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PM: Welcome to Paranoid Magazine this March. How have you guys been? VGS: Things have been going pretty good. It has been over a year since our last release, and we are as busy as we want to be.

PM: We interviewed you guys a few years back for 2007’s Southern California Street Music. Then we were WEIRD MAGAZINE. Still rocking. Still touring! VGS: Yeah, we get out there as much as possible. And we still tour whenever we feel the need. The music industry, and “scene” are constantly changing, and we just roll with times! We have accomplished a lot in our career, and we still feel like there is so much more out there for us to achieve.

PM: Where are you performing for Spring Break this year? VGS: Well, I don’t know so much about Spring Break because it seems to fall at a different time everywhere. But we will be on tour in Australia, this March with a package of other bands from the U.S and Australia. Then we follow up with a southwest tour in April/May that will include Texas.

PM: Look’s like Corpus Christie has you booked with Casey down at the House of Rock on April 26th. What can we expect of the new Tour? VGS: We try not to change things up too much as far as the music is concerned. But with all these albums that we

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have released, it can be difficult picking the right mixture of songs for the set, between old & new. But we always play the staple songs that got us recognized in the 90’s, off our first 2-3 albums, and we also try to throw in some of the more recent stuff too. A majority of the fans still want to hear the classics. And the show will be a little more visual too! We have a couple of things in the works.

PM: Since 1988 you and your brothers have been travel-

ing all around the world bringing your sound of West Coast ska-core. How have the fans changed in the last 20 or so years Frank? VGS: Yes, we have been very fortunate to be able to tour worldwide, just off music that we created as kids, in a bedroom at my parent’s house. We have lived, and survived through different formats of music like cassettes, vinyl, Cd’s, video, and now the digital era. With that, comes change in the fans and how they perceive the music too. We are firm believers that you cannot really duplicate the energy of a good live performance. The novelty of being able to go to a record store, and browse at album covers for hours, is long gone now. I think with that being taken away, and with the modern day conveniences of being able to obtain music nowadays, it has definitely made music fans lazier from going to see an actual live show, and really check out bands. I mean, we still do very well considering that we have been around for almost 25 years, and doing this mostly on a DIY level. We are very lucky! It’s hard to find actual music with heart & soul anymore. There’s too much fabricated crap out there, and young kids are buying into it. I don’t get it.

PM: Looks like you will be in Texas for about a week in April.

Any fond memories of playing in Austin or Texas in general? 4/24-Three Links, Dallas, TX 4/25-Mango’s, Houston, TX 4/26-House Of Rock, Corpus, Christi, TX 4/27-Korova, San Antonio, TX 4/28-Antone’s, Austin, TX

VGS: We absolutely love pretty much everything about Texas, except for the fact that we are not from there. Shows and the fans lever let us down.

VGS: Well we have never considered ourselves as any kind of politically motivated band. We believe that music was meant to be a form of entertainment, and not a tool to form opinions towards any certain direction. Even though we do have political subject matter in our songs, it’s usually just dabbling in it, and poking fun at it. There’s never a lack of material when it comes to politics! Whether you pay attention or not, politics and media run our lives. You can’t ignore it, but you can make fun of it, to make you feel better about it. When we first started, our songs were very adolescent and about beer, and partying. But as you get older, and progress as a band, you can’t just keep writing about that 20 years later.

PM: “Break the Spell” was released on January 17th on Smelvis Records Tell us about the tracks on the latest record. VGS: Well, we took a course of over 3 years to actually write and record it. But that is also the benefits of being truly independent, and having your own recording studio. You can do what you want, and there is no pressure from anybody, except for the fans. To be honest, we were watching the retail music business die out completely, and watching small, mom & pop record stores fade away. And all these record labels that were once really cool, and responsible for a lot of punk bands’ success just disappear! We really didn’t know what we were going do with our music after we recorded it. So we took our time, toured for 2 years, and finally finished an album. All the songs were written within a course of 3-4 years. And we just wrote about whatever was going within that time frame, and has affected us in any way. We get inspired by everything from comedy, to tragedy. No matter what, we always try to “keep it real”, as they say. And I think that has always been a good quality about our band. People can relate.

PM: What are your thoughts on the TSA groping old ladies, the Un-manned Drones flying over our heads, the government listening to phone calls? Do you think we really have some legitimate reasons to be Paranoid in the early 21st century? VGS: I try not to think too much about any big brother type stuff, any politics. And I do not believe in religion, even though I was raised as a catholic. I just to be a good person, and treat others as I like to be treated. And I live day by day, like most people. Man is it’s own worst enemy, and he will responsible for ending his own race. That is the way I see it.

