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Editor-in-Chief- Rufus L. Triplett, Jr. Editor-in-Chief- Jenny Triplett Feature Story Writer- Aishah Al-Amin

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Our Prisonworld brand started as a simple idea of thinking of how the word prison can be a vice to most. We decided to turn it around and make it curious and thought provoking. It is such an eye-catching and ear-catching word that it draws the attention of the majority who sees or hears it. It started with a magazine and has grown to include a radio show, record label, blog, radio network, entrepreneur network, You Tube Channel, merchandise and motivational speaking.

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Volume 6, Number 4- Prisonworld Magazine (ISSN 19404220) is published on a six issue basis and direct mailed through the Powder Springs Post Office. Copyright© 2007-2013 with all rights reserved. Reproduction or use, of any part or portion written or otherwise contained in Prisonworld Magazine is strictly prohibited – subject to criminal prosecution according to the US Copyright Laws. This magazine is published for prisoners about prisoners. Opinions expressed in letters to the editors and columns are those of the authors and not necessarily those of Prisonworld Magazine. Prisonworld Magazine is privately owned and operated soley by Rufus and Jenny Triplett. www. STAMP DONATIONS– We are always in need of stamps for mailings to those who do not provide SASE, cannot provide a SASE and to send out FREE magazines. Find it in your heart to DONATE, no amount to big or too small, it is greatly appreciated. Helping others is charity that we have yet to know the true reward. Published By - Dawah International, LLC PO Box 380 Powder Springs, GA 30127 (678) 233-8286 @Prisonworld on Twitter

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Our primary mission is to inform and educate those behind the wall and their families. We offer various resources to help with dealing with incarceration and re-entry. Our magazine is an outlet, an escape if you must, from the daily grinds of the prison system. We teach inmates how to use their time wisely and empower themselves with skills that they can use upon release. Our secondary mission is to reach out to those who are interested in hearing and participating in something new, different, and definitely unique. We are not limited to correctional facilities. We invite the “free world” to participate in our magazine and all other ventures as well. We do not discriminate in participation due to age, gender, nationality, crime or religion. We are not a non-profit organization or prison ministry but we donate the majority of our profits to prison outreach programs. We strive to be universal and have something to offer to everyone.

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Letters to the Editors Dear Triplett Family – As Salaamu Alaikum! First I must say I hope this reaches you both in good health. My name is Bilal and I am a talented musician form Cleveland, OH. Let me say I am not looking for anything free or promotion, I am simply writing to say two things – 1st I love your magazine. Every time my brother sells me his copy I feel blessed by Allah (SWT) when I read them. The other reason I am writing is a friend of mine told me “Tru with that voice you can change the direction music is going.” So I decided to start P.F.C. (Passion For a Change) Music. Now I was thinking of it being a label and then becoming a movement. I feel the best way to reach the youth and young adults is through music because I have a message to spread like bringing awareness and consciousness across the world along with the “Dawah” like a male Lauren Hill. So to close this letter I ask you both for any input, ideas, and constructive criticism also any resources you all may have. Thank you and please respond. As Salaamu Alaikum, your brother, Frederick Davis 621-530 BECI PO Box 540 St. Clairsville, OH 43950 EDITOR’s NOTE: As Salaamu Alaikum! Fredrick thanks for your letter. It was pulled to be answered here for several reasons. Firstly, we are glad that you enjoy our magazine. It’s sad to hear that you have to purchase it from someone. Hopefully you can save enough money and get your own from us. Also, you have no idea how many letters we get asking for something for free. It’s refreshing for someone just asking for information. We are happy to hear of your vision but do not dabble in the music business anymore. We have retired Prisonworld Records as it was an acapella project. We are focusing on other things and more activism. There is a huge disagreement with Muslims and music. Not to preach about it but you will see more once you are released. The best advice we can give to you in giving Dawah is, just give it in the best way possible. That is what we feel we are doing. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful The Prophet (PBUH) once said that “he who is the best among you is he who once seen reminds you of Allah, he who reminds you of Allah.” Sister Jenny Triplett, I opened this new issue of the magazine and on the Editor’s Page is a picture of you and your husband. Sister, when I saw you in your Hijab, I was reminded of Allah. You shine so brightly. Shining like a bright brown diamond. Then with your husband by your side with his Kufi on just completes the picture, now that’s love. As a believer it reminds me, when you see a sister in her Hijab, it just drives away any negative thoughts. The Hijab just makes you respect the woman. It’s difficult to try to lust on a pious woman, when you look at her you just see her humanity. I thank Allah for that. Jenny seeing you is like seeing a mother, seeing a sister, seeing a warrior, seeing long lost kinfolk. Even form this distance in prison, seeing you and your husband in this picture just reminded me of Allah. (this letter is edited as it is three pages long) Let us know how we can order Azizah Magazine also. As for me I have to renew my subscription with you all in the next few weeks. I will get that done. With that sister, Wa Alaikum Salaam to you and Rufus. Bobby Bostic 526795 South Central Correctional Center HU-6A-208 255 West Highway 32 Licking, MO 65542 EDITOR’s NOTE: As Salaamu Alaikum Bobby, wow, thanks. We keep it real. Hope that message comes across. Here is the order information for Azizah Magazine – Azizah Magazine, PO Box 43410, Atlanta GA 30336

