost of water for AH citizens - ½ cost of SAWS • Added additional revenue for city by installing new cell antennas on AH water tower • Provided sound fiscal management of our city resulting in AA+ rating As Mayor, I would like to continue and enhance the programs we have already made for a city we treasure. I ask for your vote to do so.

As your Mayor I am delighted to update our citizens on exciting developments at City Hall. The new facilities, approved for construction by voters in 2013 are on track and on budget. First up for construction will be the four-bay Fire Station. This new design for our already exemplary protection, will utilize state of the art technology for better cost effectiveness and more humane living conditions for our firefighters. Construction will proceed from there on the remainder of the 26,483 square foot facility. Demolition of existing buildings should commence in June. Both fire and police protection will remain on site. By mid-May all other city services will move to 1246 Austin Hwy., Suite 220, in the Alamo Hills Shopping Center. This space is large enough for you to pay water bills, inquire about taxes and permits and attend city council meetings. We anticipate being in this location for 12 to 18 months. There should be no interruption in water/sewer, permits and inspections, trash pick-up, street maintenance or emergency services. As with any undertaking of this size, there will be noise, dirt, upheaval and issues. The staff, the council, and myself will be working hard to keep problems for you at a minimum. As a volunteer Mayor, I have no “office” in the facilities, but my door is always open to members of our community. Louis Cooper, Mayor of Alamo Heights

Neighborhood Viewpoint

By Liz Tullis, Alamo Heights Resident

As a parent, I view Alamo Heights as a slice of paradise. When I walk my two boys to school at Cambridge Elementary, I pass unique houses that tastefully blend together. Roads are clean and clear of potholes. A policeman directs traffic at the school intersection reminding me of our quality, dedicated police force. My neighbors exchange quick hellos or linger in conversation on the streets. The proverbial saying warns, “You don’t know what you got until it’s gone”. I do not believe that has to be the case. I believe that we can appreciate what we have and also take action to preserve and improve it. One action I am taking is to vote to keep Mayor Cooper. During his service, he has partnered to enhance the beauty of our city and safeguard our community. He truly cares about Alamo Heights, is open to feedback and work well with others. Please join me and vote.

The Alamo Manhattan Myth – Setting The Record Straight Many of you have asked me about the Alamo Manhattan Project. The facts are these. Often times individuals or groups will meet with the mayor, other council members or city staff to gain initial feedback regarding a project. This process is not uncommon in residential and commercial matters. The Alamo Manhattan Project was no different when they contacted our City. At different times, they met with every member of council, including Councilmen Weser and Hasslocher, whose role on the Neighborhood Compatibility and Commercial Revitalization Committee was to review and critique development projects. However, this project is being utilized for political purposes. The confusion arises from misinformation circulated in “The Advocate”. This publication is often confused as an Alamo Heights City newsletter, which it is not. “The Advocate” is funded by the Alamo Heights Neighborhood Association, a political non-profit supporting and funding my opponent. As of this date, “The Advocate” publisher has severed ties with the AHNA, but not before the misleading edition related to the defunct Alamo Manhattan Project was widely distributed. Let me state for the record, that I had no financial interest in this project and no personal gain, as had been insinuated. As long as I am Mayor, any viable project will go through multiple public hearings and Open City Board meetings as required by State Law. I am available to discuss this issue with anyone at any time. I welcome the opportunity to set the record straight. Mayor Louis Cooper

Keep Mayor Cooper - By Bobby Rosenthal, Alamo Heights City Councilman The choice for me is very clear - and I am not alone. Very rarely do sitting council members publicly endorse a candidate in a contested election. This year, three of the four sitting council members have publicly endorsed Louis Cooper for Mayor. Also, EVERY former City Council member who has served our City in the last eight years is publicly supporting Louis. Who better to know what type of job he has done as Mayor. Are all these individuals wrong? I have been honored to serve on your City Council for eight years, all under the leadership of Mayor Cooper. During this period, I have watched Louis evolve into a terrific leader. He has no agenda and serves no special interest groups. He works tirelessly to ensure that our community continues to move forward. Ask anyone at City Hall, and I am certain that he or she would let you know the positive impact he has on our City. This is not the time for change. There is no need for change. Please Vote for Louis Cooper