PM: Your songs often use humor to comment on many of the harsh political realities – from racial tensions to political unrest overseas; and often lyrics are mixed with Spanish and English. How has the political climate influenced the band lyrically in recent years? Page 5 •

PM: What gives the Voodoo Glow Skulls inspiration? VGS: Life, Music,Fans, Family, and friends.

PM: Yeah, BTW, who do you guys listen to this days? What’s in your car or the Van or Bus when you guys are touring? VGS: Between all of us, it’s always a great mixture! Too many artists to choose from. We love punk, metal,glam, rock,hardcore,ska, rap/hip-hop, outlaw country, Mexican music, 50’s-60’s oldies,..etc.etc.

PM: In 24 years of existence, the Voodoo Glow Skulls have an impressive list of achievements. 9 albums, one million records sold, appearances in exotic locations like Australia, Brazil and Japan. What is the wildest show in recent memory? VGS: We just did a tour of Mexico a few months back, and all the shows were incredible. One particular show in Monterrey, Mexico was with the Mexican ska band Inspector. The show was massive, and probably the largest crowd we have played in front of in a couple of years!

PM: Thank you guys! Look forward to you show here in Austin on April 28th! Any final thoughts to Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio? VGS: We are looking forward to playing for y’all in Texas once again! Who do, Voodoo, We do,..FUCK YOU!!

Current Line Up:

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Eddie Casillas-Guitar Frank Casillas-Vocals Jorge Casillas-Bass Vince Sollecito-Drums Mark Bush-Trumpet Dan Albert-Trombone Page • 7

The High Life… Texas Style The 2013 Doobie Awards was held on the last month during the SXSW music convention at the Red Eyed Fly in Austin, TX on March 17th from high noon until 6pm. The party, hosted annually by High Times magazine’s Bobby Black, honored the music industries “highest music,” presenting bongs as trophies to artists who have marijuana-related themes in their music and appeal to the culture advocate for legalization.

The Doobies featured performances by The Memorials (featuring Thomas Pridgen of The Mars Volta), G-Eazy, Diemonds, Gypsyhawk, Interstellar Transmissions, The Effinays and the Dune Rats. Special appearances by Styles P and Super High Me’s Doug Benson. Plus, there was a special Lifetime Achievement Award presented to legendary Tony Clifton. We were also surprise to have George Clinton, the Grandfather of Funk, stop by for some music and snap shots with fans. The crowd was full of peaceful musicians, activists, music lovers, celebrities, friends, sponsors, and cannabis connoisseurs. Cannabis was happily being consumed with no fear of law enforcement, fights, or drama. Smiles spread throughout the day like wildflowers as did the aroma of chronic out into the streets only drawing in more of a crowd. Proud NORML supporters overwhelmed their presence in the crowd including two Texas chapter sponsors Texas NORML and DFW NORML and San Antonio NORML’s Legal Counsel the 420 Dude. I asked Jamie who was a police officer in Austin in the 70’s for 13 years what he thought of his experience at the Doobie Award’s

“Oh I love it!” I also Page 8 •

asked him if people would have been smoking like this back when he was a cop so openly. He replied “No way, they may have gone to an alley but nothing like this.” Sometimes people ask me how Texas gets away with throwing parties like the Doobie Awards or smoking at other clubs, and I will you let you know… we are Texas, and we can advocate only so much before we are just going to do what the hell we what, and the law will just have to except it until our legislators fix our ignorant laws. Sponsors included 420 Science, Herbivore Designs, Billy Cannon’s Smoke & Ink, Grav Labs, Same Sky Productions, Mama P’s Herb Grinders, Grassroots California, Jamie Balagia aka “The 420 Dude”, GrowLife Inc., CS Travel, Hot Mama’s Cafe, Outgrow Big Bro, and TEXAS & DFW NORML!

PM: Welcome to PARANOID! Is it me, or does your song “black coffee night” give off an ominous feel of Paranoia? ML&F5: Yeah.. its you. That’s what people are saying; you know how they talk. It is a song about sleeplessness. Whether brought on by guilt, substance abuse or some sort of psychosis, Insomnia is known to cause stress, anxiety and depression, which are themselves associated with paranoid thoughts.... soooo yeah, i can see that. Its paranoia you can dance to.

us for several months, but has recently had to slow it down a little because we are expecting a son in a couple months (watch out world!). We still play in a punk band together called the Death Dodgers... but we’ll talk about that some other time.

PM: How are you guys Danny?Still see your name around town often so I know your performing. Have you guys been recording anything new since Delirium Tremendous?

While we hate to lose Joy, we are thrilled to have “Philthy” Phil Howard back. He was our keyboard player from 2007ish until mid 2012. Absolutely the most entertaining keyboard player I have ever watched play. He is an amazing talent and its great to have him back. There is a ton of new material being worked out now, but no recording yet. We hope to start in the fall. Right now we are gearing up for SXSW.