Letter From The Editor Bismillaallahir-Rahmaanir-Rahiim, In the Name of GOD, most gracious most merciful… Happy to see you all in the New Year! 2013 means a lot of things but we are sure it means for some going home. We can only hope that you go home with every intention on staying there and with a plan to help better yourself. If there is anything that we try to do, we try to encourage, inform and motivate those wanting to do better to do just that. DO better. We say this because as we were shredding mail at the end of the year, as we went back to check on several people, they had been released and have found their way back into the system A revolving door. The cycle has to be broken. We would like to mention some letters we have been receiving in regards to bad addresses. First of all, when we print it is a good address. Let’s repeat that. At the time of printing is a good address. We have no idea what happens to a lot of these companies who go out of business or close boxes without notice. It’s not good business. It’s also not our business. But we do try to print in future issues what we find out about bad addresses. Those who are reading our magazine for “free”, you really should not complain as you have not invested any money in our magazine. Our weekly FREE newsletter through CORRLINKS/TRULINCS has thousands of subscribers. We have experienced a tremendous amount of growth within the last six months. With growth comes patience. We do have a wealth of information to share and do not mind sharing. Federal inmates may join – We also do an email newsletter for the FREE WORLD. If you have a FREEWORLD email, have your friends and family join our list on our website. We do not take JPAY requests. We were fortunate enough to attend the inaugural festivities in Washington, DC. You will see some pictures here. We went to two of the balls and met several political people, including Congressman Keith Ellison who is responsible part & partial for the Second Chance Act. We have set a meeting to go back to Congress to speak on prison reform and prisoner reentry. We will keep you posted. The Prisonworld Radio Hour has gained a tremendous amount of momentum and is streaming on The Prisonworld Radio Network 24/7 –, and syndicated to iTunes and archived on our website – New shows are broadcasted on Mondays @6pmEST/3pmEST. There are several ways that you can listen live and also in archive format. December and January shows included Stacy Lattisaw and attorney Ron Blasier from the OJ Simpson Dream Team. Who’s Winning with the War on Drugs? This is a HUGE debate with heated arguments on both sides for pros and cons. With the legalization of marijuana in the states of Washington & Colorado, several other states are looking to see how it will be beneficial for revenue and economics. (pg 9) Remember to seek out our website for FREE pen pal opportunities – No application necessary. We have reduced the page count of the magazine due to the new glossy print but it is still jam packed FULL of information. We may increase to 24 pages by April. Stay tuned.

SHOUT OUT to all inmates who have published a book while in prison. We just published ours and completing the process is something to pat yourself on the back about. It’s major work and not to be taken lightly. We all hope you can enjoy a copy of Surviving Marriage in the 21st Century: 13 Easy Tips That Can Help You Get to 20 Years and Beyond, ISBN – 978-0615769387, Publishing Company – Dawah International, LLC Publishing. (don’t ask..the answer is no) From ALLAH we came and to him we will return. Make a decision today to learn something new. Remember ALLAH. Thank ALLAH. Worship ALLAH. Rufus & Jenny Triplett Editors-in-Chief Pg 4

What’s Going On ICE detention center struggling financially

ICE detainees get one hour of daily recreation time at the Irwin County Detention Center. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution OCILLA -- A privately owned detention center that houses hundreds of illegal immigrants in South Georgia narrowly avoided being auctioned off at a county tax sale this year after the Atlanta-based owner’s creditors forced the company into bankruptcy proceedings. Now the fate of Irwin County’s largest private employer is at stake, as is a considerable chunk of the county’s tax base, demonstrating how illegal immigration and economic development can be intertwined. Located about 180 miles south of Atlanta, the Irwin County Detention Center houses detainees for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Marshals Service. About 200 jobs are tied to the detention center in Ocilla that now houses slightly more than half its capacity. “If it closes, then everybody loses their jobs ... and the inmates go back to wherever they came from, but we hope that it never gets to that,” said Joey Whitley, chairman of the Irwin Board of Commissioners.

21st century chain gangs

The rebirth of prison labor foretells a disturbing future for America’s “free market” capitalism Sweatshop labor is back with a vengeance. It can be found across broad stretches of the American economy and around the world. Penitentiaries have become a niche market for such work. The privatization of prisons in recent years has meant the creation of a small army of workers too coerced and right-less to complain. Prisoners, whose ranks increasingly consist of those for whom the legitimate economy has found no use, now make up a virtual brigade within the reserve army of the unemployed whose ranks have ballooned along with the U.S. incarceration rate. The Corrections Corporation of America and G4S (formerly Wackenhut), two prison privatizers, sell inmate labor at subminimum wages to Fortune 500 corporations like Chevron, Bank of America, AT&T and IBM. These companies can, in most states, lease factories in prisons or prisoners to work on the outside. All told, nearly a million prisoners are now making office furniture, working in call centers, fabricating body armor, taking hotel reservations, working in slaughterhouses or manufacturing textiles, shoes and clothing, while getting paid somewhere between 93 cents and $4.73 per day. Rarely can you find workers so pliable, easy to control, stripped of political rights and subject to martial discipline at the first sign of recalcitrance — unless, that is, you traveled back to the 19th century when convict labor was commonplace nationwide. Indeed, a sentence of “confinement at hard labor” was then the essence of the American penal system. More than that, it was one vital way the United States became a modern industrial capitalist economy — at a moment, eerily like our own, when the mechanisms of capital accumulation were in crisis.

Cops: Man spent nearly $70,000 mistakenly deposited in his bank account

One day, Joseph Bucci had about $35 in the bank. A week later, he had nearly $70,000. He didn’t hit the lottery. He didn’t buy low and sell high. He didn’t make a killing at the casino. The 22-year-old Bensalem man didn’t do anything to get the money, which was mistakenly deposited into his bank account in March, Bensalem police said. But Bucci did spend his new found fortune, all but $2,000 of it, police say. Now the alleged bank-error bandit is facing felony charges and the possibility of a seven- to 14-year jail sentence. Bucci, who listed his address as West End Avenue in Trevose, surrendered to Bensalem police Tuesday and was charged with receiving stolen property and theft of property lost by mistake, both third-degree felonies. He was arraigned before Bensalem District Judge Joseph Falcone, who released him on $25,000 unsecured bail, meaning he does not have to post the money unless he fails to appear in court. Police said that Bucci knew the money in his Wells Fargo bank account was not his. But rather than return it, he allegedly went on a monthlong spending spree, police said. Among his purchases: airline tickets, car insurance, clothing, food, gas, furniture and a dog, police said.