Viewpoint By Fred Prassel

Alamo Heights City Councilman I am City Councilman Fred Prassel, Place 3, and have been for three years. I have lived in Alamo Heights over 70 years and graduated from Alamo Heights Elementary, Junior High School, and TMI before I obtained my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Because Mayor Cooper also has lived in Alamo Heights all his life, he knows many people and appreciates their needs and concerns. Being a native is an asset both to him and the residents. Mayor Cooper is intelligent, eloquent, and works well with everyone and as a team leader. He is an honest man and believes in financial dependability and staying in the black. He also believes in transparency and not keeping secrets. He is not arrogant and does not take credit for what someone else has done. He communicates well with his peers and residents as well. He also has been effective in his relationships with San Antonio and suburbs. As the leader of the City Council, Mayor Cooper runs the meetings smoothly and allows the residents to speak at appropriate times. He cannot vote on issues before Council but he uses his experience and leadership to guide Council. He encourages new ideas, as he did when I proposed Initiative and Referendum as a pillar to our City Charter. The voters showed their faith in Mayor Cooper’s leadership when they approved the bond in 2011 for the new City Facilities. Mayor Cooper is determined the project will be successfully finished within budget and that this trust will not be broken. I also have the utmost trust in Mayor Cooper. In summation, I feel Mayor Cooper has done a great job as a representative of the people. He will continue in the future as an outstanding mayor. Vote for him May 11, 2013!!


By John Savage Alamo Heights City Councilman Mayor Cooper is exactly the kind of leader that the city of Alamo Heights needs. He listens intently to every point of view. He knows how to build a consensus and encourage compromise. Yet, he has demonstrated strong and decisive leadership through some very tumultuous, contentious times and brought us back together and back on track to meet our objectives. Look around Alamo Heights. We have rebuilt our water system, resurfaced many of our roads and are starting construction of new city facilities next month. All of this has been accomplished under the leadership of Louis Cooper. His integrity and dedication to our town is unquestionable. We need to stay on course and keep Mayor Cooper.

Louis Cooper for Mayor 120 LaJara Blvd. Alamo Heights, TX 78209



Early Voting Schedule Alamo Heights Mayor Election Monday, April 29 - Tuesday, May 7 Closed Sundays Alamo Height’s Area: Lion’s Field or Olmos Park City Hall Tobin Library - Oakwell Downton Area: Bexar County Justice Center

These Neighbors endorse Louis Cooper for Mayor: Anderson, Andy and Kim Arnim, Sue and Tommy Atwell, Billy and Wendy Bakke, Phil and Corie Ball, Pre and Julie Bettac, Suzy and Bob Boulduc, Blackie Brannan, Harold Burke, Linda Billa Browning, Phyllis Cavender, Betty Cavender, Stuart and Allyson Chesney, Debb Clayton, Sally and Craig Cole, Kyle and Joan Bailey Conger, Chris and Katie Daubert, Jon DeLeon, Carol

Donegan, Craig and Pat Dreeban, Barbara and Alan Dutton, Bea and Steve Flato, Katy and Ted Geibel, Paul and Peggy Golden, Claire Golden, Libby and Steve Gottsman, Diane and Larry Gregory, Claiborne and Walton Greehey, Sid and Cheryl Hayes, John and Amy Harrison, Kenny and Barbara Harwell, Susan Haynes, Joe and Tina Herdeg, Andrew and Maggie Heydenreich, Robert and Karen Hill, Roger Jr and Jan Honigblum, Al and Sylvia Hornberger, Boxy and Janet Houston, Maggie Huddleston, Gretchen and Alex

Hours Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Saturday, May 4, 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Monday, May 6 & Tuesday, May 7 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Election Day May 11 Alamo Heights High School 7:00 am - 7:00 pm Jeffers, Charles Imber, Michael G. Kiel, Bill and Pam Morsi Kurzban, Gary Lawton, Cappy and Suzy Light, Patsy and Scotty Mays, Mark and Patti McAllister, Susannah and Steve McCormick, Stan McGaughy, Elkin and Barbara McSween, Sarah and Paul Meyer, Jack Nissen, Dee Oberman, John and Nancy O’Connor, Barbie and Toby O’Neal, May Patterson, Cathy and Dave Prassel, Fred Piland, Lisa and Todd Reeves, Bill Rosenbloom, Lisa and Jeff

Rosenthal, Jill and Bobby Rubin, Jamo and Stacey Ruffo, Eddie and Lucille Ruiz, Theresa Sasser, Trebes Savage, John Shankle, Perry and Melanie Siebert, Bruce Sechler, Lisa and Kelly Shelly, Dinah and Keith Souter, Jill and Steve Spencer, Judy Bondurant Starkweather, Annette Theurer, Laura and Martine Townsend, Marian Wilson, Craig and Pagie Tullis, Liz and Matt Weber, Mimi Zeller, Allison and Josh Political ad paid for by Louis Cooper for Mayor campaign, Robert Rosenthal Treasurer

Our Town May 2013  

Life in Alamo Heights

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