ML&F5: Great. Greg (Mr. Lewis) has been writing a lot; we just try to keep up. We’ve had to do a little personnel shuffling, my wife Joy played keys for

PM: MR LEWIS AND THE FUNERAL FIVE has a unique Lounge Act sound only the lounge is set behind the 1950’s Iron Curtain of Soviet Russia

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and the Lounge is on FIRE !! Somebody threw a molitov cocktail made with a neck tie and a Vodka bottle! ML&F5: I’ll take that. I think its interesting how different people here our music. I personally like your imagery better than most. Its like a Rorschach Test you can dance to. After a free week show we played at Red7 in Austin a guy said we sounded like the Jewish Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. While none of us are “Chosen People” I still took that as quite a compliment. Lots of beards, suits and hats... i guess I see where he was coming from. Mazel tov cocktails?

PM: Has Hollywood come calling yet? I see your music on the big screen if the right script came along. Maybe one about the traveling Romanian Circus who has a murderuos clown that can’t stop killing people inside the funhouse. The freakshow just gets weirder and weirder until the circus stops in Paris and the clown meets his demise with a knife throwing heriess who joins the roadshow and poisons his cotton candy under the moonlight on the fariswheel. You see where your music takes me?!! It’s DARK! ML&F5:You write that movie & we’ll make the music! The band was actually in Pot Zombies II, A Troma film that has still not been released (to my knowledge), but that was way back before I joined the band in 2006. Hollywood hasn’t called us, but we just showed up there once completely uninvited. That may have soured our relationship. If anyone goes out west to LA, tell the nice folks at Jumbo’s Clown Room that the Funeral 5 says “hi.” PM: Where does Mr Lewis and the Furneral Five draw it’s inspiration? From a dark-lit tavern, Irish car bombs, and ciggerrets?

ML&F5: Not far off. We do enjoy dimly lit places. We are much better looking there. PM: Cheap beer, Fast Cars, Loose women, a bottle of Gin, and a pack of Lucky Strike! ML&F5: We’d settle for a dependable running van, but fast cars are good too. As for the loose women, send them to Phil, hes the bachelor of the group... for that matter give him the smokes and Gin too. I’ll have a whiskey. PM: You have a counter-culture following. Do you play many weddings? ML&F5: Its funny you ask. We have been approached several times to play weddings, and I am not sure why. Don’t get me wrong, we clean up real nice and might look the part, but most of our songs would be more appropriate for divorce parties, not wedding receptions. Buyer beware- we’ll do it, we need the money, but we will not be held responsible for turning a loving, happy day into a whiskey drenched festival of bad decisions and drunken entitlement. PM: Have you ever performed in New Orleans?

ML&F5: A few times. Several years back, maybe in 2006(?), and then as recently as this past summer. New Orleans culture and music, especially the Jazz Funerals were actually the inspiration for Greg Lewis & James Sheeran forming of the band in 2002. Originally it was Mr. Lewis and the Funeral Jazz Quintet. We love playing there, we wish it were closer. PM: The next Paranoid party I throw i will have you guys headline. ML&F5: Sounds good to me. But like i said, whiskey drenched debauchery and bad decisions. I hope that’s okay with you. PM: Nobody has to die to attend your shows, but I strongly recommend folks to hear Mr Lewis and the Funeral Five before Hollywood snatches them up from central Texas. Coming soon to an LA Noir film or at the Hollywood Fringe Fest. Thanks guys! Keep jamming! ML&F5: Thanks man, keep being paranoid. By the way- we will be back at the Triple Crown in San Marcos on April 19th with Blackwater Revival and Hogbitch. lets get weird folks! Page • 11

The First US Cannabis Cup 420 Denver, CO. 2013 By Karli Duran

and it is legal to grow cannabis in Colorado after Colorado passed Amendment 64 in November 2012. High Times have run a medicalstrain competition in Denver for the past three years. The difference for this year’s event is that anyone 21 and older can attend and smoke. Previously, only qualified medical patients could sample the entries. The Cannabis Cup is likely to be first opportunity to evaluate the impact of out-of-state pot tourists offering an exciting kick start for cannabis entrepreneurs and the Colorado economy.

For the first time the Cannabis Cup will be held in the United States on April 20th and 21st in Denver, Colorado. For the past 25 years, it has been taken place in potfriendly Amsterdam, where coffee shop owners and seed manufacturers compete for the title of Best Bud in The Netherlands.Colorado is now actually more liberal than Amsterdam now that recreational marijuana is legal Page 12 •

In the beginning of March VIP tickets and the Slightly Stoopid/Cypress Hill Concert at Red Rocks on Saturday night sold out, and tickets are now sold out for the entire Cannabis Cup. Some tickets are being seen on craigslist for $400 and up. On March 26th it was announced that Snoop Lion formally known as Snopp Dogg will be performing on April 19th at the Fillmore Auditorium for an additional $40 for those that have already purchased Cannabis Cup tickets.