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Puzzle Time

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Islam 101

Subject: How Do Muslims Treat the Elderly? In the Islamic world, one rarely finds “old people’s homes.” The strain of caring for one’s parents in this most difficult time of their lives is considered an honor and a blessing and an opportunity for great spiritual growth. In Islam, it is not enough that we only pray for our parents, but we should act with limitless compassion, remembering that when we were helpless children, they preferred us to themselves. Mothers are particularly honored. When Muslim parents reach old age, they are treated mercifully, with kindness and selflessness. In Islam, serving one’s parents is a duty second to prayer, and it is their right to expect it. It is considered despicable to express any irritation when, through no fault of their own, the old become difficult. Allah has said: Your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him, and that you be kind to your parents. If one of them or both of them reach old age with you, do not say to them a word of disrespect, or scold them, but say a generous word to them. And act humbly to them in mercy, and say, “My Lord, have mercy on them, since they cared for me when I was small.” (Quran, 17:23-24) ** Ways to Achieve Greatness through Gratefulness ** There is much more to gratitude and Shukr (thankfulness) in Islam than a mere “Thank You” that our ears have become so used to ignoring. Discover how you can be more thankful to Allah and His creation. Stop Complaining and be positive! This is the first step towards being thankful to Allah and people around you. We have become a community of complainers and whiners, which has led to a collective psychology of negativity and unproductively. Stop complaining about the economy, weather, politicians, traffic, or ‘the system’. Refrain from blaming your Masjid, Imams, parents, spouse, in-laws, children, or boss. If you think with an open mind, you may find more positives in your circumstances and the people around you than negatives. Say “Al-hamdulillah” (All thanks and praise belongs to Allah) often: A constant utterance of this phrase reminds you of the source of all blessings and happiness in this life. This practice of attributing all good actions to Allah keeps you humble and content and has a positive effect on your relations with people. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, has instructed us to say “Al-hamdulillah” on daily basis: “Allah is pleased with His servant if, when he eats something he thanks Allah for it, and when he drinks something he thanks Allah for it” (Muslim). Respect others’ time and schedule: Part of ungratefulness is wastage of time. As a scholar once said, “Time is not just money. It is more expensive than gold, diamonds and pearls. Time is life itself! “Arriving late at a meeting or a class, cancelling appointments last minute, or starting off a program late, are not only a big waste of time and disrespectful to others, but also a lack of appreciation of others’ time on your part. Seize the opportunity while you can. Procrastination in offering your prayers, delaying a donation to a humanitarian cause, or filling your leisure time with unproductive or unlawful activities is ingratitude to Allah for the limited time and opportunity He has given you to do good and to achieve Paradise. Prophet Muhammad warned us, “Good health and spare time are two of the blessings of Allah with respect to which many people are deceived.” (Bukhari)Even if you live till tomorrow, what guarantee do you have that there won’t be any obstacles in carrying out a good action. The Prophet used to call on Muslims to take the initiative to do good deeds before any problems arise.

Hadith Central

“By Him in Whose Hand is my life, if you were not to commit sin, Allah would sweep you out of existence and He would replace (you by) those people who would commit sin and seek forgiveness from Allah, and He would have pardoned them.” (Muslim, vol. 4, Book 37, Hadith No. 6622) Narrated By Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri : We said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Shall we see our Lord on the Day of Resurrection?” He said, “Do you have any difficulty in seeing the sun and the moon when the sky is clear?” We said, “No.” He said, “So you will have no difficulty in seeing your Lord on that Day as you have no difficulty in seeing the sun and the moon (in a clear sky).” The Prophet then said, “Somebody will then announce, ‘Let every nation follow what they used to worship.’ So the companions of the cross will go with their cross, and the idolators (will go) with their idols, and the companions of every god (false deities) (will go) with their god, till there remain those who used to worship Allah, both the obedient ones and the mischievous ones, and some of the people of the Scripture. Then Hell will be presented to them as if it were a mirage. Then it will be said to the Jews, “What did you use to worship?’ They will reply, ‘We used to worship Ezra, the son of Allah.’ It will be said to them, ‘You are liars, for Allah has neither a wife nor a son. What do you want (now)?’ They will reply, ‘We want You to provide us with water.’ Then it will be said to them ‘Drink,’ and they will fall down in Hell (instead). Then it will be said to the Christians, ‘What did you use to worship?’ They will reply, ‘We used to worship Messiah, the son of Allah.’ It will be said, ‘You are liars, for Allah has neither a wife nor a son. What: do you want (now)?’ They will say, ‘We want You to provide us with water.’ It will be said to them, ‘Drink,’ and they will fall down in Hell (instead). When there remain only those who used to worship Allah (Alone), both the obedient ones and the mischievous ones, it will be said to them, ‘What keeps you here when all the people have gone?’ They will say, ‘We parted with them (in the world) when we were in greater need of them than we are today, we heard the call of one proclaiming, ‘Let every nation follow what they used to worship,’ and now we are waiting for our Lord.’ Then the Almighty will come to them in a shape other than the one which they saw the first time, and He will say, ‘I am your Lord,’ and they will say, ‘You are not our Lord.’ And none will speak: to Him then but the Prophets, and then it will be said to them, ‘Do you know any sign by which you can recognize Him?’ They will say. ‘The Shin,’ and so Allah will then uncover His Shin whereupon every believer will prostrate before Him and there will remain those who used to prostrate before Him just for showing off and for gaining good reputation. These people will try to prostrate but their backs will be rigid like one piece of a wood (and they will not be able to prostrate). Then the bridge will be laid across Hell.” We, the companions of the Prophet said, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is the bridge?’ To be continued in the next issue... Torah: I am the first, and I am the last and besides me there is no God. (Isaiah 44:6) Bible: The Lord our God is one Lord (Mark 12:29)

(Salat in the DOC)

Quran: He is God, the One and Only (112:1) From the Cradle to the Grave ... Pg 7

RESOURCES Women needing transitional housing or a place to parole: 770-225-8500, they can send mail to us at Baitul Salaam Network, Inc., 675 Village Square, Stone Mountain, GA 30021.  They can email: CAIR Headquarters - Council on American Islamic Relations - 453 New Jersey Avenue SE, Washington, DC, 20003 - 202.488.8787, National Action Network- Al Sharpton -Crisis Department - To seek our assistance in a crisis please send a letter three pages or less printed or typed, include your name, address and a contact number addressed to: National Action Network - Crisis Department, 106 W. 145th Street, Harlem, NY, 10039. 212.690.3070 or 877.NAN.HOJ1 Islamic Ahlul Bayt Association , 12460 Los Indios Trail , Austin, TX 78729 AIM-Assisting Incarcerated Muslims, Board of Directors, PO Box 460, Clayton, LA 71326 318-757-0557 Muslims for Humanity, 12346 McDougall Street, Suite 200, Detroit, MI 48212, 313-2795378,, A resource for emergency services. Muslim Legal Fund of America, 2701 W. 15th Street, #640, Plano, TX, 75075, 972-6335888, 866-MLFA-USA,, : Helps with civil rights violations. Alavi Foundation, 500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2320 ,New York, NY 10110, 212-944-8333. Write for information on how to get FREE Qurans and Islamic literature. Conveying Islamic Message Society, PO Box 834, Alexandria Egypt American Civil Liberties Union,125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004 Islamic Circle of North America, 166-26 89th Ave, Jamaica, NY, 11432-9442 - Provides Islamic materials and guidance for those who are seeking the truth. Why Islam, PO Box 1054, Piscataway, NJ 08855-1054: a non-profit organization that provides Islamic literature.

Author Spotlight Writing Campaigns - For those of you who like to write, let’s put the pen to the paper for our good cause. Write to The Steve Harvey Show and let them know what Prisonworld is doing or has done for you and request that they do a story on us.

We are the 99erz : ghetto love / Shamgod J. Thompson. ISBN 978-0-9855170-0-7 GhettoStar Publication P.O. Box 80438 Brooklyn, NY 11208 $16.99 + $2 S/H

Alex Duda, Executive Producer The Steve Harvey Show 454 North Columbus Drive Chicago, IL 60611 COLLEGE AND CAREER RESOURCES Ohio University, College Program for the Incarcerated, Hanning Hall 222, Athens, OH, 45701-2979

Writers Resources WRITER’s NEEDED

Talk Dat Ish Books, P.O.BOX 502,Oceanside, NY 11572, Prison Book Program, Lucy Parsons Bookstore, 1306 Hancock St. #100, Quincy, MA, 02169 Prison Literature Project, Bound Together Books, 1369 Haight St., San Francisco, CA, 94117 Books Through Bars, Blesockings Bookstore, 172 Allen St, New York, NY, 10002 Voice of Detroit, - Fax – 313-557-1576

LIST OF BOOK EDITORS/AGENTS - (6) pages worth of people who you can send a letter of inquiry to about publishing your book or acquiring the rights to your book. Just send ($7) or (20 stamps) asking for the Editor’s List.

Islamic Education Center, 2551 Mass Ave. NW, Washington, DC, 20008. A source of Guidance for Muslims. FREE Islamic materials (small donation to cover S&H would be nice) - M.S. Muslim Management –2801 Glenwood Rd, Brooklyn, NY, 11210. 917-704-2773 President Barack Obama, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500-0004, (202) 456-1111 Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20530-0001, 202-353-1555 Shani Bruton, Esquire, MNN, Inc., A non-profit Legal Organization, 244 5th Avenue, Suite B-230, New York, NY, 10001, 646-719-8209 Citizens Against Recidivism - Works to achieve the restoration of all the rights and attributes of citizenship among people in prison or jail 212.252.2235 -P.O. Box 9 - Lincolnton Station, New York, New York 10037, 718.670.3784 -P.O. Box 310648, Jamaica, New York 11432 General Information: The Institute of Islamic Information and Education, 4390 North Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60641-2146, (773) 777-7443 *email: Aids In Prison Project, Osborne Association, 809 Westchester Ave., Bronx, NY 10455 Accepts collect calls from inmates needing help. Prison Library Project, PMB 128, 915-C W. Foothills Blvd., Claremont, CA 91711-3356. Self-help books, not religion or legal. (Not to OR)

Fund Inc. 99 Hudson St. 16th Fl. New York NY 10013 212-9652200, www.naacpldf. org, Non-profit law firm which deals only with cases of obvious race discrimination, handles small # of death penalty & life w/o parole cases.

CLEP (College Level Exam Program), CN 6600, Princeton, NJ 08541-6600 College credits for self-taught knowledge. Islamic Education Center, 2551 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington DC 20008, 202-3328343,, Free Quran and beginner or advanced study guides. Can do return mail care of the chaplain. Provides written information in Arabic and English. Siddeeq Jihad, PO Box 43474, Detroit, MI, 48243, 313-532-5246, – Inquire about Islamic Literature.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)--National Office, 634 S. Spring St., 11th floor Los Angeles, CA 90014, 213-629-2512,, Has regional offices in GA, IL, TX, CA, and DC. Write for more info. Provides referrals.

Disability Rights Education, and Defense Fund, Inc., 2212 6th St. Berkeley, CA 94710 510-644-2555,, Provides assistance to state prison inmates concerning medical access, provides referrals throughout nation. Write for list of publications on disability civil rights and newsletter subscription. Task Force for the Homeless, 477 Peachtree St. Atlanta, GA 30308, 800-4480636 or 404-589-9495 – Assistance in finding shelter or transitional housing. New York State Prisoner Justice Network, 33 Central Ave, Albany, NY, 12210, 518-4344037, – Helps with Legal situations Prisoners are People Too, PO Box 273, Buffalo, NY, 14212, 716-834-8438,

Pg 8

Who’s Winning with Drug Legalization? The War on Drugs is Failing. by Aisha Al-Amin