I will be Driving the WEEd Mobile with Founder of Waco NORML, Clif Deuvall to Denver, where we will be meeting a film crew and staying in a house for 5 days while interviewing activists, doctors, patients, dispensaries, and good times at and after the Cannabis Cup. We were generously given press passes into the Cannabis Cup by Danny Danko Senior Cultivator with High Times for our filming and activist efforts. It helps to have friends in high places. We will be downloading our interviews and high times and recaps of the days and nights daily on San Antonio NORML’s website on our youtube page.

Karli Duran

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Pyramid power suggests a Cosmic War in antiquity by Jim Marrs

times the hardness of currently used concrete. So, if this is true, the builders simply made forms and poured in the “geopolymer” material rather than the questionable practice of dragging multi-ton stone blocks through the desert and piling them up into a pyramid. This would go far to explain the exactness of the pyramid’s stones, settled so close together that a piece of paper cannot be inserted between them. Unlike every other structure in ancient Egypt, there are no hieroglyphics in the Great Pyramid, leading British engineer Christopher Dunn to theorized that the Great Pyramid, far from being a tomb, was actually an energy generating and delivery device. This attests to a heretofore unknown technology.

Author of Our Occulted History (William Morrow/HarperCollins, 2013) The Great Pyramid, the only remainder of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, continues to draw both investigation and speculation. In 2006, Dr. Michel Barsoum of Drexel University and colleagues found an early form of poured “geopolymer” concrete was used to build the Great Pyramid upsetting the age-old myth that it was constructed of limestone blocks. This poured concrete has three Page 14 •

Dunn saw evidence that the Great Pyramid was a giant power generator based on harmonic resonance when German robotics engineer Rudolph Gantenbrink in 1993 sent a remote-controlled robot named “Upuaut II” (“opener of the ways”) to explore the southern shaft in the Queen’s Chamber. The robot’s travels up the shaft revealed what Dunn saw as evidence of electrical terminals, cables and even ancient wiring diagrams. “The discovery of electrical contacts and wiring inside the Great Pyramid, along with markings that show how to connect them, do not fit anywhere in conventional Egyptology but confirm the theory first published in my book, The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt in 1998,” said Dunn, who explained, “The Queen’s Chamber, I proposed, served as a reaction chamber and the shafts leading to this chamber supplied

two chemicals that when mixed together created hydrogen. In 1993 I was viewing the exploration by Gantenbrink and when Upuaut II came to the end of the shaft, what is now famously known as Gantenbrink’s “door” came into view with two metal pins attached.” Dunn said no other metal has been found in the pyramid and a friend suggested the pins looked like electrodes. While the metal pins have been described as ornaments or door handles by some, no one has explained why ornamental metal pins would have placed out of sight in small shafts within the pyramid. “[T]he expedition team evidently believed that the controversy had been settled and that that they served as more mundane object and not electrical devices. This conclusion certainly would be more acceptable to those who hold the keys to the pyramid and control what information is given to the public,” noted Dunn. In May, 2011, New Scientist magazine published new images of the shaft including what was behind a stone block (some called it a door) near the outside of the pyramid. The two small shafts have been described as “the last great mystery of the pyramid” by Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs.

Considering the anomalies on the moon, Mars and elsewhere, Farrell stated, “One is looking at very real, very artiFicial structures that are no mere metaphors. This implies, however unbelievable it may seem, that the war was also real, that it was interplanetary, and that it happened millennia ago.”

The latest exploration also revealed hieroglyphs in red paint and odd carvings thought to be marks made by the original builders. “If these hieroglyphs could be deciphered they could help Egyptologists work out why these mysterious shafts were built,” said Rob Richardson of the University of Leeds. Engineer Dunn has produced a compelling argument that the Great Pyramid, far from being simply a tomb, was instead a giant power source. “There was no immediate explanation for what these red symbols mean, but they are a significant discovery and have the potential to open up an entirely new area of research in gaining an understanding of ancient Egyptian symbolism. When considered along with the metal pins the symbols provide all the evidence necessary to prove the electrical use of the pins and also give us a roadmap for exploration into the future. Not only did the ancient Egyptians leave us with the physical evidence that proves this to be so, they also provided us with an electrical schematic that showed how the pins were wired!” he wrote. Author Joseph P. Farrell, who holds a doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Oxford and had unprecedented access to Oxford’s library of venerable documents, also views the Great Pyramid as a power source. However, he took Dunn’s conclusion of a power generator several steps further. In a series of books, Farrell postulated that in the remote past, the power of the Great Pyramid was used as a weapon in a great “cosmic war” that encompassed our entire solar system.