This is your brain; this is your brain on drugs. Any questions….who remember this commercial from the 1980’s? Yes, it was very powerful and it may have saved a few lives but it seems like that may have been a drop in the bucket for the masses. The reality is that there are more people on drugs today than there was when those commercials aired. There are more people with substance abuse problems in prisons than in rehabilitation facilities. Why? Let’s talk about why. 1914: The Opening Salvo At the turn of the 20th century, the drug market went mostly unregulated. Medical remedies, which often contained cocaine or heroin derivatives, were freely distributed without prescription--and without much consumer awareness of which drugs were potent and which were not. A caveat emptor attitude towards medical tonics could have meant the difference between life and death. The Supreme Court ruled in 1886 that state governments could not regulate interstate commerce-and the federal government, whose skimpy law enforcement focused mainly on counterfeiting and other crimes against the state, initially did very little to pick up the slack. This changed during the early years of the 20th century, as the invention of automobiles made interstate crime-and investigation of interstate crime-more practicable. The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 targeted toxic drugs, and was expanded to address misleading drug labels in 1912. But the piece of legislation most relevant to the War on Drugs was the Harrison Tax Act of 1914, which restricted the sale of heroin and was quickly used to restrict the sale of cocaine as well. 1937: Reefer Madness By 1937, the FBI had cut its teeth on Depression-era gangsters and achieved some level of national

prestige. Prohibition had ended, and meaningful federal health regulation was about to come about under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act of 1938. The Federal Bureau of Narcotics, operating under the U.S. Treasury Department, had come into existence in 1930 under the leadership of Harry Anslinger And into this new national enforcement framework came the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, which attempted to tax marijuana into oblivion Marijuana had not been shown to be dangerous, but the perception that it might be a “gateway drug” for heroin users--and its alleged popularity among MexicanAmerican immigrants--made it an easy target.

People Arrested for Drug Law Offenses this Year Arrests for drug law violations this year are expected to exceed the 1,663,582 arrests of 2009. Law enforcement made more arrests for drug abuse violations (an estimated 1.6 million arrests, or 13.0 percent of the total number of arrests) than for any other offense in 2009. Someone is arrested for violating a drug law every 19 seconds. Source: Uniform Crime Reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation People Arrested for Cannabis Law Offenses this Year Police arrested an estimated 858,408 persons for cannabis violations in 2009. Of those charged with cannabis violations, approximately 89 percent were charged with possession only. An American is arrested for violating cannabis laws every 30 seconds. Source: Uniform Crime Reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation

1954: Eisenhower’s New War General Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected president in 1952 by an electoral landslide based largely on his leadership during World War II. But it was his administration, as much as any other that also defined the parameters of the War on Drugs. Not that it did so alone. The Boggs Act of 1951 had already established mandatory minimum federal sentences for possession of marijuana, cocaine, and opiates, and a committee led by Senator Price Daniel (D-TX, shown left) called that the federal penalties be increased further, as they were with the Narcotic Control Act of 1956. But it was Eisenhower’s establishment of the U.S. Interdepartmental Committee on Narcotics, in 1954, in which a sitting president first literally called for a war on drugs. Source: From To be continued in the next issue… Pg 9

People Incarcerated for Drug Law Offenses this Year Since December 31, 1995, the U.S. prison population has grown an average of 43,266 inmates per year. About 25 per cent are sentenced for drug law violations. Source: U.S. Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics


Celebrity Inmate Addresses

The following celebrity inmates may or may not respond to your letter but just know that they are in a place where your letter will go directly to them and not a bodyguard, manager or lawyer. So write with the thought in mind that they are probably not going to write you back but that you did establish contact. Corey Miller 556633 (C-Murder) Camp J- BUSS Louisiana State Prison Angola, LA 70712 Wesley Snipes 43355-018 FCI Mckean PO Box 8000 Bradford, PA 16701

White Male, 44 years young, 6ft tall, seeks tall, short, amazon, muscular, full figured, slim, sexy black females to be my pen pal. IMATES OK! Please include your name and address at the end of your letter for assured reply! Roy Padgett, Jr., PO Box 452, Lyons, GA, 30436 Matthew Morgan, 339 E Thompson ln, Nashvile, TN, 37211,free world pen pal for females looking for a friend.

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Open to all pen pals that which to write, especially those that are artists and poets and writers. Everyone welcome to write. Possible Op for money on books. David Renz, 100 Freeman Dr. St. Peter, MN, 56082 White Female, Age 45, WRITES INMATES! Seeking open minded adults from every country. Like adult pen pals, camping, animals, reading and anything outdoors. Sherry King, 3649 S. Nebraska St., Marion, IN, 46953, USA

Orenthal Simpson 1027820 Lovelock CC 1200 Prison Rd Lovelock, NV 89419

A pretty young woman of 33, single, never been married, hardworking nurse, honest, sincere, kind loving, romantic, open-minded, understanding and have a good sense of humor. I am seeking a good man to build a long term relationship and that can lead to something more. Write soon with full contact details and your phone number, I will respond quickly. Thank you – Leslie Riley, PO Box 16421, Augusta, GA, 30919-2421.

Torrence Hatch (Lil Boosie) 560699 LSP Angola, LA 70712 Phillip Spector G63408 SATF-CSP PO Box 5248 Corcoran, CA 93212

FEAMLE PEN PALS WANTED! I’m looking for female penpals any age and from any place! Please end photo with letter to: Mr. Thomas MacRae, 1 Woodland Ave., Haverhill, MA, 01835

Reminisce (Remy) Smith 08G0485 Bedford Hills Correctional 248 Harris Road Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Kit Michaels, 2840 W Amelia St, Orlando, FL, 32805 – 33, SWM, 5’9”, Blonde/ Blue, into soccer, surfing, music and art. I am available for pen palling to friendly, fun, flirty females of any experience or ethnicity. A photo is requested though not required. I’m not a rich man but I’d like to enrich some lady’s life.

Bernard Madoff 61727-054 FCI Butner Med I P.O. Box 1000 Butner, NC 27509

INMATES OK! French Lady, looking for a few good friends. Age 40. Friendship only! NO romance, religion or beggars. Like long letters about human rights, history, world peace, geography, and more. Looking for true, lasting friendships only. Claire Sauvaet, 31bis, rue de Breast, 29000 Quimper, Bretagne France

Kareem Burke 64045-054 (co-owner of Roc-a-Fella) USP Lewisburg PO Box 1000 Lewisburg, PA 17837

Executive Romeo, 50, seeks ladies 18-50 to wine, dine, holiday at my Corte d’Azur, Rimini studios or visit me in London/Dorset. Attractive, curvaceous girls with personality & sense of humor especially. Into fashion, photography, classical & rock music and an Elvis fan! George Miller, 6 The Mews High Street, Beckenham, Kent, BR3, 1BQ, England, UK

David D. Brown 20669-075 (Young Buck) FCI YAZOO CITY LOW P.O. BOX 5000 YAZOO CITY, MS 39194 Release Date – 11-26-2013

WM, age 35 looking for friendship, maybe more from women only. Hobbies include: working out, writing letters and more.Interested? Write me: Wade Myers, 3701 W Roosevelt, Little Rock, AR, 72204 USA Polish, 25 year old. Hobbies are money, music, banknotes and tourism. Hope to hear from you soon. GAPONIK JADWIGA, 4A-800 Zabrze-A, Box 47, Polska

Q Why do you print celebrity addresses when they do not write us back? A Celebrity addresses are in high demand. They are about hope and possibility of hearing from someone you admire. Who can personally say who is going to write you back and who is not going to write you back? Sometimes all you have is hope. It’s all a crap shoot just like going to trial.