“Certainly impacts from comets and meteors have occurred and can wreak untold destruction on the planetary bodies that endure them,” he wrote in his 2007 book The Cosmic War: Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics, and Ancient Texts. “But so can wars fought with weapons of sufficient power to scar whole regions of, or to explode, an entire planet [blemishes on Mars and the Asteroid Belt].” Considering the anomalies on the moon, Mars and elsewhere, Farrell stated, “One is looking at very real, very artificial structures that are no mere metaphors. This implies, however unbelievable it may seem, that the war was also real, that it was interplanetary, and that it happened millennia ago.” Farrell’s scenario is not as implausible as it may sound on the surface. The notable astronomer Tom Van Flandern took notice of the Asteroid Belt and saw the possibility of an exploded planet. He stated, “This speculative possibility might result from magnetic separation and storage of the antimatter in a planet over billions of years before the explosion; or from some sort of chain-reaction high-energy antimatter generation process; or from the intervention of intelligent beings. In my opinion, the last possibility should not be dismissed out of hand.” Farrell noted, “Van Flandern is gingerly and delicately implying that his exploded planets might have been blown up in deliberate acts of war. Yet ... it is precisely this model that the abundance of ancient texts actually supports!”

Farrell went on to theorize that a small group survived this war, one that devastated the Earth reducing the population to a primitive state, produced bomb craters on the moon and left Mars a desolated world. According to Farrell, this group lives on the Earth and throughout history has attempted to manipulate humanity into recreating the super science of this former age so they can dominate and subjugate the Earth. Since it is demonstrable that a small clique of elitists control most of the world’s wealth and seem bent on dominating the planet and considering the wars, revolutions and economic disasters engineered by this group, it may be time to seriously ask, “Are they even us?” A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. Marrs earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the University of North Texas in 1966 and attended Graduate School at Texas Tech in Lubbock for two years more. He has worked for several Texas newspapers, including the Fort Worth StarTelegram, Mr. Marrs retired from the University of Texas at Arlington where he had taught a course on the Kennedy assassination since 1976. In 1989, his book, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, was published to critical acclaim and reached the New York Times Paperback Non-Fiction Best Seller list in mid-February 1992. It became a basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK. Page • 15

Big Oil, Drug Wars, Assassination Plots, and The Future of Latin American Populism By Cameron Cutrone Recently, Venezuela welcomed back

it’s President, Hugo Chavez, who had been suffering from cancer and being

treated at a hospital in Cuba. There in Cuba that same week, Raul Castro, Fidel’s brother and caretaker of the revolution, announced his expiration date as leader to be no later than five years, a date that could also parallel is brother’s life expectancy. In short, the future of Latin American populism is unclear, and who will be the face of it in coming years is anyone’s guess. But I have a few. Rafael Correa, the recently reelected president of Ecuador, is an ally of the “Bolivarian Socialism” espoused by Chavez. He may not have the bravado or international recognition of Chavez, but he is on the CIA’s radar. Correa came out with his suspicions about an assassination plot aimed at him just before the election. It’s too early to tell, but he will make headlines of

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some kind stateside very soon. There is much interest in his next move, because it could be a bell weather for gauging the ever elusive political winds of the South. Evo Morales, an indigenous folk hero and president of Bolivia, is another major figure in the neighborhood. His belief in the local peoples’ right to cultivate coca, the major ingredient of cocaine, has drawn the ire of many a US drug warrior. He was a big union leader, and like Chavez, a vocal critic of American imperialism. His appeal to the giant underclass of laborers continent-wide can’t be ignored, but does he have the goal of carrying PanLatin torch of populism witnessed in the Cuban Revolution and furthered by the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela? These changes might not spark the interest of the average American citizen, but I guarantee that the big drug warriors, oil giants, and their client military hawks are paying VERY close attention. By far, the biggest preoccupation of this unholy alliance is the fact that within Venezuela’s borders is the largest deposit of the world’s deep heavy crude oil, roughly 90%. The amount is staggering, and it’s barely even been tapped. So naturally, the president of that country is cast as a dangerous international outlaw, a dictator of a country sorely in need of a “regime change.” But which came first? The chicken or the egg? CIA agents using on-the-ground human intelligence have infiltrated Venezuela’s opposition media and political parties. In fact, the last opposition candidate to run against Chavez OPENLY hired the help of one of New York’s slimiest political hacks. The fact is, Chavez has been fierce in sniffing out agents of foreign influence because of the long, dark history of foreign exploitation that has caused such rampant poverty and suffering in Venezuela.

So the American media loves to cast him as paranoid, but people (the very

“Christian” Pat Robertson included) in the media have publicly called for his assassination! Is it paranoia if one’s suspicions are found to be true?

So the American media loves to cast him as paranoid, but people (the very “Christian” Pat Robertson included) in the media have publicly called for his assassination! Is it paranoia if one’s suspicions are found to be true? The American Empire is anxiously waiting for Hugo Chavez to die of cancer. That would be decidedly convenient for them. The CIA has already staged one failed coup attempt, and been unable to derail his two reelections. Similar was the story of Fidel Castro, who survived the Bay of Pigs invasion to lead Cuba for a half century, thumbing his nose at the world’s most formidable empire only fifty miles away. Politics aside, love em or hate em, they are survivors. But they are human, and they too will pass. What or who follows next? Expect every trick in the book. &F5: Thanks man, keep b

Cameron Cutrone’s articles are archived at www.freedome-files. eing paranoid. By the way- we will be ba

All live photos are credited to Daniel Castro Photography

PM: Welcome to Paranoid Magazine guys! Introduce the band members and each instrument he plays. TLM:The Lochness Mobsters are Brooks Lumpkin on drums and vocals, Taylor Lumpkin on guitar and vocals, and me Michael Chavez on bass and vocals. PM: Tell us about the band, where are you from and how long have you been performing in San Marcos? TLM: We say with tremendous pride that we are originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana. We just moved to San Marcos about a month ago and have been playing here ever since. It feels like home already. PM: So tell me . . . I have to know how you guys came up with the name. I love it!

TLM: Taylor had been toying with the name for years and had a recording project called The Lochness Mobster. Brooks and I were lucky enough to come along for the ride a short time after. PM: I’m jamming Baileys-N-Cream and other tracks on Facebook. Is there an album out? Are you recording? TLM: We just released our second album, “Zedonk” in February. It took about a year to record, write, mix, and master, but we are definitely pleased with the overall results. The album was recorded in Carlyss, Louisiana with long time friends Fletcher Granger and Josh Selph.

One of my best friends in the entire world, Chris Lanthier at Festival Studios in New Orleans mastered it. PM: So where can folks catch a show in April? TLM: Currently we actually don’t have anything booked in April. Maybe the Paranoid Music Showcase on the 13th HINT HINT ;) PM: Name some of your musical influences? TLM: We are heavily influenced by the Black Lips, Link Wray, Strange Boys, Rolling Stones, King Khan (anything he does), and Thee Andys.

PM: I see you guys have performed with Fayuca, Ashes of Babylon, Cowboy Mouth and others. Fayuca will be in next months issue. What artists do you guys listen to? TLM: We are listening to a lot of the Growlers new album, “Hung at Heart”. We also recently have been re-jamming our good friends, The Turbo Fruits latest album “Butter” a lot as well. Ashes of Babylon are the BEES KNEES THOUGH. They totally have helped us out in more ways than people could ever imagine. PM: Some tracks make you feel like you want to be at the beach with a huge bonfire, lots of girls, and a bottle of rum. Am I warm? TLM: Haha, very warm. We would like to think of ourselves as a surfy band and if people want to be at the beach when they listen to us, than that just makes it even more justifiable. PM: Places you performed at recently. Where are common spots that The Lochness Mobsters frequently gig?

TLM: We recently just went back and played in our home town for their annual Live at the Lake Front and that was awesome. The only places we have played at in San Marcos is Taxi’s but we absolutely loved that place. Austin has been really good to us lately too. Our good friends Modrag set us up at the Gypsy Lounge for SXSW. Good guys, as well. PM: Have you seen the UFOs in the light of the swamp gas chasing Bigfoot back to the Bayou? TLM: I’m not of liberty to discuss what I saw......... PM: Where can readers look you guys up online? TLM: We have a Facebook that we treat as a webpage, you can check us out at and if you want to hear some free tracks, we have them up at www.

PM: Favorite thing about San Marcos so far? TLM: THE WOMEN!!!!!!! PM: Thank guys! When is the next show. Final thoughts to Paranoid readers? TLM: Hopefully the next show is at the TEXAS MUSIC THEATRE in San Marcos, hahaha. But seriously, we moved to this area to play rock and roll to as many people as possible. We also want to make as many friends as possible. Some great bands from the Austin area to check out that we would love to play with soon are A Giant Dog, Gal Pals, Kay Leotard, and the list goes on and on. So if any of you are reading this PLEASE LOOK US UP!!! I also want to take this opportunity to thank two bands that have helped our transition to San Marcos be as smooth as possible so to Ashes of Babylon and Modrag THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! Until next time!!! Page • 19