CELEBRITY ADDRESSES We do the best we can in getting you the most recent address. Celebrities may change contact information just as much as an inmate may be transferred. If you receive a returned letter, please let us know so that we can find another address for our database. We have just found out that several people are returning letters from inmates without even opening them. Please do not forget that there is a stereotype associated with being an inmate and everyone is not open minded---celebrity or not. We are receiving an abundance of requests and will try to fill them in upcoming issues. We do not do Porn Stars and Reality Show stars addresses are limited. We definitely do not give home addresses. FYI: It may take up to 3 months or longer to receive a response so please be patient

New York, NY 10018

Rihanna Roc Nation 1411 Broadway 38th Floor

Vivica Fox Foxy Brown Productions P.O. Box 3538 Granada Hills, CA 91394-0538

Alyssa Milano Peace by Peace Productions, Inc. 23705 Vanowen Street Suite 290 West Hills, CA 91307

Famous Federal Felons - Madoff, Hoover, Flenory & Blagojevich

How can you be famous for being a felon, you say? Well it’s definitely possible. Either the media makes you famous for the crime you have committed BEFORE you go to prison, or the inmates can make you famous while doing your time in prison. The probabilities of both scenarios are great seeing that there is some type of phenomenon that attracts interests to certain individuals. It’s a strange addiction, but it does exist. Here are four individuals that are basking in their 15 minutes of fame. It doesn’t seem to be fleeting. Feel free to write them and ask them....why? Rod Blagojevich FCI ENGLEWOOD 9595 WEST QUINCY AVENUE LITTLETON, CO 80123

Kel Mitchell Media Artists Group 8222 Melrose Avenue Suite 203 Los Angeles, CA 90048-6838

Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory 13037-078 USP LEWISBURG P.O. BOX 1000 LEWISBURG, PA 17837

Nicki Minaj Cash Money Productions, Inc. P.O. Box 871930 New Orleans, LA 70187

Larry Hoover 86063-024 USP FLORENCE ADMAX PO BOX 8500 FLORENCE, CO 81226

Eminem The Schiff Company, Llc 8440 Warner Drive Suite B1 Culver City, CA 90232

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Michael Wright

As Eddie Kane, Jr. in the Five Heartbeats Famous Fallen Fiends - K-Ci of Jodeci & Eddie Kane, Jr. Is art imitating life or is life imitating art? Let’s examine the issues.

JoJo & KCi

The name Eddie Kane, Jr. may sound more familiar than the actor, Michael Wright, that actually played that character in Robert Townsend’s 1999 classic, The Five Heartbeats. The irony of this situation is that Eddie Kane, Jr. developed a serious drug problem that caused him to be booted from the group. Only after years of succumbing to the addiction did he find a way to conquer it with help from a fellow group member, Choir Boy. All of the members of Jodeci (Davante, Mr. Dalvin & K-Ci’s brother Jo-Jo) have had their fair share of addiction issues. Alcohol and drugs seems to be a part of the music industry as so many artists have seen their demise because of them. I personally had the pleasure of meeting K-Ci several years ago after a performance in Washington DC at Constitution Hall. He was very cordial but he, and the other group members, were already caught up in the lifestyle. I could say this about several people that I have met but will keep it focused here.

Now Available $4.00 or 12 stamps (Magazine $3.00 - S&H $1.00) 50 stamps for a 1 year subscription ***Friends and Family Special*** If your friend or family member buys a 1 year subscription for their incarcerated loved one, you will receive an additional issue FREE. That’s 7 issues for $20. We appreciate friends and family.


What makes drugs and alcohol appealing to those in show business? Is it the feeling that it gives you? Is it the effect of being “ready” for anything? As schedules are jam packed and appearances are many, there seems to be a need for some type of mojo in order to cope with it all even with the TV show, K-Ci doesn’t seem to be out of the waters. Wondering what it will take for him to really come totally clean?

Prisonworld Parole Resource Directory Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants, An international Effort by People in Prison, those formerly in Prison, their families and Other Concerned Citizens to Reduce Crime Through Criminal Justice Reform, PO Box 2310, Washington, DC, 2013. 202.789.2126 cure@curena- www. curenational. org Conquest Offender Reintegration Ministries, PO Box 73873, Washington, DC 200563873 (202) 723-2014. Federal prisoners who want to be released to DC, write for an application for transitional housing. Transition of Prisoners, Inc., PO Box 02938, Detroit, MI 48202-2119. Resources & Support. Fortune Society, 53 West 23rd Street,

8th floor, New York, NY 10010, 212691-7554 Prisoner reentry, advocacy for prisoners on behalf of their families, HIV counseling, and support groups. Publishes “Fortune News.” Northern California Service League, 28 Boardman Place, San Francisco, CA 94103 415-863-2323, http://www. NCSL provides job placement assistance to parolees. Palladia (For-

merly Project Return), 10 Astor Place, 7th floor, NY, NY 10003-6935 212-979-8800, Helps parolees with employment readiness, job placement, individual and family counseling, as well as recreational and community service alternatives. Aphesis House, Inc., 1124 4th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37210, 615742-3463 http://www. aphesishouse. org, Bilingual,

Devante & Mr. Dalvin of Jodeci

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PRISONWORLD RECORDS has been retired. No further Projects.