Horror is big business these days, and the creator of knows it. Counter culture performance artist Douglas Wright has been scaring people for over a decade as Sugar Weasel the clown. An adult male escort, for women with clown fetishes (you can check out his website for more details) Now he’s taking it to the next level. Drawing his inspiration from 1950’s horror and sci-fi films he’s developed 10 new characters that he will unveil in 2013 on his campy new website “Sugar Weasel presents, Monsters-AGo-Go” It’s a contemporary take on the classic strip-o-gram business, but with an Atomic Age twist, we’ve taken what’s traditionally thought of as the grotesque or horrifying and gave them sex appeal. This time Sugar Weasel teams up with business partner and PR guru Lucy Walters with the intention of franchising this over the top business model. “It’s the cats pajamas” exclaims Walters in regards to her latest collaborative with Sugar Weasel. As a publicist for the avant-garde performing arts in New York City, there isn’t a great deal she hasn’t seen, worked with or got in the New York Times but this project in particular strikes a warm fuzzy chord, “the idea totally makes sense to me, Sugar Weasel has an incredible sense for the imaginative and lord knows he needs a business manager for the “non” creative nuts and bolts. Lucy originally from England came to New York in the summer of 2003 and has since carved out a healthy career in PR and business management for the arts, predominantly in theater, dance and the seedy, seductive world of jazz. Always one to speak her mind to artists, her love me or hate me style has earned her the respect of both producers and journalists alike. Hell, I invented the “sex monster for hire” genre, says Sugar Weasel, I’ve worked with everybody from Motley Crue to Carl Crew (from the California Institute for Abnormal Arts) “There’s a lot of talented people involved with this project” says Sugar Weasel, so there’s bound to be creative differences. These entertainers go at it like Frankenstein vs. the Wolfman. It’s all about sex and monsters, and at the end of the day, I think we’ve accomplished that. The new website will beta test in Austin Texas and New York City and has a tentative launch date of Oct. 1st. Below are a list of monsters both male and female you can expect to see.

Female Monster Menu Female Zombie The Cult Classic Package Creature Feature: “Ginger Snaps” Flesh eating “Zombie Burlesque” at its finest. This Zombie works for tips but carful, she bites. Female Monster The Monsters Bride Package Creature Feature: “Frankenbooty” This Atomic Age bride is newlywed and back from the dead, but her husband works nights, and this ghoul has needs.

Page 22 •

Female Devil The Daddy’s Girl Package Creature Feature: Devil Girl Satan’s illegitimate daughter spent most of her teenage years in reform schools, but now she’s all grown up and looking for kicks. Female Bearded Lady The Bearded Belly Dancer Package Creature Feature: “Minkey” the Monkey Girl Like the carnival coochie tents and circus sideshows she hails from, this belly dancing hirsute is sure to thrill.

to any party. He’s powered by two AAA batteries, has multiple speeds and he’s waterproof. Actually he’s powered by lightning. Male Ape The Guy in a Cheap Gorilla Suit Package Creature Feature: King Dong You’ll go ape when this exotic dancer takes it all off and plays the bongos.

Female Ghoul The Glamor Ghoul Package Creature Feature: Glamor Ghoul These Prom Queen Debutants or Cheerleading ghouls will add class to any party. They’re certain to steal your heart, and then devour it.

Male Monster Menu Male Hobo The Hobo Striptease Package Creature Feature: “Jack the Stripper” A direct descendant of “Jack the Ripper” He might look like a homeless serial murderer, but he’s all party underneath that raincoat. Male Clown The Bad Ass Clown Package Creature Feature: “The Son of Sugar Weasel” Look out ladies, J.R.’s a chip off the old block. He’s got his father’s good looks and his mother’s police record. He’s the world’s sexiest clown. Male Vampire The El Vampiro Package Creature Feature: “El Vampiro” The Latin Lover Mexico City’s most famous monster, his animal magnetism is undeniable, and what this fiend is smuggling underneath his cape might surprise you. Male Monster The All American Package Creature Feature: Beach Volleyball Frank N. Stein This TiKi inspired ghoul is sure to bring a jolt of excitement Page • 23



It Came From ROSWELL! by russell dowden ROSWELL N.M.

I went to visit family in Montana last month and made several stops throughout the great western states where I conducted business in various forms and took some time off. However, prior to my drive to New Mexico I spoke to the director of the Roswell International UFO Museum & Research Center about streaming the UFO Festival this up-coming July. He says yes, and we look forward to the opportunity to have this stream available from The Paranoid and the official website for the conference at This year marks the first year that the City of Roswell and the Museum and Conference coordinators are working together on making the event in 2013 a huge success! I visited the museum and walked around talking to people passing out magazines. It was a nice time and

Page 24 •

while the landing on the WHITE HOUSE lawn still hasn’t happened; thousands of people across the world make the pilgrimage to the small town in the New Mexican plains. Roswell once held the 509th Bomber group the only Army Airfield that carried atomic weapons in the belly of many fighters just after the second world war. It is this fact that gets me wondering that IF any ETs were taking a special interest in planet Earth, it would have been near White Sands Missle Range where the atomic testing occured in that area. ____________________________

2013 EVENTS: So far the website has the following events planned, and more to come. Live musical guest this year are supposed to be really big. Maybe Moby or Ghostland Observatory should perform. Rumor has that they have witnessed UFOs.

Alien Chase People and Pet Costume Contests July 4th Roswell City Events Lectures Parade Passports Planetarium UFO Art Show Roswell had grown quite a bit since my last visit there in 1999 when I went to speak and interview Glenn Dennis, Walter Haut, and Max Lattell, the founders of the Museum. The city has embraced the Alien invasion since the economic growth is a big plus for business. We are working with the City and the Museum to stream this years activities in HD and with the help from SMTX Studios we will. For more details on the Roswell Festival visit online at or listen to the Paranoid Show.


NOW IN TEXAS courtesy of


PM: Welcome to Paranoid Magazine Kiddo and the rest of Personal Use! PU: THANKS FOR HAVING US ON YOUR ZINE MAN IT LOOKS GREAT. PM: Well I am so thrilled to get a copy of the new album. Peace.Love.Music. Sounds great! PU:Thanks russell we put in a lot of hard work into it, sorry it took so long. The next one should come out sooner than you think. PM: Ya there are some old tracks that I am familiar with like, Move On, I MAN, Put me in Line, and others. But there is some refreshing new tracks as well. How do you feel about the outcome of this first Personal Use album? PU:Well we are happy with it especially because we did it DIY style. No big fancy studio, No big fancy equipment, just a laptop, some good mics and blood,sweat and tears. PM: How long has this group been together now? PU: our first gig was in ‘08 (4-20 show

Page 26 •

at jakes house) and we had been writing and hanging out a little while before that. PM: For readers sake, tell us where you “Personal Use” hail from and introduce the members of the band and a brief history of your music career. PU: We are from the Rio Grande Valley. (Mcallen Tx.) first off we got Michael Vincent Ochoa - vocals Steven Ruiz the M.C Jael Chapa - Guitars - back up vocals Sam Watts- bass guitar J.J Mendoza - congas- percussion Rocky Villarreal - keys- back up vocals Manuel Kido Rendon - drums and back up vocals THE LAST CHAIR BRASS SECTION is Cesar Toast Castaneda Trombone Chris Bennett - Trumpet Javi Adame - Trumpet and we just added David Tank Garcia on vocals which you will hear on the next album. PM: Falling Apart is a new track. Who wrote this song? and Why?. PU: Michael V. Ochoa wrote this song and everybody has a different inter-

pretation of it but i feel that some of our personalities clash and the band always feels like it is falling apart but in the end it makes us stronger and we push harder to get over it. PM: What is on the horizon for Personal Use here in 2013? PU: We are recording a cd of the covers that we do in our style, which will be called Versions Vol.1. We want to start playing out of town more and bring our music to more people. Spread the love and sell cd’s PM: Who did you write “Put me in Line” for? Kido: I wrote that song for my wife , you know, we all seem to fall off sometimes, I just wanted to write a song to remind people of that and that no one is perfect but we got to keep trying to do the right thing. PM: What does Personal Use want people to know about them?

PU: That we are in it for the music. That no matter what people say we will follow our dreams and that our cd is only $5 at our shows so buy it (don’t ask your friend to burn you a copy) PM: Where does the band perform in Texas regularly?

PU: right now We are at Shenanigan’s( in mcallen ) on Thursdays and at Monster Carwash Bar and Grill in Edinburg every Friday and Every 1st Saturday of the month we are at Aria and Sushi bar in downtown Corpus Christi. The sushi is the bomb there. Shout out to the homies at Produce for hooking it up!

PM: I’m hoping to get you guys up to San Marcos this month. Are you game?

PM: Thank you Kido! Have a great year! Much success to you and the band!

PU: We are Down!!!!!! We would love to see what kind of response we get in a college town. PM: It’s the April issue, where did the name of the band come from? PU: The name has different (420) meanings but I say its “All About the Music so use it for your Personal Use” PM: How can venues or promoters get in touch with Personal Use for booking party’s, gigs, special events or weddings etc?

PU:Thank you Russell and Paranoid Magazine for having us and we hope to be on this magazine again when our Pesonal UseVersions cd comes out! Peace. Love. Music!


PU: personalusebooking@gmail. com or PM: Final thoughts to our readers? PU: Watch out for us coming to a venue near you. you can listen to our cd on Page • 27

Paranoid Magazine April 2013  

Issue #103

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