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Prisonworld Marketplace

Join Our Fam!!! No Love Like an Auntie Love SASE TO: (New Pen Pal Site) 4001 Inglewood Ave. Suite101-Dept 144 Redondo Beach, CA.90278

Become a SecuredPartyCreditor/Sovereign Political Power Holder send $400 a copy of your s.s.card/# birth certificate/# to: Double Crown Judgment Recovery 1461 San Mateo Ave Suite #4-15499 South San Francisco,CA 94080

Buying Royalties and Mineral Rights to Properties. If you are tired of receiving small monthly checks if at all. We will prepare all necessary paperwork. Payment Cashier Check, Jpay or we can pay a family member 408-202-9307 P.O. Box 610785 San Jose, CA 95161

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100 WEALTHY WOMEN Names, Addresses & Phone #’s $10 or 23 first class tamps. Specify: peel & stick – paper – CD Superior Enterprises Dept JK 1247 Pondview Ave Akron, OH 44305-3340

CALIFORNIA PRISON RIDES RIDE DTC – Call 213-453-2743 Don’t Miss a Ride to Visitation

15 Minutes of Fame - Omar Epps

Twenty years ago a 21 year-old Brooklyn native wanted ‘all the juice’. Now, two decades later, the then budding actor Omar Epps, who played DJ Gee Q in the urban classic Juice, is still going strong as Dr. Eric Foreman on FOX’s medical drama “HouseMD.” “When Juice came out, we were at the precipice of that next movement,” explains Epps. The 1992 classic film included appearances by Samuel L. Jackson and Queen Latifah in addition to the feature film debut of a Tupac Shakur. “At the time, he was just Tupac Shakur, this guy I am doing a movie with,” recalls Epps adding, “I thought he was immensely talented and had the magnetic personality and charismatic ... and he became a living legend.” A reminiscent Epps reflects, “To be able look back on that, it’s just amazing because no one can predict the future.” Having also portrayed characters based on real life individuals in First Time Felon and in Conviction Epps believes, “Those sort of stories, at those times, they resonated within the urban community because you have a lot of guys that were either in those predicaments, or headed toward those predicaments or had been in those predicaments. It was good timing for those type of stories to be told.” Of the employment struggles of the ex-con character Greg Yance in First Time Felon Epps states it, “gave them the hope to just keep pushing on,” in reference to the memorable scene in which Epps’ character was with bias denied the legitimate opportunity to earn an income from an agency worker. “I’ve run into a lot of brothers through the years, they all key in on that scene,” said Epps. Epps has been part of a number of memorable movie scenes which have penetrated the public conscience including his 1995 role of Malik Williams where he shared the screen with Laurence Fishburne and Ice Cube in Higher Learning. “That’s the beauty of filmmakers like John Singleton. They’re making social commentaries through their art and when you’re touching upon a real subject through a fictional circumstance it resonates throughout all of time,” states Epps who adds, “That’s another caveat to

what I do for a living. Getting a chance to make those social commentaries and cross the conversation outside of watching a film or television show.” And the circumstance of “struggle” as well is not just limited to the fiction of the silver screen explains Epps when asked about Hollywood’s current wave of remakes and reality programming. “I think it’s more over a struggle to save money. Hollywood, like the rest of the world, has been effected by the economy crisis,” assesses Epps noting, “It takes a lot of money to go into making a major motion picture. A lot of these studios are digging into their catalogs, into intellectual properties that they already own so they don’t have to license it.” Now an ensemble cast member of a successful nine-year television series, the actor thinks, “It’s cyclical. We’ve sort of never been in this place in entertainment where reality is sort of a big thing; the web is sort of becoming a big thing; so I think the entertainment business in general is sort of finding it’s new ground.” Epps’ role in the cult classic The Program as running back Darnell Jefferson put him opposite Halle Berry and once again on the field of play shedding would be tacklers. “That was great. We wanted to bring that element that you were in a football game. I used to play football when I was younger for Pop Warner. I used to play for the Brooklyn Skyhawks, so getting a chance to do that was like living out a dream. I got to get my little Tony Dorsett on,” laughs the lifelong diehard Dallas Cowboys fan that actually caught the game-winning touchdown in the film but admits, “I did about 75% of the stuff in the film, couple of them hits I was like get this other guy to do it.”

Salt n Pepa – Now who can’t say that name without saying “and we’re in effect” haha…knowing that we are “pushing it” back in the day. The baddest female rappers around and not only did they keep it real but they brought the fun. Claudine – Diane Carol played the original welfare queen who found a good man in James Earl Jones who took her and her kids out of poverty and into a better life. The Hoopty – Some would make fun of these cars but if you lived in the hood, a good hoopty gave you clout. They were a little hard to come by and had to have a particular style but some of the coolest pees drove one. Vicks – Say hello to an old friend. Some of yall had a Big Momma, Ma Dear or Grandmamma that believed this was the remedy for everything…and castor oil lol. That’s All Folks – Looney Toons…the best cartoon ever. Toddler Toy – Ok, who had one of these, that they can remember? Blockbuster Video – Yes, these are now a thing a past. VHS has bit the dust and several Blockbuster stores are closing as well. The times they are a changing. After School Specials –The movies that were shown and the messages within these movies are classics. Really wish they would bring these back for this crazy generation of kids today.

THROWBACK CORNER Do You Remember? Pg 13

CLASSIFIEDS CALIFORNIA LIFER NEWSLETTER CLN: A comprehensive newsletter mailed every 6-8 weeks. State and federal cases, parole board news, statistics, legislation and articles on prison, parole and correctional issues of interest to inmates and their families. CLN also provides services such as copying and forwarding federal and state cases, articles and news and materials available on the Internet. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Prisoners: $25 (or 80 stamps) per year (6 issues minimum). Free persons: $90. CLN, Box 687, Walnut, CA 91788

CASH 4 USED STAMPS” – ALL 3 REPORTS ONLY $10.00! Recycle the used stamps on your mail into CASH money! Profit report lists those paying $$$ cash for your used stamps! Plus, 2 Bonus Reports: Soaking Used Stamps for Profit & Mail-Order Stamp Profits.

Send check or money order to: Mr. Johnathon Page, 809 S. Walnut St., South Bend, IN, 46619-3838

Discover What Makes People Successful, By HM Newman, PHD, Send order - $18.95 to: ME Books, Box 69, Berryville, AR, 72616 PUBLISHERS NOTE: Every advertiser is published in good faith. We don’t publish any doubtful/fraudulent advertiser knowingly. Every advertiser is fully responsible for their own ads. We do have the right to edit/stop any advertiser without notice and due to complaints from customers.

JUNK ZINE: Ads, contacts, zine reviews, letters, opinion, rants, poetry & art. Free to prisoners, but a couple stamps appreciated if you can. : James N. Dawson P.O. Box 950,Spokane, WA 99210

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Editor’s Note: We send out FREE ISSUES at random. If you just happen to receive a magazine it is because you have written us a letter, not necessarily requesting a FREE magazine, but have reached out to us in some sort of way. The best way to never miss an issue is to get your own subscription. To all of the poker, spade, domino and fantasy football players – we do take stamps.


Order Free Credit Report – Provide your Name, SSN, Addresses for the last 7 years and any known credit accounts. Write to: Annual Credit Report Request Service, PO Box 105283, Atlanta, GA 30348 Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave , SE, Washington, DC 20540 - Write to request copyright forms needed for books, screenplays, music, etc.

GET PUBLISHED NOW! Unbeatable prices! Contact Murpheus Publishing, 28 E. Jackson Bldg, Suite 1020 #M85, Chicago, IL, 606042340, morpheuspublishing@yahoo. com

Tennessee Sci-fi fans G.W and Cathy Brown are proud to announce the creation of a new sci-fi magazine COSMIC CUPID Get a FREE copy of the current issue of COSMIC CUPID may do so by sending their address and three stamps to COSMIC CUPID, PO Box 383, Cookeville, TN, 38503

Write for a FREE “Animals Belong in the Jungle” Coloring Book Peta 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510, 757-622-PETA (7382) To request information on how to quit smoking write American Heart Association National Center,7272 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75231 CPR Books, PO Box 1911, Santa Fe, NM, 87501 – Publishes the booklet – “The Psychological Soldier” about life in solitary – FREE to prisoners.

SOON – contains the answers to many of life’s problems such as worry, fear, and loneliness. FREE COPIES – SOON, Wilmington, Derby DE65 6BN, England or by email to:

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If you received a local collect telephone call from an inmate at Clallam Bay, Washington Correction Center for Women (Purdy), Coyote Ridge, Olympic Corrections or Pine Lodge Work Pre-Release between February 3, 1997 and December 31, 2000, your rights may be affected by a class action settlement. A $1,412,500 settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against AT&T and T-Netix. The Court previously certified the lawsuit as a class action and is now considering whether to approve the settlement. This notice summarizes the settlement, your rights, and how to file a claim for a share of the settlement if it is approved by the Court. Who’s included? You may be a member of the class if you accepted a local collect call from an inmate at Clallam Bay, Washington Correction Center for Women (Purdy), Coyote Ridge Corrections Center, Olympic Corrections Center, and/ or Pine Lodge Work Pre-Release between February 3, 1997 and December 31, 2000. What’s this about? This lawsuit claims that AT&T and/ or T-Netix failed to provide certain legally required rate information on collect calls placed by inmates from Washington Department of Corrections facilities. It alleges that AT&T and/or T-Netix must pay statutory damages to persons who accepted or paid for those calls, which the Court has defined as $200 per person plus the cost of the collect calls accepted. This settlement resolves a portion of these claims: collect local calls from the Clallam Bay, Washington Correction Center for Women (Purdy), Coyote Ridge Corrections Center, Olympic Corrections Center and Pine Lodge Work Pre-Release facilities. An earlier notice in this case advised you that a class had been certified against AT&T for collect calls from Washington DOC facilities. No resolution has been reached regarding those claims. This settlement applies only to local calls from the five facilities listed above and has no affect on claims against AT&T for non-local calls. What does the settlement provide? The settlement provides: (1) a $1,412,500 settlement trust account which will be distributed to class members after the payment of courtapproved attorneys’ fees, litigation costs, administrative expenses, and case contribution award; (2) attorneys’ fees of up to 30% of the settlement amount and approximately $100,000 for litigation costs and expenses; (3) a $20,000 case contribution award to the Named Plaintiff, Columbia Legal Services; and (4) release of T-Netix and AT&T from all obligations and liability arising for local collect calls from the five facilities. A copy of the Settlement Agreement may be

found at How do you get an award and how much will it be? You can submit a claim online at or by using the QR code below. To use the QR code, take a picture of the image below with a QR app on a smartphone. This will take you directly to the claim page of the website. Enter the information requested to complete your claim and submit it. Your claim must be submitted by April 1, 2013. A class member’s payments will be based on the cost of all local collect calls they accepted during the Class Period from the five identified facilities, plus $200. If, after the payment of fees, costs, expenses and a case contribution award, insufficient funds remain to fully pay all claims then each claim will be subject to a pro rata deduction. If the Court does not approve the Settlement Agreement, then the case will return to litigation which may, or may not, result in a recovery. What are your rights? If you are a member of the class, you have the right to object to, comment on, or support the Settlement Agreement or the request for payment of attorneys’ fees, costs, expenses or case contribution award. You must submit your written comments by April 1, 2013 to: (1) the Clerk of the Court, Re: Judd v. AT&T, T-Netix, Cause No. 00-2-17565-5 SEA, King County Superior Court, 516 Third Avenue, Seattle WA, 98104; (2) Chris R. Youtz and Richard E. Spoonemore, Class Counsel, Sirianni Youtz Spoonemore, 999 Third Avenue, Suite 3650, Seattle, WA 98104; and (3) Don Paul Badgley and Duncan Turner, T-Netix’s Counsel, Badgley-Mullins Law Group pllc, 701 Fifth Ave., Suite 4750, Seattle, WA 98104. You or your own lawyer may also attend the Settlement Approval Hearing at your own expense, but you are not required to. How can I get more information? You may receive more information at, or by calling 1-877-271-5522. The class action case is titled Judd, et al. v. American Telephone and Telegraph Co., et al., King County Cause No. 00-2-17565-5 SEA. Pg 15

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